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Information for Authors

The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art published by the Korean Society of Aesthetics and Science of Art is issued three times a year (on Feb. 28, Jun. 30, and Oct. 31), with regular academic conferences also taking place three times a year in March, June, and October. The Journal welcomes contributions by overseas scholars. Please refer to the following for guidelines on manuscript submission and information on how to format manuscripts.


I. Submission Guideline


1. Types of Manuscripts We Accept

Academic papers, book reviews, international conference reports, etc. associated with aesthetics, the science of art, and other closely related disciplines. However, pre-published manuscripts are not acceptable, nor is it permitted to republish in other media a manuscript that has been published in the Journal.


2. Fill out and submit the manuscript submission form.


3. Your manuscript must be written in English, French, or German only.


4. Submission deadline



Date of Publication

December 15

Spring issue

February 28

April 15

Summer issue

June 30

August 15

Fall issue

October 31

5. Submission method: via email journal@ksasa.org


6. No fees for review and publication

. Required Information

- Name of the author, contact information (address, email, phone #, etc.)

If there is more than one author, submit contact Information of the lead author.

- Title (no more than 15 words), name of the author, affiliated organization, and position

- Table of contents, body, bibliography, and list of plates

- About seven keywords (in alphabetical order) and an abstract (approximately 150 words)

- Whether a research grant was awarded, and if so, relevant details

. How To Format Your Manuscript


1. Your manuscript must be in Microsoft Word DOC or HWP file format.


2. Including footnotes and bibliography, your manuscript must contain some 7,500 words, with the abstract consisting of some 150 words, along with seven keywords.

3. Symbols for literature and bibliography

- Each level of chapter/section headings must be denoted in the order of I, 1, (1), and .

- Titles of books, newspapers, and magazines must be italicized. ex) Poetics

- Titles of articles or book chapters must be enclosed in double quotation marks. ex)“Was ist Kunst?”

- Titles of artworks must be italicized; of exhibitions, enclosed in single quotation marks. Sentences cited must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


4. Footnotes

When a source is first cited, complete bibliographical information must be provided (In the case of journal articles, DOI).

After the initial citation, only the name of the author and the title of the book/paper must be used.

- Books: Author, Title of book (Publication location: Publisher, Year of publication), Pages cited.

ex) F. Gethmann, Die Frage nach der Kunst (Freiburg: Becks Verlag, 1995), pp. 11-12.

- Journal articles: Author, “Title of article”, in: Title of book, Volume and issue number (Year of publication), Full page range (DOI), Pages cited.

ex) Zovko Jure, “Hegels Kritik der Frühromantischen Sittlichkeit”, in: Hegel-Jahrbuch, vol. 1, no.1(2009), pp. 167-173(DOI: 10.1524/hgjb.2009.11. jg.167), p. 170.

- Papers included in edited books: Author, “Title of paper”, in: Title of book, Editor (Publication location: Publisher, Year of publication), Full page range and pages cited.

ex) Miller R. Creighton, “The Depāto: Merchandising the West while Selling Japaneseness,” in: Re-made in Japan, ed. Joseph J. Tobin (New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 1992), pp. 47-67, p. 50.


5. Bibliography

- Sources must be listed in alphabetical order.

- Books: Author, Title of book, Publication location: Publisher, Year of publication.

ex) Gethmann, Friedriech, Die Frage nach der Kunst, Freiburg: Becks Verlag 1995.

- Journal articles: Author, “Title of article”, in: Title of book, Volume and issue number, Year of publication, Full page range(DOI).

ex) Jure, Zovko, “Hegels Kritik der Frühromantischen Sittlichkeit”, in: Hegel-Jahrbuch, vol. 1, no, 1, 2009, pp. 167-173(DOI: 10.1524/hgjb.2009.11. jg.167).


6. Plates

- In-text citations are done, for example, as in [Plate 1], [Table 1].

- The list of plates provides information in the following order: [Plate No.], Author, Title of work, Year of production, Material, Size, Holding institution (no period at the end).

ex) [Plate 1] Gil-Dong Hong, Love, 1977, oil on canvas, 130×130cm, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

Note: Other information items may be edited according to the editorial rules of the Journal.