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The Gospel and Counseling is an interdisciplinary journal published by The Korean Evangelical Counseling Society, which explores the most contemporary mode of biblical and theological thoughts with relevance to mental health, psychology and counseling research. From 2015, this journal has been indexed in the National Research Foundation of Korea. This journal provides a scholarly forum for the discussion of themes on a theoretical and practical level for scholars and professionals of Christian faiths, particularly of the reformed and evangelical circles.
Ahn, Kyung Seung

(Asia United Theological University)

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Current Issue : 2021, Vol.29, No.1

  • A Study of a Triple Relational Interaction Model from the Viewpoint of Christian Counseling

    Sunghwan Kim | 2021, 29(1) | pp.5~39 | number of Cited : 0
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    In the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Information Age, communication in the virtual space is increasing while human relations in the real world are becoming more and more difficult. Accelerating Christians’ biblical recovery of relationship interaction suffering from relationship difficulties has become an essential task for their integrated healing and maturity. Therefore, this study tries to develop and propose a relational interaction model to help Christians undergo psycho-spiritual integration healing and maturity. We first explored the aspects of relational interaction shown by the psychological theories of Freud and other scholars, and extracted ‘Aggression’, ‘Dependency’, and ‘Evasion’, as three basic element that activate relational interaction. We examined the overall structure and dynamics of Christian interactions and develops the model of relationship interaction on the frame of reference of the Christian worldview of creation, fall, and redemption, for the purpose of helping Christians who were suffering from erroneous relationship interactions to recover their life of the channel of God’s true love. To this end, the three-fold relational interaction model(ADE), reflecting three basic elements of the relationship interaction of ‘Aggression’, ‘Dependency’, and ‘Evasion’ on the basis of the structure of relation with ‘IGod’, ‘I-Other’, and ‘I-I’, was proposed. This model can be used to help Christians who are struggling with relationships with others to gain insight into themselves and to recover their life of a channel of God’s true love.
  • A Research on the Psychological Conflicts and Spiritual Experiences of the Parents of Adolescents in Hikikomori

    Kim, Shin-a | Kang, Yeon Jeong | 2021, 29(1) | pp.41~74 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this research, psychological conflicts of the parents of adolescents in Hikikomori and the meaning of their spiritual experiences in those conflicts are to be studied. The purpose of this research is to understand the meaning and essential structure of the psychological conflicts and spiritual experiences of the parents of adolescents in Hikikomori by using a phenomenological research approach among several qualitative research methods and to provide basic data to help them. Seven parents of adolescents in Hikikomori participated in this research. A conclusion was drawn by applying phenomenological research method of Giorgi. The psychological conflicts and spiritual experiences of the parents of adolescents in Hikikomori can be categorized into 6 components, 21 sub-components, and 53 abridged units of meaning in this research. The six components are as follows: “shock, distress and confusion caused by the seclusion of the children,” “becoming exhausted by degrees,” “the waning hope,” “the plummeting faith of mine,” “grasping the hands of God at the bottom of the pain,” and “God’s love recovering me.” Through this research, the psychological conflicts and spiritual experiences of the parents of adolescents in Hikikomori were revealed. Also, I came to understand the importance of support to relieve them of difficulties and exhaustion. I expect this research to make a contribution to developing christian counseling approaches and several programs for helping those parents of adolescents in Hikikomori.
  • A Phenomenological Study for the Understanding of Bibliodrama Experiences for the Improved Interpersonal Relationships of Christian Young Adults

    Kim, Yun Ju | 2021, 29(1) | pp.75~110 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purposes of this study are to implement Bibliodrama and examine its process. The format of Bibliodrama was used to understand the meanings and psychological phenomena of Christian young adults in the process of their improvement of interpersonal relationships and examine how these experiences would be manifested in their life courses. Based on Giorgi’s phenomenological methodology, the improvement process of interpersonal relationships was applied according to the research procedure. nine young adults in their twenties were selected at a church that had its first encounter with Bibliodrama. Along with a program of eight three-hour sessions, an indepth interview was conducted with the participants individually. The results of their interviews outcomes identified eight components and 27 subcomponents. The eight components include “check of life,” “maladaptive interpersonal relationship,” “experience of catharsis through Bibliodrama,” “understanding of oneself through role playing,” “interaction with others,” “creation of a new role,” “changes in one’s life attitude,” and “growth and challenge.” In the study, the participants expressed and experienced familiar stories in the Bible in connection to their personal lives, broadening their understanding of others as well as new perceptions of themselves. These findings indicate that experiences through interactions with others helped them form new relations and that they had enhanced experiences of more flexible interpersonal relationships thanks to growing positive thoughts and feelings.