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2004, Vol.13, No.5

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    A Study on Electrical Resistivity Geophysical Surveys of the Noen Landfill Site

    Kim Jun Kyoung , KIM KWANG YUL , Cho,Yong-Jin and 1 other persons | 2004, 13(5) | pp.223~230 | number of Cited : 1
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    The electrical resistivity prospecting method with dipole-dipole array were applied in orderto survey 3-D structure characteristics of the Noen landfill site. For the electrical resistivityprospecting, 3 line of measurements were established parallel to the main boundary of theNoen landfill site and additional 2 lines were also established perpendicular to the existing 3lines for the effective investigation of the landfill site. The results showed that the uppermostlayer of the landfill site is believed to be stabilized generally based on the characteristics ofelectrical resistivity distribution. Lowest layer was partially polluted by the leachate.
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    A study of marine aquaculture management strategies using remotely-sensed satellite data - a case study on Hallyeo Marine National Park and Tasmania

    Kyeong Park , 장은미 | 2004, 13(5) | pp.231~241 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to detect the change of marine aquaculture farm within the boundary ofHallyeo Marine National Park. Comparison has been made on the Landsat images taken in1984 and 2002 respectively by using feature extraction methods and other image analysistechniques. During the 18 year period between 1984 and 2002, total area of the aquaculturefarms has been decreased in 63 percent. The reason for the change seems to be that aquaculturefarms became concentrated only around the Geoje Islands due to the growth of the labor- andcapital-intensive cage aquaculture for the expensive fish species instead of traditional oysterfarming. Authors suggest the monitoring using remotely-sensed data as the best tool for themanagement of marine aquaculture farms on the basis of accuracy of analysis and relativelycheap cost. Management strategies of salmon farms in Tasmania, Australia has been analyzedto find the field techniques necessary for the management of aquaculture.
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    Exposure limits of magnetic fields of high voltage transmission lines for evaluation of environmental impact

    In Soo Jeon | 2004, 13(5) | pp.243~250 | number of Cited : 3
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    Recently, concerns about health risks exposed to electromagnetic fields have been brought inthe safety of electric power lines. A number of governmental and international organizationshave advised to avoid the magnetic field exposure to the schools and residential areas. Someepidemiologic studies showed that electromagnetic fields should not exceed the exposure limitsof 2-3mG to the people living near high-voltage transmission lines.In this study, the principles, ranges and survey methods of the assessment for power-frequency electromagnetic fields were reviewed from the relevant research papers anddocuments. The ranges of electromagnetic fields were determined from 50m to 100m and havebeen defined according to the properties of each electric power lines and a new methodologywas suggested in this study. It would be necessary to develop and improve specific assessmentmethods for various high-voltage transmission lines projects.
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    Geochemical Characteristics and Contamination Assesment of Surface Sediments in Lower Yeongsan River System

    YOUNSEOKTAI , Koh, Yeong Koo , Kangho Oh and 2 other persons | 2004, 13(5) | pp.251~262 | number of Cited : 7
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    In order to investigate the geochemical characteristics of surface sediments in lowerYeongsan river system, sediment samples from the main stream of Yeongsan river, Gomakwonand Hampyeong streams were collected and analyzed for grain size and metal and organiccarbon contents. The sediment types of the streams widely vary from pebble to mud. The metalcontents in the sediments are mainly dependent on grain size of the sediments, geology aroundthe streams and organic matter contents from the domestic sewage. Enrichment factor (EF)representing the degree of metal contamination in the sediments are relatively low in the studyarea. But, high Zn and Pb values seem to be from the study area, partly.
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    Utilization of Remote Sensing and GIS in Aggregate Control of Urban Impervious Coverage

    Um, Jung Sup | 2004, 13(5) | pp.263~276 | number of Cited : 2
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    This research is primarily intended to propose a new concept for aggregate control ofimpervious coverage using remote sensing and GIS. An empirical study for a case study sitewas conducted to demonstrate how a standard remote sensing and GIS technology can be usedto assist in implementing the aggregate control for impervious coverage as intermediarybetween decision makers and scientists. Guidelines for a replicable methodology are presentedto provide a strong theoretical basis for the standardization of factors involved in the aggregatecontrol; the meaningful definition of land mosaic in terms of pervious areas, classification ofpervious intensity, change detection for pervious areas. Detailed visual maps (e.g. estimation ofimpervious surface allowable) can be generated over large areas quickly and easily to increasethe scientific and objective decision-making for the aggregate control. It is anticipated that thisresearch output could be used as a valuable reference to confirm the potential of remote sensingand GIS in the aggregate control for impervious coverage.