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Article Processing Charge

Article 11 (Duties of the thesis publisher) The duties of the thesis publisher shall be as follows:

①  The publisher of the paper shall pay the publication fee (150,000 won) and the examination fee of the paper (600,000 won).

②  In the case of papers that benefit from research funds, such as private statements, an additional fee of 100,000 won shall be paid.

③  In the case of a paper to be published, it is based on page 23 of the final editing standard of the institute, and if it exceeds 23 pages, an additional 10,000 won per page shall be paid.

④  In the event of a thesis presentation, the publisher may submit the thesis without annual fees or separate dues.

⑤  If the submitted paper passes the final examination and is published in the academic journal, the copyright of the paper shall belong to the party research institute with the consent of the author.