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2011, Vol.6, No.3

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    The Analysis of Special Factors for Major Economic Indicators on Increase and Decrease for the Percentage of Employment

    Hyun-Joo Lee , Kim Hee Chul | 2011, 6(3) | pp.1~9 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this study, increase and decrease for percentage of employment of economic activity patterns and various major economic indicators about the impact of the analysis was carried out. Using Logistic regression model in this study, the results are summarized:average monthly household income and unemployment percentage of increase and decrease compared to the previous month pattern,the negative impact on pattern of increase and decrease for percentage of employment are more likely to have been analyzed. In other words, average monthly household income and unemployment pattern for pattern of increase and decrease for percentage of employment was estimated to be adverse prognostic factors. In addition, pattern of preceding business composite index and the consumer price index showed a positive factor, but they are not significant variables. In other words, preceding business composite index, higher total employment rate for a positive impact on the employment of higher commodity prices have also risen, but also a positive impact, but when compared with other factors, they are not significant variables. In addition, pattern of composite stock price index of percentage of employment adversely pattern, but showed not significant factor. The pattern of percentage of employment has been found to affect the very factors that are emerging as not. Finally, rather than social factors in the immediate and practical household variables are appearing more and more influential factor.
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    A Research Trend Analysis of the Colorization of Electronic Paper Throughout Patent

    Kim, Youung Kwon , Sung-Keun Chang , Young-Cho Kim | 2011, 6(3) | pp.11~17 | number of Cited : 0
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    The colorization of a electronic paper display which is recently achieved rapid technical development have mostly applied undesirable color filter based on LCD. So we investigate the patent trend easily to ascertain R&D trend in industry, classify and analyze the research area of the color particle and the electrode structure in detail except the particle and the device, resultantly confirm that this area is a vacancy technology, which is a important approach to establish the colorization of electronic paper display.
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    The Cloud-Based Approach for Disaster Recovery System

    Manish Pokharel , 최승준 , 이봉재 and 1 other persons | 2011, 6(3) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 0
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    A disaster is unwanted event that may occur at any time during the life time of a system. Once a system is built, it needs to be able to prevent and minimize the event and have several alternatives as many as possible or work around such events as much as possible, or at least it should be recovered quickly when the event occurs. There are few existing approaches in recovering from such unwanted events but they do not recover the entire lost data and also take more time to be back to the operating state. We analyze the existing disaster recovery approach used in Information Communication Technology based system and find the loopholes in it, then try to get the solution to fix these loopholes. In this paper we address disaster recovery plan for an Information Communication Technology based system based upon the cloud computing.
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    Status Survey on the Perception of Secretarial and Office Majoring Students on the Computer and Information Certificates System

    You, Keunsun , 김경화 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.27~38 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to provide a general understanding over the national license system focused on office professional sector. From this perspective, a survey had been conducted to capture the status and types of certificates attained by secretarial and office majoring students in 2 or 3 year colleges in Seoul and Kyonggi area. Types of high school of the respondents affect the rate of certificates achieved in college. Majority chose Computer Proficiency Certificate as the most helpful license in their job search followed by MOS and Word Processor. And 90% of students perceived the certificates they attained will be very helpful in their recruitment.
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    Development of defect detection technique for ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation using blind deconvolution and EMD

    MyungWoo Nam , 이영석 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.39~46 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we proposed new method using empirical mode decomposition and blind deconvolution for defect detection technique of ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation. At first, the maximum energy signal among IMFs obtained from EMD was selected and used by blind deconvolution method. Next, impulse signal was made by inverse filter from using blind deconvolution method in time domain. In order to evaluate the proposed method, the conventional methods were compared using the specimen with artificial defects. From the experiment results, the proposed method can be confirmed that it can detect the defect location more accurate than conventional methods.
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    A Development of Auscultation Wave Diagnostic System using Time Series Discriminant Analysis

    김명철 , Sung Kyung , 유희경 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.47~56 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we have researched discriminant analysis in time series to diagnose auscultation wave. During practicing our research, there are plenty of difficulties in analyzing auscultation wave in time domain. So, We converted auscultation wave into frequency domain. Also we compared the normal people and the people who had cardiac disorder. Using time series discriminant analysis, we found no errors in our research. However, it is hard to generalize our research because we did not use enough date to lead a solid conclusion. Thus, We can get better results if we exert ourselves to get more clinical data and conduct more research about diagnostics.
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    Factors Related to the Health Promotion Practice in Diabetic Patients Using Diabetes Education Media

    이성란 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.57~63 | number of Cited : 0
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    his study was attempted to analyze the factors related to the health promotion practice in diabetic patients using diabetes education media. Data was surveyed using interview and questionnaires by 88 participants who visited a general hospital which was located in Seoul from January 5 to February 5, 2010. The education in diabetic patients using media was performed two times for 3 hour per day. The collected data were analyzed with t-test, paired t-test, ANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficients. The results were as follows ; First, the experimental group(10.12) which had the education was significantly higher knowledge scores on diabetes mellitus than the control group(8.95) that did not have the education(p=.002). Secondly, there was a significant relationship between diabetes mellitus management and income(F=2.70, p=.041). Thirdly, the correlation between knowledge and health practical will was significantly positive(r=0.26, p=.03). In conclusion, the development of an inclusive media program which will standardize on the diabetic patient education and long-term study to measure for changes of health behavior after education are needed.
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    Research on the Instructional Design Principles to Enhance Social Learning in Ubiquitous Environments

    임걸 , 김호성 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.65~74 | number of Cited : 3
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    With the recent advent of ubiquitous environments and smart devices, social learning is newly getting the spotlight in the field of education. Accordingly, the design principles of social learning were proposed in this paper considering ubiquitous learning environments and social learning: First, the formation and management of participatory learning communities. In this step, it is required that the instructor consider the participation types for learning and manage online communities in a flexible manner. Second, microcotents activities is required. Social learning process includes microsharing interactions with microconents. Last, the establishment of collective intelligence. Through correction, conformation, supplement, and feedback of information, microcontents turns into public contents. This transfers online social activities into learning constructing collective intelligence.
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    A Study on the Effective Teaching Method for Function Using Spreadsheet

    오흥준 , 양진영 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.75~83 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this thesis is studying an efficient teaching method for function using spreadsheet. In addition, the fundamental characteristic of Excel is introduced in the thesis. Excel was utilized to explain the concept of function and to express various functions. This thesis focuses on comparing the influence of each parameter alteration using scroll bar in function graph. In this study engineering in mathematics education in the growing proportion of Free leverage, given the mathematical functions that are an important part in education to solve problems related to effective instruction should try to present ways.
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    The Method of Intelligent Learning Contents Building based on Topic Map

    이호영 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.85~91 | number of Cited : 0
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    Lately, It is trend that development of internet environment and data of multimedia contents are done high-capacity. Specially, development and practical use of education contents are generalized, and much problems are happening searching information that user wants. We have controversial point that search of contents is hard because was possible text search such as title simply when search studying contents of most E-Learning site in existing. In this paper, we compose MetaData of studying contents using Ontology that is point of semantic web. Also, by we support semantic E-learning search system to learner and use cooperation filtering techniques, did so that efficient studying contents search may be available.
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    Analyzing the Effects of Learner's Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivation Inclination on the Degree of Their Online Discussion Participation and Flow

    Kim, TaeWoong | 2011, 6(3) | pp.93~102 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of learner's intrinsic-extrinsic motivation inclination on the degree of their online discussion participation and flow. The data for this research was collected from total 60 learners. The research data is testified through independent samples t test method. The result of this study were summarized as follows: Firstly, there was a significant difference in learner's discussion participation degree according to the inclination of learner's intrinsic-extrinsic motivation on the online discussion. That is, the extrinsic motivation inclination group was more effective than the intrinsic motivation inclination group in learner's discussion participation degree. Secondly, there was a significant difference in learner's discussion flow degree according to the inclination of learner's intrinsic-extrinsic motivation on the online discussion. That is, the intrinsic motivation inclination group was more effective than the extrinsic motivation inclination group in learner's discussion flow degree. Based on these research results, it was suggested learner's intrinsic-extrinsic motivation inclination should be utilized in order to improve the discussion participation and flow on the online discussion.
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    Gender differences in online and face-to-face undergraduate education courses

    다니엘 크레이그 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.103~118 | number of Cited : 0
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    Faceless interactions in online discussion forums were thought by many to be a democratizer of gendered discourse, places where students could meet as equals. This was largely an assumption without the support of much empirical evidence. This study attempts to fill this gap through an analysis of gendered discourse in face-to-face and online classrooms. Forty-eight undergraduate pre-service teacher education students in online and face-to-face classes at a large mid-western American university participated in this study. A single teaching methods course offered one class face-to-face and an identical class online. A mixed-methods approach was utilized in this study for the analysis of course documentation, discussions, and interviews. Findings from discussions and interviews indicate that male students do seem to participate more and display more dominating behaviors in face-to-face classes than do females. However, female students participated more in the online course. While directions for future research are suggested, text-based computer-mediated communication does seem to democratize participation in discussion-based courses.
  • 13.

    The Improvement of Higher-order Thinking based on Project ICT-used

    백미선 , Sung Kyung | 2011, 6(3) | pp.119~127 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In chaos society, moral education is getting important. Even though it is true, moral education is getting to be ignored because it is not visible. In elementary Ethics class, using ICT is more effective for students to make them interested in and participated in it than the teacher-directed class and they can make a right decision on their own. The project based learning of using ICT has meaningful for students, teachers, achievement for goal, the skills of ICT. Moreover, it can be also useful to develop students' higher-order thinking through the process of figuring out the given problem.
  • 14.

    Analysis and implementation of Digital Signature Algorithm using Hash function

    유희경 , Sung Kyung | 2011, 6(3) | pp.129~142 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The A_SHAI hash function I propose in this paper is used to verify the integrity of messages. This hash function, unlike the existing SHAI hash function, enables us to tighten further security against possible reverse attacks by calculating a hash value to which we adds a backward storage, a circular shift operation and ax XOR operation prior to the message digital sign. The A_RSA signature algorithm is used for message certification, authentication, and non-repudiation, which is also intended to tighten further security by adding a circular shift operation and an XOR operation to the final digital signature of the established RSA signature algorithm. RSA encryption algorithm is used to secure confidentiality in encrypted form for a protective transmission of the orginal message necessary for digital signature and verification.
  • 15.

    Access Control Policy for Flexible XML Management

    조선문 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.143~149 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    XML as a simplified dialect of SGML overcomes the limitations of HTML with a fixed set of tags and thereby allows its users to define their own document structures. The existing access control requires DOM trees to be loaded on memory in the process of parsing XML documents to generate the trees. This provides data only corresponding to its users' authority levels by authorizing them to access only the specific items of XML documents when they're searching XML documents. In order to do this, the XML eliminates certain parts of documents which are inaccessible and transmits parts accessible depending on its users' authority levels. In this paper we propose an efficient access control policy.
  • 16.

    Relationship of Product Innovation Cooperation and Innovation Effect and Innovation performance

    이원섭 , 변다니엘 | 2011, 6(3) | pp.151~159 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Since the change of organizational environment like rapid advances in technology, shorter product lifecycle, global competitive environment, agile and diverse capability become necessary to today's businesses. In order to respond against Such organizational environment with high uncertainty, attention of open innovation is increased in present time. So, in this study, we try to identify empirically the impact on the performance influencing by innovation cooperation activity with external stakeholder. For this purpose, we examine the relationship of innovation-cooperation activity, innovation effect and innovation performance using path analysis. In result, we confirm that innovation-cooperation activity with diverse external stakeholder influence positively to the innovation effect and innovation effect also influence positively to the innovation performance.
  • 17.

    Constant Time RMESH Algorithm for Finding All-pairs Suffix-prefix Matching of Strings

    Jinwoon Woo | 2011, 6(3) | pp.161~170 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Since string operations were applied to computational biology area, various data structures and algorithms for computing efficient string operations have been studied. The all-pairs suffix-prefix matching is to find the longest suffix and prefix among given strings. The matching algorithm is importantly used for fast approximation algorithm to find the shortest superstring, as well as for bio-informatics and data compressions. In this paper, we present an algorithm to find all-pairs suffix-prefix matchings of the given strings using three-dimensional processors on RMESH(Reconfigurable MESH). The algorithm has time complexity.