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2016, Vol.91, No.

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    A Comparative Analysis on Ownership Transfer Cases of Social Housing of Overseas

    조승연 , 김종림 | 2016, 91() | pp.3~18 | number of Cited : 4
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    Recently, socio-economic environment surrounding the social housing market has been changed. The neo-liberal trend in political environment has been cutting the direct subsidies and funding for the social housing. To improve efficiency of social housing management, governments try to secure funding by the participation of the private sector. This study aims to deliver comparative analysis on ownership transfer scheme among social housing markets of UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. These countries allowed social housing privatization by individual sale to tenants or stock transfers from public sectors to private sectors for decades under the neo-liberalism. These new ownership schemes of social housing, in the short term, could be able to secure additional funding for social welfare and improving the physical environment. However, in the long term, the public sector have to pay more to solve social and community problems of tenants of former social housing. Some countries, such as Germany and UK, are required to deliver more social housings for solving the long waiting list problem caused by social housing stock reduction. Thus, it should be take cautious stance to introduce such a new ownership scheme in social housing.
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    The Effects of Investment Value and Market Specific Value on Housing Tenure Choice in Housing Market: Focusing on Apartment Market

    Jong Hoon Park , Lee, SeongWoo | 2016, 91() | pp.19~40 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is to identify determinants of housing tenure choice. This study paid special attention to Korean apartment market incorporating indices of investment value and market specific value. By applying a multi-level logit model, this study accounted for not just household characteristics but also regional characteristics. With utilizing the housing survey data of KRIHS from 2006 to 2014, this study found that investment value affects homeownship positively; however, market specific value of sub-housing market affects the housing tenure choice negatively. Between 2006 and 2008 when housing price increased, investment value significantly affected homeownship. However, when decreasing housing price due to economic crisis, the investment value toward the apartment market reduced. This implies that investment value on housing tenure choice vary from both inside and outside market impact factors. The contribution of this study includes: developing two important variables, investment value and market specific value, when analyzing the apartment tenure choice, which has not been applied previously, and diagnosing the apartment market to suggest policy implication related with housing issues.
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    The Impact of City-County Consolidation on Rural Development : Focusing on the Change of City-County Consolidation and Residence Tax

    최수진 | 2016, 91() | pp.41~54 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study estimates growth effect of city-county consolidation employing three econometric models which are based on different assumptions. In the model based on Granger causality, economic growth effect is significantly derived from seven years after the city-county consolidation. In the difference-in-difference model, which controls time-invariant regional specific effect including initial condition, the growth effect is insignificant. However, in the Panel Random Effect model, which assumes that regional specific effect is random because it has been influenced from city-county consolidation and other events, the growth effect is highly significant. The time span of the research includes the 1997 financial crisis and a necessity arises to control its different influence on each region. Accordingly, the result of Panel Random Effect Model is more convincing and I conclude that city-county consolidation significantly encourages rural development. The analysis also illustrates that the growth is led by physical capital and human capital is insignificant in rural development and it implies that the government should support labor productivity and education in backward region.
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    Determinants of Labor Underutilization of College Graduate Youth in Local Labor Markets: A Multilevel Logistic Modeling Approach

    Lee Young Kyeong , Ye Seul Choi , Kim, Chanyong and 1 other persons | 2016, 91() | pp.55~73 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to examine the determinants on labor underutilization of college graduate youth in the local labor markets in Korea by employing a multilevel logistic model. We focus on the labor underutilization of college graduate youth aged between 20 to 34 and use local labor market areas (LLMAs) as spatial units of analysis. There have been a plethora of research to raise the need to account for not only those people who are traditionally unemployed, but also individuals who are underemployed and those who are hidden-unemployed workers. To identify the determinants on labor underutilization of college graduate youth in the local labor markets in Korea, this study applies a broad employability framework to an understanding of labor underutilization which leads to the risk of underutilization as a function of individual characteristics, personal characteristics, and the impact of local labor market characteristics. The multilevel logistic analysis finds that the labor underutilization of college graduate youth is associated with a range of individual characteristics and personal circumstances together with the characteristics of the local labor markets in Korea. These results imply that it is necessary to introduce policies for not only individual level such as providing occupational training or information about employment but also local labor market level like creating regional jobs to reduce the labor underutilization of college graduate youth.
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    Case Studies of Local Governments’ Public Property Development and Policy Implications: Focusing on the Public and Private Participation Approaches

    김주진 , Ryu Dongju | 2016, 91() | pp.75~89 | number of Cited : 7
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    While urban regeneration projects have been executed, the need for efficient use of state and public property has also been increased. This study analyzes the local governments’ public property development cases through each public and private participation approach, and examines the main characteristic, issues and policy implications for public property developments. The main results based on the case studies are as follows: first, in case of public entrusted development, it is the most necessary to provide clear rules on appropriate cost recovery for public trustee. Second, under the reliant cooperation between local government and private developer, the private participation development through sale or leasehold of LGP can also be an execution alternative for vest expenses policy projects. In this case, local governments’ clear visions and goals for public property use direction are the fundamental conditions. The various supports for private developments’ performance are also required. And the last, in both approaches, it is important to establish a rational and reasonable development plan based on pre-demand diagnostics and strategies attracting tenants for cost-recovery risks minimization.
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    Characteristics and Implications of Managing the Construction Cost : Case Studies of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany

    You, Jae-Kwang , Woo, Ji Won , 이동훈 and 1 other persons | 2016, 91() | pp.91~108 | number of Cited : 1
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    An additional indirect cost has been incurred by the delay of public construction projects. Main reasons of the construction prolongation, however, were reported due to the limited budget which were taking charge in the ordering agencies. As it is getting delayed longer, it is controversial to whom and how the prolongation cost will be charged. Therefore, this study deals with major reasons why construction costs occurs, institutional remedies such as a regulation and a guideline when it happens. In specific, the case studies of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany were throughly investigated. As the result of the case studies, the three countries commonly put tremendous efforts in the preparatory stage in a large scale of the public construction project. From the lesson, an in-depth review and consensus will be necessary from the planning stage so that we can be more prepared for the risk management in any case. Especially, the “reserve fund” from the United Kingdom is the desirable example for managing the additional costs from the construction prolongation so that we can avoid the unnecessary lawsuit and solve the issue amicably.
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    Center Boundary Delimitation in Seoul Metropolitan Area Using Census Output Data

    임영식 , Lee Chang-Soo | 2016, 91() | pp.109~124 | number of Cited : 3
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    This study aims to define the location and spatial range of commercial business district(CBD) in Seoul city using the 2012 National Statistical Office data for the Seoul Comprehensive Plan. For spatial analysis this study uses data such as status of business employment, building occupancy, officially assessed land price provided by census output area of the National Statistical Office. And index of center was defined and the spatial autocorrelation method was applied to finding centers in Seoul. With the theoretical background and analysis tools, 48 centers were obtained in Seoul, as the location and the size of each center is introduced clearly on the map of Seoul. Also that is different from centers of Seoul Comprehensive Plan in location and size. As described above, the Seoul Comprehensive Plan needs to set more effectively the center, suggesting that each centers must be managed with polices considering their each characteristics.
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    Basin-scale PMF Estimation by Considering Spatio-temporal Characteristics : Focused on Yongdam-dam Basin

    Youngkyu Kim , YU WANSIK , Kim, Yeonsu and 2 other persons | 2016, 91() | pp.125~139 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to estimate a basin-scaled Probable Maximum Flood(PMF) by considering both spatial-temporal characteristics of rainfall. Apart from that, the comparison of the PMF calculated from both using conventional approaches and the methodology suggested in this study were performed. The PMF is the theoretical maximum flood that poses extreme threats to the flood control of a project, in a design watershed. It is noted that the characteristics of heavy rainfall are difficult to be identified, as the directions of rainfall propagation are difficult to be recognized. Therefore, in contrast to conventional approaches, a rainfall analysis approach which considers both spatial and temporal characteristics of rainfall has been adopted to estimate the PMF for the watershed. The results indicated that the PMF estimated by considering the spatial-temporal characteristics of rainfall was lower as compared to the PMF estimated from using conventional approaches. However, it was also found that the results, from using the suggested methodology in this study, were higher as compared to the 200-year flood frequency discharge. It can be concluded that application of the spatial-temporal considered PMF estimation approach suggested in this study may prevent the over estimation of PMF for future studies.