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2019, Vol.5, No.1

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    A Study on the Determinants of Service Quality of Worker in the Youth Training Tacility

    Youn Ki Hyok | LEE JIN YEOL | 2019, 5(1) | pp.1~6 | number of Cited : 1
    This study was intended to verify the impact on the quality of service for employees of youth training facilities. The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for improving service quality by analyzing the factors influencing service quality of youth training facility workers. Data were collected from 110 youth training facilities in Busan. The results showed that social support, emotional labor and self-efficacy had a static effect on the quality of service. Based on the results of this study, the following suggestions were made. First, in order to enhance social support, it is necessary to strengthen regular networking with other agency workers, interview with middle managers, and counseling. Second, to raise emotional labor, it is necessary to imprint a sense of mission as a youth leader. Psychological and emotional programs should also be developed and implemented. Third, in order to increase the self-efficacy, it is necessary to strengthen the administrative super vision and strengthen related education such as image making.
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    A Scheme on Object Tracking Techniques in Multiple CCTV IoT Environments

    Ji-Hoon Hong | Keun-Ho Lee | 2019, 5(1) | pp.7~11 | number of Cited : 4
    This study suggests a methodology to track crime suspects or anomalies through CCTV in order to expand the scope of CCTV use as the number of CCTV installations continues to increase nationwide in recent years. For the abnormal behavior classification, we use the existing studies to find out suspected criminals or abnormal actors, use CNN to track objects, and connect the surrounding CCTVs to each other to predict the movement path of objectified objects CCTVs in the vicinity of the path were used to share objects' sample data to track objects and to track objects. Through this research, we will keep track of criminals who can not be traced, contribute to the national security, and continue to study them so that more diverse technologies can be applied to CCTV.
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    The Relationship between Personality Type, Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Workplace Bullying Experience in General Hospital Nurses

    Ae young Cho | 2019, 5(1) | pp.13~28 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to identify degree of the personality type, resilience, self-efficacy, and workplace bullying Experience among nurses at General Hospital, to ascertain the correlation between them and to ascertain factors that may affect workplace bullying. This study collected data from October 22, 2018 to October 26, 2018 through structured questionnaires from 260 nurses working at General Hospital in Seoul City, and the collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson's correlation coefficients, and multiple regression analysis using SPSS / WIN 21.0. Analysis of differences in general characteristics showed that workplace bullying was significantly different according to witness of bullying, workplace satisfaction. Resilience was significantly different according to marital status, religion, final education, and workplace satisfaction. And self-efficacy was found to be different according to respondents' marital status, religion. The relationship between DISC personality type, workplace bullying, resilience and self-efficacy showed that workplace bullying had a negative correlation with resilience, and resilience showed a positive correlation with self-efficacy. As a result of the multiple regression analysis in order to identify the factors that, workplace satisfaction, witness of workplace bullying and the resilience was the factor affecting workplace bullying; workplace bullying was decreased as the resilience was higher.
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    Development of Intelligent IoT Exhaustion System for Bag Filter Collector

    Sung Cheol Jang | Jung Won Lee | 2019, 5(1) | pp.29~34 | number of Cited : 4
    A bag filter collector is a kind of air purifier that organizes several or dozens of filters to purify fine dust and release clean air into the atmosphere. If the bag filter length is less than 5m, the dust and fume attached to the bag filter could be effectively removed by passing the compressed air generated by the diaphragm valve through the venturi. Injectors that are more efficient and economical are urgently needed to achieve satisfactory results for long-bag exhaustion of more than 7 meters. In the case of existing domestic and foreign injectors, a number of blow tubes were dismantled during maintenance, and the injector and blow tube were combined to pose a number of problems, including inconvenience of work due to weight increase. In this study, injector flow for the development of the best use of interpretation of the coanda effect and the fourth round of industrial technology Intelligent automation of exhaustion, have been engineered energy than standard equipment. lowering costs and filter life to radically improve the commercial studies.
  • 5.

    Simplified Forensic Analysis Using List of Deleted Files in IoT Envrionment

    Jeong-Hyeon Lim | Keun-Ho Lee | 2019, 5(1) | pp.35~39 | number of Cited : 1
    With the rapid development of the information society, the use of digital devices has increased dramatically and the importance of technology for analyzing them has increased. Digital evidence is stored in many places such as Prefetch, Recent, Registry, and Event Log even if the user has deleted it. Therefore, there is a disadvantage that the forensic analyst can not grasp the files used by the user at the beginning. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a method that the RemoveList folder exists so that the user can grasp the information of the deleted file first, and the information about the deleted file is automatically saved by using AES in RemoveList. Through this, it can be expected that the analyst can alleviate the difficulty of initially grasping the user's PC.