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2009, Vol.13, No.

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    The Meaning of Work and Career Decision Making

    Ahn, Kyung Seung | 2009, 13() | pp.9~33 | number of Cited : 2
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    In this paper, we discuss the meaning of work, the relationship between occupation and calling, and the purpose of work that are consistent with Christian understanding. Everyone has his or her own view on the world of work. Understanding this view within each counselee and biblical point of view of work are the cornerstone of career counseling. Our primary calling is to a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Furthermore, God calls each of us not only to a self-actualization, but also to a life of stewardship. The Bible teaches that everything we have are gifts God has entrusted to us to manage and use wisely for the good of his kingdom. This paper briefly summarized a theoretical foundation for vocational decision making and practical skills for the career counseling process. Theories of occupational choice emphasis on assessing the interests, abilities, and character of the worker. Trait and factor theory and career development theory have been introduced. It is one thing to acknowledge the theory and skill for career decision making and another to discern what God wants us to do with our life and gift. Making our career decision is a partnership effort between human being and God. God is ready and willing to do his part to guide you into the work.
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    The First Vocation's Perspective on the Second Vocation's Perspective towards Job and Christian Counseling

    Im,Hun-Man | 2009, 13() | pp.37~69 | number of Cited : 7
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    Many people believe that the reason their lives seem meaningless and unhappy is due to their dissatisfaction of jobs. But according to Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy which states that a person who knows the meaning to their life can overcome any hardships in life, it is not the type of work that brings happiness, meaning and value to one’s life, but the way a person sets his mental attitude toward his or her job. This article, with a Christian viewpoint, explores the meaning of work by dividing the relational vocation with God as the first vocation and job-related vocation as the second. Thus through the etymologic, biblical, and Christian-historic meaning of the word “job”, one must understand the meaning of a job not simply as something that brings in wealth, but as a second vocation of calling from God; and that this second vocation would be able to recover its true meaning through the calling of the first vocation from God, or in other words through the restoration of a relationship with Him. But this article also indicates a problem of the protestant viewpoint of vocation as understanding a job not as a second but first vocation. Secondly, since in career counseling prevention is actually important, the article depicts about the principles distinguishing the jobs God calls as second vocation. Lastly, through the viewpoint of Christian counseling, the article examines the meaning of job and the treatment of unemployment neurosis caused by unemployment. Truly a job is a vocation given by God as a tool for making this world fit for the coming of Kingdom of God. By recognizing wisely the calling of a vocational job from God and by rejoicing and being thankful through that job would be the way of life to return glory to the living God.
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    A Christian Counseling Approach On Career Choice

    Kang, Kyung Mi | 2009, 13() | pp.73~95 | number of Cited : 0
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    Career choice is one of the most important decisions to make as life choice. But most people’s future educational paths and careers are decided by looking outward to the influences of society and economic conditions, and not inward to their own personalities and preferences. And they don’t get satisfaction on their jobs and adapt in their career society. This paper provides a critical discussion of the ongoing concern of career theory and illuminates the career development and career decision factors on Heer’s career choice theory. Futhermore, it proposes helpful advices and practical tools for Christians as they manage their career in today’s changing workplace on christian counseling. The result is that the career guidance and counseling should be in systematic process of human development from childhood. And christian counseling has to help christian clients choose appropriate career in Christ, and help the career be a helpful tool to use one’s own talent that God gave and to achieve one’s selfrealization.
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    A Study on Variables Affectiong the Sociopsychological

    ByunYoungIn | Young Bun Nam | 2009, 13() | pp.96~117 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to explore variables affecting the psychological crisis of married male early retirees. A survey was conducted by selecting health status, social support, conjugal ties and bond with children as independent variables, and retirement stress was selected as a parameter. The findings of the study were as follows: First, the older early retirees had a less amicable relationship with their spouses and suffered more stress about retirement. Those in their 40s faced the most general and personal crisis. Second, stastic shows that the level of personal and general crisis is higher as the early retiree get more stressed. In case of age group in less 40s, the level of frustration gets higher as a tie between husband and wife gets lower. Following by the result, we at the christian counsellor help them, get the christian world on behalf of their vision, controlling of negative emotion and their low self esteem. In addition, our goal for them is to recover the relationship with our God. And finally they must change within God.
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    The Effects on the Career Decision-making Statuses and Selfconcept of Career Counseling Program of University Students

    Oh, Yoon Sun | 2009, 13() | pp.118~136 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of career counseling, which used a career decision-making and self-concept statuses, on career Counseling program of Christian students. The research questions were: first, what differences exist between the career decision-making statuses of before-after. second, what differences exist between the self-concept statuses. for these purpose, we carried out the career counselling program eight times with the single group before-after against 25 students of Christian university in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area. The main methods of statistic were frequency analysis, t-test, stepwise regression. The statistical significance level was .05. According to the results, we can draw conclusions as follows: The meaningful difference between the career decision-making of students and the test of self- concept. This counseling program improved the career decisionmaking of students and points of will-self concept, faith-self concept among the sub-elements of self-concept.
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    A Crisis of Women with Family Duties

    Ha, Jae Sung | 2009, 13() | pp.137~161 | number of Cited : 3
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    Heavy burdens of family duties, from housekeeping to raising children, bring about women’s identity crisis in today’s Korean society. Many of them experience a low self-esteem and a sense of resentment when those duties exhaust their life energy with simple repetitions of labor without significant meaning. However, children and family may continue to demand more from the women’s side, considering their commitment taken for granted. John Calvin introduced one’s job as a calling from God, which has put a solid foundation of the Western capitalism, according to Sociologist Max Weber. Women’s duties for the family equal a spiritual sacrifice to God from Calvin’s perspective. However, Calvin’s understanding of gender roles of his day may provoke a keen dissention even among his modern followers because of his ‘seemingly’ authoritarian position of husband in the family. His own family, as a matter of fact, practiced mutual respect and sincere care to one another. Without informed discernment, today’s Christians may misunderstand his teachings about gender roles in the family by essentializing women’s labor without full appreciation or compensation. By providing proper theological meanings and by giving genuine appreciation for women’s work at home, we may prevent them from deepening resentment and self-diminishing workaholism.
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    The Effects of Christian Learning Counseling Program on Adolescent’s Formation of Ego Identity and Learning Efficacy

    Kang, Yeon Jeong | Hyun Ju Gu | 2009, 13() | pp.165~191 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to identify the effects of Christian learning counseling program on the learning efficacy and ego identity formation of Christian adolescent. Subjects were the first graders at middle school who have attended worship every Sunday from H church and comprising 7 female students and 3 male students. The members of experiment group and control group were 10 respectively. To assess pre and post effects between experiment group and control group matched-samples t-test was used. Ego identity and learning efficacy using comprehensive learning diagnostic test were measured for both experiment and control groups before and after Christian learning counseling program. To examine the research hypothesis that there is significant difference between experiment and control groups before and after Christian learning counseling program, independent-samples t-test was used. As a result of testing the effects of Christian learning counseling program on ego identity and learning efficacy, we identified that the mean scores of ego identity and learning efficacy of experiment group who participated in the program was improved compared to those of control group. Summarizing findings from this study results, Christian learning counseling program has positive effects on the learning efficacy and ego identity formation of Christian adolescent.