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Information for Authors

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is for the submission of thesis intended to be published in the journal of the Korean Society for Software Valuation (hereinafter referred to as thesis).

Article 2 (Submission Fields and Contents) Thesis submitted must be an original research result that can contribute to academic development as a result produced by academic and technical research activities.

Article 3 (Submission Ethics) Submitted thesis should be as follows.

(1) It must not be submitted or published in domestic or foreign journals and other periodical publications before submission  and   Authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript.

(2) If the author of the paper has a special relationship (a minor under 19 years old or a family member of less than 4 degree of kinship, such as a spouse or child), when submitting the paper, and the corresponding author must notify to the society and clarify the degree of contribution of related author. Also it must be provided the author's “prior consent for personal information”.

Article 4 (Submission Time and Cost) There is no restriction on the time to submit thesis, and the date of thesis submission is the date when the person in charge of the Society acknowledges the submission of the thesis. There is no cost related to thesis submission.

Article 5 (Copyright Delegation) Corresponding authors who are notified of the decision to publish a manuscript shall complete the final manuscript for publication and send it to the Society after obtaining the consent of all other co-authors. Copyright is regarded as entrusted to this society.

Article 6 (corresponding author) All contacts related to the submitted manuscript are made through the corresponding author's contact information (E-mail, address, phone, fax), and if the contact is cut off for a certain period, the editor-in-chief will stop reviewing the manuscript. can do.

Article 7 (Request for Review and Adoption) Whether the manuscript is accepted or not is determined through a predetermined review process, and the Editorial Committee may request revision or supplementation of the submitted manuscript. The request for revision and supplementation of a manuscript is limited to one time, and papers requiring revision and supplementation requests more than two times are judged to be “not available for publication”. The decision of the final acceptance of the thesis is decided by the editor-in-chief in accordance with the thesis review regulations. For details, follow the thesis review regulations.

Article 8 (Thesis Submission Form for Review) Thesis for review may be written in any format, but must be submitted to the thesis submission system in a Korean word processor (.hwp) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) file, and the length of the Korean summary is 10 It should be written inside and outside the line, and the key words should be written in 4~5. Make sure to delete author-related information such as name and affiliation.

Article 9 (Thesis Submission Form for Adoption for Publication) If the thesis is adopted, the final copy must be prepared in accordance with the thesis form on the website of the society, and must be submitted in the original Korean word processor (.hwp) file. If necessary, an appendix can be added, and if the author wishes, each author's photo and history can be added. However, in the case of thesis submitted from a country other than Korea, the English title, English name, English affiliation, English summary, English key words, main body, and references should be included, excluding Korean. If there is only one author, the first author will be the corresponding author, but if there are two or more authors, the corresponding author must be selected and marked, and the corresponding author's e-mail address must be included.

Article 10 (Language of Submission) Manuscripts can be written in Korean or English, but the text must be written in only one language. In English, only the first letter of the sentence should be written in capital letters, and the rest should be written in lowercase letters (except for proper nouns).

Article 11 (References) When submitting a manuscript for publication, reference should be cited in the main text in order, but the following examples should be followed for the notation method.
 1) Thesis: Name of author, “title”, place of thesis, volume, page, year and month.
   [Example] B. Jeon and J. Jeong, “Blocking artifacts reduction in image compression with block boundary discontinuity criterion”, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Tech., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 345-357, June 1998.
 2) Book: author's name, book name, publisher's name, page, year.
   [Example] B. Sklar, Digital Communications, Pren-tice Hall, p. 187, 1998.
 3) Journal of the academic conference: author's name, “title”, title of thesis, page, venue, country, year and month.
   [Example] J. Kimura and H. Shibasaki, Editors. Recent Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology. Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of EMG and Clinical Neurophysiology, 15-19; Kyoto, Japan. October, 1995.
 4) Patent In the case of a patent: author's name, “patent name”, patent number, year and month.
   [Example] C. E. Larsen, R. Trip, and C.R. Johnson, Methods for procedures related to the electrophysiology of the heart. U.S. Patent 5,529,067, Jun 25, 2011.
 5) Web Page For Internet home page: Site address, year
   [Example] http://www.jse.or.kr/papers/, Jun 25, 2012.

Article 12 (Citation No.) When submitting a thesis for publication, the reference number cited in the manuscript body shall be entered in [] on the right side of the citation. (Example: A study was conducted [2].) Documents cited alone should be independently written as [1][2], and if three or more documents are consecutively cited, write them as [3-5]. If both cases occur at the same time, write in [6][7-10] or [11][12-14][19]. References should be entered in order in the main text of the manuscript.

Article 13 (Electronic Submission) Request for written review is not allowed, and submitted manuscripts must be submitted online through the thesis submission system.

Article 14 (Number of Submitted Pages) When publication is confirmed, the final copy of the thesis for publication with a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 18 pages should be submitted. If the final page of the manuscript is less than 6 pages or exceeds 18 pages, approval of the editorial board must be obtained.

Article 15 (Thesis Publication) Matters related to thesis publication should follow the thesis publication regulations.