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2008, Vol.11, No.

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    A Study on Spirituality For Evangelical Counselor

    LEE EUN KYOO | 2008, 11() | pp.9~44 | number of Cited : 5
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    This research is a study on spirituality for evangelical counselor. This paper includes general understanding of spirituality, the understanding of christian spirituality, the significance of spirituality, spiritual development, and method for nurturing spirituality. Created human being from God lives the life which take after Christ. But if one does not such life, it is related to spirituality which eventually bring about problem. The evangelical counselor not only solves but also brings spiritual growth to counselee through this problem. This is the duty of evangelical counselor. This paper suggest that the evangelical counselor need the development of counseling and technique for body and soul through this review of spirituality.
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    A Study on the Henri J. M. Nouwen’s Spirituality and therapeutic Counseling

    ByunYoungIn | 2008, 11() | pp.47~91 | number of Cited : 7
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    Today’s people have relationship as a nuclear humanity each other. There are many kinds of wounds and broken hearts in their mind. These persons’ solitude and wound should be healed and recovered in relationship with God. We acknowledge that people should have a therapeutic counseling for spiritual recovery. This article is to investigate a therapeutic counseling through the Henri J. M. Nouwen's life, practice, spirituality and his books. Henri J. M. Nouwen is famous for the writer of over 50 spiritual books and that of “wounded healer”. According to his opinion, prayer and practice of spirituality is worthy and desirable for a therapeutic counseling. He thinks that prayer, especially contemplation prayer, is the source which can give direction and power in life: a therapeutic counseling should be with prayer to correspond with God’s intention. Because Nouwen’s spirituality provides us with a balance between theory and practice, it can become a practical guidance to clients in progress of healing their wound. In this article we can find how to apply Nouwen's spirituality to the occasion of a therapeutic counseling. This article shows Nouwen’s life, his books as well as his academical viewpoint and spirituality. Additionally, this article deals with how to apply a therapeutic counseling with his viewpoint. Furthermore, a therapeutic counselor’s attitude and a therapeutic method of counseling are written.
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    A Study of Obsessional Life and Compassionate Life in the light of Spiritual Theory and Object Relations Theory

    Kim, Hong Keun | 2008, 11() | pp.94~114 | number of Cited : 2
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    There is no freedom in all kinds of life with obsession. That kind of life cannot afford to laugh, to listen carefully, and to experience about connection and unity, because there is less flexibility. The passion about obsession with morality, uprightness, achievement disturbs to share and reduce others’pain. Pursuit of‘ Letting Be’and‘ Letting Go’in spiritual life makes different life pattern in contrast with obsessional life. The contrastive life pattern from spiritual life and obsessional life like these: Autonomy & Automatization, Creativity & Rigidity, Humor & Seriousness, Empathy & Apathy. Pursuit of life pattern like Autonomy, Creativity, Humor, Empathy can experience healing to life pattern from obsessional life. The comparative study of evil influences from obsessional life and good influences from spiritual life based on compassion with ‘Letting Be’& ‘Letting Go’can bring us the meaning of true life. In this research, the writer will define the meaning of spiritual life based on compassion, rather than find approach to the curative means about distorted life of obsessional Christians. Particularly the writer uses the tools of Object Relations Theory and Spiritual Theology for a comparative study of spiritual life and obsessional life.
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    Character Change and the Works of Holy Spirit in Christian Counseling

    Kang, Kyung Mi | 2008, 11() | pp.117~137 | number of Cited : 3
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    The various elements including human emotions, behavior, adaptation and interpersonal relationships which impact greatly on mental health are closely related to personality. Therefore, personality is an important element which decides whether an individual leads a healthy life. The personality represents an individual, and generally a person is judged by his or her specific character. Therefore. to lead a healthy life, one has to understand one’s own personality, and if one has a problematic character, one has to try to improve it, and try to build up a healthy and productive character, and also to understand and accept the character of other people. As with general advisers, Christian counselors can also offer help when clients are suffering with their conscience because of sin, or are experiencing a crisis resulting from their own problematic character. The utmost solution for all the sickness and suffering that mankind experiences is possible when one achieves maturity within oneself, and in the pursuit of love and forgiveness. However, because of man's original sin, change and recovery cannot be achieved by psychological treatment or counseling within a short period. First, one has to acknowledge one’s own sin, deficiency and limitations, and then through prayer, earnest hope and repentance, one has to try to find and understand one’s true self. Furthermore, one has to restore one’s relationship with God, who is the solution for all the problems in life, and develop a character and a view of life based on the Gospel. Thus, Christian counselors must help their clients to obey God for spiritual salvation and to be born again, as well as for the purpose of problem solving Hence, in this thesis, through the study of related literatures, the process of spiritual salvation and the methods of the Holy Spirit which can resolve and change the problematic character of the client, are considered on the basis of the biblical understanding of character, with the subject of “Character Change and the Works of Holy Spirit”in Christian counseling.
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    The Counseling of Single Parent Family's Children to the Crisis Types and Coping Styles

    Kang, Yeon Jeong | 2008, 11() | pp.140~164 | number of Cited : 2
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    Single parent family is the most increasing family type in Korean society. It is definited as“ the family consisted of single parent and children by reason of divorce, separate, death, leave, etc”, and it is needed social concerns and support for this family members. Single parent family has three types : fatherchildren family, mother-children family and grand father(mother)-children family. Christian counselors have a task to help and support the single parent and children and to effort the active and preventive counseling approaches for their happiness and well-being in church community and society. Also they have to consider the crisis and problem of single parent family’s children as overviewing crisis types and coping styles and to approach to the Christian counseling after establishing Christian perspectives to the crisis of single parent family’s children. This study will search diverse approaches to Christian counseling and useful methods in the basis of five crisis types (school-adaptational, psychoemotional, family-relational, socio-cultural, faith-spiritual) and three crisis coping styles (therapeutic-oriented, growth-oriented, prevention-oriented) of single parent family’s children. And it will provide the possibilities and alternatives of Christian counseling to help an healthy and happy life of single parent family’s children. Therefore Christian counselors have the task to accomplish development of counseling programs and experimental researches in the basis of these studies specifically and actually for single parent family’s children.
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    Christian Counselor and Spirituality

    Kim Mi Kyung | 2008, 11() | pp.165~185 | number of Cited : 9
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    Christian counselor’s spirituality is important issue. Christian counselors have to guide a client to the omniscient God as a real counselor. Christian counselors has to be aware of which spirituality he has and which role he is playing. At the same time he should explore what kind of influence he is making on the client. The participants were 5 counselors who have received master or higher degrees in Christian counseling, and the data were obtained by directly contacting the participants at Christian counseling offices, church counseling offices, and counseling offices in hospitals and other Christian organizations. These data were obtained through in-depth interviews. Based on the result of this study, discussions were made from the perspective of pastoral counseling for formation of professional identity and development of spirituality.
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    A Study of Pastoral Application to ‘agape’Spirituality in the Gospel of John

    Kim, Tae-Soo | 2008, 11() | pp.187~207 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to connect ‘agape’spirituality of Jesus in the gospel of John with pastoral counseling. The scope of this study includes only John 4:1-42 because the writer cannot deal with all chapters of John. The contribution of this study is to connect Jesus’‘agape’spirituality with five issues which is needed in pastoral counseling. The issues are as follows: Firstly, active listening. Second, God’s words. Thirdly, art of ‘agape’love. Fourth, person’s reconciliation with God. Fifthly, empathy. The limitation of this study is that the writer could not find any book concerning Jesus’‘agape’spirituality and also, the writer’s spirituality could not reach that of Jesus. Because Jesus’spirituality is too high and great, the writer can not understand the highest level of Jesus’spirituality. The writer hopes that lots of scholars make a study of Jesus’spirituality in the future and thus a lot of people, especially Christians, can deeply understand his true spirituality.
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    A Study on the Integration of Spirituality and Christian Counseling for adolescence

    Oh, Yoon Sun | 2008, 11() | pp.209~236 | number of Cited : 13
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    The purpose of this study is to Integration of Spirituality and Christian Counseling for development problems in adolescence. Adolescent society changes quickly and most adults find themselves out of touch with contemporary teenagers. In spite of the changes and create problems for adolescents regardless of times in which they live. The growth spurt, skin problems, excess fat, changes in body hair, lowering of voice pitch, and other physical changes can each influence Adolescent psychologically. Even when they are expecting the sexual changes of adolescence, most adolescence experience anxiety over the physical changes in their bodies, the increasing erotic impulses within, and the confusion about sexual behavior. adolescence is a time when there are changes in relationships with parents, peers, and others in society. Prior to adolescence, the young person may accept parental standards with little question or challenge. adolescence, as we have seen, is a period of growth into maturity. limitation of dynamic and other schools of Counseling in it’s application to current christian counseling practice and suggested for adolescence. Therefore, the Integration of Spirituality and Christian Counseling by the author, should be developed further theologically and technically. At times, these parental attitudes are really a cover for underlying insecurity and anxiety. Counseling in these areas could be helpful, but there is also value in helping parents grow spiritually, develop biblical values, and live a consistent Christian lifestyle. This Kind of counseling benefits both the parents and the family members who are helped indirectly.
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    Paul’Spirituality in the Creative Union of the Mystic and the Ascetic : The Basis of Spiritual Theology for the Anthropology of Christian Counseling

    Cho, Myung-Ki | 2008, 11() | pp.237~266 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper is going to offer the riches of christian counselling anthropology through the Paul’s spiritual anthropology. Paul’s spirituality consists of two aspects, the mystic and the ascetic. The one is being, the other is doing. Paul’s spirituality can be read by the mystic side and the ascetic side of Spirituality. The most foundation of the modern christian counselling anthropology is composed of human-centrism, not God-centrism. In spite of they need Godcentrism, They don’t recognize it and are not willing to receive God-centrism. Paul’s spirituality is different from Gnostic’s dualistic understanding and Hellenism. Paul has a biblical spirituality, the intergrated spirituality. In this situation, Paul’s life, suffering, theology, spirituality, ascetic, emptiness, fullness are important to supplement christian counselling anthropology. Paul’s spirituality has many concepts of the anthropology, soma, pneuma, psyche, kardia, nous, sarx, etc. Soma is the term, body which Paul uses to characterize man’s existence. As an existing body, soma can become either good or bad in its relationship with God. The good is pneuma that live according to the spirit, and the bad is sarx that live according to the flesh. Thus, soma needs to be developed by pneuma. Psyche(soul) is the self regarded as conscious or aware or a willing and knowing self, which is similar to nous(mind) or the inner person referred to in Romans 7. According to 1 Thessalonians 5:23, a person(as a holistic being) is consisted of soma, psyche, and pneuma. This existence is called zoe, a life that is characterized by intention and goal, living either according to the spirit or according to the flesh. kardia or nous is a Heart, the term refers to a ‘willing, planning, intending self ’. Kardia emphasizes less the knowledge part but more the feeling and striving part as well as the more the inner life. Like soma and mind, this will, depending on the person’s desire and intent, can become either good or bad. Sarx is the term flesh, can denote not only the concrete body of flesh but also fleshliness, carnality, meaning the nature of the earthly human in its specific humanness. Sarx is often depicted as opposed to the spirit, the invisible, and the inner aspect of a person. Through these terms, Paul’s spirituality has three characters, , , and . means ‘an ascetic’, is a work, that empty out self from the earthly thing, fill self with God. is a fasting, that live in a positive suffering interpreted by the Cross. These three elements build up Paul’s Spiritual Man. The modern christian counselling has the characters of a optimistic anthropology, but Paul’s spirituality offers new anthroplogy, the sinned anthropology that need the concern and the love of God. Human is based on the enclosure of God, the father almighty. The most counselling is reinterpreted with the sinned anthropology and rebuild up all human being In God, in front of God, with God, to face God.
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    Countertransference in Pastoral Care and Resources of Christian Spirituality

    Ha, Jae Sung | 2008, 11() | pp.267~293 | number of Cited : 10
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    Countertransference includes counselor’s unconscious feelings, fantasies, and often exaggerated responses toward the client due to unresolved issues within the counselor. Like with transference, the presence of countertranference is an important sign of personal involvement of the counselor with the client. However, without acknowledgement of its presence or of its meanings, countertransferece may endanger the counseling relationship of trustthat facilitates process of healing. Countertransference may also explain interpersonal dynamics of pastoral relationship in ministry. It deepens pastor's mutual self-understanding in ministry and signals for professional help when it seriously threatens pastoral relationship. Christian spirituality can help the pastor illuminate the contents of countertransference and its background; it provides resources for the understanding and transcendence of the self's unresolved needs in the face of the client. Christian spirituality provides plenary religious resources for self-reflection, transformation, and selftranscendence of the pastor for the service of God’s people without threatening or compromising in the professional helping relationship.
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    A study on the Religious Guidance of a Youth Group’s Spirituality through Pastoral Counselling

    Ha, Heeseung | 2008, 11() | pp.295~322 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study concerns that guiding youth group’s spirituality through biblical counselling. Nowadays, the growth rate of Korean church decreases, the writer believes, one of its solution is that guiding the youth’s spirituality rightly who is tomorrow’s main church worker. Historically the pastoral counselling begins with human’s creation. Here I will describe the history of pastoral counselling as well as its characteristics and tasks. Facing the decreasing church members, we should consider the methods of ministries of Korean church, which were focusing on one minister’s skill, outward appearances such as size of buildings and church memberships. Nowadays a holistic spirituality draws our attentions; here its definition and practice is given. Also I will investigate characteristics as well as its facing problems of youth group. Teaching and counselling are main methods of guiding youth group's spirituality. Here biblical counselling practised with organic structure, which is consists of home counselling, and encouragements with sending text and exchanging letters. Heart Model, one of biblical counselling, is adapted and analysed with a successful case study. It is practised with methods of L.K.S.D.(Love, Know, Speak, Do).