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2012, Vol.18, No.

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    Biblical Counseling Methods for Anger in the Elderly

    Hyung Joon Jun | 2012, 18() | pp.9~40 | number of Cited : 1
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    The aim of this study is to propose Biblical counseling methods based on Reformed theology, rather than counseling methods based on psychological theories, as Christian counseling methods for problems regarding anger in the elderly, who are emerging as neglected populations in modern society at a time of an imminent aged society. Toward this end, the definition and the characteristics of the elderly were examined above all. An increase in tendencies for depression,introversion, and passivity, changes in perceptions of gender roles, and a rise in rigidity and cautiousness were observed in the elderly. The causes of anger in the elderly, in particular, included problems regarding health,financial conditions, and social maladjustment, and a conceptual understanding of anger was examined. To propose Biblical counseling methods for anger in the elderly, a theological understanding of Biblical counseling was looked into first,and then Biblical counseling methods and anger presented in the Bible were suggested. First, get rid of bitterness. Second, let yourselves witness the time limits of anger. Third, protect your mind from anger. Fourth, tell yourselves that there are things that you must rid yourselves of. Fifth, let yourselves know that forgiveness is the way to overcome your anger. It was highlighted that such changes can be made within the history of the Bible, which is the word of God, and the Holy Spirit.
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    A Study on Christian Educational Approach for Enhancement of Resilience of Youth in Crisis in Church

    Kang, Yeon Jeong | 2012, 18() | pp.43~75 | number of Cited : 12
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    The purpose of this research is to investigate for the possibility of Christian educational counseling approach in order to help Christian youth in crisis to adjust and function more effectively in churches,families, schools and society by improving resilience, which is their inner resource to overcome and recover from crisis or problem situations in their lives. Based on the understanding on the youth in crisis and resilience, this researcher outlined the possibility of Christian educational counseling and its methodology, and then finally surveyed educational counseling approach to the Christian youth’s crisis and their response modality. This research categorized 5 types of crisis situations in the youth’s life: family/relational crisis, educational/vocational crisis,psychological/emotional crisis, social/cultural crisis, and spiritual/faith life crisis. By dealing with educational counseling approach to these crisis situations from the three dimensions, which are therapeutic-oriented response, growth-oriented response, and prevention-oriented response,this research seeks to secure the possibility of educational counseling in churches where they can help and improve the resilience of the Christian youth in crisis and thereby suggest specific educational counseling programs and methods.
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    Thoughts on the Holistic Worship as a Pastoral Task : A Point of Contact between Worship and Pastoral Counseling

    Kang, Yong-Won | 2012, 18() | pp.76~105 | number of Cited : 1
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    This research is to find a point of contact between worship and pastoral counseling. It is to explore ways in which worship can contribute to pastoral counseling, pastoral counseling to ministry. Pastoral counseling may face possibilities of losing bigger perspectives on the ministry due to the limited scope on overly narrow theme and on the one􀀎on􀀎one relationship; worship may face possibilities of weakened attention to the spiritual care of each Christian. This researcher will discuss pastoral ministry, which is an another dimension of ministry, pastoral care, the concept of pastoral counseling, and furthermore, conceives a holistic worship through the medium of healing, sustaining, guiding and reconciling, which are what significantly constitute a shepherding. Through this application, the principles of pastoral counseling can be applied in worship; by the virtue of macroscopic meaning, worship provides a field for pastoral counseling and contributes to the effectiveness of pastoral counseling. In reality what pastoral counseling seeks, which includes the relationship between human beings and God,urging for repentance toward healing, spirituality which is an important pillar of pastoral counseling and resource, the source of true eschatological hope, is worship itself. Therefore, worship is a realm that indispensible and precious resources are offered for the effectiveness of pastoral counseling.
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    A Biblical Understanding and Psychological Theories of the Human Motivation

    Kim, Jun Soo | 2012, 18() | pp.106~130 | number of Cited : 15
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    Human have sought to explain and understand why people behave the way they do. In everyday life one notices that people are sometimes angry and sometimes fearful, sometimes energetic and sometimes lethargic. The causes of behavior are often very complex and have no simple answers. Even when two people show similar behavior-as when two church members attend early morning prayer meeting regularly-they may have do so for very different reasons. Psychologists, in their experimental investigation over the years, arrived at several broad explanations to describe how people are motivated. Instinct was used to describe inborn characteristics viewing humans as animal or a machine. Later many psychologists have rejected using the term, viewing humans as more cognitive and complex being. Need reduction theory is another explanation explaining human motivation. This theory points the fact that the satisfaction of physical and psychological needs are important determinants of behavior. Biblical understanding of human motivation focus on the desires that rule the human heart. My daily behavior is my attempt to get what is important to me in various situations and relationships. My choices and actions always reveal the desires that rule my heart. The most important issue of the human motivation is the issue of worship. Our hearts are always being ruled by someone or something. Whatever controls our hearts will control our responses to people and situations. In the biblical view, we are religious people either worshipping true God or idols.
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    Development and Effect of the Marriage Preparation Support Group Program for Christian Young Adults

    Park Kyung Ok | Hahn Sook Ja | 2012, 18() | pp.131~159 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this research is to develop the marriage preparation support group program for Christian young adults and to verify its effectiveness in helping them to establish a Biblical outlook on marriage,enhance self-respect, and lower co-dependency. The main results of this study are as follows. First, in marriage outlook test, the control group had a pretest average of 61.10 and posttest average of 62.40, showing no significant difference. The experimental group had a pretest average of 58.50 and a posttest average of 54.60, and this lower posttest average was statistically significant (p<0.01). This shows the enhancement of a Biblical marriage outlook based on the appropriateness and necessity of marriage. Second, in the self-respect test, the control group did not show a significant difference between pretest and posttest averages, but the experimental group had a pretest average of 146.00 and a posttest average of 152.40, having a significant higher posttest average (p<0.05). This shows that the marriage preparation program was effective in improving self-respect for Christian young adults. Third, in the co-dependency test, the control group did not show a significant difference between pretest and posttest averages. The experimental group had a pretest average of 31.30 and a posttest average of 27.70, with a lower posttest score (p<0.05), and these results show that the marriage preparation program was effective in lowering codependency among Christian young adults.
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    The Study on the Understanding of Children in Multicultural Family of Korea and Christian Counseling in Church

    ByunYoungIn | 2012, 18() | pp.160~186 | number of Cited : 4
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    About 10 years ago, Korean society need the foreigner’s helping. There are many kinds of the problem of agricultural men’s marriage and decrease of labor population in Korea society. This is the reason: now a days Korea become the multicultural society with alliens people. Gradually, Korean society has the severe problems as the multicultural society. Moreover, multicultural family’s Children have many kinds of problems in their school. Among the problem of them, the worst problem is the school maladjustment. We must understand their background of family life and their psychological needs. Furthermore, it is very important to help their problem in their school. Within the Christian counseling, multicultural family will receive the helping. This study will give the understanding about their psychological needs, state and condition of them. Also this study will give explanation about helping with the christian counseling in the church. On behalf of helping to solve the school maladjustment problem for the multicultural family’s children,church will be able to take charge the role as the family supports to get their ego-resilience with christian counseling. Therefore, many kind of helping with christian counseling in the church will be able to offer the ego-resilience as the family supports.
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    The Effect of Group Counseling Program for the Improvement of Communication of Christian University Students : Centered on V. Satir’s Theory of Growth Model

    Seo Hye Seok | 2012, 18() | pp.187~208 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study is to see the effect of group counseling program for the improvement of communication of christian university students through Satir's theory of growth model. The program was taken place from september 2011 to november 2011, once a week, total of 8times at christian university group counseling room in Jeolla bukdo area. Each class endured 90 minutes. To verify the effectiveness of the program subjective evaluation and objective evaluation was performed. Experimental group and controlled group were selected and took communication test before and after the program and then took the pair ttest. Also for subjective evaluation observer & researchers focus techniques was used. The experimental group was given a group counseling program through Satir’s theory of growth model during eight sessions. The controlled group received no treatment during the period. The following is concluded from the experiment. The experimental group counseling program through Satir’s theory of growth model improvemented the level of communication. In addition, the overrall evaluation of the program was found to be different across three stages of the program. It’s productive to suggest the possibility of application of this program to the christian university students under the difficult situation with speedy social changes in the aspects of communication conflict, emotion and psychology in christian university counseling field through development of various program.
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    Pastoral Leadership and Counseling

    Ahn, Kyung Seung | 2012, 18() | pp.209~236 | number of Cited : 2
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    This paper stresses the point that leadership and counseling, which play important role in pastoral ministry, are complementary to each other in many ways. When we learn how to best use these interdependant aspects,it will be helpful for congregation’s maturity and faith communities. To demonstrate this point, we try to examine the useful aspects of the approach based on counseling theory and practice to pastoral leadership from the Christian point of view. First, the outcome of some changes of general leadership theories in recent history and the main concept of Christian leadership emphasize on the leader’s role of caring and guiding for followers. Appling some methodologies of counseling and caring, the biblical naturel and function of Christian servant leadership will be well embodied in the faith community. Second, when we define leadership as “influence through relationship,” leaders need to study and practice the theories of human motivation, traits, and relationship techniques in counseling. Third, some types of leadership can be applied to leaders of group counseling, and coaching and mentoring among leadership theories can be also utilized for Christian counseling. Fourth, leaders can take advantage of the counseling services for their spiritual maturity and mental health.
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    The Effect of Gratitude on the Adolescents’ Happiness

    Oh, Yoon Sun | 2012, 18() | pp.237~263 | number of Cited : 12
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    The aim of this study is to measure the effect of gratitude on the Korea church adolescents’ happiness. To achieve the purpose of this study, gratitude is divided into two experimental groups; one is the expression of gratitude and the other is a record of gratitude. These experimental groups are compared with the controlled group in the increase in happiness. The task of the expression group is to write a letter of gratitude and Lectio divina so that the recipients can have them, and the task of recoding group is to write a letter, but not to send it. The controlled group do not have any task to do. This study confirm the results as follows. First, as a result of homogeneity test between the experimental group and the control group, the sub-regions of gratitude experience are such that p=.324 do not show significant difference statistically in scores. Second, as a result of analysis of the pre-post differences of happiness experience between the control group and the experimental group, the average scores gratitude expression pre(M=3.18) -post(M=3.25) and gratitude record pre(M=3.18) -post(M=3.20) of the experimental group of happiness are relatively showed a significant difference compared to the average scores pre(M=3.19)-post(M=3.20) of the control group. While a significant level of happiness of the control group are meaningless, a significant level of gratitude expression p<.001 and gratitude record p<.05showed statistically significant in the experimental group. In the above results, the expression of gratitude and Lectio divina has been proven to be effective of the adolescents'happiness.
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    Christian Counseling through a Narrative Counseling Method

    Lee Jea Hwa | JOSEPH JEON | 2012, 18() | pp.264~294 | number of Cited : 7
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    This is to clarify the Christian counseling through a narrative counseling method. The role of Christian counseling is to reframe through reinterpretation of a client’s traumatic narrative. This is to clarify the Christian applications through understanding of narrative counseling in Christian counseling. Narrative counseling is due to therapeutic approach through storytelling to a client. The Holy Spirit is able to reinterpret a client’s break narrative. So, both a Counselor and a client ought to depend on the Holy Spirit in order to take reinterpretation. The Holy Spirit can make a narrative of despair to a narrative of hope, a narrative of frustration to a narrative of salvation, and a meaningless narrative to meaning narrative. Accordingly, narrative counseling method is very effective in Christian counseling through a metaphor. A metaphor is a method to exposure a client’s inner situation without resistance indirectly. Also, narrative counseling is great method to understand/analyze a client’s inner situation. In view point of Christian counseling, narrative counseling is based on the Bible. There are a lot of narratives in the Bible. The researcher dealt with theoretical background of narrative counseling, main notion including definition of narrative counseling,therapeutic effectiveness of narrative counseling, of methods of narrative counseling in this research.
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    Revisitation of Human Sexuality from a Pastoral Theological Perspectiv

    Ha, Jae Sung | 2012, 18() | pp.295~323 | number of Cited : 6
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    The human sexuality of male and female is a God’s special creation in which God makes the human race continue to exist on earth. Sexuality helps the husband and his wife experience physical and spiritual union,which was embodied in the relationship between Jesus Christ and his church. St. Augustine regards a strong sexual desire as a result of the human Fall. He believes that any sexual relationship without an intention of childbirth is sin. Aquinas recommends a celibate life as being purer than marriage. They commonly warn against ‘excess’ of sexual desire or pleasure in a person’s life because it is against the natural law and the human reason. However, John Calvin claims that human sexuality is a God’s gift for family, so the husband and his wife have to enjoy the sexual union instead of feeling guilty about the experience. A sexual union among Christian couples is a lifelong process of knowing each other widely, deeply and holistically. Agape love can never replace the love of eros in the family, so sexual union among married couples must be more encouraged than be condemned not without sensitive cautions.