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Editorial Policy

Research & Publication Ethics

1. The Journal of Alternative to Animal Experiments and Substitution Law published by this society publishes high-quality journals, and establishes ethical regulations for research ethics-related issues that may arise during the publication process.

2. Authors do not present in the manuscripts as if they were the results or arguments of their own research or claims that they did not do.

3. You can cite or refer to other people's research results along with the sources, but presenting a part of them as if they were your own research results or claims is plagiarism.

4. Authors should not distort (modify) the contents or results of research by falsifying (forgery) non-existent research data, artificially manipulating or arbitrarily altering or deleting research data.

5. When publishing research results, author information such as affiliation and position of the researcher should be accurately disclosed to enhance the reliability of the research. If the thesis author is a minor without affiliation, the final affiliation, position, and school year must be submitted and managed separately.