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Review Process

Chapter 4 Review Procedures and Standards

Article 12 (Initial Review) The editorial committee shall hold a meeting of the editorial committee immediately after the deadline for receipt of manuscripts by house and determine the following matters:

Commission of Judges: The editor-in-chief shall commission three judges by requesting the editorial member to recommend the contribution paper to the judges.
 Request for Examination: The examination shall be requested to the commissioned judges, but the evaluation of the thesis shall be in accordance with the thesis examination form determined by the editorial committee.
 Examination due date: In principle, the results of the initial trial shall be replied within two weeks, and if there is no notification of the examination results within three weeks without any special reason, the editor-in-chief may replace the judges.
Judgment Criteria: After evaluating the paper, the judges prepare a review in accordance with the prescribed form Publishing, publication after modification, review after modification, sanctions are not allowed. The comprehensive judgment based on the results of the initial trial shall be in accordance with the judgment table.

Article 13 (posted after modification) A paper that has been comprehensively determined as "posted after modification" shall be sent to the contributor to request modification. For manuscripts submitted again after modification, the editorial committee will review whether to implement the modification based on initial reviews and decide whether to publish it.

Article 14 (Re-examination after modification) As a result of the initial trial, the paper that was judged as 're-examination after modification' is subject to the re-examination procedure.

 Subject to examination: A paper that is judged to be 're-examined after modification' requires the contributor to revise it.
Request for Examination: A paper submitted again after the modification of the contributor shall be reviewed by three members of the initial review committee to ensure that the revision of the manuscript is sufficient and properly implemented.
Due date: The correction period and the retrial period shall be within one week, respectively.
 Judgment criteria: After modification, publication of the results of a retrial shall be made in accordance with the judgment table.
 However, in the case of a paper that has been modified by a number of contributors, it shall be determined at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chairperson with the consent of the Editor-in-chief.

Article 15 (Objection) If there is an objection to the re-judgment of the thesis, the contributor may request a re-deliberation within two weeks after the results of the examination are notified, and the editor-in-chief may refer the review to the editorial committee.

Article 16 (Processing a non-publication paper) A paper that has been determined to be unpublished will be notified to the contributor along with its reasons, but will not return the submitted paper. However, one year after the date of final notification, the contents of the paper may be revised and re-contributed.