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Information for Authors

1. The contributor to the dissertation shall comply with the rules of this society and the academic research ethics regulations.

2. If the thesis is published, the contributor shall agree to publish and publish a thesis in <Korean Language Literature>, transfer the copyright to the academic society, produce it in other media (CD, Internet files, etc.) and incorporate it into the academic society's budget and utilize it in the event of a certain amount of profit. Consent on this shall be in accordance with the procedure for submitting JAMS contribution and paper contribution confirmation.

3. The contributor shall be limited to the members of this society who have paid the membership fee, and shall pay 60,000 KRW for the review fee at the time of contribution.

4. The major fields of thesis on a contribution are Korean linguistics, classical literature, modern literature, Korean language education, etc.

5. The thesis submits the file written as a word processor to the Korean Language and Literature Society's Online Submission System (JAMS). However, in unavoidable circumstances, shall also receive a contribution via e-mail from the association.

  • Online submission system (JAMS) address: http://koreall.jams.or.kr

  • E-mail address: kore05@daum.net

6. The closing date of the dissertation is set on January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 each year (the publication date of the journal is March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31), and the president of the association publishes it on the official documents, newsletters, and website of the society according to the schedule of the editorial meeting.

7. The thesis is prepared according to the journal editorial system schedule (in the journal) of this society.

8. The affiliation of the author of the thesis shall be marked on the first page of the thesis, and at the end of the thesis, the author's information (name, affiliation, position, address, e-mail) shall be specified.

9. Upon receipt of a contribution thesis, the society issues a paper receipt.

10. The results of the review of the thesis shall be notified to the contributor through an official document of this society.