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2020, Vol.4, No.1

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    A Study on the Status Analysis of Rural Community Business

    Younghee Noh | 2020, 4(1) | pp.7~39 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this study, the status of rural community businesses was investigated to comprehensively analyze the rural community businesses and provide policy data for vitalizing community businesses, such as supporting excellent businesses. In addition, this study made an attempt to predict the direction of rural community businesses and improve the future development and quality of life for local residents by analyzing the past and present status of rural community businesses. The results of this study showed that, first, the income business type of the subcategories of rural economy is the highest, accounting for 73.87% of all rural community businesses. Second, as a result of analyzing business targets, companies targeting the general public showed the highest ratio of 90.23% of the total. In addition, the most common business objective among the farming and fishing community companies was to generate income, activate farms, and create jobs, accounting for 50.45% or a little more than half of the total. The most active business area of the rural community businesses was the food and specialty products sales business, and production and sales business was the highest business type by content, accounting for 51.35% of the 19 business types by content. Third, the most common organization type was corporation. Among the four types of corporation, union, private organization, and other organization, the corporation type accounted for 94.95% of the total. Fourth, Jeollanam-do was the region where the highest number of farming and fishing community businesses was distributed with 26.58% of the total. It was also found that the region where the most rural community businesses were established and still most active is Jeollanam-do. In fact, analyzing the current status of city, county, and district also revealed the largest distribution of 4.05% in Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do. It is deemed important to find measures to establish rural community businesses in various regions and support existing companies to continue their operation.
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    A Study on Korean Speech Ability of Chinese Students Studying in Korea

    Won-kyung Park , Youkyoung Kong , Kwon, Soon-Bok | 2020, 4(1) | pp.41~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate Chinese students’ language proficiency in Korean and chance to understand Chinese students’ language . Thus, this study was designed to help Chinese bilinguals’ language education and language mediation. The research subjects were 9 male and 11 female Chinese students in their 20s. Their language proficiency were measured with Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test and Urimal-Test of Articulation and Phonology. The sentence comprehension levels, duration of stay in Korea, having Korean friends were chosen as factors related to Chinese students’ speaking ability. In Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test, their average score was 38.70. And age equivalent was 3 years to 3 years 5 months. In sentence comprehension test, average score was 29.45. And age equivalent was between 5 and 6. In U-TAP test, average score was 39.20. In results of pearson correlation was varied. There was a correlation between expressive vocabulary ability and sentence comprehension ability. And there was a correlation between having Korean friends and overall language ability. There was a correlation between expressive vocabulary and sentence comprehension. And there was a correlation between having Korean friends and expressive vocabulary.
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    The Effect of Dental Hygienists' Emotional Labor and Level of Depression on their Job Satisfaction and Commitment to the Organization

    Kim SooKyung , Sa-ra Kim , Chan-mi Bae and 3 other persons | 2020, 4(1) | pp.57~67 | number of Cited : 0
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    The study surveyed 350 dental hygienists in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and other regions to assess the correlation between their emotional labor and depression level and their impact on job satisfaction and commitment to the organization. In order to find out the factors affecting job satisfaction, monthly income, place of work, and leisure activities were treated as variable numbers, emotional labor, depression, and organizational committment were independent variables, and multiple regression analysis was conducted with job satisfaction as dependant variables, and organizational committment and emotional labor were shown as factors affecting job satisfaction. To identify the factors affecting organizational committment, monthly income, place of work, and leisure activities were treated as variable numbers, emotional labor, depression, and multi-recovery analysis using organizational committment as independent variables, and the results showed that job satisfaction, emotional labor, and depression were the factors affecting organizational committment. In this study, dental hygienists have shown tendencies for commitment to the organization in the order of job satisfaction, emotional labor, and depression. The results have confirmed that emotional labor and depression experienced in the health care environment are closely linked to job satisfaction and commitment to the organization, which will help with other research to deal with and solve emotional labor and depression of dental hygienists.
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    A Study on the Stress of the National Exam, Self-Efficacy, and Career Preparatory Behavior of Dental Hygiene Majors

    jung eun seo , Yo-sup Shin , Yeong-seung Lee and 4 other persons | 2020, 4(1) | pp.69~79 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was conducted on students who will take the national exam for dental hygienists to identify the stress of national exam and self-efficacy and to analyze the factors affecting career preparatory behavior. Method: This study was conducted on undergraduates who will take the national exam for dental hygienists. The final 323 subjects were analyzed using SPSS 21.0 program. Result: The stress of the national exam increases with the lower degree of self-efficacy. The self-efficacy increases with a higher degree of career preparatory behavior. Analysis results showed that satisfaction with the major, academic performance, stress of national exam, self-efficacy were the factors affecting on career preparatory behavior. Conclusion: The result of this study showed that the higher the stress of the national exam, the lower the self-efficacy, and the higher the degree of career preparatory behavior, the higher the self-efficacy. Therefore, it’s recommended to support education to reduce stress during preparing for the national exam for dental hygienists.
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    The Effect of Toothbrushing Using Microcurrent Toothbrush on the Fluoride Concentration on the Enamel Surface

    Yeo-Ju Kim , Jong-Hwa Jang | 2020, 4(1) | pp.81~91 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to verify the effect of toothbrushing using a microcurrent toothbrush on the fluoride concentration on the enamel surface of teeth. Sixty samples were produced with sound cattle teeth and divided into control and experimental groups (ordinary and microcurrent toothbrush groups) to perform the brushing for four minutes using an automatic toothbrushing machine in a 2% NaF solution for each type of toothbrush. The specimen measured the microhardness of enamel surface after the pH cycling treatment, and the fluoride ratio of the enamel surface was identified by scanning electron microscope observation and EDS analysis. The microhardness of the enamel surface of the microcurrent toothbrush group was higher after brushing (279.64) than before brushing (267.74) (p=0.008). In scanning electron microscopic observation, it was confirmed that the enamel surface after brushing with a microcurrent toothbrush appeared a slight irregular spherical crystals, forming fluoroapatite. According to the EDS analysis of the scanning electron microscopy, the fluoride content of the enamel surface was 1.76% in the control group, while 22.29% in the microcurrent toothbrush group. In sum, it has been found that toothbrushing using microcurrent toothbrushes is effective in preventing tooth decay by increasing the formation of fluoroapatite in the enamel.
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    Spatial Similarity Measurement in Dissimilar Indoor Environments Using Semantic Features for Virtual Space Services

    Hong Sukjoo , MICHANG , Urvashi Dwivedi and 3 other persons | 2020, 4(1) | pp.93~110 | number of Cited : 0
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    In order to provide intelligent services in an indoor environment at furniture level, it is important to understand not only the physical attributes but also the semantic features of an interior space. Spatial similarity measurement is a comparison method conducted on top of a hierarchical graph representation to calculate numeric values considering quantified spatial features. Three consecutive tasks are required: indoor space modeling, user study acquiring spatial context, and spatial similarity calculation. To evaluate the effectiveness of the method, a comparison was made with the existing random sampling method. The findings surpassed the random sampling results in four experimental cases. Spatial similarity measurement is therefore capable of analyzing the spatial context with proposed similarity criteria and equations, and it also suggests the probability of local similarity of a functional space.