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Review Process

- Once the manuscript is submitted, a closed review will be performed.

- Upon submission of the manuscript, at least three peer reviewers

(two editorial board members and one reviewer) will be assigned to review the paper, and the decision on acceptance of the manuscript will be determined after review by the Editorial Committee.

- Editorial board may request revisions and have the right to revise all submitted papers prior to publication for issues such as format, terminology, and length in a manner that is not invasive to the core content of the paper.

- The editorial board will review letters to the editor and decide on their acceptance.

- The corresponding author will be notified once the decision on manuscript acceptance, request for revision, or rejection has been determined by the Editorial Committee.

- If a manuscript is revised to completely satisfy the requirements in the publication guidelines, the paper will be accepted for publication, and the publication date will be set. Once a manuscript has been rejected, it will not be considered for publication again.

- The submission of a manuscript that does not meet the submission requirements or regulations may be rejected.