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2022, Vol.33, No.2

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    A Study on the Perception of Librarians on the Operation of School Library Book Curation: Focused on Elementary School Libraries in Busan

    Mi-Na Kim , KANG EUN YEONG | 2022, 33(2) | pp.5~31 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to investigate and analyze the current status of book curation operation in elementary school libraries in Busan and the perception of librarians, and then to propose a plan to activate book curation in school libraries. A list of 304 school libraries in the Busan area was secured using the current status of school libraries in the 2021 National Library Statistical System. And then after selecting 121 school libraries with librarians, 83 schools that decided to participate in the survey were selected as final research subjects. Based on the current status of book curation operation and the results of the librarian’s perception survey, the following are proposed as a way to activate the book curation of the school library: 1) expansion and provision of specialized formal education on book curation, 2) development and dissemination of materials related to the operation of school library book curation, 3) continuous efforts of librarians to strengthen the capacity for book curation, 4) between school library librarians collaboration and information sharing.
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    A Study on the Perception Survey of Library Staff on Library Week

    Hyojung Sim , Younghee Noh | 2022, 33(2) | pp.33~54 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study identified the perceptions of library staff by type of library week through a survey and sought content that the library community should review to revitalize the legal library day and library week in the future. As a result of the analysis, it was found that the library staff’s experience of participating in the library week and satisfaction with the event support of the host organization were low. In addition, it was found that awareness of the legal library day and library week, which will be implemented from 2023, is quite low. There were many opinions about the national publicity of the library and sufficient budget support for the event as a focus for the promotion of Library Day and Library Week in the future. In order to effectively promote the legal library week in the future through an awareness survey of library staff, various efforts are made to improve the awareness of the library community, cooperation with other library types to induce participation in various types of institutions, and the formation of a promotion committee within the association for each type of library, and use of various media It was confirmed that active media publicity and securing budget were necessary.
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    A Comparative and Analysis Study on the Korean Classification System and the Academic Standard Classification System

    Younghee Noh , Jeong-Mo Yang , Ji Hei Kang and 3 other persons | 2022, 33(2) | pp.55~73 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigated the cases of the domestic classification system and compared and analyzed them with the academic standard classification system to derive future improvement directions. The direction of future improvement of the academic standard classification system presented based on this is as follows. First, it seems necessary to clearly guarantee the operation of the classification system as a law for the continuous development of the academic standard classification system. Second, it is necessary to improve it to a comprehensive classification principle that satisfies both current issues and global universality so that domestic and foreign data can be collected and compared smoothly by producing a wide-ranging classification system. Third, it is necessary to select a clear revision cycle of the academic standard classification system, and it seems appropriate to proceed with the revision every five years in order to reflect the academic field across a vast field. Currently, research on such a domestic classification system is insufficient, and such investigations are continuously conducted in the future, requiring continuous interest and research on the domestic classification system.
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    A Study on Improving Usability of Webdewey for Learners

    Ji-Won Baek | 2022, 33(2) | pp.75~95 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was carried out with the aim of analyzing the development and functional changes of Webdewey, which has become a basic tool of classification learning, analyzing it in terms of usability for learners, and suggesting specific ways to improve WebDewey’s usability. In order to achieve this research objective, the concepts and principles of UI and usability were first laid out, and Webdewey’s structure and key functions were analyzed. Since then, Webdewey’s media changes and periodical feature changes have been analyzed. In addition, an opinion survey was conducted on the usability of WebDewey among learners who used WebDewey in the learning process, and proposed ways to improve WebDewey’s usability based on the implications and direction of improvement derived from it. In terms of UI, proposals have been made to introduce display methods, visualization devices, the advantages of printed versions, and the development of Korean versions. In terms of the ‘Create built number’ function, suggestions have been made to improve usability in terms of basic number selection, composite route guidance and error message provision, new reference and route construction, screen and button design, and built-number component guidance.
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    A Study on Operator’s Awareness for Revitalization of Public Small Libraries in Yangpyeong-gun

    JEON KYUNGSUN , Jisu Lee , Sangeun Cho | 2022, 33(2) | pp.97~119 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to suggest strategies to improve and revitalize public small libraries established and operated by local governments among small libraries in Yangpyeong-gun. For this purpose, basic factors to be considered for the analysis of the current situation were derived by examining the policies and prior studies of small libraries. Based on these factors, the operation status of the public small libraries were analyzed, and interviews were conducted with the itinerant libertarians and staffs. As a result of the analysis, the main problems were the deterioration of a building, the lack of manpower and expertise, and the collection and program that did not reflect regional characteristics. In this study, we suggested a revitalization strategy such as improvement of the operating system, development of community-focused life-friendly libraries, reinforcement of manpower and expertise, development of book collections and reading culture programs with regional specialization, and establishment of community networks.
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    An Exploratory Study of Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviors of Overseas Users for Korea-related Materials

    Nahyun Kwon , Jiyoung Suh | 2022, 33(2) | pp.121~144 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the information needs, information seeking behavior, and information use of people who seek information on Korea overseas. A total of 382 survey responses from 52 countries and in-depth interview data from 26 participants were collected and analyzed. As a result, the respondents were categorized into three groups, namely Hallyu culture enjoyment, Korean language learning, and Korean studies research groups, by their unique information needs and information seeking behaviors. Pandemic boosted the demand for digital data expansion and digital archiving efforts. Various information problems caused by language, technology and policy obstacles were revealed. Findings suggest strategies to assist Korea-related information users.