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2016, Vol.11, No.4

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    A Study on Deduction Method of Significant Symptoms Combination based on Null Hypotheses

    Oh yongtaek , KIM,ANNA | 2016, 11(4) | pp.301~314 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to propose an objective analysis method for significant symptoms combination applicable to vast amount of data including big data or clinical data instantly generated in real time, as a substitute for methods based on TKM experts' analysis. A mathematical method based on null hypotheses was used for analyzing relative multi frequency symptom-treatment combinations. These results were used for comparison with TKM experts' analysis on significant symptom-treatment combinations. Based on the correspondence of comparison of the two, for certain purposes relative multi frequency combinations may be considered and used as significant combinations. Therefore, the use of the mathematical method based on null hypotheses for analysing relative multi frequency combinations on text based combinations was appropriate. This method was applied to treatment related formula from Donguibogam and resulted in 39 combinations of significant symptom-symptom, symptom→condition, condition→symptom combinations. This study has some limitations using data only from pain treatment formula. Nevertheless, this limitation may be solved and lead to extended research using various sources of data. Combinations that were not applicable to the hypothesis "Combinations with frequent appearance in certain study subjects are more significant than combinations that are not" were not found. Also, combinations with relatively low frequency in appearance but was significant in result were not found. The limitations of this study requires further research to verify the hypothesis and analysis for combinations that cannot be covered by the hypothesis.
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    The Performance Test Method Execution of Distributed File System for Segmented Media File

    Myeong-Ki Jeong , Jae-Woong Kim | 2016, 11(4) | pp.315~323 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, cloud file system is distributed in the cluster storage media files to the specified size. By the way, media streaming method has been widely used for MPEG-DASH protocol or HTTP Live Streaming protocol because there are many mobile devices of a low performance system. The media file encoded with MPEG-DASH protocol or HTTP Live Streaming protocol system is divided into a segmented media files. Cloud file system stores by distributing a segmented media file to the cluster. Thereafter, the clients will request the playback of the segmented media files. Then the server reads its role as a gateway files stored on a cluster. And the gateway server provides the segmented media files to the clients. This way is the same as how to provide a single media file in server storage. The bottleneck of network traffic occurs on the gateway server. In this paper, we implemented a segmented media files distributed file system proposed in previous research. And check the stability of the segmented media files distributed file system. The method to establish a test device configuration and testing process. Then measure the network traffic of each of the clusters. The result confirm the stability of the segmented media files distributed file system.
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    Proposal and Analysis on the Security Requirements of the Hyper-Connected Society

    김성종 | 2016, 11(4) | pp.325~330 | number of Cited : 0
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    Smart society with convergences of technology and production comes, innovations of technology and production are expected to prevail everywhere. Also, a modern society is in a age of 'Internet of Things(IOT) and ‘Internet of Everything(IOE)’, which exchanges information among objects, via Internet, and it is expectable that the field of Internet of Things(IOT) will become a new-growth engine industry. However, as the interconnections among things are expanded, security threats are expected to be increased highly. Also, as the number of devices that require security increases and as the devices are enlarging their field to lightweight, low-power, hyper-connected and etc, the device-security technologies customized for each of the devices are needed in this stage. In this paper, I consider to Security Threat three part of Industry fields, Devices, Network and Flatform/Service. Therefore, by analyzing the security requirements for Internet of Things(IOT) in this thesis, the analysis is expected to be utilized for the countermeasures against security threats that can attack Internet of Things(IOT) in future. And as the expanded to Internet of Everything(IOE), the new security threat to security requirements that can respond to the threat analysis and developing technology are constantly will made to future.
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    The Effects of Components in Learning Transfer Systems on Job Performance of IT Public Servants - Focused on the Mediating Effects of Learning Transfer -

    Sun-Duck Kim | 2016, 11(4) | pp.331~350 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to present empirical implication of human resource development strategies for ensuring validity of education/training in public organizations. In accordance with this purpose, this study is undertaken to verify the relationship of influence among components of learning transfer systems, learning transfer, and job performance and to validate the mediating effect of learning transfer in IT public servants work through LTSI(Learning Transfer System Inventory) for the learning transfer systems. The results of this study suggest that some components of learning transfer systems had a significant influence on learning transfer and job performance when job post and service period of public servants were controlled and that learning transfer had a significant influence on job performance. Moreover, learning transfer was found to have a complete mediating effect on the influential relationship among learners' characteristics, interpersonal support, comprehensive transfer ability, and job performance among components of learning transfer systems. Based on such results of analysis, we present the need to map out human resource development strategies reinforcing the learning transfer. This study is meaningful in that it went beyond verification of influential relationship with learning transfer which was focused intensively on by a few preceding studies related to learning transfer systems and validated the influential relationship with job performance and mediating effect of learning transfer as personal performance index in the information oriented society.
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    Determinant of Poverty among the Elderly Living Alone : Using Decision Tree Analysis

    Hwang, Myung Jin | 2016, 11(4) | pp.351~358 | number of Cited : 5
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    This study is interested in examining a model that determine the poverty among the elderly population in Korea. Applying the Decision-tree analysis within data-mining techniques, as a methodological branch of Big-Data, the study used data from the National Panel Survey on Pension Plan of 2012 and extracted respondents under 2 conditions: age(those who were at 65 years and older) living arrangement( those who lived alone). Dependent variable was income sources and attributes toward the variable included economic activity, earned wage, house ownership, as well as the quality of life, which became independent variables. And then, the Decision-tree analysis were used to explain the cause of poverty while demographic variables used as control variables. Unlike findings from a logistic regressional analysis, the study results showed a hierarchical order of variables suggested in the hypothetical model. The results showed that economic independence played the key to determine poverty as those who worked and earned wage income from the labor market are much less likely to live out of poverty. However, those who are older than 76 and indicated a lower score at the life satisfaction are more likely to live under the poverty line. Policy related implications on the elderly population living alone were also discussed.
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    A Design of Vehicle Repair Management Mobile System based on Driver’s LifeStyle Pattern

    Choi,Gil-Rim , HyunJu Kim | 2016, 11(4) | pp.359~370 | number of Cited : 0
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    Generally, a vehicle is composed of 20,000 to 30,000 parts, and they are closely linked and operated. Of such parts, consumable parts, number roughly 20 or about 0.001% of the total parts, which should be regularly inspected and replaced, crucially influence the safe operation of a car. This replacement cycle information on such consumable parts is basically provided by automakers, and it concerns the inspection and replacement cycle values for each part item determined according to the passage of time and travel distance. However, most private car drivers cannot easily recognize the replacement cycle information on many consumable parts against their car travel information, and determine the replacement cycle. This paper thus proposes a model designed to estimate the car travel distance based on the car driver’s lifestyle pattern information so as to provide the information of the car’s consumables replacement cycle in real time. The proposed model can automatically create a mobile App for the driver – when the driver selects a lifestyle pattern – to forecast his or her car travel distance, and to alert the car’s consumables replacement cycle. Also, the proposed model makes it possible to prevent possible car accidents caused by the mismanagement of automotive consumables, and to resolve the driver’s anxiety about the management of automotive consumables.
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    Vulnerability Analysis on Multi-Server Authentication Scheme using Smart Card and Biometric Data

    Kwang Cheul Shin | 2016, 11(4) | pp.371~383 | number of Cited : 0
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    In the past, most of the existing password authentication schemes are based on a single server environment which are inadequate for the multi-server environments. But recently, researches have been performed focusing on the remote user authentication scheme by password and bio-metric data in a multi-server environment. The following study analyzes weaknesses in user Authentication schemes in multiple server environments as suggested by Mishra et al’.s. Over the years, various identifier and password based schemes for multiple server environments have been suggested. However, they have been found of password guessing or dictionary attack based vulnerabilities. In order to overcome such weaknesses, there's been many papers since then that suggested various multiple server verification schemes that utilize biometric data for use in multiple server environments and distributed networks. In order to prevent weaknesses in Mishra et al'.s scheme and Chuang et al'.s scheme, the user verification parameter h(PSK) was utilized to improve upon the weaknesses. However, Mishra et al'.s scheme is vulnerable to user/server spoof attack, denial of service attack, impersonation attack, and man-in-the-middle attack. The following study analyzes C&C scheme and improves it, in order to reanalyze and compare weaknesses and problems to Mishra et al'.s scheme.
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    Efficient Implementation of Hybrid Normal Basis Multiplier over GF(2^m)

    Cho Yong Suk , 민경일 | 2016, 11(4) | pp.385~391 | number of Cited : 0
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    Efficient hardware implementations of arithmetic operations in the Galois field GF(2^m) are highly desirable for several applications, such as coding theory, computer algebra and cryptography. Among these operations, multiplication is of special interest because it is considered the most important building block. Therefore, high-speed algorithms and hardware architectures for computing multiplication are highly required. Hardware implementations of finite field arithmetic using normal basis are advantageous due to the fact that the squaring operation can be done at almost no cost. In this paper, efficient implementation of hybrid multiplier using normal basis in GF(2^m) is presented. The hybrid multiplier is of sequential type, i.e., after receiving the coordinates of the two input field elements, they go through d, 1≤d≤m, iterations (i.e., clock cycles) to finally yield all the coordinates of the product in parallel. The value of d can be arbitrarily selected by the designer to set the trade-off between area and speed. The proposed multiplier architecture is faster than bit-serial architectures but with lower area complexity than bit-parallel ones, The most significant feature of the proposed architecture is that a trade-off between hardware complexity and delay time can be achieved. This makes the proposed multipliers suitable for applications where the value of m is large but space is of concern, e.g., resource constrained cryptographic systems.
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    A Design and Implementation of Early Childhood Education Multimedia Contents System for Preschool Teacher

    이범석 | 2016, 11(4) | pp.393~402 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study investigates design and implementation of high-quality multimedia content method for early childhood education. In particular, to design and implement a computer unprofessional preschool teacher system is based on field experience with traditional educational theory. Therefore, I use Windows the operating system and easy-to-use development tools for effective multimedia contents early childhood education. The reason for this, 1) Availability of multimedia content for early childhood education. 2) Computer approach for early childhood education. 3) The design and implementation of multimedia content using traditional educational theory and educational experiences of early childhood site teachers. Multimedia contents early childhood education system uses hyperlink source material data that was used for text, images, sound and video materials. I used Microsoft's Ms-office and Adobe's photoshop software that are useful for end-user and preschool teacher. Multimedia contents and other pages are used by hyperlink and Dynamic Data Exchange(DDE). Therefore multimedia contents for early childhood education is useful tool for students of early childhood education department, parents, preschool teachers and children
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    The Impact of Cinemagraph of CG style on Visual Attention and Purchase Intentions at the Detailed Product Page of E-commerce Website: An Eye-tracking Research Approach

    Jiseob Park , Mingu Kang , Kwangsu Cho | 2016, 11(4) | pp.403~412 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Cinemagraphs that are widely used in the field of marketing are a new type of image which can give viewers visual attention and increase purchase intension by playing the part of the image repeatedly as an animation. This research examines the differences between the effects of Cinemagraph of CG style on visual attention and purchase intention compared to existing still-image in order to confirm that the existing studies of Cinemagraph and similar results can be derived. For the purpose of this research, we selected high sales Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, and Refrigerator on the open market in 2015 as samples and exposed an image of each product that is made of Cinemagraph and still-image to 32 subjects. We set the image and explanation of the detailed product page as each AOI (Area of Interest) by using Tobii x120 eye-tracker, measured the visual attention i.e. how long the subjects keep their eye on each one of the two parts, and checked their purchase intention of the related product through conducting a survey as well. Also, through T-test and MANOVA (Multivariate analysis of variance), we verified that this study is relevant statistically. The results show that the subject who saw Cinemagraph page of products took longer time to gaze at the image part of that page than the opposite subject and we got to know that they had stronger purchase intention.
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    Survey on the Utilization of an Application for Prevention of Pre-Hypertension Group

    Ick-Tae Kim , Young-Eun Kim , Chang Sop Yang and 2 other persons | 2016, 11(4) | pp.413~424 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to suggest directions for the development of an application (app) for hypertension prevention with high utilization, through user evaluation of the app “hypertension coach” developed by the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM). Methods : For hypertension control, risk factors such as body weight, salt intake, and exercise volume, in addition to blood pressure, need to be managed. We have developed a beta-version app to monitor blood pressure as well as the risk factors of hypertension. For the development of the final version, an online survey was conducted for user evaluation of satisfaction for each function of the hypertension coach app and we obtained suggestions on areas for improvement. A total of 208 people responded and 66.7% of them said that they did not experience inconvenience using the hypertension coach app. They suggested that improving the entry method, such as automating the process, would ensure accurate entry of data. Moreover, users expressed an opinion that based on the entered information, personalized exercise and food recommendations should be provided by the app. Respondents also expressed interest in having a user interface that would help them to readily obtain any related information. The results of this study will be helpful in developing an effective and user-friendly app to reduce risk of hypertension among users.
  • 12.

    Workload Characterization for Web Search

    Myeongjae Jeon , 이영규 | 2016, 11(4) | pp.425~433 | number of Cited : 0
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    Web search distributes query processing across many servers, and each web search server processes multiple queries concurrently to achieve high throughput. A fundamental requirement of web search is responsiveness, which is typically guided by a response time SLA. As this is applied to each and every search query, understanding how system resources are utilized during query execution is important. In this paper, we present workload characterization for web search, with a focus on temporal and spatial locality of index data access. A key finding includes high temporal locality, suggesting that data caching plays an important role in achieving good performance. Moreover, this paper analyzes how effective the preferching of index data is in web search. The prefetching is a very common optimization in web search in order to amortize delay related to data reads from external storage. From the analysis, we observe that the prefetching is not only frequent, but also aggressive, with large size of data to be issued for prefetching. Surprisingly, this optimization is effective in web search. However, some portion of the prefetched data is not accessed by the query due to early termination, and this paper shows that this accounts for 8.3% of total prefetched data. As a future work, we will study how to reconcile many prefetching requests issued by concurrent queries under heavy loads. Lastly, we believe that this work will fuel future endeavors on improving memory management for web search workloads.