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2012, Vol.7, No.2

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    Program Restructuring for Promotion Parallelism of the Uniform & Non-uniform Loop

    송월봉 | 2012, 7(2) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 1
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    The general methods for the extracting parallelism in order to parallel processing effectively are unimodular transformation which restructure a nested loop and non-unimodular transformation for using effectively hierarchy memory device. This paper compare and analyze this two algorithm. And also propose mixed method in order to raising the parallelism. From now on, this result will be applied to the bench mark program like a perfect benchmark program and introduced in the real problem and I plan to propose a general parallel compiler.
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    Design of Paragraph-based Multiagent Metasearch Engine

    NamOh Kang , SAJOON PARK , HWANG SU CHEOL | 2012, 7(2) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 0
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    As the number of documents published on the Internet increases, users are gradually difficult to retrieve information accurately and efficiently. In general, users visit web pages by using the result list generated from a search engine and search each web page of the browsed list to discover information. And these processes are necessary for an additional time and work. In addition, for improving the retrieved result, increasing the number of search engines used in the retrieval process produces many different result lists, and it makes much more difficult for users to search information based on an integrated searching list. For solving these problems, we introduce using the multiagent and the localized information in the result documents. In this paper, we propose a Paragraph-based Multiagent metasearch engine which produces local-centric result list based on the calculated paragraph-unit similarity in web documents, which is browsed by numerous search engines for a user query.
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    Analysis of the Characteristics of Multi-path Receiving Waves in the Urban Area Environment

    Jae-Yeon Choi | 2012, 7(2) | pp.17~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, I present a way to predict the propagative environment in the communications satellite by the ray tracing technique and propose a new advanced channel modeling method. In order to predict the propagational characteristics in the urban area, we (or I) make the model of buildings and configurations of the ground with squares consisting complete conductors. When a receiver is adjacent to these structure, I calculate electric field strength received by considering the multipath from the satellite to the receiver. The reflected, the diffracted and the surface diffracted waves for calculation of received electric field are obtained by UTD (Uniform Theory of Diffraction). I propose the method to understand wave propagational properties in the urban area by analyzing the results of the computation.
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    Node Join Management of Efficient Multicast Grouping in Mobile Environment

    Choi Sung Uk | 2012, 7(2) | pp.27~38 | number of Cited : 0
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    For the IP multicast service, there are some methods researched. The PIM-SM(Protocol Independence Multicast-Sparse Mode), which has a good extensibility and is based on a shared tree scheme using RPT(Randevous Pointer-Tree), When the specified Available Bandwidth is not satisfied by increase the message throughput as Multicast groups and network operations with time. This paper presents a new method called AMGM(Adaptative-Multicast-Grouping-Management) to support multicast grouping for reduce network resources. By merging neighboring multicast groups to reduce the number of multicast group. Through performance analysis and comparison with standard method(PIM-SM/PMIPV6), we certify that this method is pertinent.
  • 5.

    Development of a DEVS-based Location information sharing system

    Choi Yo Han , Hee-Suk Seo | 2012, 7(2) | pp.39~47 | number of Cited : 0
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    Current users of smart phones is growing rapidly Various studies are underway using a smart phones. The different existing cell phones and smart phones Studies using the various features of smart phones in progress. In this paper included in the smart phones the GPS module Location information sharing system and method that can be studied. By recording the user's location information as a way to express the path of the research and OpenAPI Utilizing has been designed and implemented. Implemented through a system where information sharing is possible to between users.
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    An Effective Security Monitoring Scheme Based on Correlation Analysis of Multiple Security Events

    이행곤 , 최상수 , Jungsuk Song and 1 other persons | 2012, 7(2) | pp.49~58 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In order to cope with recent cyber attacks more effectively, it is needed to focus on only the significant security events from a large number of the original security events triggered by the security products such as IDS, TMS, etc. In this paper, we propose an effective security monitoring scheme which is able to collect and classify the security events provided by diverse types of the security products that are already deployed on the backbone network. In addition, the proposed scheme can contribute to the reduction of the security events that the security operators have to inspect. We expect that the proposed scheme can be used for reference model of the security centers to carry out incident response.
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    Arrival Point State Dependency of Queueing Systems Consisted of Inhomogeneous Servers

    김준우 | 2012, 7(2) | pp.59~66 | number of Cited : 0
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    Queueing theory is widely applied to obtain the performance measures such as average waiting time and average queue length of various service systems. M/M/c model, so called Erlang-C, and its variants are widely used for this purpose, and such simple queueing models assume that the servers are stochastically identical, however, the service rates of the servers in practical service systems can be different from each other according to their skills or job preferences. This paper considers a Markov queueing system where stochastically identical customers are handled by inhomogeneous 2 servers, and analyzes the characteristics of the arrival-point-state dependency occurred in such systems. Next, this paper proposes a simple method for computing the performance measures of the inhomogeneous 2-server queueing system, and numerical tests reveal that a server with relatively high service rate can significantly enhance the performance measures of the system even if the other one has lower service rate.
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    Comparison and Analysis of Multi User PC Solution Techniques

    정성재 , 오선우 , Yoo Hee Kyung and 1 other persons | 2012, 7(2) | pp.67~75 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    As you improve the performance of personal computer became idle resources, usually if you use word processing or an internet resource utilization of 15% less are showing. These idle resources on the server using server virtualization technology in the field of resource efficiency, ease of management, including space-saving advantages, and actively used, and Desktop by using Desktop Virtualization technologies can be utilized. However, Desktop Virtualization is costly initial deployment, installation and operation very difficult. In particular, the source is available that does not suck even more difficult in the Windows operating system is based. Emerged as ways to solve this problems is multi-user computer. Multi-user computers to a single PC simultaneously and independently by several people say that you can use the system. In this paper, To find out more about the types of multi-user computer, multi-user to identify problems with your computer. In addition, multi-user computer, a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of the Type and the Windows OS-specific features that are currently used are also analyzed.
  • 9.

    A Research on Subdivision Techniques of 3D Multi-resolution Model

    Soo Kyun Kim , Sung Kyung | 2012, 7(2) | pp.77~83 | number of Cited : 0
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    Subdivision schemes used in computer games have become very popular through the size of the rapidly growing online games market. Subdivision technique from basic model in accordance with the mathematical rules is a way to express the original shape. The basic model by applying the subdivision rules will create a more complex model with smooth. Thus memory-efficient and realistic representation of the shape of the subdivision model over the internet transmission technology has been studied. In this paper, we provide prototype to progressive transfer progressive 3D model over internet using subdivision technique.
  • 10.

    A Design Method of Game Monster Battle using AI for Genetics

    하준 , Jae-Woong Kim | 2012, 7(2) | pp.85~91 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In the game industry games have taken up a big position as a current entertainment content. On the ground of the fact the game industry has recorded more than double digit growth rate every year. By game users increasing, Many new games are being developed. Up to now AI interest level in the game industry is low relatively owing to the restrictions of the existing, hardware resources, but in recent game developers, producers and managers think the game AI of as an important factor. This study provides a Game AI Design Method, In existing MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online RPG), a game monster uses a Hate Level Method. When it chooses an attack object . But in AI Design Method, game users are able to choose an attack object effectively with basic information of the object using algorithm and artificial nerve system as an attack object choice method, which are changed and responded through the user's action patterns.
  • 11.

    Analysis of Game NPC Behavior Routine and Improvement of Interesting using Genetic Algorithm

    하준 , Jae-Woong Kim | 2012, 7(2) | pp.93~99 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In games game player are not always interested in giving non-player characters human-level intellect. Game producers write codes to control nonhuman creatures such as dragons, robots, or even rodents. Game AI still needs more study to solve fairly complex problems. However, if NPC is used for attempt to have different personalities and unusual appearances with emotions, fear, and disposition, the effect of entertainment and variety of the game content is expected to be much stronger. Up to now AI interest level in the game industry is low relatively owing to the restrictions of the existing , hardware resources , but in recent game developers , producers and managers think the game AI of as an important factor. This study analyses the behavioral course of NPC applied genetic AI Method to maintain the user's interest and provides the way how to enhance the user's interest. It is shown that Designed and realized game NPC behavioral course is used properly in the game map.
  • 12.

    Global Cyber Threat Trend Analysis Based on Statistics of Information Security Events

    이윤수 , 김미경 | 2012, 7(2) | pp.101~111 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Accurately analyzed data about cyber threat situation are required to research and develop of effective incident response technique and information security system, because hacking attacks are becoming more intelligent and diverse. In this paper, we analyzed global cyber threat trend by using large amounts of information security events which are collected by actual cyber security center. Analyzed results are useful to researchers, developer and security officer who develop and enhance the incident response technique or establish a security policy as a basic dataset.
  • 13.

    Cyber Threat Trend Analysis Dedicated to Science and Technology Field Based on Incident Response Dataset

    김미경 , Younsu Lee | 2012, 7(2) | pp.113~123 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Accurately analyzed data about cyber threat situation is required to research and develop of incident response technique and information security system actively, because hacking techniques are becoming more intelligent and diverse. In this paper, we analyzed cyber threat trend dedicated to S&T filed by using large amounts of actual incident response dataset collected by S&T-SEC. Analyzed results are useful to researchers and security officer who develop and enhance the incident response technique or establish a security policy as a basic dataset.
  • 14.

    Analysis of Foreigners’ Bond Investment Behavioral Changes Influenced by European Financial Crisis - Focusing on Variations of Different Maturity Bonds Net Investments -

    김경석 , 박종연 , 노승재 | 2012, 7(2) | pp.125~134 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This research proved that when the credit conditions of financial institutions are worsening because of European financial crisis, the foreigners’ investments of bonds are reduced. After year 2009, when the European financial crisis is wide spread, the Euribo – OIS spread, which shows the credit crunch level of European financial institutions, has shown a strong negative relationship with foreigners’ total net investment. Especially, the foreigners’ net investments in 2-5 year maturity bonds have shown very close relationship with European financial crisis. The precedent research proved that foreigners’ bonds investment has shown different decision factors on each different term bonds. The analysis period (January 2009 – December 2011) of this research has proven different result compare to the precedent research of foreigners’ decision factors on different maturity bonds. This result implies that foreigners’ net investment decisions on different maturity bonds varied depending upon the market conditions. Based on these findings, the financial authorities should classify different phases depending upon European financial crisis and be prepared for foreigners’ drastic capital withdrawals because of deepening on credit strains of financial institutions. In addition, the financial authorities should continue strive to improve the foreign reserve soundness. And they should practice the aggressive smoothing operations in order to reduce the foreign exchange fluctuations to stop foreigners’ drastic capital withdrawals if the global credit strains recur.
  • 15.

    Development, Problems, and Policies of Cultural Industry in China

    Sang-Wook Kim | 2012, 7(2) | pp.135~144 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The cultural industry has grown rapidly after 2000 in China, has been became the important factor in nation economy. The cultural industry passed the early stage from 1993 to 2001, entered the overall development stage from 2002 to 2010, and placed in the strategic development stage after 2011. Although the cultural industry has grown rapidly, but there are some structural problems. The cultural demand and the cultural supply unbalanced, the lower value added cultural industry has higher proportion, the scale economies of cultural industry are small, the leading talent person are scare, there exist the contradictional relation between the market and the government. For the purpose of the improvement, the 12·5 planning suggests some policies, the corporation of SOEs, the merge of culture and finance, the higher value added of cultural goods, the development of the export-oriented cultural corporation, the inflow of the foreign investment corporation, the establishment of law and institutional base. But the cultural policy also has some problems. The cultural industry development policy seriously considers the supply side, and overestimates the role of government, there are not exist the education planning of the talent person.
  • 16.

    A Study on Improving Turnover Intention: - Focusing on Based Dental Clinics -

    김용태 , 서재희 | 2012, 7(2) | pp.145~161 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the types of organizational culture and their relations with job satisfaction are investigated to suggest strategic plans that may reduce turnover issues in dental clinics by surveying 272 employees at dental clinics located in the Seoul metropolitan area. Specifically, the differences in the types of organizational culture, job satisfaction, and turnover intention based on socio-demographic attributes of those employees are first investigated. The effect of organizational culture and job satisfaction on turnover intention is also confirmed, and the effect of organizational culture on turnover intention with job satisfaction as a mediator is examined. In order to achieve the research objectives, previous studies on organizational culture, job satisfaction, and turnover intention were extensively reviewed, and causal relations were investigated through quantitative data obtained from survey. As a result, rational culture improved job satisfaction and reduced turnover intention. In order to establish rational culture that focuses on work efficiency and productivity of dental clinics, unconstrained communication among employees and developmental culture must first be established.
  • 17.

    A Study on Excellent Patent Selection Method using Decision Tree Learning Algorithm

    이수영 , Moon, Jongsub | 2012, 7(2) | pp.163~174 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Changes in intellectual property society, knowledge of the conversion cycle is short. Apply the product development and commercialization of research in the field of information technology, the timing is very important. Thus, changes in technology to quickly detect and identify the key technical efforts in order to more qualitative analysis, it is becoming necessary. In this paper, Excellent technique patents, how to selectively focused on data mining techniques are presented. If analysis of the elements of a patent document it is a mixture of quantitative and nominal scale. Given this, Evaluation factors for the evaluation of patent documents, filed identifying characteristics, data normalization, and a critical evaluation of feature extraction process to extract elements and appropriate input parameters were selected. And utilizing the results of expert evaluation of decision tree learning algorithm has built a predictive model of teacher learning. As a result, the results of the verification test data showed a 70.8 percent through a decision tree analysis, patent experts how to excellent screening and see if you can. Through this interest in technology the excellent patent can be analyzed objectively and quickly.