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Acceptance of papers for journal publication

A. Rules for accepting papers for journal publication

1) Papers for journal publication will be decided by the editorial board from the papers that have been reviewed and revised. The editor-in-chief, however, has the final say on the decision if it is not possible to hold an editorial board meeting.

2) Only papers that have been graded A in the final review procedure may be accepted for publication (Manuscripts that went through a third procedure must receive A grade from its third reviewer). If the number of papers that have received the same grade exceeds that number of papers that can be published in a single volume, the editorial board will accept the manuscript taking into account the date the manuscript was received and the opinion of the managing director.

B. Notification of the journal publication

1) For papers that have been accepted for publication, the managing director will notify the author of the decision through written form or electronically.

2) The “Acceptance Notification (form 5) may be issued to authors, on request, whose paper has been accepted for publication.