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2022, Vol.112, No.

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    The Pandemic Scenes of Pyongyang: Focus on the Photographs of Rodong Sinmun in 2018∼2021

    Ahn Jin-Hee | 2022, 112() | pp.3~21 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper examines the pandemic scenes of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, through Rodong Sinmun photographs. Based on the theatricality that citizens want to see and be seen at the same time, scenes are created by developing this tendency in the background of the city. This paper considers that scenes are composed of “place personality,” “groups of people,” and “purpose of actions,” and examines Rodong Sinmun photographs according to the components of these scenes. To this end, this paper compares and analyzes two groups of photos divided by the time when COVID-19 occurred. Next, the content analysis is visualized on the Pyongyang map based on the geographic coordinate system. Pyongyang’s pandemic scenes were visualized in the southeast of the Daedong River. It is a large-scale, new, sanitary city in terms of its appearance, but its actual productivity has faded. On the other hand, amid the changes caused by the epidemic worldwide, it is required to consider whether the situation in North Korea can still be limited to the term “specificity.” The dramatic device of the Rodong Sinmun photographs, which is set in the city, plays a part in the new normal that the pandemic has brought to the world. However, as it intervenes more in daily life than before the pandemic, the Pyongyang pandemic scenes have moved away from the new normal at the individual level.
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    Applications of North Korean Land Information for Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation: East Sea Special Tourist Zone

    Kang Minjo | 2022, 112() | pp.23~41 | number of Cited : 0
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    The government has implemented national tasks to open the new era of peace and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula, including the New Economic Map Initiative for the Korean Peninsula and the development of inter-Korean relations by activating inter-Korean exchange. To prepare for inter-Korean exchange and cooperation and further establish a comprehensive strategy of national territory development in the Korean Peninsula, it is essential to make an improvement plan for the application of national spatial information in the North Korea. Thus, it is necessary not only to establish a plan for the “co-utilization of North Korean land information” but also to construct an “integrated application system of North Korean land information” for all government departments to advance its availability. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to provide an improvement plan for the application of North Korean land information for the national land policy decision support system to prepare for the expansion of inter-Korean exchange and cooperation. This research presents the convergent application plans and the case study of the “East Sea Special Tourist Zone” based on the integrated application system of North Korean national land information.
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    Derivation of Vulnerable Areas for Elderly Pedestrians and Evaluation of Pedestrian Environments Based on Safety in Daegu

    Jin, Su-In , Eun Jung Kim | 2022, 112() | pp.43~63 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to derive vulnerable areas for elderly pedestrians and evaluate the pedestrian environments in terms of safety in Daegu. In order to derive vulnerable areas, density-based clustering and hotspot analyses are performed, and the pedestrian environments is evaluated for the derived areas. The evaluation items are classified into street environment and walking network environment, for a total selection of 22 detailed items. The results of deriving vulnerable areas for elderly pedestrians are Cluster 3 (around Daegu Station and Chilseong Market Station) and Cluster 4 (around Daegu-Gonggo Intersection). In addition, the vulnerable areas are evaluated at a low level for the level of illegal parking, existence and adequacy of resting spaces and information signs, and adequacy and condition of pedestrian safety facilities. Also, there is a need to improve the items of the crossing facility and openness of lower floors. Through this, it is expected that the research can be used as basic data for creating a safe pedestrian environment for the elderly in the future.
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    A Munich Mix: Integrating Affordable Housing with the Social Mix in Germany

    LEE CHEONJAE | 2022, 112() | pp.65~90 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to investigate policy tools related to the Munich Mix in Germany and to present the direction of development of affordable housing policies for achieving the social mix in Korea. It shows that the municipality has focused on urban development and land use planning tools to attain the two objectives of housing construction and reduction in construction costs. The second major finding is that the housing policy was considered as an axis of social policy, especially in association with full financial support for families with children. Third, the Munich Mix accommodated market expectations, but it is also co-creating social value and transformation through policy interventions. Taken together, these findings suggest several courses of action for affordable housing and the social mix in Korea, including collaborative governance through public-private partnerships (PPP), the need for a new philosophy of housing policies with inclusive designs, and new financing models for affordable housing construction. However, despite the government’s continuing efforts in Munich, it still does not seem to be enough for them to solve the housing problems due to (1) a lack of aggressive policy intervention to pursue housing and rental price stability, (2) insufficient supply of publicly-owned vacant lands for housing construction, (3) delay in resolving the issues of land expropriation and compensation, (4) the placing of an excessive financial burden and redemption on the private sector, and (5) a chronic issue of housing provision.
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    Impact of International Schools on Apartment Sales Prices in the Surrounding Area: The Case of Songdo International Schools in Incheon Metropolitan City

    Cheolsoo Kim , Shin, Gwang-Mun , Lee, Jae-Su | 2022, 112() | pp.91~109 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study examines the spatial and temporal impacts of Songdo international schools on housing sales prices in the surrounding area in Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea. In order to solve the problem of spatial autocorrelation that is inherent in the spatial data such as housing prices, multi-level models are estimated considering physical attributes and locational and environmental characteristics. In addition, the effect of major events by period on the apartment sales prices is quantified by employing the difference-in-differences method. Many of the controversies caused through the opening of international schools in Songdo New Town have had a significant influence on housing transactions and investment sentiment in the surrounding area. As a result, it has had a significant effect on the increase in surrounding housing prices based on the scheduled opening of international schools. In general, the demand for housing is important, but the controversy over the opening of international schools has increased uncertainty in the real estate market, and as the controversy over opening dates has continued, the cycle of rising and falling housing prices is repeated. The spatial impact of international schools on apartment sales prices range from 800 meters in radius. As of the initial scheduled opening date, the international schools have had a positive effect on apartment sales prices in the surrounding area. However, the opening of the schools does not significantly affect the apartment prices as the opening dates have been postponed twice. It is believed that the premium for the schools has disappeared due to growing uncertainties from the controversies over the opening of schools. This research is of academic significance in that this study is conducted in terms of the real estate market.