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Information for Authors

1. Manuscripts submitted to the 'Journal of Lifelong Learning Society(JLLS)' should be limited to unpublished materials in Korean or English, and a paper with the same content may not be simultaneously submitted to other academic (society) journals. 

2. The editorial board should decide on the selection and the publishing order of the papers. 

3. The writing and submission of manuscripts should be in accordance with the following guidelines on manuscripts writing of the JLLS. 

4. Manuscripts should be submitted via the online submission system (, and all the information of the author (name, affiliation and position, email, phone number) including the information of the paper (Korean and English titles, abstract, key words) and co-authors should be entered. 

5. The author(s) should submit a 'copyright transfer agreement' on submitting the Manuscript, which should be deemed as a consent to transfer the rights, interests, exercise of rights to copyright, etc. to the Institute of Distance Education of the Korea National Open University. 

6. Other details should subject to the decision of the Board.

 Manuscript Preparation Guidelines


1) Manuscripts should be written using Hangul or MS-Word. 

2) Manuscript should be within 25 pages (including tables, figures, Korean abstract, English abstract, and references) as per the editing of academic journals in principle, but may be exceeded if necessary. 

3) Manuscripts should be organized in the order of title, name, affiliation and position, Korean abstract, key words, main text, references, English abstract, and English key words. 

4) Tables and figures should be consecutively numbered and parentheses < > should be used for tables and [ ] for figures. The title of the table should be indicated at the top and the title of the figure at the bottom, center aligned. If there is any source(s) to any table or a figure, such source(s) should be specified at the bottom. 

5) All references should follow APA Style(American Psychological Association Style). 

6) Author information should be inserted between the references and the English abstract. After inserting a photo, the information shall be specified in the order of the name, affiliation and position, contact information and the research field. The English name shall be written with the last name coming first and the first name next, and two to three fields of study shall be specified.