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  Archival Studies is an open-access journal published by Korea Study of Archival Studies since 2000. Itprovides research papers that deliberate on various theories and empirical studies on records, which are the shared intellectual asset for humanity and evidence and memory of social activities. In doing so, Archival Studies seeks to improve the research capacity of records community and strengthen the foundations of social practices.   Archival Studies also aims to promote the development of records culture. It covers alternative studies related to ongoing concerns in records management that is up to international standards and records management of the public realm, such as the ‘field-based’ studies of public institutions. In addition, it promotes the discussion of all issues in the Korean society associated with records, including sorting and public usage of historical records in national archives.
Yi, Kyoung Yong

(Hannam University)

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Current Issue : 2021, Vol., No.69

  • Searching for Laws and Systems to Revitalize Private Archives

    Sohn, Dong-you | 2021, (69) | pp.7~33 | number of Cited : 0
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    From the beginning of the enactment and implementation of the Public Records Management Act, there has been a steady discussion on the establishment of local archives. Local archives include not only administrative records of local governments, but also private archives such as containing the lives of residents. Along with the academic discussion, there have been movements for local autonomy and decentralization. Currently, interest and discussion on private archiving are in the historical flow. In addition, private archiving has become a social concern because of the establishment of systems such as the Public Records Management Act and the Information Disclosure Act, the establishment of a digital environment, and the spread of the meaning and value of village community activities. There are several government agencies related to private archiving, and the grounds for performing their work are different, and there are many central administrative agencies to which they belong. Therefore, I propose that the National Archives take the lead and form a ‘Consortium of Private archives Management Institutions’. The organization should promote first, cooperation of collection information and archives, second, coordination of tasks and functions between institutions, and third, establishment of a nationwide private archives management system. Now is our chance. Instead of reacting on an ad hoc basis, respond systematically with a long-term perspective.
  • An Study on Archival Management in Civil Sector : The Establishment of Local Government Archives in 2021

    Youn, Eunha | 2021, (69) | pp.35~62 | number of Cited : 0
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    Since the establishment of the Gyeongnam provincial archives in 2018, the researches for establishing local archives has been steadily conducted by many other provincial or municipals. This paper focus on the cultural functions of local government archival institutions and critically examine the current status the establishment stages of local archival institutions from the perspective of the whole national records management system. To do this, From 2017 to 2021, we collects the research reports which was written by the government institution conducting researches on the establishment of local archival repositories and analyzes the pros and cons of current establishment of local archives management.
  • Environment Model of Relational Archives

    Lee, Yeon Chang | 2021, (69) | pp.63~91 | number of Cited : 0
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    If archives cooperate with other archives in similar fields, various outcomes that are not possible when operated individually can be efficiently achieved. If the archive maintains a cooperative relationship between archives at all times and allocates limited resources to priority and essential activities, efficiency improvement can be expected in the operation of individual archives. If an archive tries to coexist, exchange, or cooperate with other archives, the scope and method will be different from the existing business performance. It will be different from the individually operated archive function in many ways, and new business functions that did not exist before are also required. In this study, by applying the environment model of OAIS, try to reconstruct the environment model of the relational archives that includes the partner of cooperation as a member of the archives that affects the operation of the archives.