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pISSN : 2093-4378 / eISSN : 2093-4386

2020 KCI Impact Factor : 0.06
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Surgical Extent of Metastatic Spine Tumor Excision and Its Effects on Postoperative Ambulatory Function: Comparison of Extensive Wide versus Palliative Excision Surgery

Journal of Korean Society of Spine Surgery
Abbr : J Kor Spine Sur
2019, 26(3), pp.84-93
Publisher : Korean Society Of Spine Surgery
Research Area : Orthopedic Surgery

Kim Young Hoon ORD ID 1 Kim Sang-Il ORD ID 2 Kee-Yong Ha ORD ID 3 오인수 4 Hyung-Youl Park ORD ID 5 Ki-Ho Kang 6 Woong-Ki Jeon 7

3경희대학교 강동 경희대학병원
4가톨릭 대학교 인천성모병원
5가톨릭 대학교 은평성모병원
6가톨릭대학교 서울성모병원
7가톨릭 대학교 서울성모병원



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