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2018, Vol.13, No.2

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    The Effects of Introvert-Extrovert Trait and Smartphone Using Motivation on the Degree of Flow and Satisfaction at the Smartphone Based Discussion

    Kim, TaeWoong | 2018, 13(2) | pp.187~202 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study is to find the effect of introvert-extrovert trait and smartphone using motivation on the degree of discussion flow and satisfaction at the smartphone based online discussion. The results of this study were summarized as followed : Firstly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait affects the learner's discussion flow degree. That is, the introvert trait group was more effective than the extrovert trait group in the discussion flow degree. Secondly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait affects the learner's discussion satisfaction. That is, the introvert trait group was more effective than the extrovert trait group in the discussion satisfaction. thirdly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait and smartphone using motivation affects the learner's discussion flow degree. That is, the introvert trait and smartphone presence using motivation group was more effective than the extrovert trait and smartphone presence using motivation group in the discussion flow degree. lastly, the learner's introvert-extrovert trait and smartphone using motivation affects the learner's discussion satisfaction degree. That is, the introvert trait and smartphone presence using motivation group was more effective than the extrovert trait and smartphone presence using motivation group in the discussion satisfaction degree. Based on these research results, it was suggested that introvert-extrovert trait and smartphone using motivation should be utilized in order to improve the discussion flow degree and satisfaction.
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    Expanding K-herb Network Analysis System by Exploiting Traditional Medical Knowledge

    Yea Sang-Jun | Yun Ji Jang | Bo Seok Seong and 1other persons | 2018, 13(2) | pp.203~210 | number of Cited : 0
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    In biomedical research area, various researches have been carried out to develop novel tools for analyzing biomedical interactions and relationships between compounds, proteins, genes, and diseases. In previous project, we built network of biomedical information related to herbal medicine and developed multidimensional analysis tools exploiting those relationship between data. However the previous system is not capable of building network of traditional medical knowledge of herbal medicine and analyzing it. In this paper, therefore, we aimed to expand the previous system by adopting traditional Korean medical knowledge. In order to design the expanded system, we analyzed the process of building network and user interfaces of the previous system as well as the database schema related to herbal medicine in traditional Korean medicine information portal (OASIS). The expanded system has two sided view of network. In the left side of view, there is traditional medical knowledge based network which is composed of herbal medicine, herbal prescription, efficacy, and target and provides links to the web contents of papers, prescriptions, monographs, and specimen of OASIS. The expanded K-herb network multidimensional analysis system by connecting traditional medical knowledge will be a useful network analysis tool to researchers in the traditional medical and biomedical area.
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    A Study on Functional Test of Damage Detection Sheet Using RS-485 Embedded Board

    Hong,In-Sik | 2018, 13(2) | pp.211~220 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, a iterative numbering protocol(Regular Sequence Numbering Protocol) for the monitoring of demage detection sheet is proposed. Demage detection sheet is one of the social infrastructures which is constructed with underground various pipe networks. The damage detection sheet is attached to the upper part of the underground facility, and is attached to provide the damage data at an early stage when the facility is damaged. Recently, it has been developed into a form that can detect when a sinkhole occurs. It is difficult to detect the demage of such a sheet by a general electric method because the distance is long (about 1.2 Km). However, if the communication distance is secured by the RS-485 standard, which is one of the communication standards, it is possible to detect the presence of demage. In addition, the noise due to various leakage currents existing in the basement is mixed with the data for damage detection through the sheet as a medium, causing multiple data corruption. In order to solve this noise problem, we propose and design an regular sequence numbering protocol with a robustness noise immunity. The proposed protocol is designed not only to detect the demage of the sheet but also to detect the communication quality of the demage detection sheet buried in the underground. The system is constructed using the 5V based Arduino and RS-485 board as the communication embedded board at both ends of the sheet. The uploading of the final data is implemented using Wi-Fi or CDMA network.
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    The Effect of Unplugged Role-Play on Learning Motivation and Academic Achievement Focusing How Computers Work

    Gwon-Woo Yang | 2018, 13(2) | pp.221~229 | number of Cited : 1
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    As the technology of information communications has developed and its equipment has come into wide use lately, the social structure has been changing from industrial society to informational one. This caused the transformation toward the society in which computers solve complicated problems by using various and a large amount of materials from the society in which people solved simple ones by using a small amount of materials. Owing to this change, each nation in the world became interested in computer science and coding education and added them to school curriculum as a new subject. However, the studies about ways of teaching and learning to educate computer science and coding effectively are insufficient and preliminary elementary teachers have no interest in how to operate computers or teaching coding. So this study suggested the way of teaching and learning which can educate the process of how computers work a command through unplugged role-play. And this study analyzed statistically the learning motivation and study achievements of how computers work between a experimental group used the way suggested by this study and a control group used a general teaching way. As a result, the way suggested by this study was more meaningful in terms of the learning motivation and study achievements of computer science than a general one.
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    Construction of Korean Medicine Knowledge for the General Public

    KIM SANG HYUN | Nam Boryeong | Kim Sang-Kyun | 2018, 13(2) | pp.231~240 | number of Cited : 1
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    Korean medicine has long been used to treat patients in Korea. Many clinical knowledge have been accumulated in ancient literatures for a long time. It is traditionally related to our culture and its utilization is high. However, because most Korean medicine knowledge is provided in a form that only the researchers or doctors of Korean medicine can understand, it is difficult for the general public to use the knowledge. There are several websites that provides the Korean medicine information for the general public, but the information is fragmentary. Therefore, in order to provide the health knowledge based on Korean medicine for the general public, we in this paper constructed the information on medicinal materials, formulas, diseases, food ingredients, yak-seon foods, terminologies from many literatures in Korean medicine. Difficult clinical terminologies were translated to make it easy for the general public to understand and the elements related to each other were connected among the knowledge. In particular, the information on diseases and food ingredients have been described in ancient literatures for the general public to treat and prevent diseases themselves. Many people are interested in the information even in modern times. The knowledge constructed in this paper will be able to utilized to the personalized services in the near future.
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    A Study on the Continuous Use Intention of the Facebook Platform

    조래을 | 2018, 13(2) | pp.241~250 | number of Cited : 0
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    The industry has entered a new era since Apple announced the first smartphone in the United States in 2007. With the convenience and accessibility of portability, smartphones have become the foundation of new networks, not phones. This has led to a new leap forward in social network services, and in particular, the rapid growth of SNS, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Cacao, has created a virtuous cycle structure in which various businesses are created. In this study, we investigate what factors affect users in using Facebook platform. The empirical study applying the extended technology acceptance model that extended the fun variables to the technology acceptance model centered on the perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness will be of practical help to the platform builder. The results of this study suggest that perceived ease of use and fun factors affect the intention of continuous use. On the other hand, perceived usefulness was excluded from the influence factors. This suggests that the Facebook platform is limited to the direct business of social network services and that it is not yet a useful step to expand various businesses as a platform. The perceived ease of use and fun factor were both significant for perceived usefulness and persistent intention to use.
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    Development of Competency-based Online Vocational Education and Training Program Focused on IT

    Jungmin Shin | Sang-Youn Kim | 2018, 13(2) | pp.251~261 | number of Cited : 1
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    Social demands have increased to seek the talented people who can actively adapt to the changes in labor market as the competency-based training for individual employees has been highlighted recently in the vocational training field. The ability to actively cope with changes in the labor market means that it is very fast to acquire new technologies and knowledge and the extent to which it adapts flexibly is very high. Also, in the case of duties requiring expertise in this task, it is not easy to deal actively with changes in vocational abilities, so ability custom education is further necessary. Especially, IT infrastructure, information processing abilities and strategies are considered as the companies' main competitiveness. In the IT field, it is the basic industry of the current technological innovation and it is the lead industry, so there is a great need for the quantitative accumulation and the need for qualitative development of the capacity necessary for specific duties. Accordingly, the necessity is stressed of online vocational training program focused on job-related competencies as well as the competency-based IT training program. As a result of competency diagnosis for IT-related common competencies, this study suggests ways and means to develop the competency-based and personalized vocational training program on IT-related common competencies to solve the current problems on online vocational training and improve the educational effectiveness.
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    Application of Computational Thinking to Improve Learning Effectiveness in the Subject ‘Programming’

    Jae Hyun Park | Park,Durk-Won | 2018, 13(2) | pp.263~271 | number of Cited : 1
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    Computer education at school uses a lecture method in which instructors communicate ICT knowledge and software usage to learners. However, it has been pointed out that it is difficult to cultivate talented people with creative thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for the digital age. On the other hand, software education improves higher cognitive abilities such as learner 's logical thinking, problem solving ability, achievement and confidence through completion, cooperation and interaction through discussion. To apply the software education to the school site, it is necessary to provide software education centered on student activities in addition to the existing lecture class method. The purpose of this study is to apply computing thinking activity of software education to programming learning and to analyze its learning effect. To do this, we analyze the programming textbooks and design a class model to apply computing thinking activities to learning. And applied it to the actual class and compared it with the existing lecture method. In this study, we divided into experiment group applying computational thinking activities method and control group applying existing lecture class. Prior to the experiments, assured the homogeneity of two groups by academic achievement pre-test, after that, analyzed results of t-test by academic achievement post-test. As a result, the computational thinking activity applied to the programming lesson showed positive results both in interest and attitude of programming learning as well as achievement improvement.
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    A Study on the Implementation of Urban Senior Multi-Carezon for the Elderly

    LEE JONG SIK | 2018, 13(2) | pp.273~286 | number of Cited : 1
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    Korean government has taken various population policy so far According to demographic results, The aging population is rapidly aging and it is expected to deepen in the future. However, many senior citizens are also exposed to poor economic conditions and inconsistent health care risks Most seniors suffer from mental illness and chronic diseases. seniors in traditional cities feel very alienated as they change from large family to small family. As the number of elderly people living alone grows, social problems increase. At present, the health care for the elderly who live alone is not being taken properly, and they are under a very poor management system, both physically and mentally. Every human being has to be old, and we aim to spend our old age processes physically and mentally healthy. As the basic age of the elderly increases, it is necessary to consider various aspects of the welfare policies and medical policies that are followed. In this study, 100 elderly people over the age of 65 were surveyed for economic situations and physical and mental health conditions, and specially performed study on utility of 'urban senior multi care zone' to prove the necessity of introducing the latest digital devices to resolve these problems more effectively by analyzing serious feelings of alienation, loneliness, and emotional situations. Lastly, We conducted this research to find ways to help the elderly through customized health care.
  • 10.

    Information Extraction of Abnormal Headlight from Night Vehicle Image

    Byung Tae Chun | 2018, 13(2) | pp.287~292 | number of Cited : 0
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    Many studies using the latest nighttime vehicle images are under way. Research on nighttime imaging has been conducted in the field of ITS and is being used to collect vehicle information. When the unusual headlight is shining on the eyes, it is said to be invisible for 4.5 seconds. In the case of a vehicle traveling at 80 km, it will run at 100 m without any defenses. Thus, in the case of an unsteady headlight, the driver of the other side of the opponent may have a serious problem in driving even if the driver takes the light for only a few seconds. In this paper, we propose a method to extract headlight area information from input nighttime vehicle image and determine whether it is a normal / abnormal headlight. After the binarization is performed on the whole image, the large area is extracted to the headlight area through the condition check. The extracted headlight area is compared with the pre-calculated normal headlight area size to determine normal / abnormal. Experimental results show that the detection of unsteady headlights is good. This study can be applied to search for illegal headlights in the future.