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pISSN : 2287-1705 / eISSN : 2288-2294

2020 KCI Impact Factor : 1.08
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Clinical assessment of periodontitis in dogs using the MiriChekTM Oral Bacter test kit: An in vivo study

Journal of Korean society of Dental Hygiene
Abbr : J Korean Soc Dent Hyg
2021, 21(4), pp.337-348
Publisher : Korean Society of Dental Hygiene
Research Area : Dentistry

Hyuck Choi 1 Jae-Hee Roh 2 Yun-Jeong Kim 3 In-Soo Hwang 4 Woo-Dae Park 5 Min-Seok Kim 6 Young-Eui Jeong 7

1Department of Pet Health, Kwangju Women’s University
2Department of Pet Health, Kwangju Women’s University
3Department of Dental Hygiene, Kwangju Women’s University
4Department of Pet Science, Seojeong University
5Pet in Zoo Animal Medical Center
6Department of Animal Science, Chonnam National University



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