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2014, Vol.9, No.1

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    ‘The Flipped Learning’ : Research on the Development of a Hybrid Instructional Model

    Sung Youl Park , Lim, Keol | 2014, 9(1) | pp.1~11 | number of Cited : 18
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    Using recent advanced information technologies, a “flipped learning” instructional model was developed for this study to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction. A flipped learning generally refers to a hybrid learning environment where learners learn online at home and conduct academic activities in the classroom or a physical place. In order to develop an instructional model, development principles, component, and contents were investigated. By the participation of three experts on the subject for comments and feedback and a pilot study for eight weeks, the validity was examined for model elaboration. As a result, the 8C instructional model for on- and off-line learning are presented: construction, connection, communication, coordination, confirmation, clarification, collaboration and completion. Based on the structured flipped learning instructional model, specific strategies are expected by further empirical research.
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    An Empirical Study on the Discontinuance Intention of Smart Device in Post Adoption Context

    이홍선 , Lee Sang Joon | 2014, 9(1) | pp.13~21 | number of Cited : 6
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    As widespread use of smart devices, positive changes in our society with also negative phenomena are emerging. In particular, Technostress symptoms are being intensified, and addiction and withdrawal symptoms are being appeared by using state of the art devices such as smartphones. So now these issues are becoming social issues. The temporary suspension issues such as digital detox, Anti-digital for smart devices have been recently emerged regard this. To reflect this phenomenon, this paper was studied based on previous studies of technology acceptance such as theory of reasoned action, technology acceptance model, and theory of innovation resistance. The purpose of this paper is to study the digital break which is temporarily suspend intention after the user acceptance of smart devices. As the result, we verified that perceived risk which is the most important variable in the innovation adoption research is also the most influential variable to the digital break. We found technostress and digital detox are significant variables to impact on the perceived risk.
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    Development of Adaptive e-Learning System Content Applying Kolb's Learning Style

    Lee, Jae Mu | 2014, 9(1) | pp.23~33 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study developed an adaptive e-learning content that applies differing learning styles for individualized learning. Recently, various e-learning systems have been developed, but most e-learning systems provide the same instruction content with little consideration of the individual learner’s learning style. This study developed an adaptive e-learning content that provides differing learning patterns for each style according to Kolb's learning styles. We also provide a content design method for an adaptive e-learning system by applying Kolb's learning style for elementary school students' computer subjects. In this study, we examined each learning style and provided adaptive content appropriate for each learner's particular learning style. This system, therefore, can provide individualized learning that is the appropriate pattern for each learner. We can, thus, expect an improvement in learning achievement and learning motivation.
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    Efficient Segmentation by Phoneme Unit using SVMs

    Kwangseok Lee | 2014, 9(1) | pp.35~40 | number of Cited : 2
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    In this research, we used Support Vector Machines(SVMs) as the learning and recognition unit of the speech, one of artificial neural network, to segmented from the continuous speech into phonemes, an initial, medial, and final sound, and then, performed continuous speech recognition from it, A decision boundary of phoneme is determined by algorithm with maximum frequency in a short interval. speech recognition process is performed by Continuous Hidden Markov Model(CHMM), and we compared it with another phoneme segregated from the eye-measurement. From the simulation results, we confirmed that the method, SVMs, we proposed is more effective in an initial sound than Gaussian Mixture Models(GMMs). We plan to construct a optimum hybrid classifier of SVMs and GMMs, and apply to continuous speech recognition.
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    Participatory Contents Management System Design for Self-Directed Learning

    Kang Hye Kyung | 2014, 9(1) | pp.41~50 | number of Cited : 4
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    The existing college education is oriented to instructions that learners’ idea, learning contents, and scope, are bounded by the data which educators provide. Various lecturing ways like UBL, PBL, etc. are available but those just use learning tools which utilize internet and learning way which centered to problems. Besides, various contents made from instructors and learners through courses are not of use. This paper proposes a system design to use many contents produced in a course, to provide contents in level service through N screen, for an instructor and learners, and to make learners self-directed study. For doing it, learning contents are based on objectives, LCMS is applied, thus participatory contents management system is designed. Through N screen scheme, a convenient system is also designed without limitation of time and space. With the system developed from this research, instructors and learners keep using it even after course is finished, and as new comers keep participating, much more contents can be applied and social learning network is finally build up via interactive communication. It meets the social demand of whole life learning.
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    Analysis of Digital Forensics Technology Trends Based on Big Data

    홍동숙 , 전상덕 , 김찬호 and 1 other persons | 2014, 9(1) | pp.51~61 | number of Cited : 2
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    Digital forensics service market in the US is estimated $976 million in 2012. The growing number of mobile connections and households with at least one computer will continue to propel demand for digital forensics. Otherwise, there are many challenges as the IT world is continually evolving. It is important for the forensics investigator, the forensics toolkits developer and other related experts to monitor and understand technologies trends related to new devices, systems, components, and even future technology trend. Therefore, this paper analyzes emerging issue and trend related to digital forensics technology from papers and news media.
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    Distribution Management Information System for Activating The Remanufacturing Parts

    송월봉 | 2014, 9(1) | pp.65~74 | number of Cited : 0
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    For the activating of remanufacturing industry which automobile disjoint parts are raw materials , This paper is proposed Distribution Management Information System that is able to adaptable in the base information management for the reusing of used automobile parts, the automobile disjoint management and the automobile parts distribution management. This system is presented the guide line of automobile parts management and reusable parts disjoint of used automobiles which are connected with history of reusable used parts, quality level and guaranty, and the necessity which build up jointed distribution center between automobile disjoint industry and automobile repair industry and introduce certification system for raising the confidence in the remanufacturing parts. From now on, This proposed system is expected which contribute in the green growth socially and get raising the confidence of remanufacturing parts for user and in the position of enterprise, get raising the commercial competitive power from decreasing over-head in the process of business action and distribution.
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    Randomized Keypad against Password Guessing Attacks with Motion Sensors

    Iksu Kim , Choi, Jong Myung | 2014, 9(1) | pp.75~83 | number of Cited : 2
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    With the increase of smartphone users, smartphone users using the mobile banking services has increased significantly. For using the mobile banking services, users have to input their passwords in mobile banking App. According to recent studies, passwords inputted on a keypad could be inferred by using smartphone’s built-in motion sensors. In this paper, we propose a randomized keypad against password guessing attacks with motion sensors. When users try to input their passwords, the proposed keypad displays the area of random arrangement on which users can input their passwords. Accordingly, the location information of touched keys is different whenever users input their passwords. Users can safely use the mobile banking service because it is impossible to infer the inputted passwords with motion sensors.
  • 9.

    Implementation of Binaural Decoding in Spatial Cue based Multi-Channel Audio Coding

    Kwangki Kim | 2014, 9(1) | pp.85~94 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper describes the binaural decoding in spatial cue based multi-channel audio coding to provide users with a realistic audio sound in the stereo headphone environment. Generally, the binaural decoding generates the binaural stereo sound by convolving multi-channel audio signals with the head related transfer function (HRTF) in time domain. So, due to a very high complexity, the typical binaural decoding cannot be implemented in the real time and applied in the network environment. To reduce the complexity of the typical binaural decoding, we proposed a new binaural decoding scheme which is implemented in the frequency domain by utilizing the gain factors calculated from the virtual source location information (VSLI). As the proposed binaural decoding can generate the binaural stereo sound only using 10% of the overall complexity of the typical binaural decoding, its' real-time implementation is possible and it can be applied in the network system. The subjective listening test result shows that the proposed binaural decoding has the statistically same sound quality compared to that of the typical binaural decoding.
  • 10.

    A Study on The Deffering Method of The Optional Tasks in The Imprecise Real-Time Scheduling

    Song Gi-Hyeon , 전근형 | 2014, 9(1) | pp.95~104 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The imprecise computation technique ensures that all time-critical tasks produce their results before their deadlines by trading off the quality of the results for the computation time requirements of the tasks. The NORA algorithm produces minimum total error but has low schedulability problem by prior executing the optional parts of the earliest deadline tasks than the mandatory parts of the latest deadline tasks. To improve this problem, the DOP algorithm which delays the optional parts of the earliest deadline tasks but this algorithm seems to be almost similier with the previous famous SMF(Schedule Mandatory First) algorithm. Therefore, this paper proposes a new method which delays the optional parts of the earliest deadline tasks and demonstrates several superior advantages by comparing and analyzing in the aspects of the schedulability and total error with previous the NORA, DOP(SMF) algorithms.
  • 11.

    Design for Improve Traffic Reliability in Overlay Multicast Networks

    김충련 , Choi Sung Uk | 2014, 9(1) | pp.105~114 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    As for overlay multicast which provides media streaming, it should cope with dynamic changes in nodes rapidly, and requires methods for error-recovery that take into data bandwidth that each node can process and time during which the node stay on the system. Therefore, this paper uses the characteristics of Bandwidth-Ordered Tree and Time-Ordered Tree for constructing a stable tree in a dynamic environment, and suggests Stay-Time Tree that has Stay Index for efficient error recovery. This algorithm is a method that forms the recovery group, considering the characteristics and time during which each of nodes stays on the system, so that it may be applied to wire & wireless P2P network in an integrated manner. It was found that recovery using this method improved communication reliability about 20%, compared to the existing method.
  • 12.

    Web-based cloud model that can support multi-party e-learning content development platform

    Dong-Hyuk Kim , 금정섭 , Lee chan sub | 2014, 9(1) | pp.115~124 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, a minimum of screen events for synchronization in the network send and receive data, but efficient, using just a Web browser without any extra service in the application event technology for real-time multi-party Web-based content and interactive teaching/learning smart middleware servers that can support applying the cloud service platform training was developed. Learning solutions support a variety of user environments offered by any OS(Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.) is connected to the base of smart devices in response to the user experience to provide the best UI was. In addition, a fully implemented web-based technology in a separate Active-X SW and learning through a web browser without installing a convenience to the operation and management were applied to individual member policies to enable a customized learning support was implemented.
  • 13.

    The Present and Future of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

    Lee, Do Sun | 2014, 9(1) | pp.125~133 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design through environmental design is written in an acronym, 'CPTED' and this concept is a new strategy and philosophy in the field of crime prevention, which is a consilience technology and strategy applying appropriate designs and drawing the reduction in quantity of crime, criminal intents and fear of crime through efficient changes in environments to ultimately develop a positive sense of community and enhance the level of quality of life. Currently, South Korea applies this to the actual urban planning and architectural field along with academic research and carries out convergence research and collaboration with Criminology, Police Science, Architecture, Urban Planning and Psychological approach, and various fields of lighting, landscaping and color. Especially, its effectiveness as an alternative for the reduction of local residents’ fear of crime and the control and reduction of potential crime opportunities is being verified through related studies, and grafted on New City Development Project and Urban Restoration Field, it contributes to enhancing ultimate quality of life. This study attempts to examine the concept and significance of CPTED and its related laws and analyze the status of its introduction in South Korea, guidelines and instructions in order to study its value as an effective crime prevention policy in the future.
  • 14.

    Analysis of Contributing Factors for the Adult-child Group Discriminant in College Students

    Park, Hee-Ryong , Myong-suk Yang | 2014, 9(1) | pp.135~147 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study was used as an indicator of college students psychological adjustment factors in the adult-child(anxiety, relationships, emotional management, and accountability) of the cluster to determine the classification and classification based on the collective ego factor is appropriate to verify the status of an adult-child characteristics for a college students counseling will help. To this end, a total of 119 college students in Gyeong-buk patients conducted cluster analysis results were divided into two clusters. 5 kinds of ego-status factors that determine the relative influence of each cluster to evaluate the results of stepwise discriminant analysis conducted, the one derived discriminant function was derived discriminant function was statistically significant. In particular, the 5 kinds of ego-status factor AC(adapted child), two adult child to determine the best variables to determine which groups were, NP(nurturing parent), CP(controlling parent) was affected by the following. Overall hit rate of the classification groups was 78.2% and hit rate of the cluster-1 was 80.6% and hit ratio of the cluster-2 was 75.4%, a group were correctly classified. Finally, the five ego-states transactional analysis(TA) of the factors that predict the college students adult-child characteristics most useful as a tool to determine the factors that AC was verified.
  • 15.

    A Study on Determinants of Household Income Sources in Grandparent-Headed Families

    Hwang, Myung Jin | 2014, 9(1) | pp.149~156 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study is aimed at understanding the sources of household income among grandparent-headed families in Korea and thus tries to provide some suggestions on social welfare policies to improve economic conditions surrounding them. For statistical analysis, data drawn from the 2010 Korean Population Census were used and grandparent-headed households among respondent groups were extracted from the original data set. A logistic regression method was applied to identify socioeconomic factors of income sources types among grandparent-headed families. Results suggest that those living alone, male, young, and more educated grandparents among the respondent group were found to manage their financial status well. However, among the grandparents-grandchildren families under study, those with grandchildren under the receipt of public assistance, and grandparents with less educational attainment, older age, female status tended to depend more on the public assistance and the financial assistance from their adult children. The participants living in rural area are more likely to rely on the income sources of adult children and public assistance. Based on the results, several implications were discussed.
  • 16.

    A Study on Development Process of Bio Industry in Japan

    Jaesue Park , 박정용 | 2014, 9(1) | pp.157~167 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Since Japanese 「Industry Policy」 carried out a drastic reform in 1973, it has been revised several times, mainly for the purpose of glocalization innovation. The Japanese Biotech industry has benefited from deregulation and other developments that are encouraging the formation of its ecological system. Particular note are the spread of university-based venture businesses for glocalization. The full-scale startup of venture businesses by university has been one of the factors behind the revival of Japan’s bio-tech industry.
  • 17.

    Development of a Cultivated Field Estimation System of Agricultural District for Effective Water Management

    장우석 , Jung, Nam-Su , Lee, Junwon | 2014, 9(1) | pp.169~178 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to develop cultivated field estimation system of agricultural district for effective water management. We found some errors when we estimated cultivated field area in SI-GUN unit by using cultivated field estimation model(Chang, 2008). Those were some surplus of structure and local allocation effects. To solving these problems, we adopted damping constant to structure and local allocation effects. KREI-ASMO model estimates the cultivated field area in DO unit with parameters calculated in numerical minimization of standard deviation errors. cultivated field estimation model estimate cultivated area of SI-GUN unit with damping constant. Finally, cultivated field area of agricultural district was calculated with area ratio of related SI-GUN. For improving convenience, computer program and user interface were programmed with visual basic 2005. Result of developed program show the same estimation of the modified model.
  • 18.

    Trading Area Analysis Using Modified Huff Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

    황수진 , 임채근 , Bae Jaeho | 2014, 9(1) | pp.179~190 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Trading area analysis is a critical basis for determining the merit of a particular location before setting up commercial activity. Yet, it is not rare to come across a case wherein a store has been making high profits in spite of being set up in an inadvisable location. This is because factors apart from the common parameters such as population, floor space of some stores, and distance may have played a role in the store’s success away from a traditional trading area. In this study, we selected the four Ps of marketing as supplemental parameters to decide the trading areas. Furthermore, we have proposed the modified Huff model that considers the distance modification factor based on the analytic hierarchy process. To substantiate our claim, we selected two super stores situated in near-contiguity, applied the proposed model, and checked the impact on the estimated sales amount. The proposed modified Huff model can be possibly used to make more easy and accurate trading area analysis than the traditional Huff model.
  • 19.

    A Study on Fermentation-Extinction Approach for Prevention of Marine Pollution in Aquaculture

    오승원 , Minsoo Hahn , 최해욱 | 2014, 9(1) | pp.191~198 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The aquaculture industry expansion causes serious environmental contamination such as wastewater, human feces, and dead fishes. This paper presents a fermentation extinction approach to eliminate pollutions in aquaculture. The proposed approach can dissipate human feces and dead fishes with microbes. Because the approach is environment-friendly, the secondary pollutants are not caused. In order to utilize the approach, we implement a new stirring apparatus which can control speed and cycle. It is the most important to prepare an environment that makes microbes active during the fermentation extinction process. The newly developed system can maintain the optimal conditions for the fermentation extinction such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen density. Therefore, the system can decompose a large amount of pollutants efficiently. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed system.
  • 20.

    Estmation of Agricultural Temperature Variation by the New Climate Change Scenario using TEMCF

    주진환 , 장우석 , Li Yuan and 2 other persons | 2014, 9(1) | pp.199~208 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    For analysis of climate change effects on agriculture, construction of precise agricultural meteorological data is important to target period and site. In this study, agricultural meteorological data under new climate change scenario (RCP 8.5) are constructed from 2011 to 2099 in 111 agriculture major station suggested by Rural Development Administration(RDA). In this study, we try to find single variable representing agricultural variances of maximum, minimum, and average temperature adapting TEMCF(coefficient to adjust daylight average temperature). For verifying suggested variable, we calculated TEMCF using temperature data from 2011 to 2099 in Suwon. Results of analyzing average data show that maximum, minimum, and average temperature data are increased continuously but TEMCF has not regular change. Results of analyzing standard deviation data show that maximum, minimum, and average temperature can not represent nominal variance but TEMCF can represent nominal variance in 2042, 2059, 2074, and 2084. We can also represent agricultural temperature variance map using TEMCF