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2003, Vol.11, No.11

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    Establishing Dance as an Independent School Subject

    MalborgKim | 2003, 11(11) | pp.1~15 | number of Cited : 7
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    Establishing Dance as an Independent School SubjectMalborg Kim, Ph.D.Professor of DanceEwha Womans UniversityThis paper covers the problems of the korean dance education system and emphasizes the necessity of establishing dance as an independent school subject. In korean schooling curriculum, dance takes only a chapter(15percent) of physical education subject. As the result of this abnormal education system, most of the korean students do not have the opportunity of having dance experiences at all in school.Three ideas were proposed which this writer considers the most efficient way to straighten up the current dance education problems; 1) Establishing dance as an independent school subject in the elementary, junior high and high school curriculum, 2) Practicing dance education as Art, 3) Enforcing the certificate of dance teacher?s qualification. And this writer thinks these points represent the most urgent needs of dance people in korea.
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    A Study on Ishiih Bakwoo - A Forerunner of Japanese Modern Dance

    성 기 숙 | 2003, 11(11) | pp.41~71 | number of Cited : 8
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    A Study on Ishiih Bakwoo - A Forerunner of Japanese Modern DanceSeong Gi-sukLecturer in DanceSung Kyun Kwan UniversityIshiih Bakwoo (石井漠. 1986~1962) is in everyone?s mouth as a mythical figure and a forerunner of Japanese modern dance. He started as a research student in the orchestral music part of the Japanese Empire Theater and introduced Western modern dance into Japan by studying in Europe in the early stage of 1920s. From 1926 to 1928, he made a touring show in Korea on the annual basis and had a decisive effect on originating New Dance of a kind of dance genre in Korea. Choi Seung-Hee and Jo Taek-Won learned modern dance under his instruction and grew as new modern dancers.His dance that regards bodily rhythm as important is called ?Dance Poem?. His representative works include 『Modern Beast Image』, 『Machine and Human』, 『Golden Age』, 『Go to a Wide Plain』, 『Human Symbol』, 『Black Sun』, 『Glorification of Human』, 『Wandering People』, and 『Human Buddha』. It is considered that Ishiih Bakwoo is at the bottom of ?Oriental Creation of Modern Dance? in view of localized acceptance of foreign dance. Especially, it is clear that he, at least, should be recognized in consideration of his great effects on the creation of Modern dance in Korea.
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    The Interchange of Dance & Music Koryo and Song Times and the Historic Trend

    심 숙 경 | 2003, 11(11) | pp.73~93 | number of Cited : 0
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    The Interchange of Dance & Music Koryo and Song Times and the Historic TrendSook-Kyung Shim, Doc.Professor of continuous educationBeijing Dance AcademyThe Korean and Chinese relationship during the Ko-Ryo (918-1392) and Song (960-1279) eras came to a special situation, which was different than what has occurred in the previous; the most important reason for this was the foundation and extending power of Yo (916-1125) and Geum Dynasty (1115-1234) that had been established in Yo- Dong province. Due to the constant threats and invasions to Ko-Ryo and Song, both countries maintained their intimate relationship to keep the political purpose of restraining and balancing the Yo and the Geum. The Dae Sung Ak and Dang Ak Jung Jae that is transferred to Ko-Ryo from Song in this time are the product of Song?s political purpose and Ko-Ryo?s cultural purpose.It is certain that the time of Dang Ak Jung Jae?s transfer to Ko-Ryo had occurred for about 100 years, since the two countries have resumed in the end of north Song, the year 1071, until it was completely extinct again in the south Song?s earlier times. Cho Young and Jin Kyung, who first introduced Dang Ak Jung Jae to Ko-Ryo, are presumed as the Kyo Bang musician professors dispatched from Song, after the two countries? interchanged resumption.The interchange of dance and music between Ko-Ryo and Song had been made up in two ways: first, as Ko-Ryo requested, to send music professors, and hand over techniques to them. Second was to send artists of music and dance to Song from Ko-Ryo Dynasty to be studied and to be trained. As Song?s Kyo Bang musician professors, who were dispatched to Ko-Ryo, stayed there for few years or for a long time, they handed down the arts to Ko-Ryo?s artists. Belonging to Ko-Ryo?s Royal Dancing Institute, they received wages as they passed down the art of dance and music of Song Dynasty.
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    A Study on the Play Characteristics in Dance Drama - Focused on 「May B」 -

    이 미 영 | 2003, 11(11) | pp.95~113 | number of Cited : 1
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    A Study on the Play Characteristics in Dance Drama- Focused on 「May B」 -Mi Young LeeLecturer in DanceEwha Womans, Kook Min UniversityIn this study, I examined formal characteristics of the play shown in the work by dividing into morphology found that the work shows true lifes of the moderns whose joys and sorrows, pains and pleasure, or good and evil are combined continuously and displayed, rather than shows directly philosophical meanings of human absurdity or uncertainty of the existence by means of a number of plays. That is, the work shows absurd routine existence of the ridiculous and conventional people with plays nearly as a struggle.Consequently, we come to conclusions that characters waiting for Godot never die out owing to strenuous survival power and self-generation power of the human beings, created by continuous plays, the strong human will which doesn?t give up hope even in the uncertain world has led the human history, and comical figuration of the work is necessary.Also, the meaning and value of a dance drama in modern society will be evaluated through multilateral approaching to the definition , history and essential elements of it such as its unique characteristics. Also the historical and artistic streams of dance art from primitive times to today with various highly developed genres and certain artistry of dance will be concisely investigated ,and the types, characteristics and views of dance will be surveyed to understand the general features of it.For that reason, this study was performed focusing on formal characteristics of the play shown in the dance drama 「May B」 work, 「Waiting for Godot (Original title: En Attendant Godot)」 which has been discussed only as heavy philosophical meanings, and it was successful in that I defined clearly forms and meanings of various plays a vailable from the performer?s point of view.
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    A Study on the Identity of Maternity in 「Night Journey」

    이 지 원 | 2003, 11(11) | pp.143~163 | number of Cited : 1
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    A Study on the Identity of Maternity in 「Night Journey」Ji-Won LeeLecturer in DanceChung-Ang, Seo-Kyung University,Seoul Christian UniversityMartha Graham presented a model of mothers, who love and think self-centeredly and make their life complete instead of symbolizing conventional model of mothers, from Jocasta in her work. In other words, it shows that mothers, who have been asked for sacrifice naturally, are demanded to seem a human, and it removes from the traditional model of mothers and materializes a new type of woman. Therefore, the heroine adopts love as a subjective human and is responsible for her selection though she is not young and beautiful and she is exemplified on an equal footing of man and woman concerning movement, so that it gives a variety of parts that can be expressed by the nature of people. With respect to gaze, her gaze was dignified and bold as well as ?self-conscious? with commonly recognized as man?s nature. In addition, the beauty of the body as a sexual subject was transferred from woman to man, and asexual images from camera did not focus on the body or the beauty of woman. Accordingly, this work disassembled the category of femininity and diversified the image of woman as a subject. This implies that discussion about motherhood has changed and will change female history, and suggests a new vision for how we understand the concept of motherhood.
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    A Study of Dance Education in Arts High Schools -Focused on the Comparison of the Curriculum of Arts High Schools in America and Korea-

    Cho, EunSook | 2003, 11(11) | pp.165~179 | number of Cited : 10
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    A Study of Dance Education in Arts High Schools-Focused on the Comparison of the Curriculum of Arts High Schools in America and Korea-Eunsook ChoProfessor of DanceChung-Ang UniversitySince Seoul Music and Arts high school was founded in 1953, arts high schools gradually were increased, and now there are 25 arts high schools in Korea. Although the purpose of the arts high school is to train professional artists, they focus on preparation for an entrance examination for college.Dance education in arts high school is potentially an important influence on the future of dance art. Therefore, arts high schools have to make efforts to rear professional artists. The curriculum of American arts high schools offers various programs to bring up professional artists. For example, Fiorello H Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts and North Carolina School of the Arts not only have technique classes but also composition, improvisation, and workshop, etc.The purpose of this study is examination of the curriculum in arts high schools in Korea and suggests the development direction of Arts high school for the future. This study focuses on three areas of concern; the first is about the curriculum of arts high school in Korea. The second is the curriculum of American arts high schools, and the third is the development direction of arts high school in Korea.