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2015, Vol.10, No.4

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    The Purchasing Intention of In-app Players on Free-to-play Games in China

    이약위 , Lee Sang Joon , KyeongRak Lee | 2015, 10(4) | pp.413~427 | number of Cited : 0
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    Korea game makers operating in China have adopted the P2P(Pay to Play) business models which have to pay a certain amount each month by user. However, as casual games become popular, P2P model was gradually disappeared and other monetization model (F2P, Free to Play) began to receive attention. The majority of Korea research papers for the Chinese game market have focused on online games. This paper investigated the F2P revenue model from the perspective of game industry and examined what makes F2P users in China have purchasing intention. The major findings are summarized as follows. First, regression analysis showed that benefit, expectation, self-presentation, challenge and social interaction have significant effect on flow of Chinese F2P game users. Second, self-presentation and challenge had a strong significant impact to purchasing intention. The implications based on the results of analysis of research questionnaires are like following. First, game developers should place the elements which can give fun and interesting in the game around. Second, the F2P game should be more focused on user interface to improve interaction. Third, game designer should display the winning rate or the missions of level to inspire challenges of players. Lastly, game designer must understand the Graphics preference of Chinese users.
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    Making the Tool and Construct DB for Face Image of High Resolution

    Byung-Tae Chun | 2015, 10(4) | pp.429~434 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently studies for commercializing robot have been actively conducted while robots are being used in various area such as military, medical and education. Since the end of 1970s when welding robot was imported from abroad, robots have been applied to industry sites along with technology development centered on robots in manufacturing industry as major industries like automobile, electronics and semiconductor have grown up. Before selling robot products in the market, appraisal and verification of its performance should be completed. Studies on way of evaluating face recognition performance by intelligent robots have been conducted a lot. High resolution image LED monitor printing is appraised to be the best evaluation model. In order to use face recognition performance evaluation method, images DB of high resolution are necessary. It’s because face images similar to real face can be obtained only when face image of high resolution is printed out in high resolution LED monitor. Most of existing face images constructed in DB is low definition face images and we can say we can’t use this DB because there is much difference from real face when it is printed out in the monitor. This thesis will describe how to produce tool and DB for high resolution face images. The result of experiment shows high resolution image DB can be created.
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    A System Implementation for Plant Cultivation Management Using Embedded System

    Byoung-Chan Jeon , 박창근 | 2015, 10(4) | pp.435~445 | number of Cited : 2
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    Improvement of human friendly subsurface environment is increasing sharply because poor urban environment has been extended to subsurface environment through recent rapid Industrialization. In many countries throughout the world, reducing distribution coast and the amount of greenhouse gas emission movement is a trend by building plant cultivation system in metropolitan area instead of rural environment and a lot of attention is on plant factory system without boundary of natural environment by artificial control growth and development of plant. Great interest is on factory a like plant factory system that would have automated cultivating system without limit of weather, season and space with the development of optimized environment control system such as LED light and artificially controlling plant cultivating environment to control light, temperature, humidity, CO2 density, wind and nutrient solution within the limited environment. The objective of thesis is to reduce necessary energy by connects and test with PLC and embedded board to make the plant Factory system industrialized also to operate the plant cultivation system efficiently by providing optimization of plant factory system.
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    Reliability Analysis of Systems Using Single Valued Neutrosophic Sets

    Cho, Sang Yeop | 2015, 10(4) | pp.447~453 | number of Cited : 6
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    In this paper we propose a new method to evaluate the reliability of systems based on the neutrosophic sets. Neutrosophic set is a part of neutrosophy which is able to deal with the nature of neutralities. There are many various studies to compute the reliability of systems such as fuzzy sets, interval valued fuzzy sets, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, etc. In fuzzy sets the degree of membership of a fuzzy set represented by a real number between zero and one. Sometimes the degree of membership itself may has the uncertainty and the vagueness. To deal this problem the concept of interval valued fuzzy sets was introduced which resolve the uncertainty of the degree of membership for fuzzy sets. In some applications we need to consider the truth membership to supported by the evidence and the falsity membership against by the evidence. To capture the this concept intuitionistic fuzzy sets was proposed. Intuitionistic fuzzy sets are able to only handle the incompleteness of information not the indeterminacy of information. In neutrosophic sets the concept of indeterminacy is included explicitly as truth membership, indeterminacy membership, and falsity membership. These three components of neutrosophic sets are independent. Therefore we can use the neutrosophic set as the generalized formal framework which generalizes the concept of the classic set, fuzzy set, interval valued fuzzy set, intuitionistic set, etc. The method proposed in the paper may be used to analyze the reliability of systems in various application domains include the concept of indeterminacy.
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    An Action Select Reinforcement Learning Model in Multi Agent Environment

    이봉근 , Ahn, Yoon-ae | 2015, 10(4) | pp.455~463 | number of Cited : 1
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    Reinforcement learning is concerned with how an agent ought to take actions in an environment so as to maximize some notion of long-term reward. In particular, a multi-agent system consisting of multiple interacting agents has increased state and action space as compared to a single agent system, so it must have an effective action selection mechanism. Reinforcement learning is used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a robotic soccer agent's action selection. That is, an agent that chooses its actions according to a certain action selection policy receives feedback regarding whether the chosen actions are desirable or not, and the agent learns to find optimal actions for various states in simulated soccer games based on the feedback. Possible states were identified by analyzing various situations/conditions arising in simulated soccer games, and then action selection policies were defined based on the analysis of a soccer agent's behavior patterns. In this paper can be exploited to develop optimized strategies and tactics for robot soccer systems, and it is also applicable to other multi-agent learning environments similar to the robot soccer game environment. In such environments, it is significant to acquire a policy that enables intelligent agents to work cooperatively to win the game.
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    Data-mining Based Anomaly Detection in Document Management System

    장현성 | 2015, 10(4) | pp.465~473 | number of Cited : 3
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    The problem of security management in document management system is that it is even harder to detect an authenticator who uses the system anomalously, although it is as much as possible to prevent and detect the movement of exposing information or destroying the system as a malicious purpose by means of passing through physical and logical protective devices of the system. To solve this problem, an usage status of a contents has been collected within a certain period of time, which is actually used at a specific site and the behavior patterns of a user based on data mining technique which has been analyzed. The main variable deciding a user's pattern has been analyzed and the user has been clustering according to the result. A single-host based on anomaly detection model was designed by techniques of K-Means and Self-Organizing Maps being used for clustering. This model detects a case where a specific user deviates the existing result of clustering in comparison of the result of experiment as anomaly. The content usage pattern of a user was utilized for the designed detection model while the existing detection model of anomaly was established through analysis of usage pattern of command or data packet. In this study, it is to discuss data mining-based anomaly detection model in which couldn't be solved out by the existing method, detection of a user’s intentional exposure of information, and the result of the experiment.
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    The Effects of Information Privacy Concerns on Personal Information Protection Control Activities and Performance in Organizational Level : Focused on the University

    강문석 | 2015, 10(4) | pp.475~483 | number of Cited : 0
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    The major purpose of this study investigate the effects of information privacy concerns on personal information protection control activities and performance in university organization. For the analyzing, it measured the concerns rate to use multidimensional scale of the concern for university information privacy(CFUIP) that was developed in prior study. Based on the relevant literature reviews, it came up with the research model and hypothesis on structural equation model that is connected to decreasing of private information accidents from the factor deduce such as the personal information protection control activities, the accident prevention of privacy, recognition elevation of the organization members. 140 administrators who are working for in charge of personal information security services in university organizations. The results of this study are summarized as follows. Firstly, CFUIP exerted to affirmative effects to the personal information protection control activities. Secondly, the personal information protection control activities in organization exerted to positive effect in the recognition elevation of the organization members and the accident prevention of personal information. Lastly, the accident prevention of personal information is affected directly to reduce the accident of personal information, but there is a limitation to elevate the organization members recognition.
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    Channel Noise Estimation for MIMO-OFDM using Mask Function

    방재권 , Kwangmin Hyun | 2015, 10(4) | pp.485~492 | number of Cited : 1
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    In wireless communication systems, the estimated noise variance is a significant parameter for SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) estimation, estimation of channel impulse response, and MMSE (Minimum Mean Square Error) calculation. More accurately estimated noise variance provides better signal detection performance of systems. However the conventional noise estimation methods result in degradation of performance for the estimation when the noise power becomes higher than threshold value, especially with MMSE filter. In this paper, for more accurate noise estimation, a new noise estimation scheme is proposed by using mask function for FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) block in frequency domain at receiver. The mask function can reduce magnitude of side-lobes of channel response in time domain then it can estimate more accurate reference symbols. Through estimated reference symbols for channel estimation step, more accurate noise component can be estimated so we can obtain better performance of noise variance estimation. The accurately estimated noise variance value is used to calculate weighting matrix for MMSE filter. To prove that the systems using a new noise estimation scheme have better BER performance, we could analyze under several channel variations and compare BER performances for MIMO-OFDM (Multiple Input Multiple Output – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) systems. BER performances using the proposed scheme are better than those using conventional noise estimation scheme under all channel situations.
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    A Design and Implementation of Library Utilization System based on Beacon

    Lee chan sub | 2015, 10(4) | pp.493~499 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently, interest in Internet of things(IoT) increases as various techniques for providing user identification service has been studied. Beacon is why the spotlight from several studies is that Low Energy standard is added to the existing Bluetooth technology. And this is because the spotlight in various fields, marketing or while Apple has released the name of iBeacon. Beacon has the advantage of being able to provide a range of features and services by but not as great an issue, except that the transmission is a simple identification information including the UUID using the server by using a low-power and networking. The purpose of this study was to understand the principle of operation of a beacon and to actually be able to determine the potential for further study and by implementing a test bed that can be applied to a simple library. In particular, the test bed was to operate in the background during the first run repeatedly that the service problems were solved. Also it included a variety of functions such as stop.
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    esign of Hybrid Finite Field Multiplier over GF(2^163) for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems

    Cho Yong Suk , KIM CHANG KYU | 2015, 10(4) | pp.501~507 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The multiplication over finite field GF(2^163) is the main arithmetic operation in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Therefore, the design of efficient dedicated finite field multiplier architectures can lead to dramatic improvement on the overall system performance. In this paper, a hardware implementation of hybrid multiplier over GF(2^163) is presented. The proposed multiplier operates in polynomial basis of GF(2^163). This multiplier’s size of 163 bits is currently recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in their elliptic curve digital signature standard (ECDSS), and is used in practice for binary field multiplication in elliptic curve cryptography. The hybrid architecture is -times faster than bit-serial architectures but with lower area complexity than bit-parallel ones, where the value for , 2≤t≤[m/2] , can be arbitrarily selected by the designer to set the tradeoff between area and speed. The most significant feature of the proposed architecture is that a trade-off between hardware complexity and delay time can be achieved. This makes the proposed multipliers suitable for applications where the value of is large but space is of concern, e.g., resource constrained cryptographic systems such as smart cards and mobile phones. In addition, the proposed architecture is highly regular, simple, expandable and therefore, well-suited for VLSI implementation.
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    A Study on Leadership Style in the Collegial Organization

    이효인 , 이동진 | 2015, 10(4) | pp.509~522 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Collegial system should be visually reshaped, strategically restructured, and substantially learned according to social variation. The focus and locus of ‘learning’ lie in ‘system change’ based on system thinking. The five dimensions of learning organization consist of shared vision, team learning, mental model, personal mastery, and system thinking. Among other things, system thinking is called the fifth discipline. System thinking understand phenomena, and on the basis of them, is the tool of solving problem. System thinking explores interorganizational dynamic relationship in the holistic perspectives (system approach). Therefore, this research too analyzes causal relation between leadership and effectiveness in the collegial system. This paper examines whether transactional leadership and transformational leadership could affect empirically communication system, job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness in the collegial organization. I intend to find there significantly exist transactional leadership and transformational leadership, communication system, job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness in the collegial organization. That is, I will search and analyze through SEM(Structural Equation Modeling) statistical relationships(correlation and causality) between transactional leadership, transformational leadership, communication system, job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness in the collegial organization. We need to give consideration to transactional leadership and transformational leadership factors. Of all factors, especially interaction between transactional leadership and transformational leadership plays the most important role on explaining effectiveness of collegial organization.