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2014, Vol.9, No.6

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    A Study on the Effects of Users' Desire to Use and Complementarities of Social Commerce on Continuous Usage Intention

    Sung Yul Ryoo , Sangcheol Park , Kwak, Soo-hwan | 2014, 9(6) | pp.663~674 | number of Cited : 5
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    As social commerce has rapidly grown, a number of studies have been conducted to investigate into an individual’s intention to use social commerce. Considering the benefits related to the social commerce, there still remain opportunities for identifying some key variables that may help explain the continuous usage intention in social commerce. In particular, there has been little empirical work in this area to understand why people continuously use the social commerce. In this study, drawing on the main variables such as hedonic need fulfillment of social commerce and complementarities of social commerce, we develop and test a model of an individual's continuous usage intention in social commerce. Our model posits that both hedonic need fulfillment and complementarities of social commerce affect continuous intention by mediating both expected confirmation and satisfaction. Survey data collected from social commerce consumers were used to test the model by using PLS (partial least squares) analysis. According to our results, hedonic need fulfillment and complementarities of social commerce affected both expected confirmation and satisfaction, respectively. We also found that expected confirmation has a positive effect on satisfaction, which leads to the individuals’’ continuous usage intention. Based on our empirical findings, the implications for both research and practice are discussed.
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    A Historical Temperature Analysis System using Expert Weight Value

    이창근 , 구명모 , KimSangBok | 2014, 9(6) | pp.675~684 | number of Cited : 0
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    We proposes using a Time History of Temperature Analysis System by applying Expert Weight Value for obtaining a measurement of temperature with precision according to a temperature change due to external circumstances. It is not easy to precisely diagnose a normal temperature change using the existing system, which employs a fiber optic sensor. Only once a temperature has been accepted as normal, may it be considered valid Historical Information and be utilized for reference. When it exceeds a specified figure of Historical Temperature Information, it is rated to be a mistake. This paper applied Expert Weight Value to Historical Temperature Information of the temperature measured in real-time, specifically while diagnosing a normal and an abnormal temperature and the difference between the standard Historical Temperature Information and the measured temperature. In this paper, we improved the history information Data in our system for Historical Temperature and Alarm Temperature which are used in the history inquiry module in the simple typical Optical Temperature Distribution Sensor Measurement system. Simulations demonstrated that this system showed a relatively higher rate of diagnosis of a temperature change than the existing system that does not apply Expert Weight Value.
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    An Improved Hybrid Probe Detection Model Based on Modules using Oriented Weight

    Se-Yul Lee , Jaehyeon An | 2014, 9(6) | pp.685~690 | number of Cited : 1
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    The rapid advances and spread of network-based technologies have managed in increasing network related attacks and threats which result in insecurity system and possibilities of malicious intrusions. Recently, a number of Detection System schemes have been proposed based on various technologies. However, the techniques, which have been applied in many systems, are useful only for the existing patterns of intrusion. Therefore, probe detection has become a major security protection technology to detection potential attacks. Probe detection needs to take into account a variety of factors and the relationship between the various factors to reduce false negative & positive error. It is necessary to develop new technology of probe detection that can find new pattern of probe. In this paper, we propose an improved hybrid probe detection based on 3-step modules. 3-step modules have session pattern analysis module, oriented weight module, and fuzzy cognitive map module. For the performance evaluation, the KDD CUP99 data made by MIT was used. Most of Detection System sensors provide less than 10% rate of false positives. The experiment results show that this approach can effectively reduce false positive rate and has a high detection rate.
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    Noise-Insenstive Wavelet Transformation-based Harris Corner Detection Algorithm

    NamOh Kang , Jae Ho Kim | 2014, 9(6) | pp.691~697 | number of Cited : 1
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    The massive amounts of data and the irregularity of images are big obstacles in constructing image-based applications. To solve the problems, feature points of images are widely used. The extraction of robust feature points from images is one of the fundamental operations required in image processing. Corners in images represent a lot of important information. Hence, extracting corners accurately is significant to image processing as well as reducing much of the calculations. Harris corner detection algorithm, among many corner detection algorithms, is well known for extracting robust corners. It is used to improve feature description algorithms such as Scale-invariant feature transform(SIFT) and Speeded Up Robust Feature(SURF). It is also employed in the development of various image processing applications such as object segmentation, object tracking, image recognition, and image registration etc. Therefore, a lot of research has been conducted to improve the Harris corner detection algorithm. In this paper, we proposed a noise-insenstive wavelet-based Harris corner detection algorithm which can extract more resilient corners and more rapidly than the Harris corner detection algorithm, by combining Wavelet transformation and Harris corner detection algorithm and making them complementary. Experiments were performed using Lena image and they showed that the proposed technique produces more robust salient points and more rapidly than Harris corner detection algorithm does.
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    Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Video Surveillance

    Kwangseok Lee , 김영섭 | 2014, 9(6) | pp.699~705 | number of Cited : 0
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    In the development of detection and trace system, the algorithms for it are generally classified into three methods. These are background image based method, temporal differencing based method, and probability based method. Of them all, difference based method is used the most because it is easy for implement and efficient, and it is divided into recursive one and non-recursive one. Gaussian complex model is suggested in typical recursive method, and eigen background in typical non-recursive one.This research propose the trace technology to the detected object after selecting pedestrian as the region of interest in the multi-object environment contained progressive input video of the video collection device of the digital camera or CCTV. After this method separate object from background using the excluded MAMF (Modified-AMF) to the processing of the positively curved region in the typical background technique, AMF (Approximated Median Filtering), and choose region of interest to the image contained various objects effectively as combining the characteristic image using magnitude of the region distribution contained spatial properties and statistical properties, and improved trace of the detected object effectively as applying CAMShift (Continuously Adaptive Meanshift) algorithm to the selected region of interest for the improvement of the calculation speed.
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    Encryption of TCP Sequence Numbers for Session Hijacking Attacks

    최재영 , 백현철 , KimSangBok and 2 other persons | 2014, 9(6) | pp.707~714 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Session hijacking attacks represent a type of attack that captures existing session information by terminating normal sessions, which are connected through a TCP 3-Way handshaking process, using RST signals. In the case of the TCP 3-Way handshaking process, different sequence signals between servers and clients are generated to carry out a cross certification for each other. In a normally connected session, attackers interrupt sessions for a normal connection between servers and clients through generating RST signals and attempt to access a system by disguising an attacker as a registered user by generating a new sequence number. In precedent studies on preventing session hijacking attacks, a method that encrypts all sequence numbers generated in accessing a system has proposed. However, this method may cause lots of overheads in a cross certification process because it encrypts all sequence numbers required for the cross certification between servers and clients. Thus, in this study the encryption process is performed using a part of the information of the cross certification numbers in order to prevent illegal session hijacking as abnormal RST signals are generated. In addition, this method prevents the recognition of sequence numbers from attackers even though a sequence number is leaked. Moreover, it is possible to perform a defense for session hijacking attacks and to partly solve the overheads, which have been issued in the conventional studies.
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    Implementation of the Microstrip Patch Antenna with the Modified Ground Plane and Patch

    박한영 , Jae-Yeon Choi , Young-Ho Song | 2014, 9(6) | pp.715~721 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The Microstrip patch antenna with the edge-truncation is designed and analyzed. This antenna elements radiate efficiently as devices on microstrip printed circuit boards. Microstrip antenna arrays consist of microstrip antenna elements, feed and phasing networks, and any other microstrip devices. This patch antenna can be used alone as single radiators or as elements of microstrip phased arrays. The most commonly used microstrip element consists of a rectangular element that is photo etched from one side of a printed circuit board. The element is fed with a coaxial feed at the side of the board between the patch strip and the ground plane through the probe. Truncating the diagonally faced two edge by the shape of the triangle in the patch, right-hand circularly polarized wave can be radiated through this antenna with the cross shape slot in the ground plane. The antenna characteristic can be varied by the controlling the size of the truncated triangle and the size of the cross slot in the ground. And the antenna, its centor frequency is 2.4GHz, was simulated using high frequency structure simulator, then was implemented with the board having the relative permittivity =4.4 and measured using network analyzer. The simulated results are well matched with the measured. The ground plane has the cross shape slot in the centor of the ground for the antenna bandwidth.
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    The Comparative Analysis of Software Failure Time Based on Software Reliability Model and Nonlinear Regression Model

    Tae-Jin Yang | 2014, 9(6) | pp.723~731 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Software reliability in the software development process is an important issue. Software process improvement helps in finishing with reliable software product. Infinite failure NHPP software reliability models presented in the literature exhibit either constant, monotonic increasing or monotonic decreasing failure occurrence rates per fault. Software reliability in the final stage of the development process and the actual use test the software present in the phase failure fault number and effective time can be evaluated by the condition of the evaluation technique is important. This process can be seen as a growth process software. In this study, software managers and software failures cause a scan tool that can be utilized in the traditional software model of the Rayleigh distribution model and nonlinear regression models to compare weight model and the log-linear model was studied. As a result, the weighted regression model showed relatively efficient. Algorithm to estimate the parameters used to maximum likelihood estimator and bisection method, model selection based on mean square error (MSE) and coefficient of determination(). In this study, the proposed non-linear regression model is also efficient in terms of reliability because it (the coefficient of determination is 80% or more) in the field of the conventional model can be used as an alternative could be confirmed. Through this study, software developers are considered by many to mean value of the function software failure mode identifying prior knowledge of how much fodder shall be able to help.
  • 9.

    Blind Estimation of Interleaver for Symbol Unit Channel Coded Sequence

    장연수 , Dongweon Yoon , Kwangmin Hyun and 2 other persons | 2014, 9(6) | pp.733~740 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    A number of wireless communication systems adopt a channel code for error correction and error correction capability of channel code can be improved by interleaving, which converts burst errors into random errors. However, if information of transmitter's interleaver is not known, a receiver cannot acquire exact data from transmitter because deinterleaving cannot be performed correctly. For this case, interleaver parameters can be estimated by using the linearity of channel code, and related researches have been studied recently. However, previous researches are restricted to estimations of bit unit interleaver when bit unit channel codes are used. Researches for estimation of symbol unit interleaver are insufficient when communications systems adopt symbol unit channel codes such as Reed Solomon code. Thus, in this paper, we propose an estimation method for the symbol unit convolution interleavr when symbol unit channel codes are adopted. We investigate the characteristics of symbol unit convolution interleaved sequence and estimate the parameters such as the number of shift registers and the size of register unit using the linearity of symbol unit channel codes. We verify the proposed estimation algorithm through computer simulations. Then, the detection probabilities for various cases are presented and performance of estimation for noisy channel is analyzed.
  • 10.

    Performance Analysis of PO-THMA UWB System using MHP Pulses

    황준혁 | 2014, 9(6) | pp.741~750 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed a PO-THMA(pulse order-time hopping multiple access) scheme in UWB(ultra-wide band) system. The proposed PO-THMA UWB system using two-dimensional code combines MHP(modified Hermite polynomial) pulse order and time hopping code. The MHP pulses have a mutually orthogonal property between different order and that property makes simultaneous transmission at the same time slot regardless of collision in the THMA UWB system. We derive the general form of correlation function for MHP pulses and multiple access interference and analyze BER of the scheme over AWGN(additive white Gaussian noise) channel. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that proposed PO-THMA UWB system increases transmission capacity or has better BER(bit error rate) than conventional THMA UWB system. The proposed PO-THMA UWB system is expected to be utilized in the high data rate wireless communication system with low power and low complexity. With these benefits, the studied PO-THMA UWB system can be used in low power sensor networks and short range wireless communication applications with high transmission rate.
  • 11.

    Effect of the Network Influentials on Diffusion of Firm Twit in the Microblog

    Jaewon Hong | 2014, 9(6) | pp.751~762 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, new media is more important communication channel such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, smart phones, and KakaoTalk. New media is base on social networking among people. In the rapidly evolving digital society, the new media has become the center of a our new lifestyle. In this study, we want to explore the effect of network influentials on a diffusion of firm tweet in online micro-blog. Research data are consist of two types. First type is a message data which include 20 million crawling twitter messages for diffusion phenomenon. And second type is a relation data which include 1.4 billion of follower and following information of members for identify social networks. Firm twitter account was traced from twitter site comparing with research data. Account verification is needed for the research. In this study, in 2009, to be included in Fortune 100 companies in the United States were included. Through a series of this steps, Author explorer factors of influence on firm tweet diffusion on micro-blog. As a result, people with high social activity it is important to target. Especially the people who send massage to their neighbors is more important than produce a large amount of messages. In addition, relate to the distribution of the message, only a small number of messages have mega hit. So it need to be considered network influentials of social network for high size of diffusion. The results obtained through this study, a micro-blog is important to firm's communication strategy.
  • 12.

    Design and Implementation of the Operational Flight System for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    양명섭 , Kim Eun Mi | 2014, 9(6) | pp.763~771 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used in special areas such as military affairs or aerial photography, have been studied mainly by military/national institutions. Recently, however, many varieties of researches on the application of unmanned aerial vehicles are conducted by civil corporations. Accordingly we propose an economical and efficient system for flight operation applicable to small unmanned aerial vehicles in this paper. The proposed system consists of the flight control system and ground control system. The flight control system is designed as a distributed processing system employing the dual AVR processor composed of master-slave in preparation for an abundance of signal processing as well as miniaturization and simple mission performances. The ground control system is implemented to comprise 5 windows displaying flight trajectory, flight attitude, GYRO data, aerial imagery, the states of communication and servo, and the state of piloting respectively on a screen, which can make anyone informed of all the performances at a glance and able to pilot the air vehicle easily. In addition, the user interface of ground control system based on the tablet PC is implemented for the convenience of mobile users. The performance of the implemented system and its applicability to small unmanned aerial vehicles are examined by ground tests.
  • 13.

    System Usage Analysis of Screen Recorder Software Based on Video Codecs

    Kwon Oh-Sung | 2014, 9(6) | pp.773~779 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The range of screen recorder software's applications has been gradually increasing. The reason is that multimedia contents' utilization is growing very fast recently. In general, these screen recording software concurrently execute with other computer software and usually increase the burden of computer system resources. Therefore In this paper, we look into the computer resource usage of CPU and memory. We make a new experiment software for screen recording to obtain stable results. The software is consisted of screen capturing module and converter based on video codecs. The screen capture is performed periodically at an interval of a predefined time in our experimental software. We use Xvid as codec used in our screen recording software. Xvid is widely known as an useful open source video code. In experiment results, we make sure that the CPU shows constantly usage below 1% and memory usage indicates average below 410 MB. The software is not required a large amount of CPU computing resource. Therefore, we recommend that the screen recording software's utilization is desirable on the computers with sufficient resource. It is faced with an unexpected difficulty in small main memory.
  • 14.

    Effects of the Information System Operation Audit on the Quality of Information System

    주양근 , DongSooKim , RHee,HAE-Kyung and 1 other persons | 2014, 9(6) | pp.781~795 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    Information systems have recently become an important management tool for business strategies. The Information system audit also has attracted attention because of the convergence of IT technology. The effective utilization of the system in the business following implementation of system is more important than a proper establishment of information system. People are taking advantage of the information system audit as a means of increasing the comprehensiveness of the information system. This study was performed to activate the information system operation audit and to verify that information system operation audit affects the quality of information system. We measured effects of operation audit on the quality of information system, and we analyzed how the quality of information system affects the user satisfaction. The results of the study demonstrate that the quality of information system contributes to the user satisfaction via the information system operation audit. This study verifies that the information system operation audit improves the quality of the information system but also enhances user satisfaction. Therefore, this paper suggests that information systems operations audit improves the integrity of the information system, thus the activation of operation audit leads to stable operation and user satisfaction of information system.
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    A Design and Implementation of UAV Control Environment using Ardupilot

    Gi Weon Kim , 양진영 | 2014, 9(6) | pp.797~804 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The basic control for the application of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), commonly known as a drone, is through automatic pilot and navigation guidance. In order for this control to function, one must deal with the terrestrial magnetism and acceleration sensors first. In this paper, the ArduPilot board and the Arduino are combined to structure UAV control system. The flight control method was examined, in an processing IDE, while each sensor was incorporated to design and develop an UAV as a quadcopter. With PID control, control parameter Kp, Ki, and Kd for balancing the flight were calculated by experimental method. Next, the optimal profit value was applied to an UAV with Multiwii Config program. P control could approach the object value flexibly throughout the experiment. Additionally, when it came to the value, it tilted to the heavy direction. After solving the problems in the PI control, it was utilized to achieve a balance through raising the output in the motor of the heavy part in said UAV. When the UAV experiences sudden change in tilt, D control helps to reach the object value quickly. As a result, by using the Multiwii board is a low-cost, it is possible to construct a stable UAV flight environment.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Improvement of Security Monitoring in the Separate Network Environment

    한창우 , Huy Kang Kim , Kim, Eunjin | 2014, 9(6) | pp.805~819 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Internal network connected to the internet are vulnerable to external attack. A consensus of awareness of that problem are spreading. As solutions to that problem, To prevent any damage on the system in the organization, The network separation obligation are spreading. Even if the intranet operates as a closed network by separating the internet can not be guaranteed to be secure. Security threats posed by malicious code are still present, such as stuxnet which works on control network that operates on a closed network. User carelessness, internet connect by intranet PC due to malicious intent, information leakage through the USB, an influx of malicious code to intranet, and using a technique for transferring data between separate networks without the use data transmission system for secure data transfer can be transferred uncontrolled data between internet and intranet. Also, even if network separation is completed insider threat is still present. Network separation made a difference of the traffic form occurring in each of the network, and the characteristics of the security log was affected. Accordingly, separately many researching for the internet about malicious traffic detection, need a plan that can effectively detect anomalies in the security log occurring in the interanet. In this study, Analysis of the characteristics of the security log occurring in physically separate the network environment focusing on the interanet and proposes a model for efficiently performing the security control.