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2022, Vol.27, No.7

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    Design and Implementation of Memory-Centric Computing System for Big Data Analysis

    Byung-Kwon Jung | 2022, 27(7) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, as the use of applications such as big data programs and machine learning programs that are driven while generating large amounts of data in the program itself becomes common, the existing main memory alone lacks memory, making it difficult to execute the program quickly. In particular, the need to derive results more quickly has emerged in a situation where it is necessary to analyze whether the entire sequence is genetically altered due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. As a result of measuring performance by applying large-capacity data to a computing system equipped with a self-developed memory pool MOCA host adapter instead of processing large-capacity data from an existing SSD, performance improved by 16% compared to the existing SSD system. In addition, in various other benchmark tests, IO performance was 92.8%, 80.6%, and 32.8% faster than SSD in computing systems equipped with memory pool MOCA host adapters such as SortSampleBam, ApplyBQSR, and GatherBamFiles by task of workflow. When analyzing large amounts of data, such as electrical dielectric pipeline analysis, it is judged that the measurement delay occurring at runtime can be reduced in the computing system equipped with the memory pool MOCA host adapter developed in this research.
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    Designing a low-power L1 cache system using aggressive data of frequent reference patterns

    Bo-Sung Jung , Jung-Hoon Lee | 2022, 27(7) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 0
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    Today, with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, IoT (Internet of Things) systems are advancing rapidly. For this reason, a various application with high-performance and large-capacity are emerging. Therefore, there is a need for low-power and high-performance memory for computing systems with these applications. In this paper, we propose an effective structure for the L1 cache memory, which consumes the most energy in the computing system. The proposed cache system is largely composed of two parts, the L1 main cache and the buffer cache. The main cache is 2 banks, and each bank consists of a 2-way set association. When the L1 cache hits, the data is copied into buffer cache according to the proposed algorithm. According to simulation, the proposed L1 cache system improved the performance of energy delay products by about 65% compared to the existing 4-way set associative cache memory.
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    Hash Based Equality Analysis of Video Files with Steganography of Identifier Information

    Wan Yeon Lee , Yun-seok Choi | 2022, 27(7) | pp.17~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    Hash functions are widely used for fast equality analysis of video files because of their fixed small output sizes regardless of their input sizes. However, the hash function has the possibility of a hash collision in which different inputs derive the same output value, so there is a problem that different video files may be mistaken for the same file. In this paper, we propose an equality analysis scheme in which different video files always derive different output values using identifier information and double hash. The scheme first extracts the identifier information of an original video file, and attaches it into the end of the original file with a steganography method. Next the scheme calculates two hash output values of the original file and the extended file with attached identifier information. Finally the scheme utilizes the identifier information, the hash output value of the original file, and the hash output value of the extended file for the equality analysis of video files. For evaluation, we implement the proposed scheme into a practical software tool and show that the proposed scheme performs well the equality analysis of video files without hash collision problem and increases the resistance against the malicious hash collision attack.
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    A Multi-domain Style Transfer by Modified Generator of GAN

    Geum-Boon Lee | 2022, 27(7) | pp.27~33 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a novel generator architecture for multi-domain style transfer method not an image to image translation, as a method of generating a styled image by transfering a style to the content image. A latent vector and Gaussian noises are added to the generator of GAN so that a high quality image is generated while considering the characteristics of various data distributions for each domain and preserving the features of the content data. With the generator architecture of the proposed GAN, networks are configured and presented so that the content image can learn the styles for each domain well, and it is applied to the domain composed of images of the four seasons to show the high resolution style transfer results.
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    Knowledge Representation and Reasoning using Metalogic in a Cooperative Multiagent Environment

    Koono Kim | 2022, 27(7) | pp.35~48 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this study, it propose a proof theory method for expressing and reasoning knowledge in a multiagent environment. Since this method determines logical results in a mechanical way, it has developed as a core field from early AI research. However, since the proposition cannot always be proved in any set of closed sentences, in order for the logical result to be determinable, the range of expression is limited to the sentence in the form of a clause. In addition, the resolution principle, a simple and strong reasoning rule applicable only to clause-type sentences, is applied. Also, since the proof theory can be expressed as a meta predicate, it can be extended to the metalogic of the proof theory. Metalogic can be superior in terms of practicality and efficiency based on improved expressive power over epistemic logic of model theory. To prove this, the semantic method of epistemic logic and the metalogic method of proof theory are applied to the Muddy Children problem, respectively. As a result, it prove that the method of expressing and reasoning knowledge and common knowledge using metalogic in a cooperative multiagent environment is more efficient.
  • 6.

    DB-Based Feature Matching and RANSAC-Based Multiplane Method for Obstacle Detection System in AR

    Jong-Hyun Kim | 2022, 27(7) | pp.49~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose an obstacle detection method that can operate robustly even in external environmental factors such as weather. In particular, we propose an obstacle detection system that can accurately inform dangerous situations in AR through DB-based feature matching and RANSAC-based multiplane method. Since the approach to detecting obstacles based on images obtained by RGB cameras relies on images, the feature detection according to lighting is inaccurate, and it becomes difficult to detect obstacles because they are affected by lighting, natural light, or weather. In addition, it causes a large error in detecting obstacles on a number of planes generated due to complex terrain. To alleviate this problem, this paper efficiently and accurately detects obstacles regardless of lighting through DB-based feature matching. In addition, a criterion for classifying feature points is newly calculated by normalizing multiple planes to a single plane through RANSAC. As a result, the proposed method can efficiently detect obstacles regardless of lighting, natural light, and weather, and it is expected that it can be used to secure user safety because it can reliably detect surfaces in high and low or other terrains. In the proposed method, most of the experimental results on mobile devices reliably recognized indoor/outdoor obstacles.
  • 7.

    A study on the Establishment of a Digital Healthcare Next-Generation Information Protection System

    Ki-Hwan Kim , Sung-Soo Choi , Il-Hwan Kim and 1 other persons | 2022, 27(7) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, the definition and overview of digital health care that has emerged recently, core technology, and We would like to propose a plan to establish a next-generation information protection system that can protect digital healthcare devices and data from cyber attacks. Various vulnerabilities exist for digital healthcare devices and data, and cyber attacks are possible for those vulnerabilities. Through an attack on digital health care devices and information and communication networks, it can directly adversely affect human life and health, Since digital healthcare data contains sensitive and personal information, it is essential to safely protect it from cyber attacks. In the case of this proposal, for continuous safe management of data and cyber attacks on equipment and communication networks for digital health devices, It is expected to be able to respond more effectively and continuously through the establishment of the next-generation information protection system.
  • 8.

    Performance Comparison and Analysis of Container-based Host Operating Systems for sending and receiving High-capacity data on Server Systems

    Sungho Kim , Oeon Kwon , Jung Han Kim and 2 other persons | 2022, 27(7) | pp.65~73 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, as the Windows system supports the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), various researchers have studied to apply a docker container on various systems such as server systems, workstation system and so on. However, in various existing researchers, there is a lack of performance-related indicators to apply the system to each operating system (linux system and windows system). In this paper, we compared a performance comparison and analysis of container-based host operating systems. We configured experimental environments of operating systems for microsoft windows systems and linux systems based on a docker container support. In experimental results, the containers of linux systems reduced the average data latency of dataset 1-6 by 3.9%, 62.16%, 1552.38%, 7.27%, 60.83%, and 1567.2%, compared to the containers on microsoft windows systems.
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    Design of visitor counting system using edge computing method

    Jung-Jun Kim , Min-Gyu Kim , Ju-Hyun Kim and 2 other persons | 2022, 27(7) | pp.75~82 | number of Cited : 0
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    There are various exhibition halls, shopping malls, theme parks around us and analysis of interest in exhibits or contents is mainly done through questionnaires. These questionnaires are mainly depend on the subjective memory of the person being investigated, resulting in incorrect statistical results. Therefore, it is possible to identify an exhibition space with low interest by tracking the movement and counting the number of visitors. Based on this, it can be used as quantitative data for exhibits that need replacement. In this paper, we use deep learning-based artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize visitors, assign IDs to the recognized visitors, and continuously track them to identify the movement path. When visitors pass the counting line, the system is designed to count the number and transmit data to the server for integrated management.
  • 10.

    Design of particulate matter reduction algorithm by learning failure patterns of PHM-based air conditioning facilites

    Jeong-In Park , Un Gu Kang | 2022, 27(7) | pp.83~92 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we designed an algorithm that can control the state of PM by learning the chain failure pattern of PHM based air conditioning facility. It is an inevitable spread of PM due to the downtime caused by the failure of the air conditioning facility. The algorithm developed by us is to establish a PM management system through PHM, and it is an algorithm that maintains a constant stabilization state through learning the stop/operation pattern of the air conditioner and manages PM based on this. As a result of the simulating at a subway station for the performance qualification of the algorithm, it was verified that the concentration of PM reduces by 30% on average. In the case of stations with many passengers using the subway, the concentration of PM exceeded the Ministry of Environment Standards(100 ㎍/㎥), but it was verified that the concentration of PM was improved at all stations where the simulation was conducted. In the future research is to expand the system to comprehensively manage not only PM but also pollutants such as CO2, CO, and NO2 in subway stations.
  • 11.

    Time-aware Item-based Collaborative Filtering with Similarity Integration

    Soojung Lee | 2022, 27(7) | pp.93~100 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In the era of information overload on the Internet, the recommendation system, which is an indispensable function, is a service that recommends products that a user may prefer, and has been successfully provided in various commercial sites. Recently, studies to reflect the rating time of items to improve the performance of collaborative filtering, a representative recommendation technique, are active. The core idea of these studies is to generate the recommendation list by giving an exponentially lower weight to the items rated in the past. However, this has a disadvantage in that a time function is uniformly applied to all items without considering changes in users' preferences according to the characteristics of the items. In this study, we propose a time-aware collaborative filtering technique from a completely different point of view by developing a new similarity measure that integrates the change in similarity values between items over time into a weighted sum. As a result of the experiment, the prediction performance and recommendation performance of the proposed method were significantly superior to the existing representative time aware methods and traditional methods.
  • 12.

    Machine Learning-based Detection of DoS and DRDoS Attacks in IoT Networks

    Seung-Yeon Yeo , So-Young Jo , Jiyeon Kim | 2022, 27(7) | pp.101~108 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We propose an intrusion detection model that detects denial-of-service(DoS) and distributed reflection denial-of-service(DRDoS) attacks, based on the empirical data of each internet of things(IoT) device by training system and network metrics that can be commonly collected from various IoT devices. First, we collect 37 system and network metrics from each IoT device considering IoT attack scenarios; further, we train them using six types of machine learning models to identify the most effective machine learning models as well as important metrics in detecting and distinguishing IoT attacks. Our experimental results show that the Random Forest model has the best performance with accuracy of over 96%, followed by the K-Nearest Neighbor model and Decision Tree model. Of the 37 metrics, we identified five types of CPU, memory, and network metrics that best imply the characteristics of the attacks in all the experimental scenarios. Furthermore, we found out that packets with higher transmission speeds than larger size packets represent the characteristics of DoS and DRDoS attacks more clearly in IoT networks.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Current Status and Responses System of Child Abuse

    Lee Young Woo , Su-Yeon Jang | 2022, 27(7) | pp.109~114 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, child abuse cases such as the "16-month death of adopted children" have occurred one after another in our society and have emerged as a serious social problem. Child abuse not only significantly violates children's human rights, but also leaves scars on the child's body and sometimes threatens their lives. As a result, laws related to child abuse have been revised several times and related systems have been reorganized to protect the affected children safely and grow healthy, but child abuse cases continue to occur. Therefore, it is urgent to come up with effective measures to prevent child abuse crimes and protect affected children. Therefore, this study examines the concept and related laws of child abuse, the current status of child abuse, and suggests countermeasures to effectively respond to child abuse compared to the US child abuse legislation and child protection system.
  • 14.

    Analysis of Keywords and Language Networks of Pedagogical Problems in the Secondary-School Teacher’s Employment Exam : Focusing on the 2019~2022 School Year Exam

    Choong-Hoon Kwon | 2022, 27(7) | pp.115~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze and present keywords, trends, and language networks of keywords for each year of the pedagogical exam of the secondary teacher’s employment exam for the 2019~2022 school year. The main research methods were text mining technique and language network analysis method, and analysis programs were KrKwic, Wordcloud Maker, Ucinet6, NetDraw, etc. The research results are as follows; First, keywords such as teacher, student, curriculum, class, and evaluation appeared in the top rankings, and keywords (online, wiki, discussion ceremony, information, etc.) that reflect the recent online class progress in the current COVID-19 situation also tended to appear. The keywords with high frequency of occurrence in the four-year integrated text were student(44), teacher(39), class(27), school(18), curriculum(16), online(10), and discussion method(8). Second, the overall language network of the keywords with high frequency of 4 years showed a significant level of density(0.566), total number of links(492), and average degree of links(16.4). The degree centrality was found in the order of teacher(199.0), class(197.0), student(185.0), and school(150.0). Betweenness centrality was found in the order of teacher(30.859), class(18.956), student(16.054), and school (15.745). It is expected that the results of this study will serve as data to be considered for preparatory teachers, institutions and related persons, and teachers and administrators of secondary school teacher training institutions.
  • 15.

    The Effect of IADL on life satisfaction in the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment: Multiple Mediating Effects of Subjective Expectation and Depression

    Hyoung-Ha Lee | 2022, 27(7) | pp.125~135 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, using KLoSA data, it was verified whether subjective expectations and depression had a multi-mediated effect on life satisfaction of the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment. As a result of the analysis, first, it was analyzed that the higher the IADL of the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment, the lower the subjective expectation, the higher the depression, and the lower the life satisfaction. Second, it was analyzed that as the subjective expectations of the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment increased, depression decreased and life satisfaction increased. Third, it was analyzed that IADL in the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment not only directly affects life satisfaction, but also indirectly affects life satisfaction through subjective expectations and depression, so it has a multi-mediated effect. Therefore, it is necessary to expand subjective expectations by expanding service providers that can support daily life restrictions for the elderly with dementia and mild cognitive impairment, providing regular programs by experts to reduce depression, and establishing new national pension benefits for dependents.
  • 16.

    Analysis of differences in K-pop Content Update Preference Cycle and Price Elasticity

    Youngsik Kwak , Yunkyung Lee , Byeongmin Na and 1 other persons | 2022, 27(7) | pp.137~144 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study is an empirical study on whether the interval of K-pop content updates and price changes consumer purchasing intentions for domestic fandom commerce platforms that turn their profit structure online and strengthen fandom-based marketing to cope with changes in the digital environment. FGI and a survey was conducted using a conjoint analysis designed to confirm the difference in price elasticity according to the content update interval. As a result, the price elasticity of K-pop content was found to be an inelastic characteristic, and the change in price elasticity according to the content update interval was not statistically significant. This study provides basic data to be used to establish a marketing strategy for the fandom commerce market that will grow in the future.
  • 17.

    A Study on the Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training by Meta-analysis -Focused on Balance and Gait Ability in Patients with Storke

    Young-Ju Jeun | 2022, 27(7) | pp.145~152 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Stroke results in balance disorders, these directly affect autonomy and gait ability. The aim of this meta-analysis was to determine the efficacy of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on balance and gait. We included all randomized controlled trials assessing the efficacy of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on balance and gait control in patients after stroke. This study was conducted according to the PRISMA guideline. Cochrane library, CINAHL, and PubMed were searched for studies published up to November 2021, and all randomized controlled trails(RCT) assessing PNF therapy were included. This analysis included only RCT. A total of 18 studies were selected from 1091 records obtained from the databases. The meta-analysis was performed using the R project for statistical computing version 4.0.2. The overall intervention effect was middle (standardized mean difference (SMD): 0.56) Additionally, berg balance scale (SMD: 0.48), functional reach test (SMD: 0.51), timed up and go test (SMD: 0.78), 10m walking test (SMD: 0.52), and dynamic gait index (SMD: 0.33) had medium effect sizes. The average Pedro scale was 6.63 out of 18, with a low risk of bias. These findings indicate that PNF is an effective therapy for improving balance gait in stroke patients.
  • 18.

    Relationship between psychological contract and job satisfaction, organizational trust, and turnover intention perceived by the national taekwondo demonstration team

    Beob-Sun Lee , PARK JONG HWA | 2022, 27(7) | pp.153~164 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between psychological contract perceived by national taekwondo demonstration members and job satisfaction, organizational trust, and turnover intention. A total of 228 questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS 21.0 for members who experienced the national taekwondo demonstration team. Frequency analysis, exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were used. First, psychological contract had a significant effect on job satisfaction, second, psychological contract had a significant effect on organizational trust, third, psychological contract had a partial negative effect on turnover intention, fourth, job satisfaction had a significant effect on organizational trust, and fifth, job satisfaction had a partial negative effect on turnover intention.
  • 19.

    The Relationships among App Attribution, User satisfaction, Trust, and Continuous Use Intention: Focused on Mobile App of Bus Information

    Myeong-Guk Choi , Jae-Ik Shin | 2022, 27(7) | pp.165~175 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The objective of this study is to identify the relationships among app attribution(perceived usefulness, design, information quality, and mobility), user satisfaction, trust, and continuous use intention of bus information apps; The structural equation of AMOS 21.0 was used to test the hypothesis of this study. The results of the analysis are as follows. First, perceived usefulness, design, information quality, and mobility positively impact user satisfaction. Second, only mobility has a positive effect on trust, but the remaining perceived usefulness, design, and information quality have no effect at the significance level of 5%. Third, user satisfaction has a positive impact on trust and continuous use intention. Fourth, trust has a positive impact on continuous use intention. Therefore, it was confirmed that the characteristics of the bus information mobile app are important influencing factors for the improvement of user satisfaction, trust, and continuous use intention. Local governments and bus companies will be able to establish strategic directions for the activation of bus information mobile apps. The limitation of this study is that it is somewhat lacking in generalizing the study results, so future research needs to focus on improving this part.
  • 20.

    A study on the impact of service quality of stage performance on willingness to continuously watch based on virtual reality technology

    Qiao Sun | 2022, 27(7) | pp.177~185 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we attempt to explore consumers' willingness to continuously watch stage performances on virtual reality technology platforms and the mediating role of the psychological contract in it through the integration of service quality theory, thus constructing a continuous viewing model and conducting an empirical analysis through SPSS and AMOS. Through the analysis, we came to the following conclusions: 1. Interaction quality, physical environment quality, and outcome quality have a positive impact on psychological contract; 2. The psychological contract has a positive impact on the willingness to continuously watch; 3. Interaction quality, physical environment quality, and outcome quality positively influence the willingness to continuously watch through psychological contract. Therefore, this model can be used by companies to grasp consumers' perceptions of their own service quality and to formulate specific strategies, and it provides new directions and insights for stage performance companies.
  • 21.

    Forecasting LNG Freight rate with Artificial Neural Networks

    Sangseop Lim , Young-Joong Ahn | 2022, 27(7) | pp.187~194 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    LNG is known as the transitional energy source for the future eco-friendly, attracting enormous market attention due to global eco-friendly regulations, Covid-19 Pandemic, Russia-Ukraine War. In addition, since new LNG suppliers such as the U.S. and Australia are also diversifying, the LNG spot market is expected to grow. On the other hand, research on the LNG transportation market has been marginalized. Therefore, this study attempted to predict short-term LNG 160K spot rates and compared the prediction performance between artificial neural networks and the ARIMA model. As a result of this paper, while it was difficult to determine the superiority and superiority of ARIMA and artificial neural networks, considering the relative free of ANN's contraints, we confirmed the feasibility of ANN in LNG 160K spot rate prediction. This study has academic significance as the first attempt to apply an artificial neural network to forecasting LNG 160K spot rates and are expected to contribute significantly in practice in that they can improve the quality of short-term investment decisions by market participants by increasing the accuracy of short-term prediction.
  • 22.

    A study on the influence of customer perceived value on purchase intention of Chinese traditional music training institutions

    Mei-Lin Jin | 2022, 27(7) | pp.195~202 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to study the perceived value of consumers of traditional Chinese music training institutions, and the resulting research on the impact of customers' purchase intentions. This research refers to relevant literature on customer perceived value and customer purchase intention, and divides customer perceived value into five value dimensions: emotion, quality, experience, price and reputation. Questionnaire survey method, using SPSS analysis AMOS tool to conduct empirical research, the research results show that customer perceived value has an important positive impact on purchase intention in five value dimensions of emotion, quality, price, experience and reputation, which is a traditional music training institution. Provide reference and suggestions for improvement.