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2010, Vol.19, No.2

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    Impact of the Geochemical Characteristics and Potential Contaminants Source of Surrounding Soil on Contamination of a Reservoir in an Island (I) - Evaluation of Potential Liquation by Sediment -

    박선환 | 박완섭 | KIM CHANG GYUN and 5other persons | 2010, 19(2) | pp.107~116 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this research potential liquation of contaminants from surrounding soil to a reservoir in an island was studied to investigate the cause and route of contamination of Baengyeong-myeon reservoir. Soil of Baengyeong-myeon reservoir consists of SiO2 and has a high iron content because of geological characteristics of its country rock. From the field investigation and simulation study it was found that highly accumulated carbon content in the reservoir sediment was incurred from ground water, which provides a good habitat for microbes. And the liquation, the cause of organics growth, occurs mainly on the bottom of the reservoir consisting marine clay layer once used as farmland. So dredging of the sediment of reservoir and replacing with valley soil is suggested to prevent continuous contamination of a reservoir in an island due to COD production.
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    A Prediction of Forest Vegetation based on Land Cover Change in 2090

    Lee, Dong Kun | 김재욱 | Chan Park | 2010, 19(2) | pp.117~125 | number of Cited : 16
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    Korea’s researchers have recently studied the prediction of forest change, but they have not considered landuse/cover change compared to distribution of forest vegetation. The purpose of our study is to predict forest vegetation based on landuse/cover change on the Korean Peninsula in the 2090's. The methods of this study were Multi-layer perceptrom neural network for Landuse/cover (water, urban, barren, wetland, grass, forest, agriculture) change and Multinomial Logit Model for distribution prediction for forest vegetation (Pinus densiflora,Quercus Spp., Alpine Plants, Evergreen Broad-Leaved Plants). The classification accuracy of landuse/cover change on the Korean Peninsula was 71.3%. Urban areas expanded with large cities as the central, but forest and agriculture area contracted by 6%. The distribution model of forest vegetation has 63.6% prediction accuracy. Pinus densiflora and evergreen broad-leaved plants increased but Quercus Spp. and alpine plants decreased from the model. Finally, the results of forest vegetation based on landuse/cover change increased Pinus densiflora to 38.9%and evergreen broad-leaved plants to 70% when it is compared to the current climate. But Quercus Spp. decreased 10.2% and alpine plants disappeared almost completely for most of the Korean Peninsula. These results were difficult to make a distinction between the increase of Pinus densiflora and the decrease of Quercus Spp. because of they both inhabit a similar environment on the Korean Peninsula.
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    An Analysis of Ecological Habitat Characteristics in the Nonsan Stream and Yanghwa Stream

    안태웅 | Ahn Hong-Kyu | 전승훈 and 3other persons | 2010, 19(2) | pp.127~140 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study investigates the relation between the location of a habitat and the ecological connections according to the habitat type in the riparian zone at the Nonsan Stream and Yanghwa Stream. Stream habitat is classified into nine types for the aquatic insects and fish. For vegetation and birds, habitat is classified into two types of medium-scale streams, including both physical and chemical streams are analyzed accordingly. Nowadays, The fundamental goal of the river environment restoration enterprise is the rehabilitation or the restoration of the characteristic the river scenic or environment. For instance, The Channel habitats which has physical nature environment such as flat, speedy rapids, or closed-channel wetland, pool are constructed by artificial, Consequently, make them autogenesis smoothy eco-environment. However, the river environment are controlled not only physical environment, but it also need reasonable the quality of the water to compose smoothly. Finally, understanding what influence are effecting on physical habitat environment which are made by natural factors to water quality are very important factor for the river environment restoration enterprise. Therefore, In this research, we are targeting to a basin to investigate the environment of the physical channel habitat and evaluate the changing of the water quality. This results will be a important characteristic that can judge the physical habitat and reciprocality connected to the water quality or adequacy of restoration technology. Therefore in this study, as a step to quantify functions and values of habitats and definite factors to perform habitat, we selected a representative stream of sand-stream, gravel-stream to classify habitat characteristics and quantified the physical, chemical, biological characteristics.
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    Improvement of EIS Documentation and Consultation Process through Expert Survey Method

    Ban, Yong-un | Hwang, Gue-Hwan | 주경선 and 1other persons | 2010, 19(2) | pp.141~151 | number of Cited : 2
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    It has been pointed out that the process of environmental impact assessment in Korea has been less of equity and balance between stakeholders, and less of objective validity in writing impact statement and in holding consultations. Thus this study has intended to find improvement measures regarding the processes of EIS documentation and holding consultations between stakeholders during environmental impact assessment process. To achieve this goal this study carried out expert survey method to analyze validity and suitability of suggested measures in accordance with the problems found through reviewing related literatures. This study has found major improvement measures including transferring the responsibility to write impact statement and to hold consultations from project promoters to the third party (impact assessment committee) composed of related stakeholders without project promoters. The developers need to pay for all expenses to proceed impact assessment.
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    The Hydraulic Assessment of Side Weir using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Program

    남기영 | Han Kun Yeun | 김극수 and 2other persons | 2010, 19(2) | pp.153~168 | number of Cited : 3
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    The objectives of this study are to analyze flow characteristics for a side weir, which is an inlet structure for flow discharge reduction in the main channel through 3 dimensional numerical analysis and to understand the efficiency of the overflow effect at the side weir. In this study over 40 simulations using FLOW-3D, a computational fluid dynamics program were conducted, and the results were analyzed to find the influence of the flow hydraulics, geometry,channel and weir shapes on the coefficient. It is especially considered the relatively high stage in downstream that may cause flow within channel to be backed up along the channel. Additionally by setting up the scale of simulations much larger than the existing test equipment designed by other researchers, it is intended to analyze more accurate hydraulic behavior along with the realistic hydraulic features such as structures and volumes of flow. The results show that for design with subcritical flow only if the Froude number of upstream is sustained below 0.5 and the length of weir is 33-100% of the width of channel, it is expected to improve the efficiency of the overflow over a side weir.
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    Climate Change and Urban Air Temperature Increase in Korean Peninsula

    SUNG-NAM OH | 주옥정 | 문영수 and 1other persons | 2010, 19(2) | pp.169~177 | number of Cited : 8
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    One of the most obvious climatic manifestations of urbanization in Korea is a trend towards higher air temperature. The trends of long-term annual temperature generally well describe the warming of urban areas. The increase of air temperature in urban area has been observed to the present since the meteorological observations in Korea began. The objective of this study is to explore the actual increase and the regional long-term trends of air temperature attributed to urbanization in the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, temperatures of the selected urban areas were compared with that of the surrounding rural areas, with the results varying by the application of the estimates of each region. The second objective is to separate the long-term trend of surface air temperature of global warming from urbanization and to find the actual temperature increase from urbanization in Korean peninsula. For the data analysis, daily air temperatures observed by the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) during between from 1961 and 2005 were used at five rural sites and cities. The re-analyzed surface air temperatures by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) was also carried out to compare the result from the observed air temperature in the Korean climate domain. In this study, the urban areas in Korea showed high increase rate of air temperature with 0.4˚C per decade during past 50 year period, while rural sites as Chupungryung with the 0.2˚C decadal increase rate. The analyses reflect that the urban area shows the high rate of temperature increase with 1.39˚C of regression value at the urban area, Seoul, and 0.43˚C at the rural site, Chupungnyeong during the period of 30 years. The temperature increas due to the urbanization only showed the increase range between 0.44˚C and 0.86˚C, and the observed decrease in diurnal temperature range at five urban areas during the 30 years period.
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    A Study on The Prior Environmental Review System in a Costal Improvement Project

    Junho Maeng | Kwangwoo Cho | 2010, 19(2) | pp.179~187 | number of Cited : 3
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    A costal improvement project is designed for preventing disasters on the coast, improving costal environment, and promoting costal functions, so it is different from the one for developing coasts. However, the costal improvement project also affects the surrounding environment and it may damage the costal environment in some cases. In line with this, this study was carried out to provide the guideline to the review on environmental conditions,which should be performed in the stage of establishing the plan for a costal improvement project, so that the influence affecting marine environment can be reduced and more efficient coastal project can be planned. The costal improvement project is different in the degree of affecting the costal environment according to kinds, scales, and regions. Accordingly, in this study the state of the coastal improvement project and involved problems were analyzed. The prior environmental review system was divided into a seawall-installation project, a marine construction such as the installation of submerged breakwater and jetties, and a project for creating water-friendly coast including a park without marine landfill. The main items for reviewing these specific projects were presented.
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    A Nexus Study on the SEA and the Meta-urban Planning (MUP)

    정종관 | 2010, 19(2) | pp.189~196 | number of Cited : 0
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    광역도시계획은 전략계획, 정책계획, 지침계획의 성격을 지니는 공간계획으로 청사진 계획으로운용되어 온 기존의 광역개발계획 및 도시기본계획과 구분된다. 광역도시계획이 정하는 사항은 도시기본계획 및 관련 하위계획에서 기본적 취지를 검토하여 집행됨으로써 이들 계획에 대하여 지침(guideline)적 성격을 가지나, 직접적으로 개별 개발행위나 토지이용행위를 구속하지는 않는다. 행정중심복합도시 광역도시계획에 대한 전략환경평가는 국토해양부 시행지침에서 제시한 절차를준용하되, 계획수립 여건을 고려하여 평가계획 수립, 항목과 범위 설정(scoping), 환경성평가, 보고서 작성, 보고서 검토, 모니터링 및 사후평가의 6단계로 진행하였다. 전략환경평가 시 구체적인 항목과 범위, 평가방법 등은 계획의 범위와 성격, 내용 등에 대해 대안의 비교·검토가 가능하도록 4가지 사항을 중점적으로 고려하였다. 즉, 정책목표 달성방법의 환경적 적정성, 대안의 설정, 자원과 에너지 이용의 효율성, 계획이 지구환경에 미치는 영향 등이다. 계획의 환경성 제고를 위해 설정한 항목은 인구, 토지이용계획, 교통계획, 녹지관리 등 4가지이며, 평가과정에서 반복 및 환류를 통하여 계획과 평가간의 연계성을 도모하였다. 이 과정에서 공간구조 변화는 행정중심복합도시를 정점으로 하고 주변 연결거점을 3개로 늘려 조정하였다.
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    Social Impact Assessment on National Development Projects in Korea

    Lee, Jong-Ho | 2010, 19(2) | pp.197~204 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    새만금사업, 신행정수도(행정중심복합도시, 세종시), 한반도 대운하사업(4대강 살리기사업) 등과같은 대형국책사업은 대통령 선거공약으로 제시되었다. 그러한 대형국책사업이 국가의 이익을 위해꼭 필요한 것으로 제시되었다 하더라도, 그 결과는 좋은 의도와는 다르게 나타날 수도 있다. 대통령선거후 환경정책기본법과 환경영향평가법에 따라 대형국책사업에 대한 사전환경성검토(전략환경평가)와 환경영향평가가 이뤄졌지만, 예상하지 못했던 정치적, 사회경제적, 환경적 갈등이 발생하였다. 이러한 개발 및 환경 갈등의 원인은 여러 측면에서 찾을 수 있겠지만, 사회경제적 항목을 중심으로 하는 사회영향평가의 미흡을 그 원인으로 제시하는 연구가 많다. 대규모 국책사업을 둘러싼 개발 및 환경 갈등을 해소하기 위해, 우리나라와 외국의 사회영향평가의현황과 연구 동향을 고찰하고, 국책사업의 주요 쟁점의 분석을 통하여 사회영향평가의 중요성과 필요성을 강조하였다. 그리고 사회영향평가의 도입, 강화, 지침 마련에 대해 다음과 같이 제안하였다. 첫째, 현재의 사전환경성검토(전략환경평가)시에 사회적 통합, 경제적 측면(B/C분석, 비용, 고용등), 법제적 측면, 한반도 통일이나 국가균형발전 등과 같은 사회경제적 항목을 평가항목에 추가함으로써 사회영향평가를 도입하고; 둘째, 환경영향평가 시에 공공시설, 교육, 교통, 문화재, 경제적타당성, 고용, 토지이용을 현재의 사회경제평가항목에 추가시켜 사회영향평가를 보다 강화시키고;셋째, 한국의 환경적, 정치적, 경제적, 사회적, 문화적 상황을 반영하여「사회영향평가의 원리와 지침(가칭)」을 마련하도록 한다.
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    Application of the Index of Streetscape Greenness on Environmental Impact Assessment - Case Study of Street in Seoul

    조용현 | Jo Hyun Kil | Han Bong Ho | 2010, 19(2) | pp.205~213 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this research is to analysis the application of the ISG(Index of Streetscape Greenness) in EIA through case study of Seoul. ISG is a new index which directly expresses human’s perceptions of plants in a street and is defined as the area ratio of which leaves of plants occupy an eye-level view of a person standing on the center line of a street. In this research the 42 cases of 3 step reports such as plans, drafts, and final reports which had been passed through the EIA procedure of Seoul were analyzed. The results are as follows:In the drafts frequent mistakes or errors such as unsuitable picture composition, unsuitable sample points, inconsistency of the simulation result with the planting plan, and insufficient numbers of analysis were found, but almost of them were corrected in the final reports. In the most of final reports, the 30% of minimum requirement was satisfied. At all cases the changes of the ISG values were clearly positive. Finally the average current ISG was 19.6%, meanwhile the average proposed ISG was 35.4%. It was verified that the ISG is very practical index to promote green streetscape, but in order to guarantee an achievement a thorough investigation of reports are needed.