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2006, Vol.7, No.

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    A Study on the Christian Counseling of Depression and Aggression according to Adolescent in Disfunctional Family

    Oh, Yoon Sun | 2006, 7() | pp.9~44 | number of Cited : 8
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    The purpose for this study was to determine the influences on the Christian Counseling of Depression and Aggression according to adolescent in disfunctional family. The specific objectives of this study were to analyze the difference between Depression and Aggression of Christian adolescent according to the levels of family system types. Data were collected from 427 randomly sampled students in selected 30 church from Seoul and Kyunggi area. After data cleaning, 420 questionnaires were used for data analysis. The SPSSWIN 12.0 program was used in analyzing the data, and a series of statistical tests were conducted including frequency, percentile, t-test, F-test χ2-test, ANOVA, correlation analysis, multiple atepwise regression, and optimal scaling regression. The statistical significance level was .05. The major findings of this study were as follows: The family type perceived by the respondents was classified into 25% in functional family, 25% in disfunctional family. In relation to the Depression and Aggression of adolescent according to family type, the level of respondents identified with the category was as "disfunctional family" marked relatively higher point. The influence of disfunctional family on the adolescents proved that the variables associated with Depression explained 15%, and with Aggression explained 10% of the total variation. The area of adolescent counseling is the most active one of various counseling activities in Church. But it is unfortunate that few studies on characteristic adolescent counsel been conducted and this has resulted in a low interest of counseling student and practitioners have taken the area hard difficult. Finally, it suggests some priority projects for method of Christian adolescent counseling.
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    A Study on the Virginia Satir's Family Belief, Value System and Family Therapeutic Theory in Christianly Analysis

    ByunYoungIn | 2006, 7() | pp.45~77 | number of Cited : 1
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    Gary. R. Collins, the christian counselor explained his theory following by the christian world view. God's words, the Bible is revealed truth. And today's many kinds of study and theory were inducted from the revealed truth. It was named the discovered truth. Namely, without biblical basic, in any sort of study, learning and truth must have the limitation of themselves. Therefore this study was light up analysis of Christian Counseling based on the word of God. We must know that the theory of V. Satir gave great influence today's family therapy and its useful utilization to us. And partially her theory has the meeting points with Bible. Another hand, it has argument points against Bible, too. So, V. Satir's theory was maximized to the capacity of person excessively. Finally we should recognize that person couldn't keep V. Satir's theory without will of God's words. This article analyzed into the Bible with V. Satir's family belief, family value system, therapeutic theory and communication type.
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    A Study on the Biblical Family Ministry and Pastoral Counseling

    weon hyoshik | 2006, 7() | pp.79~116 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study is a field report on family ministry and pastoral counseling having worked from the late 1970s to now. The purpose of this study is that family-ministers and counselors work actively through harmonious ministry each other. For this purpose, I offer a biblical comprehension of family, my experience in field and a prospect of family ministry and pastoral counseling. I summarized as follows. First, comprehension of family from the viewpoint of creationism (before the Fall, after the Fall, restoration in the gospel). Second, a report on author's family-ministry and pastoral counseling. Third, comment on the direction and the task of a forward study. 1. To activate education of pastor in order to restore the original nature of family God instituted. 2. To publish good materials for education in order that one may live all his life(from birth to death) in the biblical instruction, 3. To adjust the curriculum of the seminary and the order in the purpose of bringing up a minister of high class. 4. To make family ministers and counselors cooperate more closely eachother. 5. To reform the marriage vacation system for a sound family, a stable society and the solid mission Korea on the basis of Deuteronomy 24:5. 1) The first step of a marriage vacation : 1~3 month. 2) The second step of a marriage vacation : 4~6 month. 3) The third step of a marriage vacation : 6~12 month. * In fact, it is nearly impossible to realize this but Church should practice.
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    Survey of Christian Counselling Methods for Defectors who fail to assimilate into South Korea

    Kang, Kyung Mi | 2006, 7() | pp.117~144 | number of Cited : 9
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    As the number of defectors increases, resettlement of the defectors in South Korea comes to the fore. There are many social and personal problems that they have to overcome, but the most difficult is keeping sound mind and family-ties. The defectors had suffered from financial, political, and social pressures before they came to South Korea. While they were escaping from North Korea, they experienced sever psychological trepidation. In addition, when they tried to resettle in South Korea, they confronted many problems that threaten their mental and physical health: identity crisis, unemployment, the education of their children, guiltiness about the family in North Korea. In order to encourage them to cope with their frustration, the government has to offer proper policies. In addition, many counselling programs have to be provided for the them. This paper surveyed how defectors' present problems could be dealt with the existing Christian counselling methods. These methods, however, lack some case studies. Thus, this paper could be used as a stepping stone to defectors' current problems.
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    A study on the problem, major cause, and solution to the family dissolution in South Korea

    Kim, Tae-Soo | 2006, 7() | pp.145~170 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to present the issue of family dissolution, to analyse major cause, and to find various solutions to the problem in South Korean society. The method of this study is mainly based on bibliography. The materials cited are statistical data and treatment or recovery program for gambling addiction and alcohol addiction which can experience in the family. The scope of this study is limited to three dimensions that can be caused as main reasons of family dissolution: 1. The first dimension is the issue of spouse immorality. 2. The second dimension is spouse abuse and child abuse in the issue of family violence. 3. The third dimension is unemployment, gambling addiction, and alcohol addiction. The contribution of this study is to explore the issue of domestic dissolution which can pose as a social phenomenon, to present solutions to the problem, and to emphasize the importance of preventive function. Especially, prevention is more important than prescription in the issue of alcohol addiction and gambling addiction.
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    A Study on the Analysis of Korea Society's Divorce Rate Increase and its Alternatives

    SooMyungShim | 2006, 7() | pp.171~206 | number of Cited : 0
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    When 20th century had came, Korean society had experienced rapid and radical change, so to challenge a society's basic unit, a family. Among those challenges, the most serious result would be breaking up families with sudden increasing of divorce rate. Korean society's divorce rate had risen enormously from 1980's through 1990's and the interesting factors toward the background of divorce rate showed the increase of women's divorce request, the elderly divorce increasing, and various reason for divorce. We thought of individuals' various roles along with social structure's change, women's educational or economic empowerment, individualism raging as current family's increasing divorce rate factors. These changes result in the more marred couples' needs get bigger for affection, sexual satisfaction, family member's intimacy, the less balanced families. Since family member's emotional need had not been satisfied in order to weaken their relationships, the tendency toward dismantling a strong sense of family has been enlarged. What would christianity's responsibility for those social structure's change? It is evident that the divorced or the non-divorced does not matter with being children of God. Nonetheless, a human being's desire would not be the life's purpose and we should think of in order to actualize God's will and to practice not ego-centric love, but you-centric love as christian. In this Korean society increasing divorce rate, we as christian should pursue God's will toward us based on the love He loves us. Therefore, this study has analyzed reason for increasing divorce rate and tries to find alternatives to decrease divorce rate ultimately.
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    Understanding of Christian Families and Parenting Children - Centering on the Parenting of Teenage Children -

    Eun-kyoo Lee | 2006, 7() | pp.207~229 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper begins with the premise that it is not an easy task for parents to raise children. With this issue in mind, this essay proposes an effective and specific approach that will hopefully lessen the burden of Christian parents raising teenagers. This paper first examines the biblical family and role of the family in the bible and points out that the family is the decisive factor when it comes to transforming teenagers into people of God. It also reveals that the most important role of the family is childbearing and parenting. Second, by examining the family and Christian parenting this paper defines the biblical concept of parenting and a biblical guide to family parenting. Finally, this paper introduces Paul Tripp's "Three Strategies for Parenting Teens" and proposes a counseling approach to teenage parenting.
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    Family Counseling Process Research for the Recovering Addicts and Their Families: Focused on an Ethnographic Study

    Lee, Hyun Kyung | 2006, 7() | pp.231~265 | number of Cited : 0
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    This Article discusses the need for process research in family counseling for the recovering addicts and their families. In the qualitative study for the supplement of quantitative study, it describes the results of an ethnographic exploration of clients' experiences of the integrated family counseling. Postsession ethnographic interviews with addicts and their families were analyzed, allowing the construction of a taxonomy of clients ‘perceptions of how family counseling was helpful in Christianity. "The helpful results included "therapeutic alliance", "encouraged family interaction", "family cohesion""new perspectives in Christianity", "fairness of God" "invest motivations", "finding family strengths" "Individual session"(during family counseling session) "weigh with lives", "keep trying out", "finding exceptional situation" and forgiveness"(post family counseling session).
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    Relationship of Adult Attachment Style to the Image of God in Female Undergraduate Christians

    Yi Hye-Jin | 유은정 | 2006, 7() | pp.267~301 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study was to make an experimental analysis of the understanding of female undergraduate Christians and Catholics about the image of God and the relationship of their image of God to their adult attachment style. The subjects in this study were 185 students at five selected colleges in Seoul and Gyeonggi province. The research questions posed in this study were as follows: 1. What is the adult attachment style of female college Christians? 2. What is their image of God? 3. What is the impact of their adult attachment style on the image of God? The findings of the study were as below: A stable adult attachment style was most prevailing among the female college Christians investigated, and their image of God varied with their years of believing in Christianity, the faith of their parents, their repentance experience, conviction of salvation and frequency of attending service. As for connections between their adult attachment style and the image of God, the female college students whose adult attachment styles were rejective and avoidant were ahead of the others who had a different adult attachment style in terms of conviction of the presence of God and challenging spirits, and those who had a stable adult attachment style excelled the others with a different adult attachment style in tolerance, compassion and goodness. The findings of the study are expected to help counselors have a better understanding of the attachment styles of adults and to improve the way of looking at relations between counselors and clients. Also, the findings of the study suggest that in the event of providing counseling to Christian college students, it's effective in identifying the relationship of their adult attachment style to their image of God and in encouraging students with a biased image of God to be stably attached to him. Finally, suggestions about future research efforts were made.
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    Therapeutic Effectiveness of Worship Service in Christian Counseling

    JOSEPH JEON | 2006, 7() | pp.303~332 | number of Cited : 4
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    This paper was to clarify on therapeutic effectiveness of worship service from the viewpoint of Christian counseling. This researcher dealt with evangelical definition on worship, components of worship, and therapeutic effectiveness including hymnal, prayer, preaching, offering, and benediction. There were three functions: educational, associational, festival, and therapeutic function in worship service. If a Christian worships God in truth, one is able to experience healing physically, psychologically, and spiritually. The object of worship is the living God. Also, God is the healer. So God is going to give the power of healing to His people. It is very important faith phenomenon for a Christian to experience healing power from God. That healing phenomenon through worship service is not for some Christians but all Christians who worship to God in truth, in spirit. Accordingly, Christian counselors ought to give a counselee notice therapeutic functions of worship service. Worship service must be an opportunity to gain healing as a mean of grace. The researcher came to the conclusion that there is close relationship between worship service and therapeutic effectiveness.
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    The Ideal Family of Old Testament in the Creative Behavior of YHWH - in the Creative Dynamics of Correlation between םיהלא םלצ and - הוהי םע

    Myung Ki Cho | 2006, 7() | pp.333~376 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper is the study of analysis and making an alternative idea for the ideal family that flows in the creative dynamics of correlation between and throughout the Old Testament, that is the very important two themes. The perspective of this paper spreads narrowly to an organic relationship between as the independent being and as the integrate being in the family of a divine system. This study sets the background of this paper in the vertical relationship with YHWH, and the methodology of this paper along the text criticism and structural analysis of texts, Chr. 4:9-10. The Ideal family of old testament is to attend on YHWH, to set up the personality completely in his faith in YHWH. Therefore, the family goes through this process controls the society and the place of life all human belong after being built up on the faith in YHWH. The modern crisis of all kinds of families occurs at a vision without YHWH, a family without YHWH, and seeking for happiness except YHWH. The story of Jabez as described in Chr. 4:9-10 is the proof text of this paper. Jabez has a complete personality as , but he has not a birth in normal situation, a healthy body, and an universal value all peoples have. He is a just man of the weakness. But He completes the ideal family as , the family of YHWH. The Jabez's family complements our family floats on the water of world and recovers a destructed family because our family and life is in processing to complete the ideal family. The ideal family in old testament is setting up on the creative personality of , completing in , a family of YHWH. in must be a true being of Human and his society, a real family of YHWH, in balance between nature and society with the family of a divine structure.