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2012, Vol., No.31

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    Some Possibities of Community Archivs

    Lee, Young Nam | 2012, (31) | pp.3~42 | number of Cited : 30
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    This paper considers some possibilities of community archives by exploring the concepts ans meanings of archival description. The author deals with two interesting cases -Herstory Writers Workshop Collection of Stony Brook University in New York and Poolmoo Collection of Poomoo Agricultural School in Korea. The author argues that archivists should know the specifications of Community Archives related to National Archives when they organizing and preserving records and archives of community archives.
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    Study of Development for Competency Standards in the Field of Records Management

    Jung-Eun Kim , Kim Iek Han | 2012, (31) | pp.43~93 | number of Cited : 10
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    The quality of human resources is critical element which promote efficiency in the community management. Each country all of the world is developing national competency standards to exploit them on human resources management. In response to this trend, the field of records management need to develop competency standards and to build human resources. Although each agency is placing qualified record manager and operating archives organization. growth and development is needed on this field. Under these circumstances, examining requirement for records management competency and using them is a task of great significance on the side of strengthening specialist and normalizing archives operation. This study suggests procedures and methodology competency standards enable to be exploited in entire fields of records management including private sectors as well as public sectors. Furthermore, as for procedures of suggesting measures for developments, cases of procedures of stand designs are shown, effectively verifying for feasibility, validity, and usability of development of competency standards in the field of records management. In this process, models for competency standard and elements based on competency units in the field of records management are suggested. This study will be ultimately expected to contribute to an adoption of manpower development system and a systematic method via procedures of approving expertise of records management being recently highlighted as an issue from revision process of records management act.
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    Archival Appraisal on Public Records of Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee

    Hojun Cheon | 2012, (31) | pp.95~138 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to provide balanced view for official documents of Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee and to establish theoretical base which assesses them in order to devise systematization of utilizing Olympic historical material. In order to conduct this study, archival appraisal and appraisal theories of archival study were investigated, and the characteristics of official documents of Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee were examined. Based on these works, criteria and procedure were established with exploring the methods to assess the Seoul Olympic official documents. The details are as follows below. The prior research task conducted in this study was to understand penetrative analysis for archival structure, relationship between this analysis and the assessment, and tendency of appraisal methods which have been developed. Then, representative theories and general criteria and procedure of archival appraisal have been explored in order to grasp the concrete method of individual theories. Secondly, characteristics of Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee’s official documents have been identified to apply archival appraisal theories which have been found through the theoretical examination. Furthermore, suitable method has been explored, and the criteria and procedure have been presented in order to assess the official documents of Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee with generally considering of its characteristics. The significance of this study which came up with the study result above can be presented as follows. Based on the result of this study, it is assumed that the archival appraisal work for Seoul Olympic historical archives not only contributes to development of studies but also helps systematic usage and management of archives in sports field including Olympic by allowing the objective perception about them. Lastly, in order to develop sports history field and related studies, it is necessary to utilize archival theories for managing and using archives in sports field, and to precede the general and overall studies about it.
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    Study on Application of the Preserving Valuation Index for Environmental Management of a Stack Room

    윤대현 , 신현창 | 2012, (31) | pp.139~161 | number of Cited : 1
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    Donald K. Sebera model can quantitatively compare the preserving environment by calculating the preserving valuation index with changing only the temperature and humidity. In this study, Donald K. Sebera model was used in order to compare and evaluate the preserving valuation index on the best condition and the worst condition in the temperature and humidity range of public records management act. As the results, the preserving valuation index in the best conditions was larger 2.47 times than the worst conditions within the preserving environment permitted in public records management act. Also, the influence of the humidity on the preserving valuation index of a paper archives as decreasing the activation energy for the hydrolysis reaction was larger rather than temperature. Thus the preserving valuation index can easily evaluate the suitability of the temperature and humidity conditions for preserving a archives. Therefore it can be used as useful tool for preservation of archives on change of the temperature and humidity.