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2011, Vol.6, No.1

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    A Noble Enterprise Architecture to enhance the Non-Functional Properties

    Manish Pokharel , 최승준 , 이봉재 and 1 other persons | 2011, 6(1) | pp.1~16 | number of Cited : 0
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    The main objective of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is to coordinate among the components of the architecture and to bridge the gap between the changes in business process and advancement of technology. Despite its use, popularity and continuing researches, there are still shortcomings in exiting EA in the areas such as addressing legacy system, reliability, affordability, maintainability, and interoperability. Adaptation in line with changes in business process and technology is still considered a critical challenge. In this paper, we address such critical challenges with use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Product Line Architecture (PLA), Expert System (ES) and also Cloud Computing. The proposed architecture provides the features such as adaptability, reusability, maintainability and scalability.
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    Empirical Analysis of a Large-Scale Blog Workload

    전명제 , Byoung-Chan Jeon , 이영규 | 2011, 6(1) | pp.17~26 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper presents a detailed characterization study of Web 2.0 workload through an analysis of real-world Web access logs collected from Tistory, one of the largest blog hosting services in South Korea. Compared to traditional Web workloads, Tistory’s workload shows different characteristics; the content creation from a number of end users drastically changes user participation characteristics, file type properties, and static and dynamic content behavior. Therefore, we delve deeply into the user-created content by following two-tier hierarchical approach that analyzes the Tistory’s workload into the file and article level. Through this paper, the observed characteristics are approximated by theoretical distributions to provide data for generating synthetic workloads.
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    Analysis on the Image Characteristics and Attractiveness of City in Knowledge-information Society -The Case Sunchon city-

    이정 | 2011, 6(1) | pp.27~35 | number of Cited : 0
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    In current Knowledge-information Society, advanced information technology and the development of transport systems have changed psychological and physical characteristics in a city, as well as the city lifestyle. As a result, the citizens require the new city's image and environment to cope with their changed lifestyle. In this study, cognitive characteristics on the landscape, a city's images and attractions have been analyzed. The results of this study could have a potential role as a planning and design criteria which are suitable for the Knowledge-information society. The research data was collected in Sunchon-city and main results of this study are as follows:While the positive attitudes for the image of city were 'intimate(3.45)', 'traditional(3.36)' and 'amenity(3.30)', the negative attitudes were 'flat(2.63)', 'scattering(2.69)', 'un-new(2.69)',and 'monotonous(2.74)'. Total satisfactory level of the city image was estimated to be 6.18. The psychological factors related to the satisfaction of the city image were composed of five characters such as 'individuality', 'potentiality', 'pleasure', 'amenity' and 'naturalness'. The estimation formula for the satisfaction was: Satisfaction = 6.202 + 0.464(Potentiality) + 0.446(Individuality) + 0.367(Pleasure) + 0.322(Amenity) + 0.245(Naturalness) While the positive attitudes for the city attraction were 'possible of development(3.99)', 'cleanness(3.69)' and 'many heritages(3.53)', the negative attitudes were 'a few industrial facilities(2.35)' 'a few entertainments(2.42)' and 'a few cultural events(2.55)'. The total score for attraction was estimated to be 6.39.
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    IT manufacturing regional specialization analysis in China

    Sang-Wook Kim | 2011, 6(1) | pp.37~43 | number of Cited : 2
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    This paper uses LQ(Location Quotient), and estimates the regional specialization of IT manufacturing in China, and compared with regional differences. IT manufacturing is the leading industry in China, but there are exist the regional disparity and regional concentration difference. Most of IT manufacturing production base located in the Eastern region in China, and the Middle and Western region have the low development level of IT manufacturing. In the manufacture of electronic equipment and communication equipment, the LQ of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin have the higher regional specialization relatively, and the another region have the lower regional specialization relatively. In the manufacture of computers and office equipment, the LQ of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai have the higher regional specialization relatively, and the another region have the lower regional specialization relatively. The result indicates that Tianjin has no regional specialization in the manufacture of computers and office equipment, compared with another regions relatively.
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    Design and Development of 3D Online Arcade Tank Game

    Soo Kyun Kim , Lee chan sub , SYUNGOG AN | 2011, 6(1) | pp.45~51 | number of Cited : 1
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    Many games are developed by use various toolkit. This paper proposes a development of battle city, which is a famous classic arcade game. An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine, usually installed in public businesses such as public houses, and video arcades. Most arcade games are redemption games, merchandisers (such as claw crane), video games, or pinball machines. However, the objective of this paper is to produce a tank game using directX library instead of the specialized engines. The advantage is that the overall cost of the production would be minimized since there is no need to invest in making game engine. Users can enjoy to easily the proposed game.
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    Genetic Algorithm based Multiple Paths Search for Intelligent Character in Fighting Action Game

    이면섭 | 2011, 6(1) | pp.53~60 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study applied genetic algorithm in order to search an intelligence character's multiple paths in fighting action game. There arises a problem when searching several adjoining routes in genetic algorithm. This study introduced proximity density to solve such a problem. In addition, this study applied interference density in order to exclude the interference between the searched routes. In addition, this research carried out simulation by applying the elite preservation strategy to prevent the lowering of searching capability. As a result of conducting simulation, this research searched interference-free multiple paths, and in case the elite preservation strategy was applied, the more the number of routes, there came out an increase in capabilities.
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    Improving On-line Handwritten Character Recognition with Hidden Markov Model

    마명 , Park Dong-Won | 2011, 6(1) | pp.61~68 | number of Cited : 0
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    Method for on-line handwritten character recognition with Hidden Markov Model(HMM) is proposed. To deal with the problem of handwriting style variations, the Hierarchical Clustering approach is introduced to partition different writing styles into several classes. One HMM that models temporal and spatial variability of handwriting is constructed based on each class. Therefore a multiple modeling technique is used for both Korean and English characters. The HMMs of Korean graphemes are concatenated to form the Korean character models. The recognition of handwriting characters is implemented by a modified level building algorithm, which incorporates the Korean character combination rules within the efficient network search procedure. Due to the limitation of HMM based method, a post-processing procedure which takes the global and structural features into account is proposed. Experiments showed the proposed recognition system which uses multiple modeling technique, the modified level building algorithm and the post-processing procedure achieved high writer independent recognition rate on unconstrained samples of both English and Korean characters. The comparison with other schemes of HMM-based recognition is also performed to evaluate the system.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Prediction of Crime Probability by month using Markov Chains

    박정민 , park koo rack | 2011, 6(1) | pp.69~77 | number of Cited : 5
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    Scientists are researching continuously about prediction of various crimes in modern society. However, the needs of additional research are increasing. So this paper proposes a new crime prediction modeling apply to Markov chains. The result of using this crime prediction modeling was similar to the number of actual criminal occurrence when I inputted 3 kinds of criminal data. The analysis of correlation coefficient between the actual number of criminal occurrence and the number of predicted criminal occurrence proved the effectiveness of the crime prediction modeling. The analysis of correlation coefficient between the actual number of criminal occurrence and the number of predicted criminal occurrence proved the effectiveness of the crime prediction modeling.
  • 9.

    Implementing the Automatic Warning System of Fire Based on an Improved P-type Receiver

    HyunJu Kim , Yeong Geon Seo , PARK JAE HEUNG | 2011, 6(1) | pp.79~88 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently the Mobile Internet is a fast and convenient access are being built environment by High-performance CPU and OS, full touch screen and UI, with the proliferation of smartphones. The mobile Internet service have the advantage which the user moves and uses a variety of Internet. In this paper was desinged and implemented WIDL-based mobile Internet to support both wired and wireless integrated agricultural machinery monitoring system. The proposed model can be integrated management of operational information for agricultural machinery based on wired and wireless Internet. In particular, in the event of failure of agricultural information on the caues of the acquisition is available in real-time mobile Internet, and a time for fault resolution can be minimized.
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    Next Generation Network Architecture for Efficient Fault Recovery

    Song, Myung Kyu | 2011, 6(1) | pp.89~95 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper presents next generation network architecture for efficient fault recovery. Generally, One of the methods for efficient fault recovery of network is survivable network design. This is based on fixed network physical structure. Also this survivable network architecture can be used for automatic fault recovery of network. The automatic recovery is the good method for the efficient fault recovery of network. Therefore, we analysis the survivable network architecture for next generation network. Also we need to find not only the network architecture of new network but also the modified architecture of the existing network.
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    A Study on Effective Network Construction of Leakage Sensing Pipe

    강병모 , Hong,In-Sik | 2011, 6(1) | pp.97~108 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Leakage sensing and detection system for special waterworks pipe is developed and applied in the field with RTD-2000 equipment. RTD-2000 is the pulse reflection type leakage-distance calculation system of embedded devices. This RTD-2000 have to be placed at proper location for the effective leakage monitoring and construction cost. In this paper, pipe networks selection technique and install-location selection algorithm is proposed for efficient leakage sensing pipe network construction. Also construction information including DB model for the effective leakage location finding system management algorithm is proposed. Finally, proposed algorithm and network selection technique's effectiveness is verified through the actual site application.
  • 12.

    Design and Verification of MAC Protocol to Transmit UHDTV Contents in Cable Networks

    Sun-Sik Roh , Jin Soo Choi , Sung-Hoon Kim | 2011, 6(1) | pp.109~116 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the MAC protocol to support UHDTV contents in cable broadcast networks. To transfer 200Mbps 8K UHDTV contents channel bonding are used and the information of bonded channel are shared between Headend and Set-Top Box(STB). We design the network architecture and the format of the control message. The information flow of control messages and the procedure at STB are proposed. We develop OPNET based simulator and verify the designed MAC protocol.
  • 13.

    A Study on Efficient Transmission Method of Overlay Multicast

    구명모 , Kwangseok Lee , Heung-Jun kim | 2011, 6(1) | pp.117~124 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed a new transmission method to increase traffic and delay time in local network and it can efficient use of available bandwidth on the overlay multicast. MH(Multicat Host) is selected in each local network and MH in local network sends the packet to each other through overlay multicast transmission. Also MH sends the packet to all receivers on same network through IP multicast. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can effectively reduce the delay time comparing with the existing overlay multicast and also it is well adapted to various size of network.
  • 14.

    A Survey on Non-Photorealistic Rendering for Game Graphic

    벌러르마 바트-오처 , Soo Kyun Kim | 2011, 6(1) | pp.125~130 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Non Photorealistic Rendering(NPR) is style that is popular in video games, movies and animations. NPR techniques are developing to more efficient on digital art. Traditional computer graphics, mostly focused on photorealism. But, recent years, NPR style is important to game graphic and it is inspired on artistic styles, which is painting, drawing, technical illustration, animation and cartoon. The goal of this paper explains NPR and how can use NPR technique in game graphic.
  • 15.

    Realtime Terrain Synthesis Using DEM Data

    노성남 , SUN-JEONG KIM , Song Chang Geun | 2011, 6(1) | pp.131~140 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a realtime terrain synthesis algorithm to generate realistic terrain using DEM(Digital Elevation Model) data. Through analysis of the given DEM data, we extract samples which has the information about directions of terrain patches. Users input guidelines with virtual canvas and then we compose the sample data as following directions of guidelines to build a realistic terrain. In order to remove cracks between terrain patches, we use filtering and height normalization. Users can generate a new terrain interactively because we apply GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) rendering technique. Using the proposed algorithm we synthesized realistic terrains based on user-input various types of guidelines.
  • 16.

    Implementation of a Real-Time Object Tracking System for PTZ Cameras

    LEE SANG GU , 황선기 | 2011, 6(1) | pp.141~147 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we implement a real-time surveillance monitoring and object tracking system using PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera. For object tracking, we use the mean shift tracking algorithm and a modified kernel function based on color image distribution of detected object. Mean shift algorithm is suitable for real-time tracking because of fast and stable performance. In the proposed system, MatLab is used for accessing the PTZ protocol and RS-485 communication for controlling the position of PTZ camera in order to arrange the object in the middle part of the monitor screen in the real-time. This system can be used in an effective and fast image surveillance system for continuous object tracking in a wider area.
  • 17.

    Ubiquitous Environmental Noise Removal Method on Smart Devices for High-Quality Internet Telephony Service

    Jang, Byeong-Ok | 2011, 6(1) | pp.149~155 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents noisy signal removal method on smart devices for internet telephony service at the ubiquitous environment. In order to reduce the environmental noise signal without speech distortion efficiently in a pervasive home environment, we provide a new Wiener filtering based reduction technique with pre-processing on various smart devices at a pervasive home. For various noisy conditions like White Gaussian, fan, air-conditioner, babble, shower-bath noises, etc., at home, the perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ) evaluation is performed to evaluate the performance of the proposed method.
  • 18.

    A Study on Recognition Systems Biometric Information using RFID for u-Healthcare Environment

    Jae-Yeon Choi | 2011, 6(1) | pp.157~162 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recognized as the next growth engine in the field of personalized health care, bio-medical industry, u-Health popularization of medical services, the spread of globalization and consumerism can be defined as. Bio-medical industry is a healthy quality of life and extend the life of mankind, starting with the topic of the treatment of incurable diseases, drug development and bio-artificial organ development to proceed efficiently in conjunction with information technology is a prerequisite. In this study, the sample cases used in cryogenic medical smart cold (Smart Cold) sensor network for health information systems and human resource management in conjunction with the prototype system is studied.