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2018, Vol.2, No.2

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    Factors Related to the Willingness to Reuse Services of the Users at a University Hospital’s Health Examination Center

    Man-Gyu Song | Lee, Moo-Sik | Hwang Hye Jeong and 1other persons | 2018, 2(2) | pp.7~21 | number of Cited : 0
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    In order to survive in such a competitive environment, it is necessary to grasp the needs of individual customers and provide satisfactory comprehensive examination services to enhance their level of satisfaction. The purpose of this study is summarized as follows: first, analyze the level of satisfaction of the users of health examination, second, analyze the service reuse intentions according to their level of satisfaction, third, based on the aforesaid analytical results, provide information necessary for the improvement of the health examination center. For this purpose, the study was conducted to examine a total of 86 patients who underwent a comprehensive examination at a university hospital from October 1st through the 30th in 2017.
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    The Relationship Between the Educational Environment and Level of Educational Satisfaction of the Flight Training Institute Designated by Specialized Educational Institutions

    Kim Su-Ro | Yo-Sup Noh | 2018, 2(2) | pp.23~37 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to measure the satisfaction of educational environment factors such as teachers, facilities and administration system, and education infrastructure of the Korea Institute of Education. We conducted a self - filling questionnaire survey of 276 pilot pilots of the Korea Instructional Training Center. The satisfaction level of the education center was measured by the 5-point Likert scale, and t-test ANOVA, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were performed. The main results are as follows. 1. Among the sub-factors of Satisfaction with Flight Training Center, satisfaction with the training course was the highest and Satisfaction with the flight instructor was the lowest. 2. The higher the degree of satisfaction with the education process, the higher the satisfaction with the administrative system, the higher the satisfaction with the education infrastructure, the higher the overall satisfaction. 3. The effect of satisfaction on the curriculum, satisfaction with the teaching staff, administrative system, and educational infrastructure on the overall satisfaction with independent variables is proportional to the degree of satisfaction with each independent variable appear. The biggest factor influencing overall satisfaction was the flight training course, followed by the administrative system. The purpose of this study was to identify the educational satisfaction of student pilots by selecting the appropriate variables related to the educational satisfaction of the education center based on the previous studies on the educational satisfaction of the university.
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    School Newsletter Translation Support for Multicultural Families: Focused on the Cases of Korea and Japan

    Haan Ahreum | 2018, 2(2) | pp.39~53 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper concerns the status of translation support for children attending elementary school in Korea who experience difficulties as members of multicultural married immigrant families and compares that support against the example of Japan where multicultural policies are far more advanced than in Korea. Both Korea and Japan provide support for multicultural families, but in the case of Japan, the amount of information provided is small according to the format of the examples. In the case of Korea, there is no unified system, the disadvantage of which is that support is extended sporadically by local governments and departments of the central government. To provide an alternative, first, we must build an integrated system like that of Japan but make the contents of the examples meaningful, and second, we must develop practically usable programs and applications. In the second case, the multilingual translation provision services jointly developed by the Korean Language Processing Laboratory of the University of Ulsan and Busan University of Foreign Studies could be utilized. In order to validate the practicality of the language translation services, 10 married women were surveyed on their level of understanding by having them translate sentences from a school newsletter through the language translation services and Google Translate, thereby proving that the language translation services performed better than Google Translate. In addition, by comparing the high frequency vocabularies that appeared in the school newsletter and those entered or required by the survey participants, the need was uncovered for additional translations and corrections for 15% of the top 100 high frequency vocabularies in the school newsletter.
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    A Study on the Facilitation of the Humanities and Social Science Based Convergence Research

    Younghee Noh | Daekeun Jeong | 2018, 2(2) | pp.55~74 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this study, we have attempted to find a way to revitalize the convergence research based on humanities and social science centered around the cases and current status of the humanities and social science based convergence research. To this end, we have investigated cases of the projects that have implemented humanities and social science based convergence research and discussed them with experts related to the convergence research. Through which, in this study, we proposed ways of facilitation such as develop top down agenda for strengthening demand oriented R&D, build a linkage structure of foundation-application-commercialization for the humanities and social science based convergence research, strengthen the foundation for cooperative system for creative research, nurture expert manpower for the humanities and social science based convergence research through systematic education, expand the budget for revitalizing the humanities and social science based research, improve the evaluation system for the performance research results of the humanities and social science based convergence research, and expand the roles for the institutes supporting humanities and social science based convergence research.
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    A Preliminary Study on The Definition of Senior Vitality

    Hyeonju Oh | Nara Kim | Kee-Hong Choi | 2018, 2(2) | pp.75~89 | number of Cited : 0
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    With the increase in the absolute number of the elderly population and proportion of the elderly in the composition of population, there is a constant need for societal interest in the elderly population. Although many studies have been conducted to overcome various emotional and cognitive difficulties in the elderly, attempts to understand the vitality of the elderly is quite rare at home and abroad and no effort has been made to define the vitality index in terms of psychological science. The purpose of this study is to examine the perception of senior vitality in order to develop the Senior Vitality Quotient (SVQ) that reflects the changing characteristics of the elderly population and integrally define their life. A focus group interview was conducted on a total of 28 men and women aged sixty-five or older residing in Seoul using the convenience sampling method. Two and a half hours long interviews with high-function elderly focus groups and medium-function elderly focus groups were separately carried out. The results of the study manifested different activities, relationships, values, physical health, emotions, cognition, and vitality of life in each group. The factors showing differences in functional vitality in the elderly shall be discussed based on the SVQ development.