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2014, Vol.9, No.4

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    A Design and Implementation of High Quality Live Stream Backup Transport System Using Shortest Path in Private Network

    정명기 , Jae-Woong Kim | 2014, 9(4) | pp.409~416 | number of Cited : 1
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    There is a company that is not available Multicast IPTV live streaming. The company, place the relay server in each branch office, is sent in unicast live stream from the stream server at headquarters. To convert from unicast to multicast format in office. Then, it sends to the client. This is the overlay multicast. In the case the relay server is not in a normal state, all clients of the branch may not be able to view the live stream. This should solve the problem. First, I want to generate a tree structure with vertices relay server where the problem occurred. I seek the shortest path between other branches from the vertex. At this time, the modified dijkstra algorithm is used. I select a backup path associated with shortest path. Clients of the vertex can use the transfer path of the selected backup, connect to the relay server of the other branches, has received the live stream using unicast. Thus, it is possible to view live stream stably.
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    HTML5-based Editable E-book System Supporting Users' Participation

    Choi, Jong Myung , Iksu Kim | 2014, 9(4) | pp.417~426 | number of Cited : 1
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    The existing e-books allow only authors to provide information or contents to people, but they do not allow people to participate in making contents in the e-books. However, in some books including observation diary and experiment diary, people need to write down some contents or information in the books, and keep and manage the contents. In this paper, we propose a new kind of e-book concept, in which people can participate in making e-book and add new text, pictures taken by camera builtin the e-book reader systems, and other information such as sensor data to the published e-books. We draw some requirements for the e-book and introduce its system architecture and its document format. The document should include "placeholder" for contents created by people and "trigger" for activating people's participation. We also introduce our prototype system, which allows people to add camera pictures and sensor data to the published e-books. We adopt HTML5 and Web technologies to build the prototype because those technologies have advantages such as ease of implementation, extensibility, and compatibility. Our work is very meaningful in e-book research because we introduce a new concept of e-book, people participating e-book, and we show the e-book systems direction by showing the possibility of HTML5 based e-book system.
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    Implementation of System Usage Recorder for Personal Computer Security

    Kwon Oh-Sung | 2014, 9(4) | pp.427~434 | number of Cited : 1
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    In general, data loss accidents is mostly caused by the insiders of organizations than it's outsider. In this paper, we propose a new method which collects the 3 information types of PC(Personal Computer) system to prevent this kind of accidents. The first important type is the screen video made by image capture timer. The other information types are the system's process list and the keyboard contents. we uses messages hooking procedure to catch the system information. To implement a hooking module, we made a hook chain structure, hook procedures, and a message monitoring function. In experiment results, we can successfully collect the screen capture video, the process list and the keyboard contents. In specially the screen capture function was sensitive to the video quality setting. The capacity of high quality videos was about 4.6 times larger than that of low quality.
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    Natural Interaction for Immersive Tiled Displays

    임성민 , Choi Dong-Soo , Sang-Youn Kim and 1 other persons | 2014, 9(4) | pp.435~442 | number of Cited : 1
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    One of the most important factors for constructing virtual reality systems is to create realistic visual information and to convey it to users. A tiled display is one of virtual reality platforms which generate high-quality images and guarantee wide view angle using multiple projectors. The tiled display can fill a user’s field of view with high resolution images so that the user is provided increased the sense of the reality. For increasing immersion in tiled display, it is necessary to consider a natural interaction system, where a user not only intuitively manipulates graphic contents with his/her gesture or motion input but also senses haptic feedback to the user according to his/her gesture and motion input. Thus, in this paper, we propose an interaction device which naturally interacts with graphic objects expressed on a tiled display. The proposed interaction device not only detects a user’s gesture with an inertia measurement unit (an IMU), an infrared camera, and an infrared LED but also creates haptic feedback with a vibrotactile actuator. Furthermore, this paper suggests a new haptic model which allows a user to experience the same sensation as if he/she touches or manipulates a real object. If the proposed interaction device is used for constructing virtual reality application, a user can naturally interact with virtual objects and can be provided realistic sensation.
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    Reduced Complexity Detection Algorithm for Spatial Modulation

    방재권 , SangKyu Park , Kwangmin Hyun | 2014, 9(4) | pp.443~453 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a novel detection algorithm for SM (Spatial Modulation) system to reduce the receiver complexity while achieving a near maximum likelihood (ML) performance. ML detection is known to achieve an optimal performance for SM system. However, the high computational complexity still remains as a problem to be solved in case of using the large number of antennas or high modulation order. The proposed detection algorithm reduces the number of possible candidates for ML detection to avoid exhaustive works. We compare the proposed algorithm and conventional algorithms both in terms of bit error rate (BER) and computational complexity. Simulation results show that the proposed detection algorithm substantially reduce computational complexity and achieves the better BER performance than the conventional algorithms even though the number of candidates is decreased.
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    The Effects of Perceived Risk on Trust and Loyalty in Open Markets

    JUNG DUK HWA , Jung, Chul Ho | 2014, 9(4) | pp.455~463 | number of Cited : 4
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    The major purpose of this study investigate the effects of perceived risk on trust and loyalty in open market. Based on the relevant literature reviews, this study posits five characteristics of economic risk, time loss risk, psychological risk, privacy risk, and performance risk as perceived risk, and established a research model include 2 factors such as trust and loyalty to measure performance in open market. 214 customers of the open market survey data have been collected and analyzed based on the structural equation model method. The results of this study are summarized as follows. Firstly, four perceived risk characteristics of economic risk, psychological risk, privacy risk, and performance risk are significantly positive effect on trust. Secondly, trust is significantly related to loyalty in open markets.
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    A Testbed Implementation for School Affairs Support System Using NFC

    Lee chan sub , 강문석 , Dong-Hyuk Kim | 2014, 9(4) | pp.465~471 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently, smart phone use has increased and supplied more. Research supports that smartphone use in school affairs has increased. Progressed research follows web, RFID, Bar Code and NFC order. Out of these advances, the most recent research is the NFC. NFC has advantages that can construct and operate systems with minimum expenses by reducing the leader's installed charge with antennae than a RFID. In this study, the system is set up to minimize the existing complex. Through, Design and implementations within school affair support systems, professors and students can operate the system by cooperation. Also, another included function of the system is for university official announcements and report submissions for additional aid. This system is available for the PC and smartphone so professors and students can use the system App.
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    Measurement Development for Information Privacy Concerns in Organizational Level : Focused on the University

    강문석 , Chung, Young-Soo | 2014, 9(4) | pp.473~481 | number of Cited : 1
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    Because of the Age of Information has matured, with the explosion of digital data and an extension of using the Internet, the massive data processing has done quickly and accurately. Along with the rapid growth of information, the personal informations are accumulating indiscriminately. By this reason, illegal use of personal information and inappropriate access, and misusing of the privacy has occurred. Personal information protect problems are important information management issues that was raised by individuals as well as organizations consistently. In these times changing situation, this study develops empirical measurement tools based on the researches of the management level in accordance of concern for university information privacy. By seizing the concerning on the personal information protect management in University organization that used the developed measurement tool, it provides the role that can be utilized in extended researches cope with the management effectively from now on.
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    Secure Keypad against Password Guessing Attacks with Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors

    Iksu Kim , Choi, Jong Myung | 2014, 9(4) | pp.483~491 | number of Cited : 4
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    According to recent studies, data generated from smartphone’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors can be used to infer users’ passwords. Currently, the secure keypad which is being used in smartphone apps is vulnerable to password attacks using sensor data. In this paper, we propose a secure keypad against password guessing attacks with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. In the keypad, the rows of keys on the proposed keypad is randomly changed whenever a user inputs a letter of the password. Accordingly, it is very difficult to find out the user’ password using accelerometer and gyroscope sensor data. Moreover, the proposed keypad uses fake key buttons to further reduce the success rate of the attack. Users do not have to memorize fake keys. Users only need to touch the fake keys on the proposed keypad when they input their passwords. Because attackers cannot distinguish fake keys from touched keys, they cannot find out users’ passwords with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Therefore users can safely use a variety of internet services.
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    Interval Distance for Similarity Measure Between Interval-valued Fuzzy Numbers

    Byoung-Chan Jeon , Cho, Sang Yeop | 2014, 9(4) | pp.493~499 | number of Cited : 0
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    Fuzzy systems such as fuzzy linear systems, fuzzy differential equations, fuzzy linear programming, fuzzy decision making, and other topics are used to study various problems. In general, fuzzy numbers are used to represent the various data in fuzzy systems. Many researches have worked on that measure the distance or the different between two fuzzy numbers as follows: computing distance between two generalized fuzzy numbers, distance measuring between interval numbers, measuring between fuzzy numbers in the Euclidean space, measuring include vagueness, distance measuring between Gaussian type fuzzy numbers, measuring interval metric distance include ⍺-cut, and so on. Distance measure or different are very essential tool in a variety of fields. In this paper, we propose a method to measure the interval distance of two interval-valued fuzzy numbers. The method is based on the measure of interval distance on the research of M. A. Firozja which can apply to two interval fuzzy numbers. Also, we show the properties of interval distance and proofs of them. The interval distance between interval-valued fuzzy numbers can provide us with a useful way to measure the similarity for handling various fuzzy systems which represent the data as interval-valued fuzzy number.
  • 11.

    Improved Routing Techniques Using Hop Information on MANET

    최광재 , 김동근 , KimSangBok | 2014, 9(4) | pp.502~508 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    MANET is multi hop network which is routing data with movable nodes through several middle node. This MANET has feature that network topology is contemporary changed by high mobility of nodes. Because of new frequent network topology changing, routing path disconnection and packet lose has occurred. In this paper, in order to solve this problem, we suggest improved routing technique considering signal strength and bandwidth of hops. Existing AODV routing technique which is routing path selection was determined by number of hops. Through ns-2 simulator performance evaluation, it can be sure that new routing technique is improved than existing routing technique from path disconnection count, packet delivery ratio, end-to-end delay time, routing overhead.
  • 12.

    A Bridge Management System based on Dynamic Digital Measurement

    Jeon Jun Tai , HWANG SU CHEOL | 2014, 9(4) | pp.509~518 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The goal of bridge management system is to manage and maintain a bridge effectively by recording and analyzing the amount of displacement, abnormal signal and repair of bridge etc. The point of this system is to measure the state of bridge structure. Namely it needs exactly to collect and analysis data from the bridge. In this paper we design a dynamic digital measuring device that could know the state of bridge structure precisely and build a prototype system that could monitor the bridge structure so as to raise a safety of it using this device. In order to solve these, we develope a measurement device that is strong against noise and show that our device is superior when is compared and evaluated with the conventional one for its performance. And we implement the system of client/sever style which could manage and maintain the bridge to apply it in a site operation.
  • 13.

    Object Scale Estimation in Mean-shift Tracking with Background Weighted Histogram

    황만원 , Min Hong , Choi Yoo Joo | 2014, 9(4) | pp.519~531 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed a robust scale estimation method for mean-shift tracking with background weighted local kernel. The shrinking problem of tracking kernel is frequently happened when the previous scale estimation methods based on color similarity between target and target candidate are applied in the mean-shift tracking with background weighted kernel. In order to solve the kernel shrinking problem, we defined a novel similarity evaluation criterion between target and target candidate based on weight average and found the most similar target candidate among several candidates with different kernel size. In order to validate robustness of the proposed scale estimation method, we compared the proposed method with the previous methods using challenging and self-made test data sequences. Experimental results show the proposed model have good performance to estimate tracked object scale.