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2010, Vol.15, No.

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    A Pastoral Care for Parents of Addicted Child for Cure of Codependency

    Kim Young-Hee Shim | 2010, 15() | pp.9~35 | number of Cited : 2
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    In secularized postmodern society, addiction which is an utmost selfish decision pervaded into every sphere of society. In addiction, in the middle of disturbance and distortion of logic, the addicted manipulates and controls his/her family trying to continue addicted behavior. Other family members provide what the addicted wanted, or cover up the outcomes of addiction blaming themselves to be guilty. Also, they try to control or change their addicted child by pouring their anger and frustration. This is called as codependency and aggravates the addiction. To help the parents of addicted child to be free from the trap of codependency, they need to have differentiation of self, out of emotional enmeshment with their children, with the view point of Christian family therapy. They need to love their children with tough love. And they have to develop the healthy communication channel and skill on the basis of Christian identity. They further need to realize the meaning of true love, true family, true self in Christ, and need to be changed from "enabler" who does negative role to aggravate the addiction, to "empowerer" of the addicted child with the grace of almighty God.
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    Approach from the Perspective of Christian Counseling to the Prevention of Gambling Addiction and Healing

    Kang, Yeon Jeong | 2010, 15() | pp.39~75 | number of Cited : 4
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    This research, which is for the purpose of prevention and healing of gambling addiction, considers the problem of Gambling addiction and surveys the contents and characteristics of Motivation Interviewing,which has as its basic structure, what is called, Transtheoretical Model,and NNAPF's Prevention Counseling Model. Furthermore, this researcher surveyed Christian understanding and the role of Christian counseling for the purpose of gambling addiction. Finally, this researcher considered how to integrate and apply Christian counseling perspectives on the above-mentioned prevention and healing counseling models. In order to heal gambling addicts, what needs to occur is to establish legal and administrative policies on the government level first. Secondly,community support and their function has to be realized on the practical level. Finally what’s important is the addicts..own will for healing and hope for rehabilitation. Especially, Christian family and church, and other communities in society must implement education for the prevention of addiction in gambling among their members and support the ministry of professional counselors. These communities also need to provide an environment in which rehabilitative counseling would be systematically established for the gambling addicts who would face economical and vocational issues.
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    Adolescence Drug Addiction and Christian Healing Counseling

    Kang, Kyung Mi | 2010, 15() | pp.79~104 | number of Cited : 2
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    Since 1993, adolescence Drug addiction has been increasing constantly. Especially drinking, smoking and using the anti-hypnotics drug rapidly increase until now. Recently, adolescent's drug dependancy rate is 0.3%, 10% of all adolescence are habitual smoker, 63.3% of them have the experience of drinking. This is the serious problem. Especially, drug addiction not only makes the psycho-physiological decease but school work and ego-developmental problem. More over, danger of suicide occurred too. Therefore, it needs prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. In addition social concern and total countermeasure about its need too. Therefore this study deal with that healing of their body, mind and spiritual growth. On behalf of awareness of purpose of creation from God and identity of themselves more over, to prepare their renewed life, this study describe the healing counseling with christian world view. In addition, adolescence developmental specially has the weak point about drug addiction. More over, because of that prevention of drug addiction is more important than treat of it. Prevention and public information required absolutely about it. They need the helping with treatment through the word of God. Furthermore, to accomplish their renewed and born-again they really need the healing counseling for their treatment. In addition, we must study about it more detail theory and treatment method.
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    Addiction and Faith Community

    Ahn, Kyung Seung | 2010, 15() | pp.105~133 | number of Cited : 7
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    Addiction is not only a social problem but a Christian problem. Faith community can be a healing resource for addiction and social system to care people recovering from addiction. To demonstrate the need of communal approach to addiction, we will examine the spiritual,relational, characteristic aspects of addiction. Because addiction is a very complex condition, many experts call for an integrated approach. In the same way, ignoring the spiritual dimension leads to partial solutions. The objects of attachments are our idols, substitutes for the God and other human being we have rejected. And people with addiction have a distorted personality. The end result is a destructive pattern of abusing substances, people, or things to which we become adjusted. Ultimately the Christian faith is about transformation through relationship in faith community. We will emphasis that restoration springs from the healing context of faith community. The climate which nurtures such healing community has two Christian qualities which are Christ centered relation and confession, and three relational qualities which are availability,acceptance, and authenticity. Healing relationships are found in that community where grace and truth meet.
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    The Crisis of Midlife Couples and Christian Counseling

    Kim Mi Kyung | 2010, 15() | pp.137~159 | number of Cited : 7
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    Midlife has important meaning in one’s adulthood, bringing some different types of emotional change such as dilemma, agony, happiness or developmental task. Taking leave of old things in the past time, midlife can be a crucial turning point to start one’s life over again. As longest period in life circle, midlife is a so-called sandwich generation and prime days at the same time. Also, people in this period become to show generativity and activeness to readjust them to rapidly changing environment, feeling the limit of possibilities in the future. Couples in their midlife are confronted by the question, “How can I manage the rest of my life?”. This simple but meaningful question may be the key of readjustment. Midlife couples who spent most of life to support their sons and daughters with full of responsibility are now coming back to the empty nest without romance and passion they used to have in their youth, being forced to re-evaluate their marital relations. Conflicts are generally coming from lack of communication or misunderstanding between the couple and their family members. This crisis, in modern society, may cause a family break-up, so it is required to lend assistance for them through Christian counseling followed by the extensive diagnosis on the reason of crisis.
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    A Study about Reason, Symptom and Healing of Depression during Adulthood in Christian Counseling

    Kim, Tae-Soo | 2010, 15() | pp.160~180 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this academic paper is to consider the reason, symptom and healing method of depression from various angles. The scope of this academic paper is from early adulthood to late adulthood, but not the depression of childhood and adolescence. Recently many Korean people suffer from the depression of various types. In this reason the number of trying suicide is increasing every year. Almost 40 to 42 Korean people try to kill themselves every day. According to the statistical data is there a close relation between depression and suicide: about 80% people of an attempted suicide have suffered from the symptom of depression and about 10 to 15% people among the patients of depression tried to kill themselves. Through this academic paper the writer wants to deal with many chapters as follows: first, the general reason and symptom of depression. secondly, the reason, symptom and healing of depression during from early adulthood to late adulthood. third, some alternatives to adulthood depression are presented in terms of Christian counseling. For example 'lema' therapy, thank-you therapy and truth therapy. The contribution of this paper is to deal with depression as a proper issue in the recent Korean society and introduce the concept of a new academic terminology: ‘lema’ therapy in the field of Christian counseling.
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    The Christian Counseling for the Multicultural Family of Korea

    ByunYoungIn | 2010, 15() | pp.181~201 | number of Cited : 3
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    Since 1980, Korea has been changing rapidly into the multicultural society. More over, Multicultural family has many kinds of problem and conflict. Therefore we must know their problem and it's back ground and their needs furthermore the back ground of Korean culture and its emotional basic too : They needs various helping with christian counseling. This study will give the understanding about speciality of psychological needs in multicultural family and their state and condition. Furthermore, this study will explain the christianity of understanding in Biblical foundation for the multicultural family. This study will give the understanding christian counseling will give the helping for the multicultural family in Korea.
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    A Study on the Christian Counseling for Adolescents in Hikikomori

    Oh, Yoon Sun | 2010, 15() | pp.201~220 | number of Cited : 3
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    The Purpose of this study is to solve adolescence's mental and social problems on the ground of self seclusion(Hikikomori) through Christian Counseling approach. In case of adolescent in Hikikomori, they lost themselves due to mental wound gotten from the society and confine themselves in the room cutting off communications as a method for protection. In Korea, from January of 2000 to May of 2003, Samsung Social and Mental Health Research Institute conducted survey and research on Hikikomori targeting 2409 patients who visited Gangbuk Samsung Hospital. The subject of case study is 17 years old adolescent in Hikikomori. Therapy was held 17 session 50 minutes for a week based on Christian Counseling Therapy Theory to decrease case studies of depression and anthrophobia. As Method of analysis, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory were appied to see decline of depression and automatic thoughts questionnaire. Cognitive Behavioral is also analyzed by using BGT picture test to see individual cognitive behavioral changes. According to MMPI and BGT test averages, her result is positive change. In Conclusion, Christian Counseling Therapy helps 'adolescence Hikikomori' and results positive effects on the cognitive behavioral change for social participation.
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    Christian Counseling Approach for Forgiveness of Couples on the Verge of Extramarital Affairs

    Hae Soon Jeong | Hahn Sook Ja | 2010, 15() | pp.221~252 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study examines how the Bible sees extramarital affairs, and how christian counsellors look at the affairs and give advice to troubled couples, based on the repentance and confession of spouses who had affairs, and forgiveness between such couples. Forgiveness is a human behavior that follows the God’s unconditional love and blessing toward human beings. However, it is never easy to forgive each other between a couple who, or at least one party, had an extramarital affair, and thus christian counsellors should refrain from urging or forcing hasty forgiveness. Counsellors patiently help heartbroken couples fully express their emotion, and recognize and accept their situation through emphasizing, listening and accepting their emotion. In the course of the process, counsellors introduce techniques,such as how to communicate and how to address reminders that trigger bad memories about spouses􀁳affairs. Christian counsellors are not responsible for punishing a spouse who had an affair on behalf of the other, but humbly praying to God to forgive their unforgivable sins and praying to the Holy Spirit to participate in the counselling sessions to help the couples.
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    The Living Human Web and Pastoral/ Practical Theology of Bonnie Miller-McLemore.

    Ha, Jae Sung | 2010, 15() | pp.253~278 | number of Cited : 2
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    Dr. Bonnie Miller-McLemore, a feminist pastoral theologian at Vanderbilt University, has replaced a long-standing metaphor of Anton Boisen's "Living Human Documents" in pastoral theology with "The Living Human Web." The replacement means more than a simple extension of a research object from an individual person to his or her surrounding relational environments. It is true that "the Living Human Web" as a new paradigmatic metaphor excels the scope of individualistic psychology. However, the metaphor also signals a radical shift of pastoral/practical theological method from a correlational method to a revised correlational method between theology and science. Miller-McLemore has been actively engaged with feminist theories and social sciences, but she consistently pursues resources of healing of the web from the biblical and theological tradition. She employs and maintains a mutually critical method when she has to utilize social sciences according to the declared motto in order to fulfill its ideals.