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2012, Vol.7, No.6

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    Interpersonal Processes in e-commerce organizations

    Kim, Kwang-hyun | 2012, 7(6) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    The way people behave in terms, the way they communicate and make decisions, the way managers lead, and the way conflict and stress are handled all contribute to the cultural and ultimate effectiveness of the organization. Technologies have changed the way organizations communicate, as well as the way decisions are made. It has also helped combat stress, for instance, by offering employees the option of telecommuting. This research studied on core value in e-commerce organizations. these are team, communication, decision making, leadership, and stress. Not that it's illegal, but it's just so gray and borderline.
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    The Effects of Perceived Interactivity and Risk on the User Satisfaction and Continuance Use Intention in SNS

    Myunghwan Chun , Jung, Chul Ho | 2012, 7(6) | pp.9~19 | number of Cited : 19
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    The Primary Purpose of this study is to identify the determinants of the users' satisfaction and continuance use intention in SNS. This study has identified three dimensions in the concept of perceived interactivity, such as user control, two-way communication, and responsiveness, and four dimensions in the concept of perceived risk, such as privacy risk, social risk, psychological risk, and time loss risk. A total 355 usable survey responses of SNS users have been employed in the analysis. The major findings from the data analyses are as follows. Firstly, perceived interactivity had a positive influence upon perceived usefulness, perceived playfulness, and satisfaction. Secondly, perceived risk had a significant influence upon perceived playfulness, however, perceived risk had not a significant influence upon perceived usefulness and satisfaction. Thirdly, perceived usefulness and playfulness had a positive influence upon satisfaction. Lastly, perceived usefulness, satisfaction, and perceived playfulness had a positive relationship to continuance use intention. Based on these results, managerial and theoretical implications are discussed, and further research issues are suggested.
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    An Empirical Study on the Educational Effects of Doctors for Performance Ability Improvement of Electronic Medical Records

    이성란 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.21~27 | number of Cited : 0
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    The study conducted an empirical study on the educational effects of doctors for performance ability improvement of electronic medical records. The records of 214 patients among a total of 4,667 patients, who had been discharged during a month from two general hospitals in metropolitan area from May 7 to August 10 2012, were reviewed to examine incomplete recording rate in electronic medical records. On the other hand, based on the examination result, six clinical departments, which revealed the highest incomplete medical recording rates, were selected from two hospitals. Then researchers were performed during one month for education of 82 residents for performance ability improvement in electronic medical record. The results of this study were as follows; First, incomplete recording rates were significantly decreased in A hospital(45.27±16.82) and B hospital(31.94±16.25), respectively after 10 days of education(p<.05). Second, non-surgical department of A hospital was higher education effect than surgical department until 45 days, but it sharply dropped education effect than surgical department by 14% after 60 days of education. Therefore, in order to maintain persistent education effect, it is very important to determine the adequate education period and develop various education programs in clinical departments circumstance.
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    Social Return on Investment(SROI) and Case Study; as a Tool of Performance Evaluation for Social Enterprise

    Cho,Young-Bohk | 2012, 7(6) | pp.29~45 | number of Cited : 17
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    Recently, the concern for the social return on investment (SROI) which measure the social value of social enterprise and its case study is rapidly increased and accumulated at home and abroad. These examples of SROI shows that the social value of social enterprise is larger than the cost of investment. In the future, the value of social enterprises is needed to be measured as blended value which mix the social and economic value. And international cooperation, national infrastructure and DB for the index of social values ​​is needed. And the participation of various stakeholders, the development of complementary value measurement techniques, and longitudinal measurement is also needed. Through this process we will prove the value of social enterprise and raise the awareness of social enterprise in our civil society.
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    The Effects of Appointment or Dismissal of Outside Directors on Corporate Governance and Stock Price

    노승재 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.47~62 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study examines the effects of corporate governance on Korean firm values. In particular, with regard to the quality of corporate governance structure, I look into the stock price impacts of the appointment or dismissal of outside directors. I used event study and t-test methods were used for the empirical tests on the effects of the announcement effects of the appointment and dismissal of outside directors. As for the announcement effect of the appointment or dismissal of outside directors, I found that the stock price reaction depended on the quality of corporate governance structure, and further that the dismissal of outside directors, especially for firms with inferior corporate governance structure has a negative impact on stock prices, possibly due to the information asymmetry problem.
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    A Study of the Knowledge Sharing Effects on the Project Organization Characteristic, Relational Characteristic, Management Environment Characteristic, and Project Outcome - Focus on the Korean Construction Firms -

    이원희 , Joo,Weon-Sig | 2012, 7(6) | pp.63~70 | number of Cited : 1
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    Today’s society is knowledge society based on knowledge that influences competitiveness of a company. In particular, domestic construction companies of Korea are having many difficulties with unstable factors at home and abroad. They use knowledge transfer, sharing as one of the methods to solve these problems. The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of knowledge sharing and use on internal factors and project outcomes using structural equation model. This study is to investigate, through causal relationship (SEM), how the Knowledge of Construction firms affect the Project organization characteristic, Relational characteristic, Management environment characteristic, Project out come of the Korean construction firms. The findings are that the knowledge sharing of construction firms appears to have a positive effect on the Project organization characteristic, Relational characteristic, Management environment characteristic. Relational characteristic and Management environment characteristic have a positive effect on the Project outcome.
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    A Study on the Way Utilizing SNS in Companies and Public sectors

    Kang Jun Gyu , Hong Han Kuk , 최봉 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.71~79 | number of Cited : 1
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    In these days, SNS(Social Network Services) have been one of the biggest issues and leaded lots of changes in our society. The changing way of communication and participation is bring about the movement of power in many areas. The consumers have had a bigger power than before so the firms need to listen to consumers’ requirements. In politics, politicians have more tried to meet the voters’ needs than before because voters could more easily act collectively through the new IT devices. The purpose of this study is to suggest utilization methods of SNS due to the changes in our societ, case study with the case frame we developed, and several strategies for efficient management of social network services. In order to reach the purpose, we review papers and reports related to SNS and search its success cases in companies and public sectors.
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    Estimation Problems of the Local Government Debts Scale in China

    장내사 , Sangwook Kim | 2012, 7(6) | pp.81~88 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper analyse the estimation problems of the local government debts in China. As the China economic development, the concerns of the local government debt are increased. In particular, after 2008, because the scale of local government debt are increased, so the financial crisis also appeared. This paper classified the China government debts to four types, direct debt, contingent liability, visible debt, invisible debt. In the base of this classification, we summarized the China local government debts to six types. The banking loans of the urban construction investment company has biggest proportion. In local government debts, the banking loans occupied 80 percentages. As this structure characteristic, regards the local government debt problem as the financial problem. This paper summarized the four problems of local government debt estimation. First is the administration system problem. China has the four level administration system, central government, provincial government, urban government, and county government. The local government has three level. Second is the main body of the local government debt. Third is the relation bank between urban construction investment company. Fourth is the invisible debt problem.
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    A Study on the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Cloud Computing Service

    서재희 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.89~104 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purposes of this study are to find out the factors affecting to the behavioral intention of using mobile cloud computing services and to examine the difference in the usage of mobile cloud computing services between smartphone users and tablet or netbook users. The research model was generated based on UTAUT(Unified Theory of Acceptance and Usage of Technology). In verifying the hypothesis, 304 data from a survey were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling(SEM). The collected data were analyzed by AMOS 18. The results of the data analysis, most of the hypothesis used in the research model was adopted. Research findings show that most factors of UTAUT are related to intention to use of mobile cloud computing. The result indicated that performance expectancy, effect expectancy and social influences have positive influences on the intention to use of mobile cloud computing services and facilitating conditions and intention to use have positive influences on the usages of services.
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    Analysis of Barriers to Managing an Amateur Baseball Club

    Yoon Hyun Jung , Oh Hyun Taek | 2012, 7(6) | pp.105~116 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the promoting plan and the improving direction for qualitative growth of amateur baseball club through collecting the field work data about barriers to managing club from qualitative method and comparison with previous studies. Three general managers of amateur baseball club were selected for collecting data by interview and the collected data was analyzed by inductive analysis. The main results as follows: First, the present operating status of organizations for amateur baseball club were irrational and their communication with baseball club members was closed. Second, new construction of baseball park and building infrastructure was the top priority for promoting of amateur baseball club. Third, instructors, programs and public relations for amateur baseball club were not reflected the special quality of amateur baseball club as a event of sport for all.
  • 11.

    Sobel Mask Operations Using Shared Memory in CUDA Environment

    조지훈 , LEE SANG GU | 2012, 7(6) | pp.117~123 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we implement Sobel mask operations using shared memory in CUDA environment. In the conventional method for mask operations using shared memory, there are some drawbacks of performance degradation as increasing the accesses on the global memory for image replications. Therefore, in this paper, we perform the replications operations on the global memory firtly and copy those blocks to the shared memory, and finally process Sobel mask oparations. The proposed algorithm minimizes the number of accessing to the global memory, so we get the higher speed-up factor about 30% as compared as the conventional algorithms.
  • 12.

    Design of Multi-Purpose Guide Light for Light Pollution Protection

    이팔진 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.125~134 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The use of artificial electric lighting is a useful media that it provided light environments to adapt to space and function, to facilitate the human life. However, the increase in the use of exterior lighting during nighttime has produced undesirable side effects known as "light pollution". In addition to this, artificial night lighting can be adverse effects on wildlife as well as humans. In this paper, the multi-purpose guide lighting system is designed to reduce the light pollution and electric energy. It include the optic lens to protect the light diffusion and to illuminate the source light into target area. And also, the energy is saved by the low power LED source. Finally, the use of the multi-purpose guide lighting is verified through a testing and simulation.
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    A Study about an Intelligent Character Game Based on Behavior Pattern of User by Using Genetic Algorithm

    이면섭 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.135~143 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper applied Genetic Algorithm to intelligent character in the rock-paper-scissors game. The intelligent character was made to counteract when an opposite character took particular pattern in their behavior. Also, this character was considered past behavior to counteract to behavioral pattern of the opposite character. To evaluate suggested method, the thesis took 2 different experiment. The first experiment did a game about intelligent character and particular pattern, and the second experiment did a game between intelligent character and human. This thesis evaluated the result of two experience. By changing the game's pattern in the middle of the game, this investigated how these characters adapt to the changed settings. Consequently, this thesis gained good result of the two patterns, and confirmed that the characters adjusted well even to the changed surroundings. Intelligent character could win by predicting the next number when pattern or same number is given consecutively in a game with human.
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    The Effects of Academic Self-Efficacy on the Degree of Concentration and Satisfaction in the Online Discussion

    Kim, TaeWoong | 2012, 7(6) | pp.145~155 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to find the effect of academic self-efficacy on the degree of concentration and satisfaction in the online discussion. For this research purpose, 40 university learners participated in this study. To proceed the online discussion, 40 learners were assigned to 5 groups. After online discussion, the total of 40 learners data were utilized for the analysis. The data were analyzed using the spss 17.0 program through ‘Simple Regression method’. .The results of this study were summarized as followed : First, the academic self-efficacy affects the learner's discussion concentration degree in the online discussion(t=4.08, p<.01). Second, the academic self-efficacy affects the learner's discussion satisfaction degree in the online discussion(t=2.86, p<.01). The result of this research implicated that the effective concentration and satisfaction levels was depending on learners academic self-efficacy quality in the online discussion .Therefore, it could be suggested that an instructor consider academic self-efficacy strategy in online discussion to improve learners concentration and satisfaction levels.
  • 15.

    Study on Mobile Multi-vision System using Cloud Service

    주승환 , Choi Yo Han , Hee-suk Seo and 1 other persons | 2012, 7(6) | pp.157~164 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    When were launched various types of mobile devices, It has been popularized the use of mobile devices. So many people use mobile devices to watch videos. Mobile multimedia technology has a lot of development. But due to the nature of mobile devices, the screen must be smaller. On this study, I design and implementation of a multi-vision system for output screen of small mobile devices. Mobile multi-vision system consist of mobile application and multimedia server that manage mobile devices and provide video-media. It uses the Bluetooth short-range radio communication between mobile devices and Wi-Fi for communications with the server. Mobile multi-vision system provide services that output more greater screen using many mobile displays. This study could be used as the cornerstone of a mobile multimedia service research.
  • 16.

    Modification of Similarity Measure Between Interval-valued Fuzzy Numbers Using Modified Similarity Measure of Generalized Fuzzy Numbers

    DongEun Lee , Se-Yul Lee , Cho, Sang Yeop | 2012, 7(6) | pp.165~171 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we present a new method for handling similarity measure between interval-valued fuzzy numbers, which is based on the similarity measure of generalized fuzzy numbers that was proposed by Jiang, W.. This method combines the concepts of the center of gravity, the area, the perimeter and the height of generalized fuzzy numbers to gain the similarity measure between generalized fuzzy numbers. The Jiang’s way can overcome the drawbacks of the other approaches to gain similarity measure of generalized fuzzy numbers such as can-not-find similarity measure, incorrect similarity measure, different similarity measure rather intuition, same similarity measure among different fuzzy numbers. We also provide the proof of some properties for the similarity measure between interval-valued fuzzy numbers.
  • 17.

    A Schema Design for Supporting The Cyber Security Control of SCADA

    정현미 , 한경수 , LEE GANG SOO | 2012, 7(6) | pp.173~179 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    As to SCADA system, there is the differentiation with the other information system. Therefore, the modeling activity is needed based on the security control guide in order to build control and instrumentation system security control. In this paper, and the role and by the security control designed the relationship (that is, the relation schema) between the document for ‘The system for supporting the cyber security control of SCADA system design’ based on the security control guide. The designed schema plans ‘The system for supporting the cyber security control of SCADA system’ for observing the security control guide, and is used as the database and content that it supports the design and implementation.
  • 18.

    Vulnerability Analysis and Improvement of a Remote User Authentication Scheme by Legitimate Members (Oriented Chien & Bindu et al.’s protocol)

    Kwang Cheul Shin | 2012, 7(6) | pp.181~192 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The password and nonce based method of certification has been studied for a long time in the field of remote user authentication and the study for guaranteeing user's anonymity has recently been under way. In 2004 Das et al.’s carried out the study for guaranteeing anonymity using dynamic ID and in 2005 Chien et al.’s proposed an improved protocol. In 2008 Bindu et al.’s suggested a new protocol pointing out that the protocol proposed by Chien et al.’s was vulnerable to the attack from insider and man-in-the-middle attack. This paper points out the vulnerability of the protocol proposed by Chien and Bindu et al.’s and suggests an improved protocol producing nonce for guaranteeing the security of secret key and keeping the secret key indecipherable by using the padding. It also increase efficiency of calculation by removing exponentation operation and increase efficiency of protocol by making it possible to change user's password randomly.
  • 19.

    A Study on the Dynamic Floor Control Protocol to Overcome the Radio Shadow Area of PTT Service

    윤남식 , 박윤용 , 이경오 and 2 other persons | 2012, 7(6) | pp.193~199 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a Distributed Floor Control Protocol for the OMA(Open Mobile Alliance) PTT(Push-to-talk) mobile service. This protocol is designed for the clients in the radio shadow area by obtaining a control to be able to join the communication via PoC Router, a PoC client to relay the messages from PoC clients in radio shadow area. This protocol is based on the tree based floor control but it solves the problem of the shadow area using the dynamic tree structure for the PoC clients in radio shadow area.
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    A Layered Local Overlay Multicast for Dynamic Tree Construction

    Heung-Jun kim , HyunJu Kim , 구명모 | 2012, 7(6) | pp.201~209 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a layered overlay multicast using local multicast for reduce delay time of transmission tree that is reconstructed by join or drop on overlay multicast group. In proposed method, after all receivers join the local multicast group and exchange their information of local network with one another. All receivers decide the overlay sender in each local though exchanged information. The layered multicast group is constructed for reconstruct dynamic tree. The overlay sender transmits the packet to the overlay sender in the other layered multicast group through overlay multicast. In simulation results, while the proposed method construct dynamic tree, the proposed method uses the overlay sender to reduce delay time and quickly construct dynamic tree than known overlay multicast.
  • 21.

    The Supported AI Traceability of Improved AI PigMoS System based on Web

    HyunJu Kim , 손현주 , Ki-hwa Chung | 2012, 7(6) | pp.211~223 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Artificial Insemination(AI) technique in the hog industry became a basis of the industrial development by having been distributed to domestic hog farmers in earnest after 1994. Currently AI supply system consists of 3 steps such as suppliers who produce and manage boars, centers that produce AI from boars and its distribution, and producers who bring up hogs after obtaining excellent AI in our country. AI PigMoS system proposed by the study can manage nationwide AI centers comprehensively based on the web, and also designed and developed Bar-Code generating functionality so that the record tracing on boars, semen production and sales management etc can be possible. Therefore it is expected that effective hog improvement system would be set up because this could manage AI centers comprehensively and will be able to be utilized to integrated analysis of AI centers and record tracing of various uses as well.
  • 22.

    Flight Control of UAV using Speech Recognition of Kinect Sensor

    양진영 , Seok-Hun Kim , Gi Weon Kim | 2012, 7(6) | pp.225~233 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Today, research has been actively using the Kinect sensor. Kinect sensor provides color images and depth information that can take advantage of a variety of sectors. Kinect sensor is an essential contributor to game development. It becomes the link between humans and their computers. In this paper explains the system that controls UAV drone robots. Using Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, the drone can be controlled by a recognized human voice. This paper presents the 12 words that can control the UAV. It analyzes the result according to the recognition rate of each word. 12 words are pronounced 20 times a piece and each word's recognition result is analyzed with the reliability rate of 89%. In this specific experiment, the user’s first language, Korean, was non-applicable as Kinect does not yet recognize the language. Instead, English was used for all voice recognition commands. With a Korean recognition system, a more reliable recognition rate is expected.
  • 23.

    Development of NFC-based on Smart Campus using Smart Poster for the Disabled and Non-Disabled Students

    Young Hwan Oh | 2012, 7(6) | pp.235~244 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    There are about 410 students, is studying and living, with various types of disabilities on campus of Korea Nazarene University. NFC(Near Field Communication) as one of the RFID technology, is non-contact communication technology that is a short-range wireless communications within a short distance of 10cm. In this paper, We design and implement NFC-based on smart campus using smart poster for the disabled and non-disabled students with smart devices. And we expand the mobile campus that can be reduce the information divide for the disabled students using mobile smart phones.
  • 24.

    The Study of Bayesian Clustering of Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasitcity

    Yoo Hee Kyung , 정수정 , Sung Kyung | 2012, 7(6) | pp.245~254 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    There are many data on stocks in the stock market. They can be characterized by GARCH (,) models, specifically in this paper we assume that each stock data follows GARCH(1,1) model. This paper presents a model-based clustering method of stock data into several groups where each group has the same model and the same parameters. For the choosing the number of groups, we exploit the BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion). And the group parameters which present the characteristics of groups are estimated through Bayesian approach.