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2017, Vol., No.46

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    A Study on the Word classes and the Meaning of the Word “Fangbian” in the 《Xiandai Hanyu Cidian》 Dictionary

    Kim Jong-Chan | 2017, (46) | pp.3~19 | number of Cited : 0
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    《Xiandai Hanyu Cidian》is the dictionary that is most popular among scholars and students in China. It describes the vocabulary “Fangbian” as a double classification of both adjective and verb. 《Xiandai Hanyu Cidian》is not like dictionaries published in Korea or the U.S, as it does not subdivide the verbs into intransitive verbs and transitive verbs. However in speech, “Fangbian” has both the function of both an adjective and a intransitive verb. As a result of my research, I have found that “Fangbian” also has the role of a transitive verb, as well as an adjective and intransitive. For example, in the sentence “所以很方便我們進行不同階段的統計和對比”, “Fangbian(方便)” is used as a transitive verb, and “我們進行不同階段的統計和對比” is its object. So I argue that 《Xiandai Hanyu Cidian》should recognize this kind of usuage and the example sentence to the original usage and example sentences. We can adjust the content of the dictionary for the word “Fangbian” as follow: 「【方便】fāngbiàn形容詞①便利 : 大開∼之門┃這裏的交通很∼┃爲了更∼於從總體上觀察和描寫介詞的形式和意義,不如採取第一種辦法。┃把∼讓給別人,把困難留給自己。②適宜 : 這兒說話不∼┃∼的時候,你給我回個電話。③婉辭,跟“手頭兒”搭配使用,表示有富裕的錢:手頭兒不∼。不及物動詞婉辭,指排泄大小便:車停一會兒,大家可以∼∼。及物動詞①使便利;給予便利:∼群衆。②便於; 比較容易(做某事):所以很∼我們進行不同階段的統計和對比。」
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    Spatial Adjective “Yuan” Ambiguity in Context: When Viewed from the Perspective of Embodied Cognition

    GUO YI BIN | 2017, (46) | pp.21~56 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper attempts from a representative, we recognize the world's most primitive notion that spatial adjective “Yuan”,from the perspective of interpretation embodied cognition “distant” relationship with the action of the environment during use. We believe that the meaning and use of “Yuan” expression spatial distance has two reference frames:1) frame of reference constituted by the action,its subject of the sentence of location nouns and noun non location;2)Frame of reference constituted by anything other than the action. Indeed, the frame of reference outside the frame of reference of things by the behavior and action is a configuration composed of continuum. In the frame of reference by the action constituted “Yuan” conditions of use are: In implementing some kind of action on something, perception actors find it difficult or load (or even impossible to implement in some cases) is large, and the cause of the difficulties, the reasons for the load attributed to one thing and the distance between the actors away,it is possible to use “Yuan” to express them. “Yuan” is used in reference to the framework of action constituted, the perceived meaning of things in the environment for perception / actors, and based on the “affordance,” the perception of the environment is closely related to the setting of segmentation and frame of reference. In this situation, “Yuan” relationship between the expression of things and the body has become the basis of the speaker's understanding of things, a direct reflection of the relationship between language use and Embodied Cognition. Use a frame of reference for anything other than the acts constituted “Yuan” situations,in such a situation “Yuan” can be said that non-disembodied nature.
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    A Study on the Development of Listening Discrimination Ability ofChinese Pinyin

    LIM, JAEMIN | 2017, (46) | pp.57~79 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper is a study on the development of listening discriminative ability of Chinese Pinyin. For this study, we selected 84 kinds of Chinese syllables and conducted listening experiments on students who are Chinese beginner learners. The results obtained from this experiment are as follows. In the case of Chinese consonant recognition, several students made the mistake of writing 'zh' as 'z' and sometimes write 'c' as 'ch'. In addition, students often confuse the two letter('l' and 'r') sounds. There were many errors in 'ou', 'uo', 'ui' among the Chinese vowels. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on 'o', 'e', 'u', 'ou', 'uo', 'ui', when teaching Chinese pronunciation. In the case of Chinese tones recognition, many students easily get confused between second tone and third tone.
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    A study on the various symbols of Plum blossom in Ancient Chinese poetry

    Bae Daniel | 2017, (46) | pp.81~105 | number of Cited : 0
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    This article was written to study the various symbols of Plum blossom in Ancient Chinese poetry. The various symbols of Plum blossom in Ancient Chinese poetry are summarized as that : The first, the Plum blossom is the messenger who opens the prelude of spring. Among the spring flowers, the Plum blossom earlier the other flowers, and it is getting the nickname of 'the head of flowers'. Many poetry of Plum blossoms are generally expressed the symbol of the beginning of spring. The second, the Plum blossom is the owner of fine figure and clean scent, and also expressed as the symbol of fascinating beauty. This attribute of Plum blossom well beloved by all the people and many poets represented the special beauty in their expression. The third, the Plum blossom is the representation of the incision that does not give in to the cold or the trial, also very often used of the expression of strong vitality or a firm will. When poets wanted to maintain a noble spiritual world, they often reminded themselves of the dignity of plum blossoms that reveal their souls alone, blooming alone in the cold whether. The fourth, the Plum blossom often used as the symbol of the lonely solitude and the sorrow. Keeping an incision sometimes means going solitary and lonely. There are many cases where Plum blossoms are sometimes expressed as an object symbolizing loneliness or sadness.
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    A comparative study of Du Fu and Li Seak(李穡)'s poetry of diseases

    刘志峰 | 2017, (46) | pp.107~138 | number of Cited : 0
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    Both Du Fu(杜甫) and Li Seak(李穡) used to have a variety of illness experience, and created a lot of poems with the theme about disease. The poem related to disease is a special research perspective. This paper is based on this perspective to do acomparative study of Du Fu and Li Seak's poetry literature through comparing the difference and resemblance of the poems about diseases. First of all, we collated the works of Du Fu and Li Seak, and selected the disease theme poems to understand the whole situation of the poems. Then compare the similarities and differences between the two poets in their literary expression and poetic style. The result of the comparison is that there are some similarities between the two poets in their literary expressions, especially in the use of words and literary quotation, as well as describing the sick animals to refer to their own situations. But from the point of poetry style, there are a lot of differences, which mainly reflected in the following points. Li Seak's disease poetry has more nuanced description of daily life. And expressing the emotional about disease as well as focusing on the philosophical thinking. Also the part of pain description did not show too much sorrow. The reason of the similarities and differences of the disease poetry mainly in the Song dynasty poetry style reflected in Li Seak’s poems. Li Seak tried to use literature to record life, and express the philosophical thinking, and pursuit of a quiet and flat style of poetry. At the same time, Li Seak accepted Du Fu’s literature as the representative of Tang dynasty literature mainly in the poet vocabulary and literary expression. Consequently a fusion poetry style of Tang and Song Dynasty literature was formed. The other two common points of Du Fu and Li Seak’s poetry is in the Confucian value of patriotism, and in the purpose of modesty and self-mockery, both of them used an expression of claiming ill health in their social communication poem works.
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    Reading ‘Cannibalism’ Subject in the Lin-Liming’s The After Story of Ah Q

    Bae, Do-im | 2017, (46) | pp.139~174 | number of Cited : 0
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    Lu-Xun berated the history of cannibalism through the lips of a madman in his A Madman's Diary which was published in 1918. Also, the writer strongly argued in The True Story of Ah Q which was published from 1921 to 1922 that the Chinese mind should be transformed through the Ah Q's ‘Approach of Mental Victory’. In 1994, Lin-Liming published The After Story of Ah Q in which Ah Q got rescued from being nearly perished by getting the helps of Wu-ma and Mr. He, got married to Wu-ma, had two sons, and took part in the Revolution. Ah Q had Mr. Gujiu as his tactician under him during the Revolution, got victory after victory, and became the head of Q-Zhuang. In his victories, there followed so many innocent victims. While he was a victim captured by people before, and now the head of Q-Zhuang became someone who made victims, who eat people. Ah Q was a trapper, unknowingly, while Mr. Gujiu was a person who searched for the trap places. Mr. He handled the game that was caught in the traps. Mr. Zhao-Gui was a manufacturer and supplier of Eight Hundred Peng God of Longevity Medicine which was made with the materials(which was human beings) that they sent him, living in Wolf Village. The story showed that how hard it is to get rid of the deep-rooted evil practice, to reform the sick society and to transform man’s mind.
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    The Tnfluence Of News Control On The News Report In The Sudden Event - In the“Dagongbao”and“Shenbao”reported on the “Xi’an incident” as an example

    Chen Yuxuan | 2017, (46) | pp.175~190 | number of Cited : 0
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    The “Xi’an incident” is a sudden political event in the mordern history of China. Due to the impact of the news, the media at the time of report on the incident to take different ways to spread the content of choice and dissemination of the use of . This paper attempts to the “Dagongbao” “Shenbao” two newspapers reported the incident, to reveal the political events in the sudden news control effect on news reports in the news media and under the control of how to find the balance between the government and the readers, better play the role of functions of the media.