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2015, Vol.10, No.2

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    A Cache Replacement Policy for Improving the Performance of Last Level Cache in Processors

    Lee Sang Jeong , Youngil Cho | 2015, 10(2) | pp.145~152 | number of Cited : 3
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    Reduction in cache miss rates continues to be an important issue in processor design, especially at the last level cache(LLC). The Least Recently Used(LRU) replacement policy has been widely adapted in processors for the past decades. The LRU replacement policy represents the cache blocks in a set as LRU stack. So, it only use the recency information. And it is expensive to implement in hardware. Also in some workload, it raises the thrashing, i.e., blocks with high reuse evicting each other from the cache. We propose an new replacement policy to solve problems of LRU replacement policy. In the proposed policy, a incoming block is inserted at the bottom of the set. To exploit the frequency information, a hit block exchanges its position with its adjacent block above in the set. A victim block can be chosen from bottom. Selecting the bottom block as the victim makes the proposed policy to protect the cache from polluting by less frequently used blocks. It also proposes to divide the blocks in a cache set into groups to resolve the thrashing. The victim block is selected alternately from each group. The proposed policy reduces the average MPKI(Miss Per Kilo Instructions) of the baseline 1MB 16-way LLC cache using LRU replacement policy by 12.9%. It reduces the storage requirement by 47% compared to LRU replacement policy.
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    A Proposal of a Defense Model for the Abnormal Data Collection using Trace Back Information in Big Data Environments

    YanTing Mu , Baek Hyun Chul , 최재영 and 2 other persons | 2015, 10(2) | pp.153~162 | number of Cited : 13
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    There are mass productions and collections of information in different fields with real time in our present society. Big data is not limited as a specific single system in its information collection process and produces useful information through collecting different data from multiple systems. Thus, there are rapid increases in users who abuse such information through accessing specific distributed systems by collecting and combining the information. Therefore, it is considered that damages caused by the information abuse are very serious. In this study, trace back information has primarily used in a process for collecting data in the different information environments that manage the data as a distributed storage manner in order to react currently increased illegal data collections. In addition, the data is to be classified according to values of the data and the values are also evaluated and managed through applying proper security classes. Then, the data that causes significant damages from combinations of it due to leaks of the data is to be managed. Based on the management, a way of performing stable information provides and collections under the current situation that represents rapidly and differently changed environments for collecting information is proposed.
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    Development of an Algorithm for Testing Vocabulary-Based Reading-Level Suitability of English Book Readers

    송한결 , 정은우 , 조수경 and 2 other persons | 2015, 10(2) | pp.163~171 | number of Cited : 0
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    It is very important for a book reader to choose an appropriate book which is suitable for the reader's reading-level for a successful reading. Especially, when a reader choose a foreign book, more attention needs to be paid because the book's readability-level and the reader's reading-level have to be considered simultaneously. In case of English books that are sold or published in Korea, somewhat objective readability levels of them can be estimated to some degree by referring to the levels of difficulty which are developed by institutes in the U.S.A. or Korea. However, because reader's reading-levels can be estimated through a long English test, many readers avoid taking such a test and subjectively estimate their reading-level. They are therefore likely to choose an English book which are not suitable for their reading-level. This paper, for Korean readers whose mother tongue is not English, proposes an algorithm which can help a reader find out his/her reading-level suitability for an English book by a short time English vocabulary test. We present our systematic process for extracting test words from a target English book and for estimating the level suitability between the book and the reader. In order to evaluate our algorithm, we implement it in a Web application and show survey results.
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    Mobile Transportation Management Application based on Location Services

    Kiwook Lee | 2015, 10(2) | pp.173~181 | number of Cited : 3
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    Today’s Enterprise put lots of efforts in order to analyse individual business process to change with effective. BPR is focused on the change of business performance process and method in order to reinforcement of organization, with the concept which is new process or basically replans process. This research is focuses on redesigning processes and developing a smartphone mobile application with location based service for a logistics company. Using BPR, A company’s internal business process analysed to find opportunities for improvement and redesigned a new process. The redesigned process uses a real time tracking of the vehicle based on location service for which solve many of the conventional problems like traceability of vehicle and prediction of arrival time. Mobile application developed for the new process is implemented to track the location of a vehicle, cargo in transit to provide location-based services in real time, and transmits the information to the server and the location management of the entire cargo is possible, and customer correspondence such as arrival time prediction and sought work efficiency and convenience.
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    A Design and Implementation of The RF Sensing Node Using The ATmega Platform

    송월봉 | 2015, 10(2) | pp.183~191 | number of Cited : 0
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    As the nervous system which create the new information space from connecting the network that make intellectual space, The sensor network technology for core element which realize ubiquitous computing is in the spotlight recently and the research on sensor network which is composed many different sensor node is proceeding actively. As well the RTOS is used for raising the efficiency of system which is concerned about collection and transmission of data from sensor network. In this paper, RF sensing node which smooth communication inter system in the RTOS that used ATmega platform is designed and implemented, and more productively control system is proposed for the control of device from making practice the detection of stability and realizing the light weighted platform. Besides, Typical TinyOS and MicroC/OS are compared and analyzed for the verification. Therefore, The result of this paper is expected to contribute in the development of RF network products which suit about characteristic of ATmega chip in the process of development the RF sensor network products which could display variable information.
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    Analyzing Activity for Estrus Detection in Korean Native Cattle

    Hao Guo , 김기영 , 김동균 and 1 other persons | 2015, 10(2) | pp.193~202 | number of Cited : 1
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    Existing estrus detection products operation inconvenience, due to the reliability of the device degradation problems estrus detection probability is lower. In addition, most existing studies was the study of estrus detection of milk cows in large-scale farms studies on Korean Native Cattle farms was not realized. In this paper, discerned using a 3-axis accelerometer to determine the estrus state of Korean Native Cattle. The Korea Native Cattle estrus detection system proposed in this paper consists of these, the three-axis acceleration sensor, sensor network uses Zigbee communication, a base station, field server and database servers. When there is no movement the value of the three-axis acceleration sensor is 1000 due to gravity, the acceleration sensor attached to the cattle’s neck causes a feeble change even though there is no movement of cattle. In this paper, due to the no activity of Korean Native Cattle, censed weak values of sensor are filtered out. In the experiment the sensor data acquisition activities that occur during the actual targeting Cattles at the Cattle farmer by the three-axis acceleration sensor X, Y, Z-axis values analyzed through SVM algorithm output’s one representative value and ISVM algorithm which output integral average. In addition, to determine Korean Native Cattle’s estrus time, activity data collected and compared by 3 hours, 6 hours integral. ISVM algorithm was validated by experimental results that the appropriate algorithm for the Korean Native Cattle’s activity analysis.
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    A Study on the Underground Facilities Management System Using NFC Tag

    강병모 , Byoung-Chan Jeon , Hong,In-Sik | 2015, 10(2) | pp.203~211 | number of Cited : 3
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    This paper is the study of tag tagging for managing installed in the underground facilities and tag management database. The facility has a ground facilities as well as underground facilities. There is a method to search and manage the RFID or NFC tags installed in the facility. RFID tag management system is needed is an dedicated RFID reader and write system. However, NFC tag management system has a searchable benefits from smartphone. In this paper, we use the searchable NFC tag with smartphone without tag reader. But, The underground facilities are composed mostly of metal. Therefore, the problem occurs that is not possible to search using normal NFC tag. With using as anti-metal NFC tag to the metal in order to solve this problem, the NFC tag tagging and search can solve the problem. In this paper, we propose a system that allows users to receive and process information readily available when underground facility management using the specifications of the ISO 14443A and frequency band 13.56MHz anti-metal tags attached to smart devices, management application, tag information database management server and facilities equipped with the NFC function. System development environment has been built based on Android OS kitkat 4.4.2. Smartphone’s database was used SQLite and tag information management server database was built using the MySQL.
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    Factors Analysis to Intended Use of the Data Broadcasting Users: on the Basis of College Student

    Jaehyeon An , Se-Yul Lee | 2015, 10(2) | pp.213~219 | number of Cited : 0
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    In order that data broadcast gets the attention, first the contents has to be various. The Contents of the good quality is clear to induce the more users. Because of inducing the more users and raising the royalty of the users, the contents will be of service to the broadcasting corporation image enhancement. Because it is possible to induce multiple users. It is also helpful to increase the loyalty of users. For a successful fixation of the data broadcast service for the quality of content, a variety of content, personalized offers tailored information and community need. Above statements could be summarized that ease of use, visual, content are important factors which have influence on the Data Broadcasting Use. The contents factor was particularly importantly functions. Also this research discovered that ease of use, visual, contents are important factors which have influence on the Data Broadcasting revisit. Contents fidelity and ease of use factor was found to affect both the intention and willingness to revisit the use of the user. Because this study surveyed college students, it is difficult for being generalized the results of the research. It is the plan to be investigated of the 20~30 years olds users in the following study.
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    The Effects of Social Commerce Characteristics on Satisfaction and Reuse Intention

    Jung, Chul Ho , JUNG DUK HWA | 2015, 10(2) | pp.221~229 | number of Cited : 4
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    Many studies have been conducted to investigate into an individual’s intention to reuse social commerce. The major purpose of this study investigate the effects of characteristics on satisfaction and reuse intention in social commerce. Based on the relevant literature reviews, this study posits six characteristics of recognition, economy, easiness, entertainment, usefulness and rapidness as characteristics, and established a research model include 2 factors such as satisfaction and reuse intention to measure performance in social commerce. Based on the previous studies and conceptual framework developed in this study, we derive 7 hypotheses. To test the hypotheses, we estimate the level of fitness and parameters of structure equation model by using AMOS 18.0 and 242 customers of the social commerce survey data have been collected and analyzed. The results of this study are summarized as follows. Firstly, five characteristics of recognition, economy, easiness, usefulness and rapidness are significantly positive effect on satisfaction. But characteristic of entertainment had a negative influence upon satisfaction. Secondly, satisfaction is significantly related to reuse intention in social commerce. This study suggested the strategic implications to induce customers satisfaction and reuse intention after analyzing critical factors about characteristics of social commerce.
  • 10.

    A Design and Analysis of Dipole Antenna for wireless Communication Network

    Jae-Yeon Choi | 2015, 10(2) | pp.231~236 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The research and development is being pushed ahead to achieve the goal of making the equipment smaller size and having better performance in wireless communication systems, such as wireless local area networks, so this paper presents the design and simulation performance of a dipole antenna for wireless communication applications which operates at 2.4GHz. The idea of recent research and developments in the field of wireless communication technology can realize high speed communications which is performed in RF technology . The three dimensional finite-element-method electromagnetic EM simulator is used in the design simulation of this planar antenna structure. Numerical and measured results of the E-plane and H-plane radiation pattern, input standing wave ratio and field pattern coverage are presented and compared. The simulation is performed using high frequency structure simulator software. The antenna is designed to achieve the performance, that is, input standing wave ratio is less than 1.5 and the characteristic impedance of antenna is 50, the gain of antenna is 2dBi. Satisfactory agreement between the designed antenna and ideal dipole antenna is observed and the designed antenna which has the plane polarized characteristics can be used for wireless communcations and wireless local area networks.
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    Screening of Medicinal Plants Inhibitor on Osteoclast Activity

    Sung-Ji Yu , Lee, Junwon | 2015, 10(2) | pp.237~246 | number of Cited : 2
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    The bone is supported by osteoblast and osteoclast interaction which are able to bone formation and bone resorption. Osteoporosis is defined by a low bone mass and caused by a relative increase of ostoclastic bone resorption over ostoblastic bone formation. Bone mineral density (BMD) are affected by mechanical and nutritional factor, leading to an risk of fractures. Activity of osteoclast is stimulated by receptor activator of nuclear factor NF-κB ligand (RANKL). Thus, the compounds inhibiting osteoclasts activity can improve bone diseases such as osteoporosis. In this study, the methanol extracts of 34 medicinal plant were screened for the inhibitory activity against RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation and proliferation in mouse bone marrow macrophages and against the formation of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP). Among the methanol extracts of 34 medicinal plant tested, Angelica gigas, Melia azedarach, Saururus chinensis had considerably inhibitory effects on RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation, and on proliferation of osteoclasts. This finding suggests that methanol extracts from Angelica gigas, Melia azedarach, Saururus chinensis may have therapeutic potential for use in the treatment of bone-related disease like osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • 12.

    Users' Regret in Social Commerce: An Integrative Approach on Regret and Escalation Theory

    Sangcheol Park , Sung Yul Ryoo , Kwak, Soo-hwan | 2015, 10(2) | pp.247~259 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    As social commerce has rapidly grown, there has been little attempts to examine why individuals continue to use the social commerce even though they have felt regret on using it. In this study, we draw upon both integrate regret theory to escalation theory to explain why social commerce users have willingness to continue to use. Drawing on the theoretical views from both regret and escalation, this study develops and tests a research model of an individual's escalation by mediating their regret in social commerce settings. Survey data collected from 169 users who have feelings on regret after purchasing items in social commerce was used to test model using PLS(partial least square) techniques. According to our results, sunk cost was found to have significant impacts on both regret and willingness to continue use. We also found that the effect of sunk cost on willingness to continue use is positively mediated by regret. The contribution for research is that it develops and tests a integrative model of understanding individuals' regret and escalation behavior by employing both regret and escalation theory. In addition, our attempts can help many of social commerce firms to understand the mechanism of user's purchasing decision and also find why they continually tend to use social commerce. Our findings can also provide firms with alternative arrangement to overcome the limitation of potential growth in social commerce industry.
  • 13.

    A Prediction Algorithm Using a Combined Heart Rate and Movement Index to Estimate the Energy Expenditure of Anaerobic Exercises

    Gyeongho Kang | 2015, 10(2) | pp.261~269 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In recent times, as healthcare is perceived as important, exact information on the proper amount of exercise is necessary. Therefore, if an algorithm can predict real-time energy expenditure and is used in portable equipment, it can help athletes, the general public, and patients create individualized exercise plans. Physical activities must be evaluated to accurately predict energy expenditure. This study propose a new energy expenditure prediction algorithm (EEPA) of combining the heart rate and movement index and applying them simultaneously to several anaerobic exercises to address the disadvantages of preceding energy expenditure prediction studies. A total of 53 subjects (43 males and 10 females) were recruited for this study. The participants used a wireless patch-type sensor (AIRBEAT System) and a wireless gas analyzer (K4b2: Cosmed, Srl, Italy). AIRBEAT System consists of a sensor board, rubber board, and communication module. The sensor is patched onto the participant's chest to obtain physical activity data, including heart rate, movement index, humidity, and temperature. The system was only applied to measurement of heart rate and movement index, and application of energy expenditure prediction algorithm has been limited so far. The relation test for energy expenditure prediction algorithm proposed in this study yields an error rate within ±5% compared with the gas analyzer (K4b2: Cosmed, Srl, Italy) and proves to be more accurate algorithm to estimate physical activity EE. The algorithm developed for energy expenditure prediction is applied not only to anaerobic exercise but also to evey exercise. It is expected that the algorithm developed for estimating energy expenditure will present new application areas for portable heart-rate measurement equipment, such as the AIRBEAT system, and wireless healthcare monitoring devices.
  • 14.

    Hardware Implementation of -times Fast Hybrid Polynomial Basis Multiplier over GF(2m)

    Cho Yong Suk , 민경일 | 2015, 10(2) | pp.271~277 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Finite field multipliers are the basic building blocks in many applications such as error-control coding, cryptography and digital signal processing. Hence, the design of efficient dedicated finite field multiplier architectures can lead to dramatic improvement on the overall system performance. In this paper, a hardware implementation of -times fast hybrid finite field multiplier is presented. The proposed multiplier is used for polynomial basis of finite fields . The proposed architecture is -times faster than bit-serial architectures but with lower area complexity than bit-parallel ones, where the value for , , can be arbitrarily selected by the designer to set the tradeoff between area and speed. In this multiplier, a field element of -bit length is subdivided into several parts to speed up the multiplication operation. In every clock cycle, the multiplication of -bit sub-word and an -bit multiplicand produces one -bit product. The most significant feature of the proposed architecture is that a trade-off between hardware complexity and delay time can be achieved. This makes the proposed multipliers suitable for applications where the value of is large but space is of concern, e.g., resource constrained cryptographic systems. In addition, the proposed architecture is highly regular, simple, expandable and therefore, well-suited for VLSI implementation.