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위기관리 이론과 실천(Crisis and Emergency Management: Theory and Praxis; CEM-TP)은 위기관리에 관한 제 학문분야 간 협동적 연구 공동체(Research Network)로서 전통적 안보 위기, 재난 위기(자연재난, 인위재난), 국가핵심기반 위기, 국민생활안전위기, 국가공공갈등위기 등에 관한 제학문적 연구를 촉진하고 연구자간 협력의 토대를 구축하고 연구결과를 공유하려는 목적을 지니고 있습니다. 현재 위기관리 이론과 실천(CEM-TP)에 참여하고 있는 연구자들의 학문 분야는 행정학, 사회학, 정치외교학, 신문방송학, 사회복지학, 법학, 심리학, 소비자학, 정보학, 지리학, 경찰행정학, 소방행정학, 경호학, 토목공학, 건축학, 의학, 간호학, 보건학, 기상학, 안전공학, 전산학, 지역개발학 등이 있습니다. 이에 우리나라 위기관리 연구를 학문적으로 발전시키기 위한 연구 공동체라 할 수 있습니다. 
En Fang Qiang (Tianjin Normal University, China)
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최근발행 : 2020, Vol.10, No.6

  • A Strategy to Strengthen Resilience for the Mental Health Management of Modern Korean Women: Focused on Korean Women's Depression Related Issues

    배정이 | 곽민영 | 2020, 10(6) | pp.1~11 | 피인용수 : 0
    This study aims to develop strategies for enhancing the resilience of Korean women by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors. To this end, resilience-related literature was reviewed and Korean women’s depression-related issues were explored in view of biological and psychosocial factors. The reason why depression is a gender⋅age disease is ascribable to hormone-related biological factors (e.g., unbalance in estrogen) and psychosocial stress factors. Considering that women are inherently vulnerable to such biologically induced depression, there is a need to develop and disseminate prophylactic education and intervention programs before its onset. It is also necessary to set up legal and institutional infrastructure to promote protective factors at the family and social levels, such as countermeasures against domestic and gender-based violence, as well as fundamental measures to promote family and workplace culture tailored to the current situation and existing problems in Korea.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Utilization in Flood Monitoring and Simulation

    최미경 | Micah Lourdes Felix | 신지혜 외 1명 | 2020, 10(6) | pp.13~18 | 피인용수 : 0
    Recently, the frequency of water disaster occurrence and the scale of damage have increased due to the climate change. However, technology for effectively monitoring the flooding situation and the damage aspect is still insufficient. Since various studies are actively conducted on utilizing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the field of geospatial information, the utilization of UAV is expected to improve the timeliness and accuracy of flood monitoring. This study conducted a flood situation monitoring at Gap River on July 30, 2020 using UAVs. The comparison between the water boundaries derived from UAV images and hydraulic model simulations (FLUMEN) were performed. Results showed that the water boundaries simulated using FLUMEN only resulted to 2.85% difference with UAV images derived water boundaries. Thus, verifying that the UAV images can be used to provide supplementary data in providing spatial extents of stream variables. This study aims to introduce the technology for performing quick flood monitoring and the possibility of its utilization in flood inundation simulation.
  • An Empirical Study on the Firefighting Industries’ Global Expansion Policies

    박건우 | 2020, 10(6) | pp.19~27 | 피인용수 : 0
    This study aims to empirically investigate the determinants of overseas expansion of firefighting industry in South Korea. For the government, it is important to make this industry and its companies developed by supporting a various strategies. Among them, supporting overseas expansion is one of the major policies for firefighting industry. However, there have been few studies about this issue. Considering the increasing importance of firefighting industry around the globe, it is necessary to find implications on how to support business in this field. In other words, it is significant to find proper policy support for these people. For the empirical investigation, this study uses logit model and the result shows that the size of the business, R&D, industrial property rights, government support, and the production of firefighting goods were found to be statistically significant for overseas advancement. These results indicate that this study can be used as a useful example to formulate and implement government policy.