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2016, Vol.11, No.3

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    Development of Bio-Mixed Beverage Using Fermentations of the Sanghwang Mushrooms

    권오성 , Lee, Junwon | 2016, 11(3) | pp.215~221 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, the elderly population has increased rapidly and it is growing interest in health, so the mushrooms are used as a material for functional food, but the Sanghwang mushrooms research related to material production using the techniques for the mass culture that are valuable industrially has yet to be revealed. In this study, mixed fermenting products of curcuma root and the Sanghwang mushrooms were developed as a beverage and food material with a increased ability to inhibit osteoclast differentiation. Bone marrow-derived macrophages(BMMs) derived from bone marrow cells were cultured for 3 d with the absence or presence of receptor activator of NF-κB ligand(RANKL) with increasing concentrations(2-20ug/mL) of mixed fermenting products. The fermentation broths inhibited RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in a dose-dependent manner that the formation of multinucleated osteoclast were confirmed by the low tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase(TRAP) activity without inhibiting the growth of bone marrow cells. The fermentation broths was cultured with edible soy and the sterilized solutions showed a brown liquid was charged in case of the beverage bottle. In order to use the bio-mixed fermentation broth as a primary base of the beverage, it is required the sensory evaluation, stability and expiration date.
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    Analysis of a Step-Impedance Based Microstrip Discontinuity Using FDTD Method

    Dong Hak Lee , Doo-Yeong Yang | 2016, 11(3) | pp.223~235 | number of Cited : 0
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    An analysis of discontinuity of microstrip transmission line, which is used to the microwave integrated circuit implementation, is very important work to be applied the complicated circuit design based on the multiport network and transmission line theory. In this paper, we treat the FDTD technique that encompasses the electromagnetic modeling, simulation, and analysis of the electromagnetic responses of the complex systems to various electromagnetic stimuli. It provides a understanding of the circuit response that allows for the better design or modification of the low pass circuit. And also, the simulation conditions to apply the FDTD method are proposed for the microstrip circuit design with multistep discontinuities. The conditions are to definition of the microstrip structure, source feeding waveform, CPML boundary condition and the numerical procedure of electromagnetic wave components. Therefore, the low pass circuits having the step-impedance structure composed of microstrip transmission line are analyzed by the FDTD method and the numerical results are compared with the measurement results in order to determine the accuracy. From the coherent results between the numerics and the measurements, the proposed simulation conditions of FDTD can be usefully used to design and realization of microstrip application circuits with the multistep structure.
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    Trend Analysis for Mobile-Based Personal Health Record(PHR) Contents

    남보령 , KIM,ANNA , Kim Sang-Kyun and 1 other persons | 2016, 11(3) | pp.237~249 | number of Cited : 1
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    The rise in the number of elderly patients and patients with chronic disease has caused an increase in healthcare expenditure; this increase may induce changes from the current treatment-oriented healthcare service to a form of prevention and management-oriented healthcare service. Therefore, the importance of personal health records, which enable patients to manage their own health, is growing. Furthermore, with the evolution of digital devices such as mobile and wearable devices, there is a need for personalized and customized health record platforms and services for preventive medicine. In this study, we analyzed the current implementation of services for mobile-based personal health record applications, based on the results of studies reported to date. A total of 14 published research papers related to personal health records were found. Most of them were produced by universities; the most commonly used mobile operation system was Google’s Android; and the most common service were for cancer, followed by chronic diseases. The results of this study are expected to provide significant implications for implementing personalized services by integrating service models using various personal health devices with patient-centric personal health records.
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    Security Technology Framework in Bigdata Environment

    김난주 , Choi Eui In | 2016, 11(3) | pp.251~260 | number of Cited : 2
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    The number of data is increasing due to develop of Internet, smart devices and IT sector. In other words, the explosive development of the IT field, the number of structured and unstructured data is increasing in geometrical. In addition, problem of numerous security threats was found. It is becoming intelligent and enhanced. An accident such as a large-scale system failures and large amounts of personal information leakage is caused by external hacking. Especially, the attack such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) to aim at a specific target is increasing. There are many companies and organizations to arrange countermeasures to respond to these attacks. Also, according to this trend, importance and analysis technology of Big Data is developing. But, security technology is showing a low level relatively. To study the techniques that can effectively respond to the attack by unknown cyber threats such as APT attack from a clear understanding of existing security with a focus on defense against attacks based on known APT attacks. And service development possible attack response services are desperately needed. In this paper, we list about definition and technique of Big Data in IT field buzzword. Also, we will research about security threat and security response technology.
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    Design of Miniature Tactile Module for Walking Navigation in a Mobile Device

    Yang Tae Heon , Kyoungbog Jin , 박원형 and 1 other persons | 2016, 11(3) | pp.261~269 | number of Cited : 0
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    According to demands for tactile feedback in mobile devices, vibration motors have been used to convey tactile sensation, because the vibration motor is small and consumes low power. However, the vibration motor is not sufficient to generate fruitful tactile sensation. In this paper, we propose a new miniature tactile actuator using elastic restoring and electromagnetic force for providing minute and various tactile sensation in the mobile devices. The proposed tactile actuator consists of a solenoid, a permanent magnet, and an elastic spring. There is an interaction force between the solenoid and the permanent magnet in the proposed actuator. This interaction force is combined with elastic restoring force from the elastic spring to maximize the tactile feedback. Since two forces contribute to the actuation of the proposed motor, the presented tactile actuator can create strong enough force to stimulate human skin in small-sized devices and furthermore it consumes low power. Therefore, tactile actuator satisfies the specification to create haptic sensation (contactors' stroke, output force and working frequency). By connecting the nine actuators to the multilayered elastic springs, we can easily design a miniature tactile module. We measure the output force and the amplitude of the proposed module according to frequency variation in order to investigate that the proposed module create enough force to stimulate human mechanoreceptors over a wide frequency range. Through the experiments, the proposed module has good potential in walking navigation systems.
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    A Design and Implementation of The Equipment Maintenance Platform Utilizing The Mobile Instrument

    송월봉 | 2016, 11(3) | pp.271~278 | number of Cited : 0
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    Normally, the CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System) has been provided as modules associated with ERP because it is closely related with the BOM(Bill Of Material) of ERP. However the CMMS had not used more actively on account of usability and user type such as the lack of awareness as the nuisance of a input task. But in the case of operating efficiently the CMMS, the companies which recognize the benefits that can be obtained are developing on their own or use the solution in the form of a package that has already been developed or investigation introduction. In addition, The majority of the domestic manufactures have a mind that produce a good product and make a profit by selling a lot of their customers and repairs if they are experiencing breakdown. However in such a case some customers are to report breakdown irregularity regardless of the reserve parts, There are no plans to build with BM. In this paper, in the case of equipment maintenance for increased productivity it is necessary to introduce a CBM(Condition Based Maintenance) for utilizing smart devices rather than conventional BM(Break down Maintenance) or CPM(Computerized Preventive Maintenance) so that design and implement the equipment maintenance platform for mobile devices.
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    Average Pattern and Trial-error Learning Method in Context-aware Home System

    Byounghee Son , HWANG SU CHEOL | 2016, 11(3) | pp.279~286 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a context-aware system to predict one’s location in behavior patterns of users. If a new behavior pattern is entered, the system runs a perceptual learning process. While running, the system uses the past three statuses and the current status information and obtains a relationship with the link. The relationship is an average pattern, which is stored and referred in a database system. The proposed system predicts the top four patterns having a high weight value among the average patterns. We suggest an algorithm by making an average pattern and using the trial-error learning method. The system offers a suitable service by considering user’s characteristics and recognizing user’s average pattern in context-aware environments. However, this paper uses just the user’s location data. Even though the system uses the average patterns and trial-error learning for the various variables of context information, the real-time response will be stable and rapid. The proposed scheme has a tendency for the accuracy of prediction to gradually enhance getting the average patterns to increase and the trial-error learning times to decrease. This algorithm will improve the accuracy and reliability of prediction for the incremental context information by incorporating various context information data and provide optimum services to users by suggesting an intellectual reasoning and prediction method based on hierarchical context information.
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    An Analysis of Research Challenge for Coexistence Problem in IoT Environments

    김범석 , Seokhoon Kim | 2016, 11(3) | pp.287~292 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, rapid advances in wireless communication technology led to arrive internet of things (IoT) which is next generation of information and communication technology (ICT). IoT network is composed of different devices with different wireless communication technologies. In this environment, each device can suffer from interference from other devices, and it can be the major reason of significant performance degradation. In addition, the number of devices dramatically increase due to advent of IoT paradigm, and each communication technology has different characteristics such as data rate, signal strength, power consumption, and channel composition. Thus, above problem of performance degradation may be intensified. More specifically, a communication technology which transmits with lower signal strength has more sensitive for external interference from other communication technologies which transmit with higher power. However, interference mitigation schemes for coexistence problem considering IoT environment are not exist, and the existing interference mitigation schemes for traditional communication technologies cannot be directly applied to IoT environment because they do not consider external interference from different communication technologies. In this paper, we first introduce coexistence problem which is the major reason of network performance degradation due to external interference, and we also analyze existing work for mitigating interference in traditional wireless networks. Based on results of analyzing existing interference mitigation scheme for coexistence problem in traditional wireless network, we suggest research direction considering with coexistence situation in IoT environments.
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    Reliability Analysis of Systems Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Neutrosophic Sets

    Cho, Sang Yeop | 2016, 11(3) | pp.293~299 | number of Cited : 2
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    One of the most important thing in developing new systems makes the model of reliability for the systems. In real world it is difficult to evaluate the correct probabilities because of incorrect and uncertain data produced by human. To solve the these problems the fuzzy theory is applied to analysis of system reliability. In fuzzy sets, interval valued fuzzy sets, and intuitionistic fuzzy sets, the membership degrees are represented by single real value, interval value, and truth membership value and falsity membership value respectively. But these fuzzy set theories have demerit that there are no way to evaluate the indeterminacy for components of systems. The neutrosophic sets can provide the method to deal with the indeterminacy. In this research we propose the way to evaluate the reliability of systems based on trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic sets. The trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic sets has the indeterminacy membership function which can process the indeterminacy of systems. In the trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic sets, the membership degrees are represented by the trapezoidal shape and then they has efficiency to calculate the membership degrees and generality to include the representation of the triangle fuzzy neutrosohpic sets. The proposed method may use to compute the reliability of systems in various application domains.