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2016, Vol.11, No.6

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    Development of a Trajectory Measurement System for Pen-type Input Devices

    Goo-Cheol Jeong , 박원형 , Sang-Youn Kim | 2016, 11(6) | pp.573~581 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently, pen-type input devices have been widely used for recognizing the handwriting of a user and conveying handwritten data to electronic devices. Many pen-type input devices adopt an inertia measurement unit (IMU), which is fabricated by MEMS technology, to sense its motion. However, it is not easy to accurately measure the handwritten trajectory for a period of time with the MEMS IMU because the amount of IMU errors (dynamic drift, static drift, and stochastic drift) rapidly increases with time. The one of the most important factors in pen-type input devices based on MEMS IMU is to measure and to compute the real handwritten trajectory estimated by the IMU. Therefore, in this paper we design and implement a measurement experimental device to determine the real handwritten trajectory, thereby allowing intuitive human-computer interaction. In order to precisely investigate the real handwritten trajectory of a user, we use a haptic device (PHANToMTM) which is a mechanical device that is specifically used for providing haptic feedback to a user. After that, we attach the pen-type device to the gimbal of the PHANToMTM to measure the trajectories at the same time. Experiments are conducted to compare the handwritten trajectory from the IMU and the trajectory from haptic device. From the results, it is considered that the motion of the pen-type device is almost same as that of PHANToMTM, and furthermore it becomes writing posture.
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    Analyses on the Differences in Major-job Related Variables between Traditional and National Competency Standards Recruitment Systems: Focused on Science and Engineering Fields Employees

    So-Ye Lee , Lim, Keol | 2016, 11(6) | pp.583~596 | number of Cited : 2
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    As training able and talented individuals and enhancing the recruitment rate of the college graduates have increasingly become an important factor in the era of limitless competition, the development and dissemination of National Competency Standards (NCS) has been actively pushing by the government. The purpose of the study was to understand the effectiveness of the NCS recruitment system by the comparison of traditional recruitment system. A survey was conducted with 202 valid office workers who worked in public and private companies hired from either traditional (97 participants) or the NCS (105 participants) recruitment systems. To address the research questions, the differences of major-related variables (major-job similarity and job usefulness) and job-related variables (job fit, organization fit, job satisfaction) were asked among the participants to figure out the research questions. As a result, there were significant differences in the major-job similarity, job usefulness, job fit, and job satisfaction. However, organization fit did not show statistical differences. The results implied the NCS-based recruitment system helped recruit appropriate human resources and the system focused mainly on the individual aspect, not organization one. Since, the NCS has not cumulated sufficient data for the effectiveness of the system, it is required to collect sufficient cases and experiences for better practice.
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    A Reliable Service Provided Model for Session Hijacking Attacks in Big Data Service Environments

    Jae Yeong Choi , PARK JAE HEUNG , Yeong Geon Seo and 2 other persons | 2016, 11(6) | pp.597~606 | number of Cited : 2
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    Today, big data environments in which a large quantity of data are produced and collected are managed based on cloud computing. In addition, the new data environment using big data is leading the development in a variety of information and service technologies in today’s society. However, this network environment can be vulnerable to session hijacking attacks, which exploit a valid computer session and use it to attack a server or computer system. This study classified different levels of stable services and sensitive information during session hijacking in a cloud computing environment in which various network services are provided, and encrypted the relevant services. To do so, the levels of values of session interruption data and access data were classified and combined in order to create an encryption bit pattern for each level. And then, the service levels related to data request at the time of an attack were analyzed so that the data are sent after encryption by using the bit pattern, instead of providing instant service. As a result, this study proposed a security model that improved both stability and availability of service against illegal access that can be found in the conventional network environment.
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    The Mediating Effect of Covert Narcissism on a Relationship Between Co-dependency and Maladaptive Perfectionism of University Students’

    Park, Hee-Ryong | 2016, 11(6) | pp.607~616 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study is intended to investigate the effect of co-dependency of university students on the maladaptive perfectionism and to verity the mediating effect of covert narcissism on a relationship between co-dependency and maladaptive perfectionism. In this regard, this study collect the data from 160 university students who were enrolled in 4 universities located in Daejeon Metropolitan City and Gyeongbuk. Some of major findings of the research include. Firstly, co-dependency, maladaptive perfectionism, and covert narcissism had statistically significant correlation. Secondly, co-dependency not only makes direct effect on the maladaptive perfectionism, but makes indirect effect through a mediating variable, the covert narcissism, as well that covert narcissism is verified to mediate a relationship between co-dependency and maladaptive perfectionism. The research results suggest that covert narcissism of university students impoverish when co-dependency is higher, and can make effect on the maladaptive perfectionism due to continual phenomenon of losing general function of life. This study investigate how counselors can convergence policy approach with parents-experience of clients that affect a relationship between co-dependency and maladaptive perfectionism of university students, and suggested implication and limitation of this study and suggestions for a follow-up study.
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    The Development of Realtime Smart Image Mixing System Using GPU Based Video Codec

    Seung-Taek Ryoo , 김영권 , Chang, Jae-Khun | 2016, 11(6) | pp.617~624 | number of Cited : 0
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    As a result of recent advances in GPU programming using graphics hardware, many studies have been focused on the application of parallel and realtime rendering. This paper introduces the development of realtime smart image mixing system using ultra high density video based decoding and encoding techniques. The smart image mixing system implements sequential and streaming based image mixer that consists of video decoding, image resizing and mixing, video encoding step. Sequential based image mixing system decodes whole frames from multiple video inputs and merges extracted synchronous frames from multiple videos into single image. And then, encodes each single image into whole frames and save final result video file. Streaming based image mixing system decodes single frame from multiple video inputs and merges an extracted synchronous frame from multiple videos into single image. And then, encodes a merged image into each frame and repeat the above steps(decoding/mixing/encoding) until last frame from multiple video inputs is extracted. We compare sequential based image mixing method with streaming based image mixing method. In temporal performance, streaming based image mixing method is better than sequential based image mixing method. Suggested method can be used in various fields such as image and game contents generation, UHD image display and network service and video conferencing.
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    The Effects of Introvert-Extrovert Trait and Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivation on the Degree of Discussion Flow and Participation Message at the Web Based Discussion

    Kim, TaeWoong | 2016, 11(6) | pp.625~641 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to find the effect of introvert-extrovert trait and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation on the degree of discussion flow and participation message at the web based discussion. The data for this research was collected from the total of 52 participants. The research data is testified through ‘two-way ANOVA & two-way MANOVA method’. The results of this study were summarized as followed : Firstly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation affects the learner's discussion flow degree. That is, the introvert trait group and intrinsic motivation group was more effective than the extrovert trait group and extrinsic motivation group in the discussion flow degree. Secondly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation affects the learner's positive discussion participation message. That is, the introvert trait group and intrinsic motivation group was more effective than the extrovert trait group and extrinsic motivation group in the positive discussion participation message. lastly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation affects the learner's negative discussion participation message. That is, the extrovert trait group and extrinsic motivation group was more effective than the introvert trait group and intrinsic motivation group in the negative discussion participation message. Based on these research results, it was suggested that introvert-extrovert trait and intrinsic-extrinsic motivation should be utilized in order to improve the discussion flow degree and discussion participation message on the web based discussion.
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    Video based Cartoon Rendering using Back-map and Edge-map

    Chang, Jae-Khun , Hyeon Jin Park , Seung-Taek Ryoo | 2016, 11(6) | pp.643~651 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of cartoon style rendering is to produce traditional cartoon stylized look such as comic books and cartoon movies. The essential of cartoon rendering is the black outline (inking) and the solid color of the interior regions (painting). In this paper, we suggest video based cartoon rendering using temporal frame difference. Video based cartoon rendering has problems occurred by temporal coherence. One of these problems is difficult to find accurate ink-lines from moving objects. Also, waving effect in the boundary area of painting is appeared by illumination variation. To resolve waving effect, we use back-map applied the difference between the current frame and the reference frame in painting step. Corrected frame can be generated from blending reference frame and current frame using back-map. Corrected frame is transformed into color based segmented frame using the mean shift algorithm. To improve inaccurate boundary edge, we use edge-map obtained by adding current edge extracted frame to edge difference between previous and current edge extracted frames in inking step. Blurred frame was generated by bilateral algorithm from color segmented frame. To extract boundary edge, we use sobel edge detection algorithm. The result image can be produced by subtracting edge-map from color segmented frame.
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    A Study on the Efficiency of JPEG2K in DICOM Medical Images Using AHP Method

    Gi Hun Park , Kim Jin-Soo | 2016, 11(6) | pp.653~662 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Currently, most medical images are stored and compressed in accordance with the DICOM(Digital Imaging Communication in Medical) standards. However, DICOM standards compress the image to the JPEG(Joint Photographic coding Experts Group) standards, which affects loss of image quality to take place in the ratio of compression rate. Due to this loss, images are abnormally displayed just as stairs or saws, which is called the Aliasing effect. The more the effect is, the more distortion of the shape is. The loss of images occurred in the process of compression is irrecoverable. Hence, the original file should be separately kept to have images recovered. However, in case of JPEG2K, the loss of images are recoverable. Thus, the original file doesn't have be kept. It is proposed in DICOM Working Group that JPEG2K is used as DICOM medical image compression standards. This paper deals with compressing raw files similar to real DICOM images into JPEG and JPEG2K. And then this paper compares compression ratio, image quality and lossless compression. In the process of compression and comparison, the AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) method is used to objectively quantify subjective evaluations. Also, reliability of subjective evaluations use a consistency index to verify. As a result, JPEG2K scored about 50% higher than JPEG and showed better image quality and lossless compression. As a result, JPEG2K scored about 50% higher than JPEG and showed better image quality and lossless compression.
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    A Study on the VNA Framework Design for EHR Integration according to Standard Medical Information

    Young-Hwan Choi , Kiwon Song , Kim yong suk | 2016, 11(6) | pp.663~673 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes an integrated medical information system architecture, VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) architecture, which accumulates various medical data such as medical documents, medical image, and DICOM. The proposed system provides convergence and synergy among such medical data. CMS(Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) suggests healthcare service vendors to follow “CMS Meaningful Use” and its standard solutions. CMS Meaningful Use is a CMS Medicare and Medicaid program that awards incentives for using certified electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care. Meaningful Use is implemented in a phased approach over a series of 3 stages. Stage 1 promotes basic EHR adoption and data gathering. Stage 2 emphasizes care coordination and exchange of patient information, and Stage 3 improves healthcare outcomes. Finally, this paper presents a VNA framework designed for satisfying Meaningful Use Stage 1. Medical image data and medical information data are separated and stored. Each module is divided into separate modules according to the format of original data and the format of target data to be converted. This paper also present evaluation items for quantitatively evaluating the performance of solutions developed according to the proposed framework. Therefore, this study expects to be a VNA framework for convergence of medical information conforming to different standards.
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    Making and Application of Educational mini-Board under Visual C++ Development Environment

    HWANG SU CHEOL | 2016, 11(6) | pp.675~683 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    A control system using computer is used in variety field such as image process and device control etc. Therefore the University's curriculum includes some subjects for teaching a basic knowledge of H/W control using PC. But there is a difficult in training of interface application programming in Visual C++ development environment due to absence of appropriate education tools of low price using Visual C++ that is a powerful develop language. In order to solve this problem we suggest new tool with compose of a mini-board, libraries and application programs based on Visual C++ MFC environment. First, we made the board of 120mm*100mm size and a firmware to support communication protocol based on a Modbus protocol which is used in industrial fields widely. And we implemented a few library functions to control devices mounted on the board. Last we provided of some sample programs to enable students to self-study of H/W control in its environment. If this result is used in programming education course of university, it is expected that students may have interesting about it and naturally learn a basic knowledge of device control field.
  • 11.

    Analysis of Professional Demand Survey for the Provision of Korean Herbal Medicine Resource Information Service

    장윤지 , Sang-Jun Yea , Bo Seok Seong and 1 other persons | 2016, 11(6) | pp.685~701 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Thanks to the development of medical technology and changes in atmosphere in pursuit of a healthy life, the names of medicinal herbs have become approachable, and public interest has increased. On the other hand, the production of monographs for herbal medicine resources has become active in numerous countries after the Nagoya Protocol has taken effect. This study is about the establishment of a Korean herbal medicine resource monograph that provides herbal medicine resource information service that can be used not only by professionals but also by the general public. Prior to compiling the monograph of 478 medicinal herbs available domestically, the monograph of a sample herb, "Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi(黃芩)" and an establishment guidebook were proposed to 252 experts, and a demand survey was conducted from the perspective of users. Expert counsel was also sought for analysis. If the degree of completion is heightened by applying the collected opinions and supplementing the data for the commencement of service in the second half of the year, the best Korean herbal medicine resource information service with high public confidence is expected to be developed.
  • 12.

    Design and Implementation of Multi-Access BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway using Arduino

    Seok-Yeol Heo , Seung-Yeol Lee , Wan-Jik Lee | 2016, 11(6) | pp.703~712 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, many hardware platform and communication technologies are developed and being used for IoT. Additionally a lot of new technologies are newly appeared; however these technologies have pros and cons respectively, one hardware platform or communication technologies have some pretty limits to adopt them to all environment and applications. Arduino is open source based single board micro-controller and receives attention as a hardware platform for IoT with Raspberry Pi. Additionally, Arduino is accepted as more proper device for sensor node in IoT environment because of cheapness and lightness compared with other platform. BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) is evaluated as a technology apt for the healthcare and smart home application which requires a certain level transmission rate based on low energy and fast connection. Arduino using BLE is suitable for sensor node in the IoT environment but we have difficult in enlarging transmission range and sensing area due to restricted transmission range of BLE and I/O port of Arduino. In this paper, we design and implemented a multi-access BLE/Wi-Fi gateway using Arduino. We build a testbed monitoring system using Google Chart which is based on RESTful API. Through the empirical test we confirmed that BLE/Wi-Fi gateway can solve the multiple access and transmission limitation issues of BLE.
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    A Development of Convergent Teaching Method Using Storytelling and Programming

    구정모 | 2016, 11(6) | pp.713~723 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Converged education is being stressed to foster the student’s logical thinking ability for a variety of problem solving and communication capability for creative expression of ideas and feelings. In order to improve these converged thinking abilities in programming education, it is required to have multidisciplinary teaching method which develops higher thinking ability as well as communicative skills. Nevertheless, these programming methods are yet insufficient. In this study, a convergent teaching method of programming using the educational effectiveness of storytelling is developed. The teaching methods used in this experiment are learning programming skill, guide, searching and reading a story, analysing and changing the story, presenting and modifying the story, digital storytelling, sharing and feedback, organizing and evaluation. I applied pilot techniques to experiment groups, and the control group used a traditional teaching method. As a result of the demonstration, the total score of the formative tests does not show a significant difference. In the sub-factor of creativity personality, in terms of openness, patience/immersion, curiosity, the experiment group benefits than the control group. Research satisfaction survey displays a positive effect on the experiment group compared to the control group. It is important to provide learners an opportunity to improve their logical thinking abilities and creative communication skills using storytelling and programming converged teaching method. It is expected that this study contribute to the development of diverse fusion teaching methods in the future.
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    An Effect on Learning Achievement and Satisfaction of a Flipped Learning Method in General English Courses at a University Level

    Oh Hyun Young , 구정모 | 2016, 11(6) | pp.725~740 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In Korea, universities have been providing liberal arts education to improve their English proficiency. There are problems such as lack of response to various levels of students, native English professors' lack of ability of teaching and classroom management, and rigidity of teaching methods. Recently, it has been trying to induce learner participation by using flipped learning in domestic and foreign universities considering learners' level and interests. In Korea, however, there are not many empirical studies using flipped learning in general English courses at universities. In this study, we designed the flipped learning lesson and developed the necessary apps for English education, PowerPoint slides, and other instructional materials and applied them to the actual classroom. A traditional teaching method and a flipped learning method were applied to control and experimental groups for sixty-three students who attended in general English classes at a local university. There were no meaningful differences in academic achievement and class satisfaction between the two groups. However, the students in the experimental group responded very positively to the before-class learning and overall satisfaction in the assessment of awareness for flipped learning. We hope this study will contribute to the application and dissemination of flipped learning in general English courses at universities.
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    A Study on Wearable App Development – Focusing on Gear S3

    Lee chan sub | 2016, 11(6) | pp.741~747 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the development of information communication has increased interest in wearable devices and mobile operating systems. Among the various mobile operating systems, Tizen is very popular because of its very easy development environment. Tizen is a multipurpose operating system under development by the Tizen alliance(Samsung, Intel, Huawei, SK, KT, LG U+, etc.) that supports mobile, wearable, and TV. Sony's SmartWatch has a problem in development due to its complicated development process. However, Samsung's Gear S3 provides Tizen Studio and develops native apps based on C and C ++ and web based on HTML, CSS and JS. Therefore, if you have experience of making a web page, you can develop a wearable app with the same concept. In this study, we developed a simple library application that can be used in gear S3, which is a wearable device, so that we can understand the process and the procedure and identify the problems when applied to wearable devices. We have confirmed that Gears S3 apps from Tizen Studio have the advantage of being easy to re-implement easily by customizing the application composed of existing web sites. The function of turning on wrists has interfered with the developed apps and confirmed that the screen turns off.
  • 16.

    Development of Blended Learning Contents for Automotive Electric Engineering Using Multimedia

    Dosik Moon , Lim, Dong Kyun | 2016, 11(6) | pp.749~755 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, a multi-media-based online education content was designed and developed to effectively educate automobile electrical engineering. For an efficient education of automobile electrical engineering, experiments and theory-based lectures are essential. However, providing practicum is not easy through cyber education. In order to overcome the practicum barrier, an online practicum course was designed using ELECTUDE simulator for students to practice without having the actual car components. These classes were recorded as a video using Camtasia for beginners to easily follow the progress. The followings are the considerations we made during the development and construction of the education contents. We created the hypothetical practice using simulations related to auto mobile in order to allow a realistic experience. This content has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to motivate students to finish the online learning. All of the practicums were recorded using Camtasia for a student who has no prior electrical automobile engineering experience. These videos help the student to quickly adapt to the actual working environment and identically follow the procedures. We also provide the contents in English and these contents are recorded by a native speaker to provide a natural way to learn the specific jargons. A separate translated page in Korean is also provided for students who are not proficient in English. These bi-lingual education attempts naturally motivates students who avoids learning English in engineering departments to learn the language. We could avoid text-oriented English classes and using the native-speaker’s pronunciation, we could also anticipate English listening comprehension. The automobile-electrical engineering online course suggested in this paper allows both the theoretical learning and the experiments using the simulators, and these experiments resemble real life applications. Would-be students of automobile electrical engineering can greatly benefit from this online content.
  • 17.

    Design and Analysis of Radiation Pattern on the Dual Reflector Antenna

    Lim, Dong Kyun | 2016, 11(6) | pp.757~765 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we design a dual reflector antenna that can be used for satellite communication and evaluate its performance. First, the design center frequency is determined for the design of the corrugated horn antenna, and the change of the characteristic according to the variation of the wall thickness and the slot width of the corrugate is investigated. In order to suppress the reflected wave generated by the corrugate, suitable input tapere section must be designed and a mode conversion section is desiged in order that the cross polarization does not occur. In order to suppress the occurrence of the mode, the height of the corrugate is calculated in the transition section and the output flare section, the center point of the phase is calculated, and the horn characteristics are calculated at the highest and lowest frequencies. In order to analyze the antenna radiation characteristics of the offset reflective plate, we analyze the radiation characteristics of the sub reflector using the diffraction geometry theory, analyze the radiation characteristics of the main reflector using the physical optics method, Combine to interpret the radiation characteristics of the reflector antenna