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2013, Vol.8, No.4

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    A Study on User Satisfaction of Mobile Applications based on Expectation Disconfirmation Model: Focused on Comparison between Smartphone and Tablet User Group

    서재희 | 2013, 8(4) | pp.1~15 | number of Cited : 0
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    Based on the expectation disconfirmation theory, the research model was generated to examine the effects of the expectation, perceived performance and disconfirmation on mobile applications user satisfaction and to investigate the difference between smartphone user group and tablet user group. As a result, perceived performance was found to be the most influential factor on user satisfaction in both groups. Smartphone and tablet users were significantly different in Latent means analysis of all factors. In smartphone user group, expectation was found to have positive effects on the users satisfaction. But expectation negative effected on the users satisfaction in tablet user group. A significant and positive relationship is detected between expectation and perceived performance in smartphone user group, but there is no significant relationship in tablet user group.
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    Processing Medidata on CDA for IT Convergence Medical Device

    Jeon Seung-Hwan , 한경수 , Hyun Mi Jung and 1 other persons | 2013, 8(4) | pp.17~27 | number of Cited : 0
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    Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension because of preferring westernized eating habits and senile disease because of entering aging society cause increasing national medical care expenditure. So today’s society are asked to prepare a countermeasure about burden of medical expenses and improve radical medical care. the U-healthcare, health and medical care on offer based on information technology, is medical care system without any limit of time and space. In this paper, we describes implementation of the program that deals with numerical data such as urine, blood sugar and blood pressure on CDA(Clinical Document Architecture) Document for Medical device in the form of IT convergence. User’s bio-data in CDA document can be used EMR(Electronic Medical Record) and expected prevention of disease before therapy through linkage with external medical institution, so reducing national health expenditure is possible.
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    Measure System of Concrete Hydration Heat

    Jeon Jun Tai , HWANG SU CHEOL | 2013, 8(4) | pp.29~36 | number of Cited : 1
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    Hydration heat which occurs when cement and water blend up together has a major role in safety of a concrete building. When measuring the hydration heat, a stick shaped temperature sensor connected by a line to a recorder paper is planted in the concrete to measure the heat. But this method is always difficult to measure hydration heat in poor surroundings that the work condition is as such construction field. In this research to solve this problem, Mote based on Tiny OS is used to find that if hydration heat can be measured wirelessly and if the data from this research is usable. As a result, the temperature from our method was recorded 1.2℃ higher than conventional one, but considering the water proof wrapping of temperature sensor mote, we show that tne measured data through our method can be use in construction field effectively.
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    Meaning-Flow Based Clustering for Document Retrieval in a Large Document Set

    SAJOON PARK | 2013, 8(4) | pp.37~42 | number of Cited : 1
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    It is inconvenient that users retrieve information from documents efficiently and precisely. Clustering documents is a function for efficient information retrieval from massive document set. In this paper, we use meaning particle unit rather than document unit for document retrieval. We present a method with using an ontology that makes a document into paragraphs based on meaning flow. As the process of classification is done based on meaning paragraph, it is possible to achieve meaning-based clustering. The processing unit of clustering is shrunk from a document to a paragraph. Therefore, paragraph-based retrieval makes it possible for user to retrieve information in a document. We performed some experiments by using Reuter-21578 document set and the results showed the performance of meaning-flow based clustering was better than the performance of documents-based clustering.
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    A Study for Attack Detection Rate Improvement using Hierarchical Structure in MANET

    Hwanseok Yang | 2013, 8(4) | pp.43~49 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, as the use range of wireless networks rapidly increase the target of network security become wider and the number of threat is increasing. Existing security mechanisms have problems which cannot be applied as it is because of dynamic topology by the movement of nodes and characteristic of MANET which cannot do the central control. In this paper, we proposed hierarchical structure intrusion detection technique that manages the whole nodes in the center and can improve reliability by performing distributed intrusion detection. The misuse detection is performed in each cluster head and anomaly detection is performed in the gateway. And RDHT, CMT is managed to detect the location of attack node in the cluster head. ZBIDS, MCBIDS technique with the proposed technique was compared to evaluate the performance of proposed technique and superior performance of the proposed technique was confirmed through the experiment.
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    A Study on the User Authentication Module using Actuator

    Hee-Suk Seo , Sang-Youn Kim , Yun Inho | 2013, 8(4) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 0
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    Today, a wide range of portable devices is released, it can handle tasks utilizing 'smart work' was a commonplace. In the case of smart work from a remote location outside the company's internal resources can be utilized. Smart work is an important element in the user authentication. Generally, user authentication, the user's ID and password is to use. These user authentication, the authentication information input by the user in the process of peeking through the password is leaked threat. In this study, in order to respond to shoulder surfing attacks actuator utilizing the password input module is designed and manufactured. Actuators via the user's sense of touch to convey information, the nformation can be entered.
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    An Analysis of Awareness on the Radiation Hazards of Guardians who Visited the Department of Radiology

    Jang Hyon Chol , YOON-SHIN KIM , Haeng-Ki Lee | 2013, 8(4) | pp.59~65 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to suggest the basic data that were necessary for exposure management in radiological examination based on investigation of knowledge about radiation, awareness of radiation exposure and awareness of radiation-related policies among guardians who visited the radiology department, which ultimately provided help to manage radiation safety in a more efficient way and to establish measures for such management. In this study, survey was conducted for guardians who visited the radiology department of J hospital in Daegu city of South Korea in the period from January 14 to March 27, 2013. The survey resulted in the conclusions as follows. Level of knowledge about natural radiation depending on level of education showed the difference with statistical significance (p=0.000). The score was 4.06 points for graduates of graduate school, 3.62 points for graduates of university, and 3.54 points for graduates of college. The higher level of knowledge about radiation resulted in the lower level of anxiety while the higher level of anxiety in radiological examination led to the higher level of fear of radiation risk. Therefore, when radiological examination is conducted, it is required for radiologists to provide patients and their guardians with education by using materials such as guidebook on examination and to clearly explain purpose of examination and matters that require attention in examination with a view to helping the patients and their guardians stay away from fear and anxiety. It is believed that management of radiation safety should not be neglected and that efforts should be made to reduce radiation exposure as much as possible.
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    The Influence of Determinants Factors for Self-Help Group Activities of the Mentally Disabled

    So-Young Kim , Young-Ho Kang | 2013, 8(4) | pp.67~86 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study factors affecting self-help group activities by looking out the self-help groups for mental disabilities, and enable effective intervention measures that are intended to present. To this end, Daejeon mental institution located in Chungcheong Province, mental health centers, rehabilitation facilities, which operates a total of 15 self-help groups where participation in self-help groups in the organization, and mental disabilities in a survey of 114 people was conducted. As a result, more than a year by a partner, in women than in men, who have a job that, if the average monthly income of satisfaction with the program content is higher, the higher the social support, employment activities involved two groups showed no significant persistence. The results of this study and for the operation of an effective self-help groups and activities appropriate to the needs of the development of the program, to increase social support, including family, putting you on the line is expected.
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    Improvement of the Agent Taxonomy in the Legal Domain

    Inho Chang | 2013, 8(4) | pp.87~95 | number of Cited : 0
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    This research investigates existing legal ontologies, selects and analyzes 5 kinds and suggestes measures of improvement them so as to improve the concepts and taxonomies of agent which is already established in legal domain. Also, based on them, we clarify agent's concept definition and reestablish the agent modules by combining and expanding some taxonomies that was suggested. Suggested ontology limits the range of agent to legal domain and separates pseudo agent and role concept in existing legal ontologies. And, we regard groups as pseudo agents by distinguishing groups and organizations and add nations, international organizations, political parties and so on. The total number of agent concepts for completed legal domains is twenty-one. Those improvement measures and agent modules should be useful guidance for ontology developer in the future.
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    The Effects of Attitude for Writing on the Degree of Participation and Flow in the Non Real-time Online Discussion

    Kim, TaeWoong | 2013, 8(4) | pp.97~106 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to find the effect of attitude for writing on the degree of discussion participation and flow in the non real-time online discussion. For this research purpose, 42 learners participated in this study. To proceed the online discussion, 42 learners were assigned to 7 groups. The Online discussion were proceeded for 10 days. After online discussion, the total of 42 learners data were utilized for the analysis. The data were analyzed using the spss 17.0 program through‘Simple Regression method’. .The results of this study were summarized as followed : First, the attitude for writing affects the learner's discussion participation degree in the non real-time online discussion(β=.47, p<.01). Second, the attitude for writing affects the learner's discussion flow degree in the non real-time online discussion(β=.31, p<.05). The result of this research implicated that the effective participation and flow levels was depending on learners attitude for writing in the non real-time online discussion .Therefore, it could be suggested that an instructor deliberate the attitude for writing factor in the non real-time online discussion to improve learners participation and flow levels.