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Review Process

Article 16 (Commissioning of the Thesis Review Committee Member and Review Request) 

1. The Committee shall select a thesis review committee member (hereinafter, “judge”) as a specialist with a doctoral degree in the field, taking into account the research field of the submitted thesis, and the Chairman shall commission the judge.


2. The Committee shall deliver the submitted thesis, review request form, thesis review form, and review fee to the judges through the Director of Publication.



Article 17 (Duties and Dismissal of the Reviewer)


1. The reviewer shall be responsible for the Committee's commissioned duties in relation to the publication of the thesis, such as the decision of the publication of the submitted theses, the decision of publication, and the revision of thesis.


2. The reviewer shall in principle review the submitted theses within 10 days and forward the review forms to the Chairman.


3. If the reviewer fails to submit a thesis review form within 15 days, the Chairman may dismiss the review request and commission another reviewer.



Article 18 (Number of Reviewer)


  Three experts in the field of submitted thesis shall undertake the review, and when the Director of Publication asks the reviewer for the review, the name of the thesis author shall be anonymously handled.



Article 19 (Review Criteria)


1. The reviewer shall review the submitted theses in accordance with the following criteria. However, for those authored at the request of the Association, a part of the review process may be omitted in accordance with the Editorial Committee's opinion.


1) Conformity of the research topic (to the mission of the Association)

2) Qualitative level and originality of research

3) Feasibility of research methods and logical development

4) Appropriateness of thesis system and description method (references, footnotes, and accuracy of quotation)

5) Academic and social contribution of research results


2. Detailed review shall be made in accordance with the thesis review regulations of the Association (first revision made in March 2015).




Article 20 (Judgment of Review)


  The judgment result shall be divided into the four categories of 'publish', 'publish after revision', 're-review after revision', and 'do not publish'.

  If the reviewer judges that it is a 'publish after revision', the matters that need to be revised shall be presented, and if it is a ‘do not publish’, reasons shall be articulated.



Article 21 (Confidentiality)


  The list of reviewers and thesis authors shall not be disclosed externally, and only the thesis authors shall be notified of the results of their thesis review.



Article 22 (Issuance of Certificate)


  In the case of a thesis approved for publication, the thesis authors shall be issued certificates for the expected publication in the name of the Chairman upon request.



Article 23 (Other Matters)


1. Theses submitted to the associations or institutions other than the Convergence Research Association shall be excluded from publication and canceled if they were reviewed.


2. Unless the member is a foreigner, the language of the thesis published shall in principle be Korean, however, if it is inevitable, thesis may be reviewed in any other language as per the opinion of the Editorial Committee.


3. If an emergency review is inevitable, it may be conducted.


4. In case of a violation of regulations, any publication may be canceled even after publication was completed.


5. Any matters not specified in these regulations shall be determined separately by the Editorial Committee.