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2006, Vol.49, No.

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    Benchmarking Urban Networking Strategies in Europe: An Application of Chorems to France and Great Britain

    Cesar, Ducruet | 2006, 49() | pp.3~24 | number of Cited : 2
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    1990년대 유럽에서는 지방정부가 도시네트워크 사업을 주도하여, 관리방식 개선을 진작하고, 국토 부문 경쟁과 불균형을 초래하는 세계화에 대처하며, 양극화에 대한 통제를 제고하고자 하였다. 그러나, 그러한 파트너십에 대한 평가를 수행한 연구는 드물다. 본 연구의 목표는 파트너십 구축전략을 실행할 수 있는 영역에 대한 국토 통합 정도가 전략 실행에 있어서의 가장 중요한 요소임을 증명하는 것이다. 이 연구의 가정은 어떤 지역이 도시네트워크에 있어 더 통합적이라면 그 도시는 지역의 계획환경 또는 개발사업 협력이 더 효율적이라는 것이다. 이 연구의 방법은 프랑스 고유의 지경학 공간분석 방식인 코렘 방식을 적용하며, 본 연구에서는 프랑스의 노르망디시와 영국의 사우스코스트시 간의 파트너십 구축 사례를 다루었다. 연구의 결과로서 노르망디 도시네트워크의 경우 지역적으로 덜 통합되어 있기 때문에 영국의 사우스코스트 도시 네크워크보다 덜 효율적인 것으로 드러났다.
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    A Study on the Reliability of RAS Technique with Estimated Data

    하현욱 , KIM, HO-YEON | 2006, 49() | pp.25~38 | number of Cited : 4
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    The RAS technique stands out among various non-survey methods for regional input-output analyses owing to its high level of accuracy. The technique utilizes survey-based information for total gross outputs, total interindustry sales and total interindustry purchases at the regional level. Due to prohibitive costs of obtaining the required information, most of the existing studies for regional input-output analysis in Korea have resorted to estimated data drawn from published statistics. However, is the accuracy of the RAS procedure retained in this case? This paper conducts a couple of analyses for the RAS technique when second-hand data are employed. First, the coefficients for two regions, Busan and Daegu, are estimated using both RAS technique and Simple Location Quotients. Secondly, we test the robustness of RAS using three variations of interindustry purchases data. The two methods yielded similar results, and the RAS technique is found to produce quite stable outcomes against the errors inherent in the data.
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    An Analysis on Underwriting Criteria for Construction Firms: In Case of Specialty Construction Firms

    Kim, Myeong-soo , Mahnsoon Kwak | 2006, 49() | pp.77~92 | number of Cited : 3
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    This study aims to analyze underwriting criteria for the public construction projects, focusing on specialty contractors. In order to specify the underwriting criteria, Logit model is used in forecasting construcitng firm's bankruptcy. Construction guarantee is a contract relation accompanied liabilities of three agents: owner, construction company, guarantee insurance company(called surety agent hereafter). This contract guarantees fulfilment of construction when a agent cannot do his liabilities on the contract. In construction industry, surety agent can exclude unqualified firms from the market. Surety agent evaluate construction companies by reviewing contract document and checking contract conditions. This process is called underwriting. According to empirical results, the best Logit model includes liquid assets, capital, current net profit, the rate of ordinary income of total capital, uncompleted amount per project. Underwriting criteria is arranged from 0.3 to 0.5.
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    The Effectiveness of Land Use Planningin Hazard Mitigation:The Experience in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

    Jung, Juchul | 2006, 49() | pp.93~108 | number of Cited : 2
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    최근에 토지이용계획이 자연재난을 완화하는 데 많이 이용되고 있다. 그 내용의 핵심은 토지이용계획이 자연재난지역을 파악하고 그러한 지역에 있어 무분별한 개발을 규제하는 데 중요한 역할을 할 수 있다는 것이다. 본 연구의 목적은 재난완화 도구로서 토지이용계획의 효과를 소개하고 검토하는 것이다. 이러한 목적을 위해 본 논문에서는 재난완화에 이용되는 토지이용계획 기법들을 소개하고, 1994년 미국 캘리포니아주 노스릿지 지진 사례를 통해 토지이용계획의 효과를 검토하였다. 1971년 샌 페르난도 지진 이후, 캘리포니아주는 토지이용계획을 통한 재난완화 노력을 기울여 왔기 때문에 1994년 노스릿지 지진은 토지이용계획의 효과성을 검토하는 데 적절한 기회를 제공하였다. 방법론적으로 본 논문은 토지이용계획과 자연재난 완화와의 관계를 이론적으로 살펴본 뒤, 특히 지진피해를 완화하기 위한 토지이용기법들에 대해 조사하였다. 마지막으로 1994년 노스릿지 지진 이후 수행된 몇몇 경험적 연구들을 토대로 토지이용계획의 효과를 검토하였다. 결론적으로 본 연구는 재난지역 내의 토지이용규제와 정책 등이 자연재난으로부터의 위험을 줄이는 데 매우 효과적일 수 있음을 주장하고 있다. 구체적으로 토지이용계획―이를테면 도시기본계획, 지역지구제, 환경영향평가 등을 포함하는―은 지질학적 지진지역과 그러한 지진대 위의 인명 및 재산 등을 파악함으로써, 또한 그러한 위험들을 완화하거나 피하기 위한 조치들(예: 개발규제 및 방재설계)을 제도함으로써 재난(지진)으로 인한 피해를 감소시켜 준다는 것이다.
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    An Analysis of the Development Permit Systemand Policy Implications

    Soon-Tak Suh , 김제국 | 2006, 49() | pp.109~126 | number of Cited : 12
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    The Development Permit System(DPS) which was introduced for solving the problem of disordered development in 2003 has increasingly attracted interest from policy-makers and academics in Korea. This interest raises questions about efficiency and effectiveness of the system, which seems to be needed for achieving the goal of a planned development particularly in urban fringe areas. This study is aimed at identifying the operational realties of the DPS in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and suggesting policy implications. In doing so, the case of Young-In city was selected and analyzed the system intensively. The results provide three policy implications. Firstly, the object of the development permit system should be revised. Secondly, some criteria of the development permit system should be concrete on the basis of site specification. Thirdly staff training programme for building institutional capacity of the local government should be needed.
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    Policy Directives of the Posted Land Price SystemBased on the Market Price

    Mie-oak Chae | 2006, 49() | pp.127~148 | number of Cited : 18
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    In 1989, Posted Land Price System(PLPS) was introduced to provide land price information for the land policy tools, such as Restricted Landownership System, Land Increment Tax System, Development Charge System. Since then, the Posted Land Price(PLP) has been the standard price of various land administrations. Nowadays government administrative systems tend to put emphasis more on market information. Therefore overall system for the Posted Land Price should be restructured based on the market price system. For this transformation of PLPS, long-term policy directives on the PLPS should be clearly established in the light of overall land policies, and short-term strategies should be carried out steadily within the scope of long-term plan. With this, the concepts of the PLP and its standard should be redefined according to the information trend of overall government administration. And current high-cost method of appraising the land value should be restructured to a low-cost system through mass appraisal system based on the market price. In the long run, Posted Land Price should be developed into the Posted Real Estate Price System, based on the market price of land & building.
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    A Study on the Selection of Design Factors for Environment-FriendlyDesign of Outdoor Space of Apartment Complex in Seoul

    Byeong Hwa Song , Byoung-E Yang | 2006, 49() | pp.147~170 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to suggest environment-friendly design factors to make environment-friendly outdoor space of apartment complex in Seoul. This study has resulted from the analysis of existing literature, ecological area ratio, and the survey of existing apartment complex in Seoul. Design factors for environment-friendly design of outdoor space of apartment complex include ecological environment, environment- friendly transportation, energy saving and reuse, and community. Hereafter, specific and working-level guideline should be established in detail. Follow up study of design guideline is needed through these design component of this study and its applicability such as design, construction, management side should be considered. These design factors can be used for improving design quality of the environment-friendly design of outdoor space of apartment complex. Apartment complex outdoor space will be transformed as environment-friendly, and ecologically stable and the amenities of living environment can be secured through this.
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    An Empirical Analysis on Determinants of Office RentsUsing Hierarchical Linear Model in Seoul Metropolitan Area

    전기석 , Hyun-Seok Lee | 2006, 49() | pp.171~184 | number of Cited : 37
    Abstract PDF
    Hedonic Price Function, as the usually used method, to evaluate the office rent has known for having a demerit that it cannot reflect the multi-leveled or nested nature of social science data. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the new method that can reflect the regional characteristic of the space where offices integrate. This study attempts to analyze the determinants of office rent considering the regional characteristic and to bring up the new methodology for evaluating the office rent by using hierarchical linear model(HLM). As a result of analysis, HLM function proves that the coefficients have the different value as the regional characteristic changes. At the view of the ability to measure the office rent, HLM is more powerful than hedonic price function in spite of the exception of the floor to area ratio variable.
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    A Study on the Provision of Public Service in Ubiquitous Government

    Kim TaeJin | 2006, 49() | pp.185~204 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    In the ubiquitous technology literature, ubiquitous services efforts have also been rare and unsystematic, because of the difficulties in measuring departments, and the lack of ubiquitous city model. Especially, as ubiquitous technology that is new information technology paradigm has emerged, the necessity of responsiveness in local government has been raised. In this research, First, I suggested a ubiquitous services model. Second, analyzed the public services to be introduced ubiquitous technology preferentially. Third, which departments have the necessity to utilize Ubiquitous services. Following are the major findings of this research. First, this paper presents a desirable U-City model, which includes ubiquitous infrastructures and basis services. Second, introduced preferentially in U-City basis services were public services(general service, city management infrastructure, safety and prevention of disasters, environment) and additional services(U-health, U-traffic, U-education, U-tourism, U-home).
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    A Study on Decentralized Regional Development System: A Political Economic Analysis

    Sung-Bae Kim , Young Hwan Jin | 2006, 49() | pp.~ | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    Upon the premise that the current regional development system controlled by central government has been ineffective, this study proposes as an alternative a decentralized regional development system led by local government. Unlike the researches on this subject thus far, this study applies a political economic perspective to analyse the problems of the current system and to derive the alternative. To this end, the key characteristics of the current system are scrutinized and a discussion of logical validity and limitations of the system is followed. Given the shortcomings of the current system, the study proposes a decentralized regional development system led by local government and conclude with the discussion on some of the key points to be addressed for a smooth implementation of the system. The major advantage of alternative system would be the properly aligned incentive structure in which those who initiate the regional development projects correspond to those who benefit from such efforts.