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2012, Vol.7, No.3

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    A Study on Case Analysis and Construction Situation of KBS Internet Broadcasting

    Jaehyeon An | Se-Yul Lee | 2012, 7(3) | pp.1~6 | number of Cited : 0
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    3 terrestrial Broadcasting's internet service began in mid 1990. SBS has established in 1999 an internet subsidiary. Other broadcasters began also to establish subsidiary company. Broadcasters were seeking to establish their own business areas by awareness of parent company and by taking advantage of content. But the immediate challenge was to secure revenue model. In this study want to analyze growth process of KBS Internet broadcasting. The future development of the Internet to broadcast what the necessary conditions to evaluate projected. With this study, late broadcaster's Internet business strategy is expected to be present.
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    The Effect of 12 week Exercise Training on Weight Loss and Body Fat Distribution in Women

    Yoon Hyun Jung | 2012, 7(3) | pp.7~14 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between body fat distribution and weight loss in obese women. In this study, we evaluated changes in body fat distribution as defined by several anthropometric criteria during a 12 week weight reduction program in 21 obese women(menan age 32.86±6.56 years). The Measurements increased body weight, circumferences of chest, abdomen, waist, forearm, upper arm, hip, thigh, and carf, and skinfolds of chest, suprailiac, treceps, subscapular, abdomen, thigh, and minaxillary. The standardized regimen included a mixed diet of 1200kcal/day and three of weeks exercise program of 90min duration. The mean weight loss was 9.96±10.34kg, decreasing % Body Fat(4site) from 43.39±2.45 to 38.61±3.02%(P<.01). The results were described at the conclusion.
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    A Study on the Effect of the BSC Perspectives on School Organizations Effectiveness

    Yoengtaak Lee | JOO,CHUL-AN | 2012, 7(3) | pp.15~24 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to develop Balances Scorecard(BSC) model of school organizations. Performance measurement tools of BSC have been brought over from the business world, designed and created from the perspectives of profit-based businesses. The BSC is a strategic performance measurement and management tool designed for the private sector acting as a communication/information and learning system. It prescribes a plan for translating ‘vision’ and ‘strategy’ into concrete action across four perspectives(measures) at different stages, depending on the business. These perspectives are ‘financial’, ‘customer’, ‘internal processes’ and ‘learning and growth’, each of which is connected by cause-and-effect relationships that reflect the organization's strategy. The literature search had identified the BSC of school organizations. BSC of school organizations are composed of financial perspective, customer(students & stakeholder), school internal activities, learning and growth of teachers. Empirical result is that school internal activities and financial perspective have direct influence on school organizations effectiveness. And school internal activities have direct influence on customer(students & stakeholder) and learning and growth of teachers.
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    Contents Analysis of Press's Framing on Wine Consumption Culture

    Jo Woonghyeon | 김기재 | Hong Jaewon | 2012, 7(3) | pp.25~42 | number of Cited : 0
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    This research is a kind of press framing research of wine that is shifted during 2000s. We summarized the characteristics of wine consumption culture in Korea. And, we analyzed how the framing has influenced on market roughly. Related this research question, we analyzed 573 wine news and described how the wine consumption culture has evolved. As result, the culture seems something symbolic fashion with ‘Tricle-down’ pattern. And the evolution of wine culture, emphasis on ‘healthy/well-being’ and image appropriation by celebrities, is repeated in makkoli(rice wine) and is a prototype of liquors’ fashion in Korea.
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    Easy-to-Use Health-Care System using PPG

    Kanghee Lee | 2012, 7(3) | pp.43~48 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper presents an easy-to-use health-care system which recommends the information helpful for recuperation and checks the patient's health at any time and everywhere by measuring the heart rate with PPG(Photho-plethysmography) module. The system consists of a PPG module which checks heart rate, a server, and web & app clients. The information collected by the PPG module is sent to the server, and it can be found at the web or app clients. The server receives the information about heart rate by the PPG module, stores data on it, and raise points at issue which users might have by analyzing regularities of heart rate. It also provides the information which can solve the points or are helpful for remedies, and recommends some products which users can buy them at shopping sites or apps.
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    A Study on Intelligent Mobile Malware Infection Paths

    Choi Yo Han | Hee-Suk Seo | 백의칠 and 1other persons | 2012, 7(3) | pp.49~58 | number of Cited : 0
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    Interest in smart phones is increasing. Using the expanding user base, a variety of smart phones is underway in many areas of research. Now, the smartphone is very closely connected with our everyday lives. Because an increase in smart phone users, malicious code has increased The purpose of the malicious code to steal the personal information. In the past, was the most simple types of malicious code. The other hand, recently a variety of ways, such as APT has emerged of malicious code. The malicious code in order to detect and respond Should be followed for the study to Smartphone is infected by any route. In this paper, we look for malicious code found so far, Grafted with a variety of ways, such as APT and mobile malicious code infection scenarios are recognized. That may occur in the future intelligent mobile malware infection paths will be discussed.
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    A Study for Customer Switching Intentions to Internet Telephony by Using Data Mining Mechanism

    Sung Ho Ha | 권은경 | Hyunsun Park and 1other persons | 2012, 7(3) | pp.59~77 | number of Cited : 0
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    Internet telephony market is growing continuously and is being emphasized as a substitution for PSTN market. Telecommunication companies and Vendors make an effort to get into internet telephony market, which is regarded as a blue ocean to boost the telecommunication market in a long-term stagnation. In this regard, we need to understand traditional telephone customer churn and transition intention to internet telephony. To fulfill this purpose, this study builds a customer churn analysis model based on a method of data mining. This study conduct clustering(TwoStep, K-means) and uses c5.0, neural nets, and support vector machine to develop prediction models. The results of this study will provide useful insights to manage customer churn and retention.
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    A Hybrid Predictor using Stride Value Predictor Speculative Updates per Issue on Wide-Issue Processors

    Byoung-Chan Jeon | 이영규 | 2012, 7(3) | pp.79~89 | number of Cited : 0
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    In a Superscalar Processor, it is essential to overcome the control dependency and data dependency between instructions by using the instruction level parallelism (ILP). The recent value predictors have a tendency to degrade performance according to the growth of the processor's instruction issue rate. This paper proposes a hybrid predictor that is instruction issue updating speculatively the value of the table without having to wait until the results of the instruction come out to reduce the performance degradation. To verify the validity of the proposed approach, we implement the predictor in SimpleScalar simulator and simulate it with SPECint95 benchmark. We also evaluate the prediction rate, the prediction accuracy, and the performace improvement using the instruction issue (4, 8, 16).
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    Structural Relationships among ICT Device Addiction, ADHD Symptom, Ego-resilience, and Academic Achievement of Elementary School Students

    Choi, Jinoh | 2012, 7(3) | pp.91~102 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study analyzed structural relationships among ICT device addiction, ADHD symptom, ego-resilience and how those relationships influenced academic achievement of 1,050 elementary students. Results indicated that ICT device addiction had direct positive effects on ADHD symptom which had direct negative effects on ego-resilience. ICT device addiction indirectly and negatively influenced ego resilience. While ADHD symptom and ego-resilience had negative and positive direct effects on academic achievement, ICT device addiction showed indirect effects on academic achievement. Gender difference was found in this structural relationships.
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    The Study of Open Source C++ Unit Testing Frameworks

    황로만 | SYUNGOG AN | Park Dong-Won | 2012, 7(3) | pp.103~109 | number of Cited : 0
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    Unit testing is proved to be vital for a successful software development process. Modern languages, such as Python, Java and C#, have a great support and tools for unit testing. But when it comes to C++, there are a big number of C++ frameworks available [List], and it becomes hard to make a choice of unit testing framework to use. This paper presents a survey of open source C++ unit testing frameworks. Mock object testing framework are recommended to use Google Test and Google Mock. Developers that need to create their own testing framework can use CppUnitLite as a basis.