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2004, Vol.41, No.

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    A Study on the Utilization of DMZ Area for the Peaceful Coexistence

    kim, young bong , 이문원 | 2004, 41() | pp.1~1 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study aims to suggest concrete plans on inter-Korea cooperation such as cooperative use of resources in the Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea, preservation of the natural environment, South-North interchange cooperation area designation, and co- operation projects toward appropriate and rational utilization of national territory and peace settlement with strengthened foundation of inter-Korea interchange and cooperation. It tries to examine traffic network connection, prevention of natural disasters, cooperative use of water resources, preservation and management of the natural environment, co- operation between agriculture, tourism, and fishery industries, exhumation and restoration of cultural and historical resources as cooperation and interchange projects to be promoted in the DMZ. The inter-Korea cooperation zones include the Baekryeong-myeon area and Yeonpyeong- myeon area in Ongjin county, the Gyodong-myeon area in Ganghwa county, the Jang- dan-myeon area in Pajoo city, the Cheolwon-eup area in Cheolwon county, and the Hyeonnae-myeon area in Goseong county. For institutional support for these cooperative projects in the DMZ, the limitations of present system are analyzed at first, and relevant institutions and systems are modified or newly enacted.
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    A Study on the River-Grade Decision Criterion Utilizing Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

    김광묵 , Lee, Seungbok | 2004, 41() | pp.2~2 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to develop new river-grade Decision criterion in Korea. The criterion has not been changed since the river law established in 1961. In recent, river-grade management which includes 3,893 rivers divided into national river, the first local river and the second local river has not properly worked to control the whole river system. The conflict between local governments has often happened. And Flood in the joint line of national river and local river has been periodically occurred in summer because of the unbalance of river barrier's height. It is inevitably necessary to adjust river-grade reflecting the influences of social conditions and the river's physical appearance such as multi-dam construction, river barrier to preventing from overflow, basin facility and so on. Accordingly, this study analysed these factors influencing to river's functions, that is, water supply, flood control and environment by quantitative and qualitative analysis statistically. Based on the result of the analysis, 12 factors influencing river's function and management are consequently selected. The most important factor in the analysis is river's dimension which recorded the highest point resulted in Delphi survey. Finally, the new river-grade adjustment criterion is created by those complicate processes and formed by three grades divided into national river, the first local river and the second local river. However, the amendment of river law is strongly required to adopt the above outputs in the near future.
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    A Study on the Decentralization and Regionalization of Public Policy for Regional Development

    Taehwan Kim | 2004, 41() | pp.3~3 | number of Cited : 4
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    In recent years, decentralization reform has been conceived as an inevitable force for the competitiveness of a nation and regions in many countries. It is also accepted that the sectoral approach to public policy by central government is challenged by the place-based approach. This study aims to investigate and analyse the existing system of centralized policy making process in regional development field and also suggests the policies and programs for the establishment of region-based policy system. Especially this study has focused on 'regionalization' of the central government's function in regional development. The concept of regionalization is defined in this study as the changed public policy making process which considers more regional condition than the national objectives. This study insists that decentralization of central government functions is necessary in order to achieve the self-reliant regional development. While local government in Korea has a low level of delegation power in the sphere of regional development, central government has still overall responsibility for the economic development in the region. This study has put much emphasis on the significance of local industrial policy by the need of region. While central government so far has played a overwhelming role in the regional economic development planning, it has produced many problems which include its inconsistency with other local development planning such as transportation planning, urban planning, housing planning and so on. For the purpose of self-sustained regional development, it is necessary to decentralize the planning and execution power of central government to local government. It is also suggested that central government has to design more strategic role for example as information provider, facilitator and promotor for the nation-wide regional development.
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    A Study on the Claim Potential in Public Construction Works Using a Structural Equation Modeling Approach

    Kim, Sungil , 이형찬 | 2004, 41() | pp.4~4 | number of Cited : 3
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    We analyzed the claims' factors in the public construction projects. According to the previous studies, construction claims and disputes complexly result from various causes. As researchers would define the claim by operational definition, they presented factors of a construction claim differently. Considering all things, the causes of a construction claim result from so many factors; that is institutional conditions, the practice of construction contract, and so on. This study presents the results of a Structural Equation Model (SEM) for describing and quantifying the fundamental factors that affect a contract claim between owners and contractors in the public construction project. Therefore, the purpose of this analysis is to identify the factors that affect a construction project, and to construct a model to predict a construction claim in public construction projects. Data for the model development were collected using questionnaire surveys which had been undertaken of project managers or contractors working on public sector construction projects. This analysis developed a model and the factors of a construction claim in public works were modeled by using the SEM. Process and project issues play a role in predicting the likelihood of the construction claim in public works. When these variables can be measured through surrogate variables. It is rejected the null hypotheses that the capability of owners and contractors, the external characteristics of the conducted project are related to the potential of claims in a significant level. However, the physical characteristics and complexity of projects and contract management are related to contract claim potential. From these results, we conclude that the potential of contract claims in the Korean public works is influenced by the process issue rather than the people issue.
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    Possibility of the HST(High Speed Train) for Commuting Trip

    Nam-Geon Cho , Lee,Hunki , Kim Jonghak and 1 other persons | 2004, 41() | pp.5~5 | number of Cited : 1
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    In Korea, the HST(high speed train) began to operate in April, 2004. The HST is, bringing interregional travel time reduction, expected to have impact on various factors, e.g., travel behavior, regional economy, spatial structure etc. Of those factors, this paper aimed to analyze the possibility of the HST for commuting trip. An area that can be accessible within one hour is, in general, regarded as "commuting zone". Due to the opening of the HST, two local cities, Cheonan and Daejeon, can be reclassified as the metropolitan area's commuting zones which can be access to Seoul city within one hour. People living in the local cities can enjoy commuting trip to the metropolitan area and vice versa. SP(Stated Preference) survey was done in order to capture commuting attitude of employers who have jobs in Seoul, Cheonan and Daejeon cities. Discrete choice model analysis reveals that the HST' fare and access/egress time are important factors of determining commuting trip. The probability of choosing the HST for commuting trip is estimated at only 11% under realistic condition. Taking into account operating capacity of the HST, the number of commuters who move to local city and commute to the metropolitan area would amount to 1,870 at maximum. Effective measures to increase the HST's patronage for commuting trip should be taken, e.g., increase of operating trains and no. of seats especially in peak hours, commuting subsidy and effective urban development around the HST stations.
  • 6.

    The Effects of Macroeconomic Fundamentals on Housing Market: Considering Structural Breaks

    BYOUNGKY CHANG , 심성훈 | 2004, 41() | pp.6~6 | number of Cited : 18
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    The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between housing price and the other economic variables in consideration of structural breaks during 1986-2004. To this end, data analysis was conducted through the methods such as Zivot and Andrews'(1992) unit root test and Gregory and Hansen's(1996a, b) cointegration test. We found the following empirical results. The relationship between housing price and interest rate has changed from positive to negative after structural break. In addition, the effect of economic growth on the housing price increased. This suggests that the market fundamentals play more important roles on determining of housing price in the long run. Further this finding gives some policy implications for the housing market. That is, the long-term housing policy to stabilize housing markets should be considered in accordance with the macroeconomic policy (including interest rate) as well as tax policy.
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    Housing Submarket Analysis of the Capital Region

    김주영 , Kyoung Woo | 2004, 41() | pp.7~7 | number of Cited : 20
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    Most of housing research assumes that housing market is one and coefficient of hedonic price function is constant regardless of regional characteristics. In reality, it is more reasonable that housing market is divided by several submarkets. Our study focus on housing submarket of the Capital Region, Korea. There are several benefits in analysing housing submarket study. First, housing submarket analysis can give us an understanding for spatial structure of the capital region so it contribute to set up more efficient housing policy for this region. Second, performance of hedonic price function will be higher in case of mass appraisal of housing prices. The main conclusion is as follows. Housing market division of our research was represented as meaningful results. The comparison was conducted by standard error of the hedomic price model. First, housing submarket model by the distance to city of Seoul appeared more efficient predictive power than those of entire model by 7.9%. Second, housing submarket model by statistical method was more efficient than those of entire model by 7.1%.
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    Strategies and Arguments for Effective Maintenance and Management of Geographic Information System's Database

    Kim TaeJin | 2004, 41() | pp.8~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    In GIS literature, efforts for the maintenance and management of the GIS database have also been rare. One of the serious problems with past research into the GIS database has been the choice of the main body about GIS database management. This research examines the criteria of the main body selection for GIS database management and analyze the factors which affect the choice of the main body for GIS database management. To accomplish this purpose, the literature survey and case study were used. Followings are the major findings of this research. First, the criteria of database management are the degree of special human power, the degree of strategic impact for the database information, and the degree of know-how store for information technology. Second, types of the database management are insourcing, middle sourcing, and outsourcing. The major theoretical implications of this research suggest the new model for database management.
  • 9.

    Challenges of North Korean Industrial Transformation

    won bae kim | 2004, 41() | pp.9~9 | number of Cited : 0
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    북한의 산업경제는 장기간의 자급자족 정신에 입각한 계획경제체제로 인해 취약한 산업간 연계, 만성적 물자부족 및 왜곡된 산업분포 등의 심각한 문제를 노정하고 있다. 이러한 문제는 부분적인 개선조치로서는 해결할 수 없으며, 본격적인 체제개혁을 통한 산업구조의 전환이 필수적이다. 본 논문에서는 북한산업경제 회생을 위해서는 일반적인 노동집약적‐자본집약적‐기술집약적인 산업이라고 하는 단계발전이 아니라 세 가지 단계가 혼합된 절충형 산업발전 모형이 더욱 적실할 것으로 전망하였다. 그 이유는 노동집약형 수출산업의 육성만으로는 북한의 장기적 성장잠재력을 오히려 약화시킬 수 있고, 동시에 장래 남북간의 2중 구조를 심화시킬 가능성서이 크기 때문이다. 그러나 북한의 산업구조 전환은 체제개혁과 개방이 전제되어야만 하는데, 개혁과 개방의 시나리오는 현재와 같은 제한적 개방/개혁과 보다 진전된 개방/개혁의 두 가지로 유추해 볼 수 있다. 전자의 경우 남북한 협력이나 조‐중간 협력을 우선으로 하는 개방이 개연성이 높고, 후자의 경우에는 일본과 미국 등 서방세계의 자본유입이 결정적인 역할을 할 것으로 예상된다. 이에 따라 북한의 중단기 및 장기적인 산업구조전환 전략을 설정할 수 있다는 것이 본 논문의 주요 결론이다. 또한 비교우위관점에서 보면 북한은 당분간 경공업 중심으로 수출위주의 성장전략을 채택할 수 밖에 없으므로, 산업입지측면에서 접경지역이나 항만연안지역이 초기 수출산업성장의 주요 장소가 될 것이며, 중장기적으로는 북한에 구축될 주요 간선수송 축에 위치한 도시나 집적의 이익을 갖춘 대도시가 북한의 산업경관재구성에 있어서 주도적인 역할을 할 것으로 추론하였다. 그러나 산업구조 전환에서 발생하는 북한내 지역간 불균형은 중단기에서 불가피하므로, 정책적 차원에서 독일방식의 전략적 고려의 필요성은 인정되나 과도한 정책개입은 북한산업의 구조전환을 지체시킬 수도 있음을 강조하고 있다. 지역간 불균형성장에 대한 대책은 중동구의 경험에서 알 수 있듯이 공간정책만이 아닌 고용이나 조세정책 등 부문정책과의 적절한 조합을 통해서 시행하는 것이 효과적일 수 있을 것이다.
  • 10.

    The Test of Regional Difference of Public Capital Effect on the Private Sector Output in the U.S.

    DongKi Min | 2004, 41() | pp.10~10 | number of Cited : 0
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    본 연구에서는 미국을 대상으로 공공자본이 지역별 산출량에 미치는 효과를 비교 분석한다. 이 분석을 위한 공공자본의 생산성 자료 구축은 Malmquist Index를 사용하여 추정하였다. 기존의 보편적인 생산성 추정 방법으로는 모든 시장의 완전경쟁을 가정한 Solow 의 성장회계모형에 근거하였다. 이 모형에서는 모든 지역의 생산 활동이 효율적으로 이루어진다고 가정하지만 일부 투입요소의 외부효과와 비이동성은 이러한 가정 하에 측정된 총요소 생산성 증가율이 왜곡될 수 있음을 보인다. Malmquist Index 기법은 이러한 지역별 산출이 효율적으로 이루어진다는 가정을 전제하지 않으며 지역별 투입량 및 산출량 자료만을 이용하여 총요소생산성 증가율을 추정한다. 이 기법을 이용하여 공공자본의 생산성 증가율을 추정하는 방법은 개별 공공자본(도로, 상 하수도, 교육, 전기 전력)이 총요소에 포함된 경우와 포함되지 않은 경우의 총요소생산 증가율의 차이를 이용하여 도출한다. 공공자본의 산출량 증대효과에 대한 논쟁이 많았지만 본 연구 결과에 의하면 대부분의 개별 공공자본들이 전체 산업뿐 아니라 각 산업의 산출량 증대에 효과가 있음을 보여주고 있어 기존 연구에서 공공자본의 산출량 증대효과가 없다는 결과는 공공자본의 생산성 증가율 추정상의 문제점에 기인한다고 볼 수 있다. 전 산업의 산출량에 대한 개별 공공자본의 탄력성 추정치를 보면 상 하수도 부문의 추정치가 가장 크게 나타나며 도로의 경우에는 상대적으로 탄력성 추정치가 작다. 이는 도로의 산출량에 대한 효과가 작다기 보다는 이미 도로가 완비된 미국의 경우 추가적인 도로에 대한 한계투자가 산출량 증대에 미치는 효과가 상 하수도 부문에 비하여 작다는 것이다. 산업별 산출량에 대한 개별 공공자본의 탄력성 추정치를 보면 전반적으로 서비스 업종과 제조업종에 대한 효과가 크게 나타났으며 농업부문에 대한 효과는 상대적으로 작게 나타났다. 지역별로 공공자본의 산출량 증대 효과의 차이를 분석한 연구결과에서는 큰 차이를 보이지 않는다.
  • 11.

    Identifying Optimal Investment Timing of Transportation Infrastructure with Uncertainty

    박동주 , 오주택 | 2004, 41() | pp.11~11 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    일반적으로 교통분야의 사회간접자본시설투자에 대한 경제성 평가는 투자 시기 및 평가지표의 불확실성에 대한 고려를 하지 않고 있다. 이러한 단점을 보완하고자 그 동안 세계적으로 교통분야 사회간접자본시설의 적정 투자시기와 평가지표의 불확실성에 대한 개별적인 연구들이 진행되어왔다. 그러나 두 가지 측면을 동시에 고려한 연구는 없었다. 이에 본 연구는 평가지표의 불확실성과 적정 투자시기를 동시에 고려할 수 있는 평가 틀을 제시하였다. 본 논문에서는 교통시설공급으로 발행하는 편익과 비용을 확률변수로 취급하고 이들에 대한 불확실성을 전문가 집단의 판단을 바탕으로 추정하였다. 추정된 각 년도의 비용과 편익으로부터 평가지표 (예: 순현재가치 (NPV))의 확률밀도 함수를 추정하기 위해 Monte Carlo 시뮬레이션을 사용하였다. 제시된 방법론은 태국 방콕의 도시고속도로에 대한 경제성 평가에 적용되었다. 적용결과, 본 연구에서 제시된 방법론은 보편적으로 사용되는 경제성평가 기법보다 의사결정자에게 보다 많은 유용한 정보를 제공할 수 있는 것으로 판명되었다.