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2010, Vol.19, No.6

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    Assessment on Ecological Characteristics of Vegetation in the Trail of Area Adjacent to GeumJeong Mountain Fortress

    NAM JUNG CHIL , 서정범 , 김석규 and 1 other persons | 2010, 19(6) | pp.527~537 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study are Geumjung mountain fortress of the Busan Metropolitan City in the north gate of the East gate around the trail to identify the vegetation structure importance value,dominance, species diversity, similarity index analysis. Results of the study, plot on the western slopes elevation 423-636m, slopes of 15~20˚ slope areas, Pinus densiflora, Pinus thunbergii, Quercus acutissima, Pinus thunbergii, Pinus rigida, Carpinus coreana, Quercus mongolica are fulfilling a community. Trees layer a height 8~12m, coverage 40~70%, sub-trees layer the height 3~7m, coverage 10~80%, shrubs layer the height 0.8~1.5m, coverage 20-30%, herb layer the height 0.1~0.5m,coverage 5-10% were in the range of plot in the east slope elevation 452-647m, slopes in the slope of 5-30°and Pinus rigida, Pinus thunbergii, Pinus densiflora, Quercus mongolica, Quercus dentata, Carpinus coreana is fulfilling a community. The trees layer height 8~13m, coverage 0~70%, sub-trees layer the height 2~6m, coverage 0~80%, shrubs layer the height 0.8~1.5m, coverage 20-40%, herb layer the height 0.1-0.5m,coverage 5-40% were in the range. The survey showed to be in relatively good vegetation, but in some areas of Pinus rigida, Quercus acutissima, as was predicted in succession, the shrub layer in the plot of some dominated vine plants and vegetation management will be needed for this purpose respectively.
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    Studies on Effect of CO2 Concentration in Air and Pb Concentration in Soil on Pillbug Growth and Bio-accumulation

    황화연 , Lee, Sang-Don | 2010, 19(6) | pp.539~546 | number of Cited : 1
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    In nature, the overall effect of heavy metals on the biota can be influenced by a number of environmental factors like soil characteristics and air pollution by elevated CO2. Pillbugs(Isopoda, Armadillium vulgare) take up heavy metals with their food and store them mainly in the vesicles of hepatopancreas. They accumulate certain metals, occuring in relatively large numbers, are easily collected and identified. Therefore, it has been suggested that total body concentration of metals in pillbugs could be positively correlated to the levels of environmental exposure and that pillbugs could be used as biological indicators of metal pollution and global change by CO2. The aim of the study is to determine effects of heavy metal concentrations in soil and elevated CO2 on pillbugs’body accumulation of heavy metal and growth rate. In this study, pillbugs were collected at five sites (N=287) May 2006. Cu and Zn concentrations in pillbugs were higher than in soils (1.39-41.70 times) than in control. The high bioconcentration of lead in Sangam may be partly associated with reclaimed land uses. Pillbugs in low CO2 and Pb condition showed higher growth rate than in elevated CO2 and Pb condition.
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    Studies of Avian Species in the Islands of Korea based on the Theory of Island Biogeography

    Lee, Sang-Don | 2010, 19(6) | pp.547~552 | number of Cited : 6
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    The theory of island biogeography has influenced strongly on the conservation and management issues of species diversity in the islands. The theory has not limited to islands in the ocean, but expanded to isolated and fragmented areas in the forests and urban. This study has a rare opportunity to explore the species diversity and abundance of birds in the islands of Korea. A total of 151 islands in the west and south areas in the Korean peninsula were examined. The number of species and the area of islands were highly significant (P <0.000) and the number of species and the distance from the mainland showed not so strong relationship. This indicated that bird species diversity has more influenced by the size of the islands not the distance. This can be from the study species of birds that can fly long distance, and also natural characteristics of migratory and resident status. Species-area curve showed that the z-value was 0.21 indicating the area and the bird species are strongly correlated. The long-term monitoring of bird species presence in the islands should be followed for a proper management plan.
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    A Study on the Performance Evaluation of Noise Reduction for Railway Noise Barrier using Prediction Equation

    조준호 , Hyoin Koh | 2010, 19(6) | pp.553~561 | number of Cited : 2
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    Railway noise barrier is generally used with welding of joint rail for railway noise reduction in our country. In this study, method for performance evaluation of railway noise barrier using insertion loss was suggested in case of without having noise measurement results before barrier installation. For this, railway noise measurements were performed in commercial high-speed railway site which has railway noise barrier. As a noise level before noise barrier installation,predicted noise level were used. From this method the performance evaluation for railway noise barrier were performed accurately and efficiently.
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    A Study on Rational Alternative Comparison of Prior Review on Environmental Conditions for Basic Plan of Public Waters Reclamation

    Jun-Ho Maeng , Kwangwoo Cho , 변성수 | 2010, 19(6) | pp.563~571 | number of Cited : 1
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    In carrying out the prior review on environmental conditions for basic plan of public waters reclamation, the important item is review on conditions of location on prearranged reclaimed land. In this study, environmental assessment which needs careful consideration in the first stage of selecting location is presented by analyzing environmental impact assessment on public waters reclamation projects for about 10 years. The assessment index for alternative comparison is divided into two parts according to importance level. What is most important in alternative comparison is the comparison on direct influence due to reclamation. In other words, it figures out damaged extent of natural shoreline as well as intertidal and infralittoral zones. Comparing influence extent due to reclamation through the 1st comparison on this is regarded as to be important. In case there is no significant difference by alternatives through the 1st assessment, the 2nd assessment should be carried out. In the 2nd assessment indexes are damaged quantity of benthic organism, change in seawater current, erosion, accumulation and exchangeable rate of seawater. The plan for selecting optimal location which minimizes environmental influence in establishing public waters reclamation plan is demonstrated through model cases. For this, 3districts which have similar environment and scale are selected, and then comparison on location alternative is made through environmental assessment index. In addition, the comparison on 3 arrangement alternatives are conducted, targeting certain areas. It is thought that carrying out comparison review on respective areas in the same cities and counties, not merely comparing arrangement plan by selecting 1 targeting area in advance, is the most appropriate. Besides, selection of arrangement plan considering environment, which minimizes damage of natural shoreline and influence due to change of seawater current is required in alternative comparison on arrangement plan as well. In case of the prior review on environmental conditions though alternative comparison method presented in this study is carried out, it is safely said that the influence on ocean environment due to public waters reclamation can be minimized.
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    Mapping for Biodiversity Using National Forest Inventory Data and GIS

    Dajeong Jeong , Kang, Kyung Ho , Kim, Chang Jae and 3 other persons | 2010, 19(6) | pp.573~581 | number of Cited : 8
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    Natural ecosystem is an essential part to connect with the plan for biodiversity conservation in response strategy against climate change. For connecting biodiversity conservation with climate change strategy, Europe, America, Japan, and China are making an effort to discuss protection necessity through national biodiversity valuation but precedent studies lack in Korea. In this study, we made biodiversity maps representing biodiversity distribution range using species richness in National Forest Inventory (NFI) and Forest Description data. Using regression tree algorithm, we divided various classes by decision rule and constructed biodiversity maps, which has accuracy level of over 70%. Therefore, the biodiversity maps produced in this study can be used as base information for decision makers and plan for conservation of biodiversity & continuous management. Furthermore, this study can suggest a strategy for increasing efficiency of forest information in national level.
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    A Study on Inversion at Leeward Side of High-rise Building in Winter

    정해연 , Kyoo-seock Lee , 김문성 and 1 other persons | 2010, 19(6) | pp.583~590 | number of Cited : 1
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    To determine nocturnal inversion characteristics at the leeward side of high-rise building, air temperature data were observed at 10 minute interval from February 22, 2010 to April 15, 2010. The observed data were compared, analyzed and examined to illustrate air temperature differences between the roof (XAR) and surface (XAG) of X apartment. The wind speed, wind direction and precipitation data were also observed at XAR and YJL (Yangjae Stream) sites at the same time. After the analysis, the maximum nocturnal inversion was observed by 4.0˚C at 3:40, 3:50, 4:10 on February 24th 2010, at that time the weather condition was clear and weak wind. Air temperature inversions at the leeward side of high-rise building were observed on whole day in wintertime and air temperature inversion intensity was also higher than other nearby area (SMG).
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    Introducing Strategy of Cool Roofs based on Comparative Evaluation of Foreign Cases

    Choi, Jin Ho , Um, Jung Sup | 2010, 19(6) | pp.591~605 | number of Cited : 6
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    Cool roofs are currently being emerged as one of important mechanism to save energy in relation to the building. This paper reviews worldwide experiences (USA, Japan and EU etc) for the potential benefits cool roofs offer in relation to building energy saving for comparison purposes. It is confirmed that there is a significant potential to the energy saving by introducing the cool roof in a Korean climate because of similarity in terms of HDD (Heating Degree Day)and CDD (Cooling Degree Day) as those countries reviewed. Such a comparative study highlights that the type of measurements performed and the quantitative parameters reported from the countries should be standardized in Korean context in order to implement further comparable experiments for scientifically sound investigations. It is anticipated that this research output could be used as a valuable reference in implementing a Nation-wide cool roofing strategy in the central and local governments since a suitable technical, more objective direction has been proposed based on the measured, fully quantitative performance of the involved components of a cool roof system in the global context. From this critical review, a very important step has been made concerning the practicality of cool roof in Korean context. Ultimately, the suggestion in this paper will greatly contribute to opening new possibilities for introducing cool roof in this country, proposed as an initial aim of this paper.
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    Estimation of Carbon Uptake for Urban Green Space: A Case of Seoul

    Lee, Dong Kun , Park Jin Han , Park Chan | 2010, 19(6) | pp.607~615 | number of Cited : 1
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    Urban green space is often at the centre of the debate on urban substantiality because it provides functions of space, e.g. for wildlife, recreation, growing vegetables, psychological wellbeing,social interaction, etc. Traditionally, the various functions of urban green spaces clearly show that green spaces contain important values that contribute to the overall quality of urban life. After Kyoto protocol, it has becoming important to more accurately evaluate carbon uptake by urban green space. Many studies have analyzed the benefits, costs, and carbon storage capacity associated with urban green space. These studies have been limited by a lack of research on urban tree biomass and carbon uptake by soil, such that estimates of carbon storage in urban systems. This study calculate more accurately the amount of carbon uptake by urban green space. This study also complement the existing methods to estimate the urban green space carbon uptake. It has been studied how to evaluate carbon uptake function of urban green space. The surface area of urban green space increased 5% by complemented method and carbon uptake is also increased. Based on this result, the carbon uptake per capita was analysed and compared to the area of carbon uptake. And this study discussed the reasons for the differences between the new and earlier estimates, as well as implications for our understanding of the global carbon cycle. In conclusion, these results could contribute as preliminary data to policy makers when climate change adaptation strategy is established.
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    Real-time Water Quality Prediction for Evaluation of Influent Characteristics in a Full-scale Sewerage Treatment Plant

    김연권 , Chae,Soo-Kwon , 한인선 and 1 other persons | 2010, 19(6) | pp.617~623 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    It is the most important subject to figure out characteristics of the wastewater inflows of sewerage treatment plant(STP) when situation models are applied to operation of the biological processes and in the automatic control based on ICA(Instrument, Control and Automation). For the purposes, real-time influent monitoring method has been applied by using on-line monitoring equipments for the process optimization in conventional STP. Since, the influent of STP is consist of complex components such as, COD, BOD, TN, NH4-N, NO3-N, TP and PO4-P. MRA2(Microbial Respiration Analyzer 2), which is capable of real-time analyzing of wastewater characteristics is used to overcome the limitations and defects of conventional online monitoring equipments in this study. Rapidity, accuracy and stability of developed MRA2are evaluated and compared with the results from on-line monitoring equipments for seven months after installation in Full-scale STP.
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    Environmental Impact Assessment for Development Projects Considering Carbon Sink and Sequestration(I) - Focused on a Solar Power Plant Development Project -

    Sangil Hwang , 박선환 | 2010, 19(6) | pp.625~631 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The objective of this work was to investigate how carbon sink and sequestration of vegetation and soil in the development project area can impact the land use plan, in addition to carbon emission capacity of the development project when we conduct environmental impact assessment. Especially, we did this work for a development project of solar power plant which would be constructed in forest area. Through this work, we found that 1) the amount of carbon sink and sequestration largely decreased due to reduction of the green area, 2) in terms of carbon sink and sequestration,conservation of natural green area is better than construction of newly vegetated area, 3)biochar application into soil can become an alternative for increase of carbon sink, and 4) even though a solar power production does hugely reduce carbon emissions and offset the carbon sink and sequestration capacity from the forest, it is necessary to consider the public value of the forest(reduction of heat island, habitat etc.) in siting for development area.
  • 12.

    Evaluation on the Possibility for Sustainable Tourism of Cultural Heritage - Based on the Visitors’ Perception of Sin-heung-sa -

    Yi, Young Kyoung | 2010, 19(6) | pp.633~645 | number of Cited : 2
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    As the globalization increased, cultural heritage has been widely used as tourist destination. Traditional temples which have valuable cultural resources are important cultural heritages. It was found that most traditional temples which were used as famous tourist destinations lost their intrinsic religious values because of the intensive tourist uses. Sustainable tourism was introduced as an alternative tourism to the conventional one which could cause the destruction of the intrinsic values. Sustainable tourism represents and encompasses a set of principles balancing between visitor satisfaction, economic revitalization of the area, and the conservation of the heritage resources. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possibility for the sustainable tourism of cultural heritage (traditional temple) by investigating visitors’ satisfaction, revisit intention, and awareness on conservation. In order to perform this purpose, Sin-heung-sa was selected as a study site and 339 visitors participated in the questionnaire survey. The study results are summarized into three important findings. First, it was found that the possibility for the sustainable tourism of Sin-heung-sa was high. Vistors’ awareness on conservation is high, but visiting satisfaction was medium-high. Specifically, the awareness for heritage transmission was the highest and the awareness for other conservational dimensions such as need for education, conservation for surrounding area,and respect for environmental capacity were also high. Second, visitors’ overall and separate satisfactions were not high. Therefore, it was recommended that management strategies are needed to increase the visitor satisfaction because both conservation and visitor satisfaction are essential elements of successful sustainable tourism. The results revealed that visitors’satisfaction could be enhanced by improving safety of the area, providing diverse travel activities and information, and creating unique atmosphere. Third, the revisit intention was evaluated higher than the overall satisfaction, which showed that the attractiveness and competitiveness of Sin-heung-sa was relatively high. Important determinant attributes for revisit intention were analyzed to be good nature(landscape, valley, the fauna and flora) and network with surrounding tourist destinations.